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Grover Huffman GH RCA ZX+ cables vs
At the $200/pair price point new or used, how does GH ZX+ cables compare to others like Greg Straley Reality cables, Gabriel gold (GG) revelation/raptures and

Reality cables or Grover Huffman
I should be receiving new speakers in about 2 weeks.In audio talk that means about one month.I will be needing speaker cables and have narrowed the field to

Thoughts on Clear Day vs Grover Huffman SC's
Hi all, I'm hoping to receive some input on the pros and cons of these two speaker cables. From online reviews I understand that both are high regarded.

grover huffman cables
Does anyone have info regarding these cables, Are they silver copper any listening experience with them. thanks for any

Morrow MA3 vs Grover Huffman ICs
Have any of you owned or listened to the both of these cables? Are they comparable in any way? What would you say were the strengths of each? I'm

Acoustic Zen Double Barrel vs Grover Huffman
I'm looking to put the finishing touch on my system with a good set of speaker cables and interconnects. I would like to have plenty of detail, neutrality and

Grover Huffman power cables
Hello, Anyone tried Grover Huffman power cables? If so, what were your impressions and comparisons? I was thinking of a new PC for my Pass Labs Aleph P

High Fidelity Cables CT 1designed by Rick Schultz
about cables from Synergistic Research, Grover Huffman and HiDiamond. My opinions changed when my experience broadened. Everything depends on system synergy.

Taralabs cables
ucts? Yes. Synergistic Research, Grover Huffman and several other companies have been targeted unjustly with anything but humor. Read the threads and you

Looking for really fine cables at really low price

Great Cables That Get Little Attention
I have had the same connection with the Grover Huffman cables. Just excellent!

TSM MMM BME (Black Magic Edition), Grover Huffman ZX, Shunyata, Sound Anchors, Well Tempered Record Player, Nagaoka MP-50, Heed Audio Quasar, ASI resonators &

Best cheap speaker cables again
I would suggest Grover Huffman cables. Look up the reviews. I have tried some very pricey stuff and settled with the Grovers.

Which components are "stupid good"
AC Modwright LS100 Preamp Grover Huffman

Replacement for Maggie's
soon to be MP, Pass Labs X250, APC S15, Grover Huffman XLR's, Signal Cable bi wired speaker cables. Thanks

Best speaker cable for Krell/Dynaudio
You might consider Grover Huffman's speaker cables. I use those myself on both the Revel Salon 2 and the C4s in two different systems. I think they

Speaker hum problem need help
Clear XLR interconnects Cardas Clear & Grover Huffman power cords Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB Here's the problem: With only the amp plugged into power and the

Small cable companies making preposterous claims
unbelievable virtues of Realty Cable vs.Grover Huffman. Neither is listed on AG's directory of manufacturers

Entire system cable recommendation
Synergistic Research, or even cheaper, Grover Huffman. Spend the rest on music.

Kimber 8TC beater
eakers.....hyperion 938 ICs..........grover huffman (new and broken in...latest version) SCs..........supra ply 3.4 shielded It's an old system that was

some of the best speaker cables under 250
The Grover Huffmnan cables will give you what you are looking for

Warm, fullbodied, smooth, and transparent
Grover Huffman SX: warm, full-bodied, smooth, transparent -- as well as tonally accurate, detailed, and incredibly quiet. All for $

Esoteric K03
17D3, Ittok, Lingo Linn Uphorik Grover Huffman Sx SCs Nordost Quatro Fil ICs LessLoss Sig. PCs on mono blocks fed by Weizhi PRS6 Stefan Audio Art PCs on CDP and Pre

Which inexpensive ic's cables worth checking out
Mogami and Grover Huffman come to mind.

Spectron MIII MKII after market tweeks
I am using Grover Huffman's cables - I ordered a 3 foot only pair as I have outboard crossovers. Prior to that I used some temp audioquest

Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
3 Speaker cables: I'm currently using Grover Sx speaker cables. They sound good on the Sophia 3 but I don't think they're "the one" SCs for the Sophia 3!

Power Cords
I use a Grover Huffman PC on my EAR 834P and it opened up in 3-D bigtime. I've order two more PC, set speakers cables and phono interconnects

Best "Giant Killer" Value Cables For
I would add Grover Huffman cables to your list. I tried a set of the interconnect and heavily preferred it to a cable at 10X it's price. He got a

Best budget 300 Balanced IC Recommendation
Two words. Grover Huffman.

Voice and instrument image bunched in the middle
ono) Resolution Audio Opus 21 Cdp Grover Huffman interconnects (latest version) Supra 3.4 Ply Trying to get my system to image better...tighter focus.

Slow Down, You Move too Fast
speaker cables. I also have enjoyed the Grover Huffman cables. They are inexpensive but as good as any cables I have heard

What new gear will you be buying this year
I have a full set of Grover Huffman cables, IC and speaker, on order, and this is the year I will (finally!) upgrade to plasma. I am always ISO good

Best balanced signal cable
ur price range. Lastly check out Grover Huffman cables. They have a pretty steady cult following and are highly regarded. I haven't heard these, but I did

Recommendation Speaker Cable around 1000 2000
Grover Huffman

Power cord recommendation for DAC
ry single one of them. How about Grover Huffman? Has anyone have any experience with his PC?

The little guys
directly like Signal, BlueJean, Morrow, Grover Huffman, Anti-Cables, and DH Labs to name a few. Who do you like and why? My gear is Bryston combined with Gallo Ref

How to choose the kind of cables for your system
mojo cords that cost around 200 each . Grover Huffman cables are the same way major bang for the buck and money back guarantee. I think you could just get a

New cables, help
I recommend the cables from Grover Huffman, they have great body and speed and are very neutral, after all you want to hear what your system sounds like not how

Grover Huffhman Sx
Anyone else using them? Would you offer me your impressions so that I might also have some others to judge against? I now have approx. 77 hrs. on mine and

Interconnect recommendations, please
Grover Huffman. Interconnects compelled me to go all Huffman. Did for me what you are looking for in addition to presenting the music

XLR or SE cable
have settled on a new pair of ICs from Grover Huffman and before I invest I would like to make the right decision to do so and could use some advise as to XLR or SE

any other XLR interconnects i should demo
Grover Huffman SC, Magnan Type Vi, Chimera Labs Advantage Audio all worked well in my system.

Bang for Buck Bi wiried cables
Morrow Audio Grover Huffman Gregg Straley's Reality

Best XLR IC's for around 300/pair
I've been using Grover Huffman's SX balanced for some time now and I can tell you this is a great IC! Thru my rig I have great bass response,

Speaker cable suggestion
s always) will suggest that you conatct Grover Huffman for his opinion, but, I don't think you'd be disappointed, I have a bi-wire set in my rig and they are nothing

Looking for some cheaper Speaker Cables 600 or so
Check out Grover Huffman's cables at You can read about all his happy customers on I've dealt

Good USED Speaker Cable Choices for 300 500
much less costly. In my case it was the Grover Huffman cables which cost me about $300 and come with a trial period. However, I do not believe these cables

Digital coaxial audio cable suggestions
Have/Canare Black Cat Veloce Grover Huffman I agree on the 1.5M length being optimum in most cases.

Silver vs cryogenic treated copper
why not try both? Grover Huffman makes his cable using both cooper and silver with some aluminum thrown in there. Auditioning a set right now and so

Budget Friendly Interconnects
I'd check in with Grover Huffman and check his SX IC prices, I doubt that you'd be dissappointed with the results.

cable fast dynamic and transparant recommendation
Get in touch with Grover Huffman, you won't be sorry!

Power cables and power conditioners
that I will evaluate and an having a Grover Huffman power cord sent here for evaluation. I am also interested in the Audience power chord e and the Kaplan HE

phono arm to pre cables
fman has endorsed cables by a guy named grover huffman on his web forum. many on the forum have tried the cables, including myself, and think they're a terrific, and

what cables/interconnects should I try
Try the Grover Huffman cables. Inexpensive but really excellent cables.

A good start on selecting cables
my 2 cents as well, I'd try contacting Grover Huffman and ask him some questions. I am fully wired with his Sx IC and Se speaker cables and yes it did make a

Best cable for short monoblock runs
rands that come to mind are Decware and Grover Huffman (which I'm using in a 2m run). They are both available in 1/2 meter runs, and longer if you decide to go that

Good budget alternative IC's with Shindo preamp
I'm using a set of Grover Huffman interconnects in my system right now. For the money they are very good.

Help me buy some new cables
Aaron, Have you tried contacting Grover Huffman? I use his cables and they are not only cost effective but they are netural and very fast and natural. Grover is very

Looking for a good speaker cable for tube amps
Grover Huffman - $75/per foot for a quad pair with a home trial. Supra Sword would be another to consider at a higher cost.

Upgrading interconnects
407.15) Crimson music links: $360.00 Grover Huffman: $200.00 Cabledyne reference silver: $450 Audio Art IC-3SE: $420.00 Morrow: MA3 with Eichaman silver RCA:

XLR cables that sound bold, natural, real silver
Audio Sensibility Statement Silver and Grover Huffman ICs on order. Will report back how they compare.

Can you recommend cables with good PRAT
I wouldn't overlook the offerings from Grover Huffman either, I've got his new Sx cables that I'm using and they are great and he's just a bit higher priced for a

Speaker Cable for Krell and Kef Loudspeakers
Reality, Anti, Morrow, Mapleshade, Grover Huffman, Signal. Those tend to rate better than Kimber or Goertz, but of course it all depends. As for Cobalt

Primaluna Two : cables, tube rolling
ble believer but I tried the affordable Grover Huffman's RCAs (UR5 model) from the Primaluna to the Dynavector P75 phono stage. Let's just say that I am a cable

Digital cable
I'm using a Grover Huffman AES/EBU cable from my CEC TL-2 and (2) Grover Huffman coax cables, one from my Olive 04HD music server and one from my

what cables for Krell 300i and Revel M20 suggest
I ended up grabbing a set of Grover Huffman speaker cables I saw listed. I have those in my main rig and they are super value cables. Chayro, I might just

Nordost ICs cause hum, replacement needed
D15 Speakers Pioneer SC-LX75 Receiver Grover Huffman Phono Interconnect Nordost Red Dawn Speaker Cable Nordost SPM Interconnect (SACD-Pre Amp) Nordost Red Dawn

IC upgrade advice Lost
i am presently auditioning some Grover Huffman cables and so far they are performing. In reading other threads, it says to give them time to break in, so i will

Cables & Merlin TSM XMr
Give the Grover Huffman cables a look at, Grover has a 60 day return on them, plenty of time to break in and audition. i would love to have a

Excellent affordable cables and interconnects
to have garnered a loyal following - Grover Huffman. His prices seem right and performance have been compared to those costing thousands. Any other makers out

Best Cable Match for LFD LE III and Proac D Two
Going to give the Grover Huffman cables a shot replacing my AP Clear Ovals. Mainly, because of his patented design and the copper/silver/aluminum

speaker cables for callisto speakers
those cables.Had you thought about the Grover Huffman cables?

Kimber Select IC's
might also want to contact Grover Huffman and see if he can help with his new Sx line, plus he's cost effective. I have Apogee Slant 6s that are tied wuth

Speaker wire suggestion w/ Paradigm Studio 100 v3
Anti-Cables Reality Cables Grover Huffman Morrow Audio Mapleshade/Clearview Most have trial periods.

Interconnect/Speaker cables
I've start using Grover Huffman's speaker interconnects ( )

Best Interconnects for Maggie 3 6s

Goertz or Grover
Goertz Alpha Core MI-2 or Grover Huffman Speaker cables between my Belles MB-200 solid state amp and Montana XP (4 Ohm) speakers. I need about 7 feet. Which of

Power cable for quiet background
Never tried Audience, but can recommend Grover Huffman. They do everything you mention and come with a 60 day guaranty and you'll come in under your budget.

Why is streaming sounding better than my DAC
Clear XLR interconnects Cardas Clear & Grover Huffman power cords Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB Apple Airport Express Radio Shack stereo mini to RCA cable (for

Best budget DIN phono cable Too many to choose
Take a look at Grover Huffman's phono cable. It's not that much money and it's quite good. It's also flexible enough and small enough that, without

Shielded Phono Cable Suggestions
Grover Huffman Phono Cable for

Digital S/PDIF RCA cable recommendation
Grover Huffman.

Interconnects and Speaker Cable Recommendations
dition to those mentioned look into the Grover Huffman cables. As with the others they are offered with a trial period (60 days).

need new ic's
Grover Huffman (used),Parts-Connection/MAS silver IC,Mapleshade/Omega Mikro clearance sale (-60%).

Affordable Upgrade to Spelt Anti Cables
cables. Then, I would HIGHLY recommend Grover Huffman cables. I have compared is cables to many highend cables, like Kimber, Shunyata, Virtual Dynamics, and

Speaker cables for SF Cremona Ms
when I had the Cremonas. I settled on Grover Huffman.

New XLR cables for system Need your opinions
Using Grover Huffman's new XLRs in my system (Just my sbjective opinion now) but they are simply sensational.

cables vs wire
For a little more money, consider Grover Huffman ICs and Clear Day speaker cables. Morrow Audio is another possible source. There are many others. You

Thoughts on these budget speaker cables please
work with. Looking at picking up some Grover Huffman's latest available to me, but looking for feedback and comparisons first. System includes Magnepan 3.7s, W4S

Budget SC for Rogue and Vapor
Look at the Grover Huffman stuff. Great cables at a very reasonable price

Balanced Cables for McIntosh / Wadia
Grover Huffman. My Friend in Florida just replaced his Silver resolution with the Huffman balanced and couldn't be happier

Cables for Creek Epos
Try Grover Huffman interconnects and speaker cable.

Short Run 5M Interconnect on a budget
I recently added Grover Huffman interconnects and speaker cable with revealing results. Planned a shoot out with anti-cable, nordost, signal, reality,

Your Top AES/EBU 110 ohm cable would be
nd it to be very good...until I tried a Grover Huffman AES/EBU cable.

Speaker wire for be 718
late" to the party, I'm going with Grover Huffman.

another break in question
from SE cables to Balanced (Sx from Grover Huffman) between the CD and Integrated amp and wonder about my break in? I know it takes an amount of time (right now I

Signal Cable speaker: Ultra vs Silver Resolution
ffordable" speaker cables: Grover Huffman Reality Cables Mapleshade Double Golden Helix Morrow Audio Anti-Cables and the Signal Silver

XLR cables to Meridian G08 with pass labs X2 pream
I'm using Grover Huffman xlr and speaker cable, between my G08 & pass Sp10 X150.5 with Thiels. I had all Transparent cables before, I'm much

opposite to Supra
or any other flat ribbon cable, such as Grover Huffman and Mapleshade.

Recommendations REGA interconnects
Used Grover Huffman,MAS/Parts -Connection SC silver/teflon,Mapleshade/Omega Mikro (the latter has a sale going at 60% off).

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