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Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck
i gotta put a plug in for the new focal chorus 806v and 807v monitors for $800 and $1000 respectively. the level of resolution, speed and clarity you hear at these

Best bookshelf monitor under 1000 new or used
All good responses. I have a pair of Focal Chorus 806V's that are some of their smaller "bookshelf" speakers and love them. I also play

Which 500 Speaker Next
S3 or 685 local Tannoy Revolution DC6 Focal 705v or 806v Selah Audio PSB Stratus Golds local (completly different from the others here) NSM 10s local And

French Speakers
For sale on this site are a pair of JM Focal Cobalt 806S speakers. I'm interested...but French speakers? Sacre bleu! My demise as an audiophile began in 1992 with a

Small ish Speakers That Come Alive At Low Volume
in addition to the Titus, I suggest the Focal Chorus 805V or 806V, although I don't recall if their ports fire to the front. I also like the Rega RS1 for this

Monitor speaker recommendations
e B&W CM1, B&W 685, Paradigm Studio 10, Focal Chorus 706, Focal Chorus 806, Dynaudio Excite. Good luck. Have fun.

Been away for awhile and need some help
You might find a local Focal dealer and listen to the Dome system. It's not cheap, but would give you a lot of install options and really sounds

Help with bookshelfs
am looking at sv VR-1, Focal 806v and PSB-g1. Any suggestions for about 1K? Presently have Energy RC-10, Marantz 6001 etc. Like smooth jazz, electronic

Which speakers pair well for Onkyo A 9555
I love Focal speakers and the Chorus series are closing out so you can find some great deals online. Not sure if $400 will quite cover it without looking,

Focal Chorus 700
I just by chance heard the Chorus 726v at a dealer, paired with nice Audio Research front end gear. I was rather impressed. I had been looking at the B&W

JM Labs Focal: Chorus 726S or 806V or Electra 906
I am interested in purchasing a pair of Focal speakers and can buy the Electra 906 (used) or Chorus 726S (dealer demo) or 806V (new) for about the same price.

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