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Emerald Physics CS 2, Opinions Please
Hello all: I found and read a couple of older threads regarding these speakers, I've been talking with the dealer, and I have read everything I could

Emerald Physics C2 or Usher BE 718
Although i own a pair of Be-718's, i have heard a lot about the Emerald Physics speakers. Has anyone heard both speakers? How does their sound differ and what

Tube amps good with Emerald Physics CS2 speakers
Hello everyone. I just bought a pair of Emerald Physics CS2 speakers, I know that these speakers need to be bi-amped, and I am now looking for the amps with

Zu Essence vs any Emerald Physics CS series
I am looking to replace some speakers with either the Zu Essence or Emerald Physics CS-2, CS-2.3, or CS-3s. Has anyone compared any of these? I am looking

Good Preamp for Emerald Physics 2 3
I was wondering what preamp people have found that matched well with Emerald Physics CS 2.3? Or, does it even matter since the Behringer crossover will

Emerald Physics: Same as the Quads in the fifties
Let me premise that I've never listened to Emerald Physics speakers. But I have been reading lots of audiogoners' opinions on them. Based on what I've read, I

Emerald Physics owners
So I've had a pair of CS2.3's for over a couple of months now and thought I'd post my experiences so far in case someone else has some tips in getting more out

high end jbl or horns or emerald physics c1
Can anyone give me their opinions. I saw a pair of jbl's for sale for about the price of the Emerald Physics c1's. I still have my burmester 956 amp but have

Tube preamp with SS amps and Emerald Physics cs2
I have read that solid state power amps (such as the Wyred4Sound amps) work well with these speakers. How would a high quality tubed preamp (say Shindo or

Choosing between ATC or Emerald Physics
In the upgrade process of a secondary system for the living room, I'm planning to change the speakers. Actually the components are: a tunned Oppo as transport,

Kef LS50 vs Emerald Physics CS3 mk2
I'd be shocked if more than a few people have heard these heads up, but that's what I'm narrowed down to on paper. Any thoughts/opinions? The Kef's I plan to

Emerald Physics 2 3 or Magnepan
Hi, This is my first post here- I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. I am in the market for a pair of speakers around $3-5k used. I

Emerald Physics speakers
has anybody have opinions about these speakers? I have the upgrade bug again(does it never end)....I am running klipsch heritage models with tubes.I am

Can I hear from some Emerald Physics Cs3 owners
I have owned a pair of EP cs3 for about two months along with a pair of Omega subs..Best speaker system I have ever had! I have had a long list(magnepan smg,

Reference 3A Grand Veena vs Emerald Physics CS2 3
I wonder if you guys have any comparative experience between the Grand Veena and the CS2.3? I have read numerous reviews on the Veena and ALL seem to be VERY

Emerald Physics CS2 3 MkII
I had the pleasure of dropping in on Walter at RMAF 2013 and hearing both of his Emerald Physics line of speakers, the CS2.3 MkII and the CS 3.2. Both

Any Emerald Physics owners in Pittsburgh
These sound interesting and get good reviews, but I can't bring myself to part with a couple thousand dollars without hearing them. Esp. interested in the CS 3.

Emerald Physics CS2 at low volume
How does the CS2 sound at low volumes?

Has anybody heard the new Emerald Physics CS 2 3
Hello all: I currently own the CS-2's and have been in touch with Walter at Underwood in regards to the significant sonic up grade over the old model

Emerald Physics Loudspeakers
Does anyone have any opinions on these speakers?

Emerald Physics 2 3 Crossover Questions
Anyone have these that have any idea on bringing them to the next level? Considering buying my friend's 2.3s but the infamous Behringer leaves me a bit

Emerald Physics CS3 mates with integrated amp
With 95db efficiency and a stable impedence load, seems ideal for my parallel single ended 20 watt integrated amp, but if the DSP equalization takes place

Curious about Emerald Physics speakers
On the one hand, the EP speakers are reported to be very good. On other hand, from what I read, the EP's use a pro-grade DSP as crossover, and do an analog--

Emerald Physics and My System
Hi, I am awaiting arrival of the new CS2 speakers. Any thoughts from current owners on my existing system of Arcam DV137 Universal, Copland Tube Preamp,

Assistance with tri amping Emerald Physics CS 2 3
I would like to know if anyone is tri-amping their EP CS 2.3s? I am interested in the crossover settings you went with. I don't know where to set the

HELP :: To set up Emerald Physics CS 2 3
Hello, Is there anybody who could help me to setup Emerald Physics CS 2.3 which I bought it used from Agon. Seller is not very useful & I'm new to this

Any opinions on Emerald Physics Loudspeakers
Any opinions? Especially the CS3

Best amp and pre for Emerald Physics CS3 MK II
Tube pre, SS amp? What would give the best sound with these speakers?

Satisfied Emerald Physics or Tidal speaker owners
As I recall these were the most popular new speakers a few years ago. Are they still on top or has something better come along? Juts wondering if those and

Any Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 Owners
Would like any info and/or thoughts good or bad on the Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 loudspeakers. Any owners care to speak out?

Assistance with tri amping Emerald Physics CS 2 3
I would like to know if anyone is tri-amping their EP CS 2.3s? I am interested in the crossover settings you went with. I don't know where to set the

Emerald Physics and Tube amps
Considering trying a tube amp with my Emerald Physics CS3s (95db efficient). Since this is essentially a bi-amplified system (Behringer crossover feeds a

Maggies Emerald Physics
Have any Maggie owners heard any Emerald Physics speakers? Can you expound on what you thought the differences were?

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
teric German turntable designed by some physics professor....

Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
peaker to shake the earth the laws of physics will not allow it. But as other have said here the lows are of good qaulity. The bigger speakers above (e.g.

Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles
Hello, Just had my Emerald Physics 2.7's configured with Spatial Computer's Orpheus system. It surpassed all of my expectations. If anyone is

What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker
do go the way of big fullrange drivers, Emerald Physics is another to check out.

Clement Perry's new reference speaker
ource, wire and amplification. The Nova Physics Memory Player and the Behold line of electronics are in my opinon among the best available at what they these

RMAF Loudspeakers
definitely listen to the Emerald Physics CS2.3 and CS3s. The new series is a phenomenal improvement over the older series. If you do check it out, pls

Best Speakers at RMAF 2011
est reasonably priced speakers were the Emerald Physics CS3 at $80k less. I ended up coming home with a pair of Minuet Supremes and an order for a pair of Clue

RMAF 2008 Your impressions,
very limited, but I have to point out Emerald Physics for their CS1 and CS2, which are great speakers, selling for much less (esp. CS2) than you would think. They

Obscure companies making excellent speakers
I think the open baffle designs from Emerald Physics are very interesting...I have and am quite impressed with the C-2 for a $3000 speaker.

Best all around speakers
orn). Having +/- 400 hrs on a pair of Emerald Physics CS-2's, I can honestly say I have not heard a more accurate, revealing, live-sounding, and dynamic pair of

2 way speaker with best bass
there comes a point where the laws of physics can only be bent so far... So... what IYO is the 2-way speaker that most successfully plumbs the depths, that provides

Speaker decision 3000 3500 help
llent. I've heard his earlier works at Emerald Physics and these are supposed to be better.

What is under 5k speaker with best bass slam
reating a new system, I'd look into the Emerald Physics speakers. About $3500 new, and they can be auditioned in your home. Lots of buzz about how real they sound.

pass labs xa30 5 vs aleph 3
Earflappin, I have the Emerald Physics 2.3 speakers, which are 97dB and bi-amped. I am using a Wyred4Sound 250W ICE amp for the woofer (1000Hz on down) and

Replacement for Maggie's
Emerald Physics CS2P's or any of the used CS3s, CS2.3s etc. Same 'type' sound as Maggies (Musical, open, etc) but with MUCH better

Phoenix, AZ
y. This February 24th, Clayton Shaw of Emerald Physics will be demonstrating his Nemesis dipole speaker system. The meeting will be at Trinity Lutheran

Best speakers for 3 cord rock and roll
Emerald Physics C2s . We were both speechless! This is as close to live music as I've ever heard out

What beats the Evolution Acoustics MM3
How about the Emerald Physics CS-1 or the CS-2 ? http://www.emerald-physics.

Vandersteen 5a vs B&W 802D vs Maggie 3 6 vs
All I can say is Emerald Physics CS-2's! I got my entire system today...Wyred4Sound 4 ch amp...PS Audio pre amp and Emeralds. Fantastic is all

Need efficient floor stander for 2a3
Emerald Physics CS3, or the Zu model in that price range.

Used speakers for 3k Oh the confusion
carry some lines you could here, (Audio Physics, Aerials, Sonus Fabor, Wilson, Krell, among others. I currently own Thiels, Von Schweikerts, Aerials, Audio

D Sonic vs Wyred vs
p at the Marriott last October with the Emerald Physics speakers does not look very ideal and its a crap shoot with Class D amps at a high end show since they are

speakers that rock

Pass Labs XA30 5 and ModWright KWA150
ng speakers: Vandersteen 5A's Emerald Physics CS2's Omega Revolutions (8" Alnico driver) Ultimately, trying things at home is always the best

Is there such a speaker loud but smooth
Check out the open baffle designed Emerald Physics speakers, they fill your requirements.

High efficient speakers
I've read some great things about the Emerald physics speakers. Check out the Klipsch Epic CF4's, that are being sold here on Audiogon. Another speaker worth

Best Towers Under 4,000 / pair
Emerald Physics CS2 Controlled Directivity Loudspeaker. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

RMAF: My favorites, so so's, and disappointments
the amps but the source was the Nova Physics Memory Player. I couldn't wait to get out of the room after 30 seconds. Some may agree and some may disagree with me

Anything better than 1 7 Maggies
the same problem).. I wanted to try Emerald Physics 2.3 but they are rare to find. I know people would have asked this before but please help. My amp: Rotel RB

SET friendly speakers w/ slam
I know I would love to hear the Emerald physics speaker. 100dB efficient. 2 15" bass drivers. They have to have some slam.

Speaker Question first post on the gon
Another consideration would be Emerald Physics using your amps biamped rather than bridged. They will put out some serious sound pressure.

With 15W tube amp, which speakers to use
speakers are nice as well. You can add Emerald Physics CS2 for it awesome performence - with EP CS2s you will need another amp for low frequencies. PS makes nice $

Looking to buy a complete 2 chanel system
to Walter Lieberman, he recommends the Emerald Physics 2.3 and a Wyred 4 Sound amp, and the Apogee Ensemble system. Any imput ????

alternative to maggies
Emerald Physics! I have owned the CS-3's and now the CS 2.3's. Open like Maggies but with much better dynamics.

Speakers that do rock justice
is seems like a thread made for the Emerald Physics CS-2. Worth a check at least depending on your budget. I have not heard them yet, but have a pair on

Suggestions Planar like Dynamic speaker under 2K
Perhaps used Emerald Physics CS2?

TRELJA in Denver 2008
mouth to check out this year was the Emerald Physics. Unfortunately, the model playing while I was there looked to be sporting a more upmarket set of clothes,

High Efficiency Dynamic Speaker Suggestions Please
with some possible speakers including Emerald Physics CS2, Audiokinesis Jazz Modules, Pi speakers, Tyler PD15 or PD30 or the Consonance. Several questions come up.

I've 4k to spend on used speakers for big room
if they would be better than the II) Emerald Physics Living Voice Sonics WLM Any insights or opinions greatly appreciated, especially from those who have similar

reference 3a MM decapo ia or magnepan 1 7
brhow about reference 3a's compared to emerald physics cs3 (w/or w/o sub) or cs 2.3's. How do i find someone near the monterey bay area where i can listen to

Squeezing out extra perfomance: Reclockers
homebrew that is pretty similar to the Emerald Physics CS-1 (no, not the 2. I am using 8 eminence drivers, but it was still inexpensive and pretty easy to build, and

Speaker Choices
ange you might want to check out the Emerald Physics CS-3's.

Digital crossovers
sounds a lot like the first generation Emerald Physics, The commercial product abandoned the room correction and otherwise resembles the speaker you describe.....

Thinking About A Change
age new technology? Spatial Computer or Emerald Physics for example. I think Legacy does so as well using active crossovers. Go to some shows if possible.

It's 2008, what speakers deserve recognition
am extremely happy with my purchase of Emerald Physics CS-2's. Over the last few months I've auditioned B&W, TAD, and others, and have yet to find a competitor that

Is a hearing aid the best possible tweak for 50+
Behringer DCX2496 active crossover for Emerald Physics CS2 speakers. Sunfire Theater Grand 5 matching five channel amp (TGA-5200, 200-watts per channel) for the four

Open Baffle loudspeakers
models from Ohm, HHR, Decware, & Audio Physics ...and many more. I have heard and/or owned a handful of the speakers listed above, and I have always

best speakers for wyred 4sound sti 500
if you ask Wally Liederman he would say Emerald 2.3 which only needs one amp and is small enough to fit in many rooms the larger ones won't and he sells/distributes

Help me in the right direction, new speakers
you have a chance to audition a pair of Emerald Physics CS-2's, take the opportunity. They are an open baffle design and have truly excellent bass. I

best high efficiency speakers for under 3 grand
Here are just a few: Omega, Zu, Emerald Physics CS2 If I was looking for a pair of speakers in 3K range, Emerald Physics CS2 would be on the top of my

The Hub: California Audio Show
Audio Denmark, Korg, Wave Kinetics and Emerald Physics should be very interesting. We look forward to a great California Audio Show, one hopes the first of many to

confused with HT bypass
is the main speakers i want to use are emerald physics cs2.3's and require biamping and DSP. amps are 2 bel canto S300's. So let's see if i have this straight in my

s and lows and SET amp for mids with my Emerald Physics 2.3. I connect all speaker cables directly to drivers. The DCX can be used as room correction as well as

Speakers for Dance music and other
How about Emerald Physics? They use pro drivers. I used klipsch lascala for a party and wasn't at all impressed for loud dance music. They don'

It is 2008 do you know the best start up speaker
Emerald Physics CS2 Controlled Directivity Loudspeaker $3000 I found these speakers to have a great presentation and

Speakers suggestions for my setup and room please
look at the Emerald Physics CS3 ... comes with a "room eq" to tailor its response in your home and your room at 18' sre is NOT ideal ...

biamping Usher BE 20's
Researched Wyred 4 sound 1000 with Emerald Physics compression drivers. Good amp.

Sjofn the Clue v Fritz Carbon 7 or other Fritz
any other speakers from Fritz or the Emerald Physics MS3? My room (really my office) is 13x13 with 8.5' ceiling. Both front and back walls are glass. Speakers

W4S DAC1 & STP SE vs W4S DAC2 as digital frontend
Emerald Physics CS-2.3's (standard Behringer processor) fed by W4S ST-1000 & ST-500, and using as sources a Marantz CD 5004 (for

200 wpc bass amplifier suggestions
am considering Emerald Physics CS2's. They are talking about a 200 wpc bass amp. Any inexpensive

My 2 cents about Gallo 3 1
RMAF in Denver and compare them to the Emerald Physics CS2, which retail for about the same and need an extra amplifier

PS Audio PWD run directly or use a preamp
amp to the Tweeters on the original Emerald Physics CS2 speakers. The Decware Mini Torii amp is a tube amp putting out less than 10 watts (enough for the

Why does the Sunfire TGA 5200 Amp Sound So Good
am using the Sunfire TGA 5200 with Emerald Physics SC2 Speakers and I am blown away by the sound quality. Previous amps: Similar great performance but with

reference 3a or emerald physics monterey bay area
would love to hear ref 3a MM de capo i or ia or the emerald physics cs3 in the area - does anyone have either locally?

T 61 preamp/dac issue
i tried the lovely sounding usb 2.0 emerald physics dac 2, but after three consecutive units (would constantly develop a 'telemetry' noise, beginning in the right

Upgrade Belles 21a w/caps
Synergy 240 double amp. Speakers, Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 w/ a pair of REL T2 subs, source, OPPO/Exemplar Audio. Perhaps an irrational direction, but I'm

Any one with Evett and Shaw experience
a: "Shaw" is Clayton Shaw of Emerald Physics fame. He is both outrageously innovative and intimidatingly competent (me speaking as a competitor), so I'm

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