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Best digital cable to audition
Hi everyone. I am looking to audition some of the best digital cables out there and would like some recommendations. I've heard Transparent and thought very

Cambridge 840C as a DAC
Classic 160GB/Wadia 170i Transport via Creative Cable Concepts Green Hornet digital coaxial cable and it sounds incredible. I can't stop listening! Usually the

Best digital cable 300 or under new or used
I would appreciate comments and recommendations for the best digital cable for (in following order) imaging and soundstage, accuracy, detail? Comments on

It's a year later
ikely, by its 5.8 version) is a digital cable. I personally will be trying out the Kubala-Sosna in a week or two, but have been using the Kimber Selekt

What's in your Wadia iTransport system
What are you using as a digital cable between the Wadia and the Cal Alpha Dac? Maybe this is where the brightness is. Try a few different digital cables

Great Digital Cable With Locking RCA Ends
Greetings all! I have a field recording rig that I need a reliable and accurate digital cable for. I am looking for something that is high bandwith(96k

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