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Consonance Cyber 800/845 Valve amps; how good
In my quest for a new valve power amp l came accross these; Not much info around on

Anyone heard the Consonance Cyber 800 amps
Was just looking through the specs on these cool looking mono-blocks and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. What type of speakers

Consonance Opera Cyber 211 mods
I have the Cyber 211s driving Kharma CRMs fe 3.2 and really like them, especially after replacing the stock tubes with the psvanes and using the bpt power

consonance cyber 800
cyber 800 owners, what tubes are you using?

Is there an English translated Manufacturer's website? I am interested in a 211/845 model but can not find a Manufacturer website nor instruction on how

AVA Ultra 550 fet vs Consonance Cyber 800 tube
First time poster but enjoy lurking here. I am currently struggling over the above decision. I have had my eye on the AVA amp for awhile now even though I

Consonance cyber 845 bias setting
The instruction manual does not explain how to set the bias of this amp. Help

Personal amp evolution
Copland Integrated (405) Rowland 1, Consonance Rowland 2 Rowland 8, Consumate Metaxas Opulence - Soliloquy ML 23.5 - ML 30 Gryphon anthileon -

Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life Do you know of one
Cyber 211 & 800 !!!! Have tried to replace my 800s for the past 2 years. I have heard lots and lots of amps in

Tube Amp for Martin Logan Speakers
take a look at the consonance cyber 800 mono blocks.

Anyone hear the Von Schweikert DB 99
ar in Vegas, powered by top-of-the-line Consonance tube electronics, with the new Consonance Droplet tube CD player as the source (in the Consonance room). Quite

Best EL 34 Amps
e I am being bias towards my own modify Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks (Siemans NOS El34s and Amperex NOS Bugle-Boys 6922s). So far, I have not heard anything that

Best Preamp for under 1750 00
a great preamp and I have found the New Consonance Cyber-222Mk-2 to be excellent and better than some at double the price the 6sn7 tube is a classic tube , as well as

Taming edge from remastered CDs
a little. Any suggestions? System is Cyber 800SE monoblocks, Consonance Ref 50 Preamp, David Schulte mod'd. Denon 2910, KAB mod'd Technics w/Heed Quasar

845 Tube Amps
e discontinued their p-p monoblocks) Consonance NAF NAT Verdier Additional no-name Chinese and Korean producers Keep digging -- there are more.

tube amps with El 34s your favorites
Opera-Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks with some tube rolling will compete with amplifiers costing twice its original $4000 price tag. It

Shindo Monbrison better a RedWine Isabella
irst Time i connected my AuriegeL to my Consonance Cyber 211, i knew that Nirvana was a reality

Best Balanced Tube Amp To Pair With Meridian G02
Anyone Familiar with Consonance Cyber 800 SE amplifiers? I've just read some very impressive reviews, and some are available at my price point.

6SN7 based Pre Amplifier
12 x 15 x 9 Candidates 1. AES AE-3 2. Consonance Cyber 222 3. Ming DA MC-2A3 4. Cary SLP-98 For the owners of these gears, could you share your experiences?

critics dynaudio speakers
Confidence C1 Threshold S / 160 Opera Consonance Cyber ​​222 MKII EAR 834P Pioneer DV737 Pioneer PL-550 modified AudioQuest Slate speaker cable Cardas

Looking for a great el34 based amp
Yeah, Dodd is also very nice as well as Consonance Cyber 800. My Cybers are modified and sound more like class A then Push-Pull. It is also auto-bias , needs no

845s: To biamp or not
have a new pair of Consonance Cyber 845 monos which I'm very happy with. I have tried them full-range on my Hyperion 938s as well as using a Gallo SA amp

Do these speakers exist
! Except that I already have a pair of Consonance Cyber 845 monos that I really, really like and just don't want to part with. I really am into SET... I have

If you had 2000 to upgrade this system
are listed here: APC power supply Consonance Ref. 50 pre-amp Consonance Cyber 800SE monoblocks Denon 2910 mod'd by David Schulte MF V-Dac MF V-Link KAB mod'd.

Hegel h200 low level listening
year intending to use it as backup for Consonance Cyber 800SE tube mono blocks. Since installing it, it has not left the system. It drives Totem Forest speakers. I'

Kharma 3 2 2: which tube amp to use
Anyone try the Consonance Cyber 211?

Best amp for Vandersteen Quattro
icely with Quatros Tube amps: AR, Consonance Cyber 800 These 4 are as good as any.

integrated tube amp recommendations, with remote
speakers you use..I have an integrated Consonance Cyber Sig 10...

Hyperion HPS 968 or Coincident Total Victory IV
recently purchased a Consonance Cyber 211 monoblocks , they are 16 watts. I'm now close to purchasing a pair of Coincident total Victory IV's or Hyperion

Recommendation: great floorstander & amp 3K ea
s worth, I'm running Totem Forests with Consonance Cyber 800SE monoblocks & a Cyber Reference 50 (all bought used). I love the Forests and expect to keep them but just

Choosing a turntable
Thanks in advance!!! Equipment: consonance cyber 222 preamp consonance m800se monoblocks northstar design 192 combo focal jmlab electra 907 speakers JPS

Mullard EL34 as a choice for your amp
I am asking in regards to my Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks. It seems like a costly investment. Is it worth it and why ?

Your fast is your amp f rom 0 60
up, variac like start. My other amps Cyber 800 Consonance monoblocks again declare it a self biasing amps but the tubes this time warm up from that ice cold

Sweetest SET Amp below 5k
Check out the Consonance Cyber mono blocks with 211 or 845 output tubes. Art Audio Carissa sig used- 845 , Diavolo, Jota used There is a Bel

Power Amp for Hyperion 938
8s a month ago and am running them with Consonance Cyber 845 monoblocks. 28 watts, SET. I have to say the sound is completely heavenly; it is butterly-smooth and

Von Schweikert VR4SR vs VR5SE
to my preferences.I even used the nice Consonance Cyber 211 on them. Its always about voicing since there is no single part in a speaker that is "perfect",so

Granite Audio 770 Tube Pre amp & its phono sec
2.0 and pre that belong to my boddy Cyber 222MK II. TacT is a RCS so it is not a real preamp. But the rest are. My problem is this: Love Supratek for its

What's best low cost 845
ing distinct flavors. A Dared or Consonance 845 won't give you the refinment and transparency of a DeHavilland, Mastersound, Audion, Nagra or Verdier, but it will

Tubed Pre to mate with W4S monos 1K budget
my cabinet. I have also checked out the Consonance Cyber preamp, looks interesting but few reviews. Anyone have one of these that can comment?

Best sound Von Schweikert Vr 4jr or Aerial 10 t
ordable high output Tube amps out there.Consonance Cyber 800's,Mesa Baron,Rogue 120/150/88 & 90 to name a few.I've also owned several "Tubey" solid state amps

Tube Integrated Amps
Very satisfied with my Consonance Cyber 10 Signature, 2A3 tubes, 12 watts a channel....inexpensive to boot!

Any comment on Opera Audio Consonance M15 speakers
I would like to get comments on Opera Audio Consonance M15 horn speakers,I have never used horn speakers yet,my power amp is Leben CS660 (2x40 watts,uses KT66

Ayre & Vandersteen
p. Audio Research SP16 Pre and Opera Consonance Cyber 800 Mono Blocks 78w Ultra linear. Sure the Operas wake them up but they sound so seductive on just 12w in

EL34 vs 6CA7 vs KT77
compared Winged C EL34s to EH 6CA7s in Cyber Consonance 800SE monoblocks. To my ear, listening to Totem Forest speakers, the Winged Cs seem to have a little more

Can Manley's Stingray power VonSchweikert vr4 jrs
I have tried these speakers with Consonance Cyber 6550 based integrated, McIntosh 6900 Solid State and a Jolida 1000. The Jolida is what I would recommend. The

Zu speaker owners do you have any gain issues
I am think of trying out a set of consonance cyber 845's as an alternative - but I still feel the gain and loudness will be

What equipment uses 5687 tubes
The Consonance Cyber 800SEs use one 5687 tube per monoblock (along w/4 EL34s and two 6922s in each). Am using NOS GEs in mine.

Listening china any xindak, shengya experiences
exception of my Music Hall turntable. Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks, Consonance Cyber 222 preamp, Soundquest SQ12 cdp, and Von Schweikert VR4jr speakers. I have had

Ultimate headphone amp
We just compared the Consonance Cyber 20B (basic version) to the very highly regarded Ray Samuels Raptor. The Ray Samuels is almost twice the price. We used

Sonus Faber Concerto upgrade
to start my research . I am using a Consonance Cyber 100 integrated for now.Any word of help would be highly appreciated Thanks

Droplet CD Player: Contacting Consonance
I purchased a dealer demo Droplet CDP5.0 one year ago that recently broke down. Changing the fuses did not help and I suspect a problem either in the power

Which Headphone Amp in the 500 800 range
g, take a look at the review I wrote on Consonance Cyber 20. The review is a few years old. I've not actively looked into the headphone scene for the past two years so

Best 1 2K class D or class T amp
have a Consonance tube amp at the moment and it sounds fantastic, top to bottom. Of course that's never quite enough and I was wondering

Any Opera Consonance M15 owners out there
Listened to them at Quest for Sound yesterday with Steve Monte. I heard much of what I look for in audio - summed up as "realism". I have a Viva

Biamping thoughts and opinions
just do not have it anymore! I use the consonance cyber 800 monos . tube bohemoths that were modde by rhb dezigns. i was using this as my main power, i have dodd battery

amp/preamp for snell b minor
a suggestion -I have found nirvana with Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks (A 6 Moons Blue Moon Award winner). Don't forget to use a tube pre for the most magic.

Tube Integrated or SS for Usher Be 718's
Prologue 2 ($1200) Cayin A70 ($1300) Consonance Cyber 100 ($1200, dealer closeout) (40 or 50 watts) Consonance Reference 80 ($1500, dealer closeout) (70 watts) Ming

cheap tube integrated for 4 ohm speakers
Suggestion - Consonance Cyber 100 Sig - 50 wpc 6550 driven comes with EH 6550s , nice sounding amp, I switched over to SED6550s , seem to have a

Anyone had experience with Opera Audio Cyber 211
I am considering purchase of these monoblocks but have not heard them. Anyone with first hand (ear) experience with the sound quality (tone, detail, sound

Best amp for AKG K701 used/new
ening to my AKG K701 headphones using a Consonance Cyber 20 headphone amp. I also auditioned the RSA Raptor which was a nice combo as well. The RSA Raptor is out of your

Bada PH12 headphone amp review: Tube vs Solid St
was better than the well-regarded Opera Consonance Cyber 20 and even better than the Ming Da MC66AE. I ordered some of the Bada PH12 with another E5 CD player and sold

Looking for help on tube preamp
board power supply. I have demo,d two Consonance pre Cyber 222 and T-1. The T-1 sounds best in my system, but I am wondering if, I can get more bottom end out of tube

Consonance 6550 tube question
Changed from a sold state McIntosh to a 6550 based Consonance integrated (Cyber Series). The loss of deep bass extension is something I would like to improve.

Anybody bi amping Hyperion 938s
got a pair. Love them. Have Consonance Cyber 845s powering them. Wonderful overall, bass is not the tightest in the world, but good. Am considering

Straley speaker cable replacements
it set you back? usher 6381 speakers consonance cyber 800 amps belles 21a preamp ack dack dac onix xcd-88 (transport) like warm side of neutral

Chord spm 600
but if those are your speakers get some Cyber 800 Opera Consonance amps (Quest For Sound) with an AES AE-3 preamp (Upscale Audio) and you will be thanking me for a

system choice
what I hear about these components. 2. Consonance Cyber 100 Signature EL34 and a pair of Usher X 719's. I know the speakers well, heard them in someone's system. 3.

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