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CEC owners What Power Cord are You using
I am looking for owners of CEC transports to advise me on what power cords they are using and what they have tried. I own a CEC TL-2X Transport and I am

Esoteric or CEC cd transport
I'm looking for a cheap cd-transport (around 1000-1500 USD). Any ideas what models from Esoteric or CEC fit this price range? Preferably a used one. The

CEC Who are they
Hi Could someone tell me what CEC stands for and the name of the company that makes CEC products if different from the product initials?

CEC TL5100Z repair or replace
I am the second owner of this piece, which I have been using as a transport for my DAC. A couple of days ago it stopped reading CDs. I tried cleaning the

Meridian 508 24 or CEC TL15XR HELP
Having a difficult time trying to decide. The meridian (7yo) is being offered at almost double the price of the CEC (1yo). No chance to demo either one

Comparions CEC TL51XR versus Ayre CX 7e
Have anyone directly compared these two one-box CD players to each other? What are their individual strengths and weaknesses ? Thanks! -

Bitstream DAC won't lock onto CEC transport
The Bitstream DAC will not lock onto my CEC TL-2X transport. It will lock onto my 15 year old Sony 10 disc CDP though (yeah even back then Sony made it with

CEC TL0X not playing long CD
Anyone experienced this problem with this or other transports - I have seen some claims this can be a problem in "high end" - mine will not play

upgrading my CEC TL51xr
I like my CEC very much, it has beautiful analouge sound, i also use it as a transport which links to Havana dac, the result was amazing organic timbre with

CEC Transport Upgrades
Is anyone aware of any "Modification Houses" or upgrade sources for CEC Transports? In particular, the Model TLO Transport. If so, does anyone

Preamp suggestions for a Forte 4A & CEC TL5100Z
Looking for tube or solid state, active or passive under $600 Thanks!

My lovely CEC TL 1 drive choke last night while one of the rubber belt die ..... so i just want to know where i could order CEC parts in U.S.A or in

replacement cec puck/stablilizer
anyone direct me on where i can find a replacement cec puck/stablilizer ? thanks !!

CEC TL51XZ cd player
Who can tell me somenthing about this integrated cd player???? I cannot find reviews about it! Thanks guys.

Anybody heard of CEC I think of Austilia
Was looking for som more infop on Wilson Benesch speakers (losy arty phots on their main site) but while going though about 20 page so an Aussie hop which had

CEC AMP530 or AMP53
I just read about this online. Looks like a very interesting great value integrated. Anyone know anything about it? Listen to it & compare it to anything

Similar sound to CEC maybe Vecteur or
Recently sold off my CEC TL-51x that I really really liked for the most part but it was just not up to par with faster paced progressive music as sounded slow

Parasound CDB 2000 vs CEC TL2 , Worth the upgrade
Hello, I currently have a CEC/Parasound CDB-2000 belt drive transport. I recently found a CEC TL-2 (can't demo. online only). Any opinions as

DAC for CEC TL51x
I was just curious what people here think of my DAC/transport combo. My transport is a CEC TL51x the DAC is use is a Wadia 12 the digital interlink I use is a

CEC Belt Drive transport with electrocompaniet DAC
Hi was wondering if anyone was running this combination and I was hoping for some feedback on anyone using the CEC TL51X as a transport. thanks again

Anyone Familiar With CEC cd Transport and DAC's
I was recommended by a friend to take a look at CEC cd players. Do any of you have any experience with this brand? They make a transport for about $

Article on blind testing at CEC
PORTALS By LEE GOMES If You're Not Insane About Sound, Maybe

CEC amp 6300 has anyone heard it
Some time ago I was browsing the web in search of a decent integrated amp. Since I own a CEC TL51x transport I checked out the CEC website. There I saw the amp

Apollo/Saturn, Raysonic, or CEC who wins
The Rega Apollo/Saturn, Raysonic CD-128, and the CEC TL-51xr. For all types of redbook, which is the most emotionally involving player? And is there anything

Raysonic CD 168 vs CEC TL 51XR
I am searching for a new CDP. The Raysonic CD-168 got lots of positive feedbacks (sixmoons-Blue Award etc.). On the other side the CEC Tl-51XR seems to be an &

CEC TL5100L cdp problem help please
I have a CEC TL5100Z CDP that I have been using as a transport (digital out to my DAC). Today, it stopped, that is, when I put a disc in it doesn't spin,

Has Anyone heard the new CEC 3300r
I'm very interested in the new version of this not-expensive cdp- All input is appreciated-

CEC Dealer in US
I'm looking to purchase a CEC belt drive transport. I cannot seem to find a dealer that carries the line. Does anybody know of one? Is CEC still in business?

Which is better ,the CEC TL1X or the TL2? And the CEC TL1X compared with more recent cd transports? system CD: Sony XA-50ES Amp: Tact

CEC TL0X cd transport
Hi : I would like to know if anyone has tried to match cec TL0X cd transport with Accuphase DP101 converter. Is it a good match ? please share your opinion.

CEC Transport Which one
Looking to acquire a used CEC Transport to mate with my modified ARC DAC7. Which one should i be looking for without breaking the bank? Also, who in the

Has anyone heard the CEC TL 50XZ
I am looking for an analogue sounding CD Player, $3000 max. The recent review of the CEC TL-51 XZ in Stereotimes suggests this one is worth considering.

CEC n Wadia CD player
I am choosing between Wadia 581se n the CEC combo TL1n n DA1n.Can anyone tell me what are the differences between these 2 players?Which is more dynamic n has a

Differences between CEC TL 0 & Burmster 969
Both are belt driven Differences between CEC TL-0 & Burmster 969 ?

Hi Presently, I have a CEC TL51X and I have the possibility to buy a used TL-2x but I can't listen it. . Does the TL-2X has better sound than the TL-51x ?

CEC cd 3300 Looking for new CD player Help
I'm looking into a new CD player to move up from a Cambridge Audio 640C. The CEC seems to be a definite improvement for little more money. I'd love to hear

Preamp Deal of the Century
there is a magnificient CD player: the CEC 51TLXR. Many revievers have it as their personal CD player. It has a last generation DAC and you can use it as a

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Buffalo I Twisted Pear Buffalo II CEC TL51 CD transport / AudioMagic Altmann DAC Cantatis Ouverture 24/192 Bryston BDA-1 Lampizator L5 with

Esoteric DV 50: Any cdp's Significantly better
Medea dac and CEC transport combo. This combo beats ANY sacd/dvd-a players out there and does that with redbook cd's.

The best CD Player for the money
CEC TL1X/Chord

Reference DACS: An overall perspective
llowing transports: Mark Levinson 31.5, Cec TL-0, or the Ensemble Dirondo. Thanks.

TRL Marantz Sa 14
I recently owned the $17,500 CEC TL0 with a 24mxl audiologic tubed DAC with very expensive cable. I've owned the sony 775,595, and 2000, all TRL modded.

Sony SCD XA5400ES Best SACD for under 10,000
cdp at the moment hoping to improve my CEC tl51xr(yes i want better bass and more realistic soundstage). many

HiDiamond Power cords
. The P3 that was on it will move to my CEC belt drive player. As to the P4, it is a different league than a P3 for sure. I have 3 in my system and I've said in

Attn Vinyl lovers what CD Player do you use
My CEC TL-1X and Audio Logic 24MXL DAC sound great for CD, but it's still not vinyl. I like my CD's a lot now, but I love my

Copper Sleeve over IEC
of the Shunyata King Cobra going to my CEC transport and WOW. Micro-dynamics, clarity, depth, I'm going FULL-BROKE and buy 4 more (preamp, dac, mono amps ?

Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking
ould be my transport/DAC combo. It is a CEC TL51x with a Wadia 12 DAC. It may not be the worlds best and not the most expensive. But I think for me it is the best

Do You Remember Your First CD Player
302MK-2, a lot of in betweens, current; CEC TL-2X / Modded Cal Alpha.

Will computer to DAC replace transports and cdp's
good or better" than my belt-drive CEC ?

Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs
ht SWL9.0SE Signature preamp 2. CEC TL-2 Transport 3. Zu Audio DL-103 Grade 1 cartridge 4. Grover Huffman Interconnects 5.

How international is your system
How about : Japan CEC TL2 UK Meridien 566DAC Singapore Diva Pre/power amp US Vandersteen 2CE Sig & Herron Audio VTPH1mc Slovenia

What is the best DAC ever made
odson 218. With a ref Audio Mods modded CEC TL-iX, I have heard nothing better.

Speakers free of grain, glare and steel
ed waist Philips tubes. CD transport is CEC, cabling is a combination of Synergistic R, A Zen, and Tube Research Labs.

Okay best single box reference CD player
currently own a CEC TL-1 transport, along with a dcs Delius and Purcell upsampler.....what one box CD player out there can deliver

Accustic Arts
Dac? I was thinking of the Oracle 2000, CEC. What are your thoughts? I'm not wanting to jump the gun, the transport being new and all but I was sent a

Best digital cable to audition
se a Valhalla digicable (XLR) between a CEC TL-1X and a Dodson 218 DAC. IMS, it surpassed both the PAD Dominus and the Kharma Grand Reference, both of which I

SACD Dying already
tidisc as transport which sounds 90% of CEC trans. I understand your point but since I've already got these things, and they sound terrific, I have no intention

What is the best transport
very nice digital front end featuring a CEC TL51X transport slaved to a Lessloss DAC 2004 MKII. I have enjoyed this set-up for about 5 years. Recently I

What's the "worst" cdp for the money
The worst CD player I bought was a CEC at a yard sale here in town. I paid $30 for it! I was so proud,I felt like I had struck gold. It sounded very

Today's Transport War: Significant Differences
nal transport I have tried is the newer CEC TL-51X (I think I have that model right) it retails for $1500. It was equivalent to the set-up I have now, but

Reference Transports: An overall perspective
few names and a question: Zanden 2000 CEC TL-0X Metronome Kalista; T2-i Signature; and T2-A Esoteric P-01; and P-03(?) EMM Labs CDSD 47Labs PiTracer Weiss

Audio Aero Prima 24/192 Mk II cd player
ow does the Prima sound compared to the CEC TL51XR?

Oppo as transport
her CD transports I have owned included CEC and other very expensive ones. Lampizator mods are a must, power supply mods, better and larger caps, BNC

audio mirror dac
. Before I got the Alesis I looked at a CEC TL51 ($1190 new) and a Northstar ($1500 used), as well as other CDPs like the Jolida JD-100 and Cary 308T that I could

Computer vs CD/SACD discs
hone. SQ audibly better than transport (CEC TL-1x, no slouch there); convenience factor far greater; and there are services who will load your CD collection on to

Best Late Night Low Volume Speaker
No, its not SEO, but CEC or Corrupt Editorial Content. Thank you,

Are you still playing CDs after, comp based syst
e the sound of a CD played on my modded CEC TL-1X transport through PWD MKII DAC. Generally use a Byrston BDP-1 digital music player, but sometimes there is a

Museatex Bitstream vs Bidat
Ct5 preamp, Classe Delta 2200 amp and a CEC transport working with the Bidat and Bitstream.

Can Mac/PC compete with High End CDT
room, fed by micro seiki SX8000, CEC TL0x Cd transport at 1st I must say that I was disappointed with the sound that the P0 was delivering via the Weiss

Rarest Brands for Sale on 'Gon
Elizabeth ... CEC=Sanyo I think, in the same way as Lexus=Toyota.

DAC with the best midrange ever
th a separate power supply match with a CEC TL0 X Nothing come close to that except for Zanden dac and also Audio note ...........

new updates in transports or are they obsolete
oducing terrific transports, such as: 1)CEC 2)Ensemble 3)Accustic Arts 4)Zanden 5)Meitner 6)Teac 7)Wadia 8)Dcs. If you still want the finest possible sonics out

Your "DREAM" piece
r, Epiphany PCs, HRS rack & amp stands, CEC TL0 MKII, cello pallete preamp, EAD pro9000 gold modified with all black cap DAC Pluto turntable, LP2 dulex phono ).

I need a turntable, only have 450 to spare
sounds. My noisemaker goes as follows: CEC 3300R cd player, tube DAC-68, Adcom GFP-750 preamp, 2 Adcom 545 amps biamped to a pair of Wharfedale diamond 9.6

Is the Monarchy DIP effective
heir price point constraints. I have a CEC transport, which I know has low design jitter. By the way, don't overlook your cables as an additional jitter source.

CD has laid back and uninvolving sound
have the Accustic Arts tube Dac and the CEC TL0X transport. I rolled the tubes to the Ampex Buggel Boy long plates. It is quite involving and airy. It is

I just don't get PC Audio
use it with a PC. I went from a $2000 CEC belt drive CD player to this with very little change in sonics. If anything this is MORE revealing! Even better is

SONY XA5400ES Preliminary Observations
compared the SONY (on RBCD only) to my CEC TL-1X transport (modded by RAM), with balanced Stealth Sextet digicable to balanced input on my trusty Dodson 218 DAC.

Law of Diminishing Returns CD/SACD Players
e quad ? has anyone considered a cec belt drive cd player for around $2000 ? i hear it's quite good.

Is USB overrated as decent digital source
ly modded SB2 after 6 months a bought a CEC TL-1 transport for my EAD 7000 III DAC, couldnt be happier, the sound from the CEC is miles away better than the

Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
Gold Dac+PSU+ Clock or Lessloss DAC+CEC My system: Wilson Sophia 3 McIntosh MC501 Audio Research Ref 3 Primare CD 31 (with Analogue section heavily mod)

Transport does it matter to the sound at all
m currently using a highly RAM modified CEC TL51X and it sounds COMPLETELY different than other transports I've tried. I think what may give the,

Feedback wanted from Jolida JD100A owners
dazman, consider the quad cdp2 and the cec 3300 and the rega cd players.

Reimyo DAP 777 looking for a good transport
Which transports shoud I consider? CEC? Audio Note? What about the old Wadia's or Teac? I have also the chance of getting a Procee CDD ... Any insights are

Top 5 sounding cd player in the 1000 2000 range
cec Tl 51 xr

DACs with volume control
Give the CEC DA 53N a try. Compared to my stock transporter, which sounds really big, clean and detailed albeit a bit 2D-like, the

CD player in the 2,500 to 5,000 range
f you want something more cheaper check CEC TL51xz at just $1590-belive me it is very good player. Review is on

Best Dac/Transport Under 50,000
Dodson 218 with CEC TL-1X transport modded by Richard Kern, and Kharma Grand Reference, PAD Dominus or Nordost Valhalla digital cable,

Tally up best digital player ever
FWIW, I own modified separates, CEC/Audio Logic.

Can anyone recommend a smooth, rich CD player
Keops. It is based on a highly modified CEC belt drive transport, and has the attributes you are looking for.

Why use CD Transport instead of computer source
ng my N32 pre Amp. Despite all this, my Cec TL0X belt driven transport blows it away. Why, I don't know but it sure does.

What CD player will warm my Thiel/Classe systm
The CEC/Parasound belt drive top loading players are quite analog and open sounding. Well under $1,000.

What's the best CD and/or multiplayer today
Ditto for Dodson 218, with modded CEC TL-1x (Superclock 3, power supply, etc.) is as good as I have heard. Throw away your turntables! (Kidding.)

Best Digital Cable, Regardless of Price
actually own a CEC TL 1 drive match with a FORSELL AIR REFERENCE dac.I use a 1 1/2 meter VIRTUAL DYNAMIC NITE (with RCA) as a digital

First SACD to Listen To
know what happened to that format.) My CEC TL-1x/Dodson 218 combo does not play SACD, but I have an Oppo 980h which I understand does. If I were to buy one SACD

Does the Transport make a significant difference
the Dac to a quality transport say CEC TL 51 or open the vaults and spring for a quality Audio Note, Esoteric, or even dcs transport will be worth the

Wich high end CD palyer
I enjoy very much: Burmester 001 CEC TL1X transport/Chord DAC64 I should really sell one or the other, but can't decide which! I was never truly

Kharma Midi vs Sonus Faber Stradivari Amati
p300 monos,firstsound pre,kondo ksl dac,cec tlox transport.What are yours?Is the new sonus faber elipsa the same design as stradivari in a smaler way?

People buying Transports again
ago. Although I don't use my excellent CEC transport any longer, I probably will never sell it. You never know when you might need it.

Has anyone had eperience with the new sony xa5400e
. Sold it because it did not surpass my CEC TL1X/Dodson 218 combo, which costs considerably more. But if I were looking for a one-box for less than $5K, I

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