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Cayin A70T has bogus tube rectification
I hate starting this thread. I am also a little hesitant because a.) I bought the amp and hate the thought of its resale value after I post this

Cayin A 88 T integrated:The new King of the Hill
This fine integrated is finally getting some long overdue credit. The recent April review on 6 moons will confirm this. Although this integrated (and Cayin

Cayin A88T break in and biasing
Just took a Jolida 302BRC back to a dealer to get the A88 instead. I loved the Jolida no doubt, but assumed the A88 would be a step up, and so far all

Primaluna Dialog Two Integrated Amp vs Cayin A 88T
I am going to put together a tube system around one of these integrated amps. I'm wondering if anyone here has compared the two amps. They are about the same

Revisiting Tube Recommendations for Cayin TA 30
My appologies if this has already been beaten to death! :) I hope you all are up for this post! I'll owe you all big time! I have a Cayin TA-30 (

Cayin A 88t vs Almarro A318B
Both these are integrated amps that get wonderful reviews. Anyone ever heard both? Which did you prefer? I'm going to pair it with Acoustic Zen

Tube rolling in Cayin A 88T
Anyone changed out the stock KT-88 tubes?What have you found that beats the stock jobs?..I understand Cayin uses the Shuguang KT-88. As good as these are, they

Which is better, Jolida or Cayin
I want to ask what your opinions are on these two integrated tube amps. The two amps are: Jolida Modified JD-202a, modified by Underwood HiFi The TAD-

Cayin A 88 T , sounds great but
I just acquired this integrated a couple of months ago , it is my first experience with a tube amp . I must say that I really do like this amp and what it has

Prima Luna Dialogue 2 or Cayin A100
I just returned from CES 2010. I own a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors and I am looking for a very MUSICAL tube integrated amp. For some time now I have

Cayin A88T My Favorite Amp Out of Numerous FYI
I bought and sold over a dozen solid state and tube amps before settling on the Cayin A88T. I choose tubes over solid state for the life like quality they

Canary CD100 tube vs Cayin 17 tube
Anyone care to give these 2 excellent looking players a compare? The Cayin uses Philips trans and has 4 out tubes/2 per channel. The Canary uses Sony trans and

Integrated tube amp has no bass Cayin A50T
Hi folks, So I just bought a Cayin A50T (used, but well looked after), I have set it up at home and found that there is extremely little low end. it's

Best 300B tube for Cayin 300B amp
Just looking for opinions, I have the Sophia " mesh " 300B Princess now, anything anyone has heard but likes better? Looking for a second pair of

Cayin 265ai or Bada 3 3se
Hello, I have the upgrade bug. For my next Int Amp I'm thinking about trying one of these 2, Any opinions or insights? Listening room approx. 17ft x 22ft.

Cayin A50t biasing problem
I recently purchased this amp on a'gon and having trouble getting it bias. When try to measure the bias I get no reading on any of the pots. When I try to

Original vs imitation ; MC275 vs Cayin A88T
First off, I can see how this might cause some controversy, and that is not my intention. I wish to learn, separate fact from fiction, and hopefully gain some

EL 34s for Cayin A 50T Integrated Amp
I am thinking of changing out the stock tubes (The EL34s) in my Cayin tube amplifier, but don't know what brands to look for. I mainly play rock and I am

Cayin H80A or Ayre AX 7e
Has anyone ever been able to compare these two integrated amps? Both sell for about $3,000 and I was just about set on the Ayre then I read the review in

Cary, Cayin or Primaluna EL34 for Merlin VSM MME
I'm looking for an amp or my Merlin VSM-MME speakers. I know it's been asked many times before, and I've read most of the threads out there. The consensus

Cayin CD50 T Anybody audition or own this
I see that Cayin has introduced a new hybrid tube cd player. Has anybody auditioned or own one of these? What are your thoughts on its construction and sound?

cayin cdt 17a vs consonance cd 2 2
Hi need advice to choose from the two.prices are similar so any opinions are welcome.

Which integrated Amp, Almarro,Cayin,Red Wine
I'm thinking of switching from separates to an integrated amp in order to simplify my life. Currently I am using a tube amp (whose manufacturer, I won't

Yaqin MC 100B or Cayin A 88T first tube amp
Hello. I will be pairing with an old set of 99db sensitivity Pioneer box speakers. They sound pretty nice and will be my speakers for awhile as I can't afford

Cayin A88 sells in one day
How's about that for ya? That tells you something. The only other amp I see that sold in one day was the Jadis DA60, an old one. I can't wait to get the

Cayin A 100T KT88 tube spec
Hi, Could you please advice me about the tube spec for CAYIN A-100T.I have a problem when change KT88,it can't make bias.The meter in amplifier is not come

Best Amplifier Speaker DAC Cayin Spendor Monarchy
I have bought and sold a dozen plus amplifiers (solid state and tube) over the past several years and have finally settled on a combination that I like best.

Sharing tube experiences with Cayin TA30/PrimaLuna
Hello, I wanted to start a thread for people using Cayin TA-30s or their cousins the Prima Luna Prologues 1 and 2. Just thought I'd post some info concerning

Cayin TA 30 vs PrimaLuna Prologue
Seems like the Cayin and Prologue are quite similiar in Basic architecture ... perhaps mfgr by the same CHinese OEM. However, The PrimaLuna ha smany added and

Cayin CD 50T: Your favorite 12AU7 tube
Just purchased a Cayin CD-50T from a fellow Audiogoner. So far I've tried a RCA 12AU7 clear-top, Mullard 12AU7 long plate, and a RCA 5814 command series black

Speaker cables for Ref 3a De Capo i & Cayin A 88T
Has anyone found a synergistic match ? I am currently using Kimber flat ribbon cables bi-wired . I am not sure of the model but they appear to be all

How to safely bias Cayin A88T Tube amp
I know this amp has been the target of much talk on this subject, but does anyone have a step by step guide to biasing this fantastic amp? I realize there are

Repair of Cayin HA 2 tube headphone amp
I have a Cayin HA-2 headphone amp which worked for several months, until the audio sound became almost minimal. You can still hear music, but just barely.

Cayin TA 30 Operating Instructions/Biasing
Does anyone have the biasing instructions for the Cayin TA-30? I am looking for both the original internal bias and the external bias model. Thanks,

Cayin a T88, parasound halo a21 or luxman 550A II
Driving Dali helicons 800 mk 2? Advice about this three amps pls!

Cayin integrated amp and power conditioner
I have generally preferred the sound of my amp (Audio Research vs55) plugged directly into a dedicated power outlet as opposed to using a power conditioner. I

Biasing Cayin A 88T tube amp
I know this amp has been the target of much talk on this subject, but does anyone have a step by step guide to biasing this fantastic amp? I realize there are

Upgrading Cayin A88 T: what is next
I recently purchased an A-88T from Cayin here on a lark. I am planning on keeping it (we have a second system to build) but am probably dropping it out of the

cayin vs primaluna vs unison for totem arros
Just picked up a pair of Totem Arros for a small room system (my office). Rega Planet 2000cdp. Reading the threads, it seems these are the top three choices

Cayin A 50t vs Rogue Audio Cronus
Similarly priced amps but which one has the sonic edge? Anyone?

cayin A70T vs Rogue Cronus vs Prima Luna PL2
I am considering a tube integrated to run some Harbeth M30s (also looking at Ayre and other ss, but leaning toward a try at tubes). Read good things about all

AKG K1000 Headphones & Cayin Integrated Amps
I posted the following on (a web site focused on headphone discussions) with virtually no reaction. I am hoping to get at least a few

Cayin 265Ai integrated anyone have one
Does anyone have any experience with this integrated? If so, what do you think?

Biasing Cayin TA 30
I am installing new EL34's in my TA-30, and although familiar with electonics, have never biased an amp before. Note: This unit does not have Paul's mod

Looking for good match to Cayin TA 30
I'm looking for recommendations on a good speaker to match my tube Cayin TA-30 integrated. Looking around $1000 used. My room will be fairly small, say

Cayin TA 30 as mono block
I have a Cayin TA 30 (bizzy bee mods), and have an opportunity to get a second one (also with bizzy bee mods) for a good price. My question is, can these amps

How often are Cayin TA 30's for sale
For those that keep an eye out how often do Cayin TA-30's modded by Paul show up in classifieds? I owned one 6 yrs ago and would like to get another one. I do

Cayin H80A Preamp tube rolling
This question was asked by a member back in 08 without any response so I thought I'd raise it again in hopes of some feedback. Has anyone tried different

Cayin A 50T Tube Upgrades
I recently acquired a Cayin A-50T with all stock tubes, and very low hours of use. I do want to try some different tubes at some point in time, but only after

Cayin A 70t tube rolling EL34 Tubes
I'm looking to do some tube rolling with my new Cayin A-70t and I'm curious if anyone has any experience doing that. I noticed that there seems to be two

Cayin A 50T with Triangle Altea ESW
Please let me know if they are matched. Or please give me suggestions with other integrated tube that match with my speakers. Thanks.

Cayin A 88T vs Cary SLI 80 Signature
Has anyone done an A/B comparison on these two amps? Thanks and good listening!

Cayin A 88T or Conrad Johnson CAV50
Any opinions?

Opinions on Cayin A70 or Unison Sinfonia
After doing several more auditions, I've come across these two integrated amps to start my first 2Ch system. In comparing both of these to various Rogue gear

Upgrade from Cayin TA 30
Wondering if any of you ex ta-30 owners can give me some insight on what you have gone to and how you liked it better, or if you haven't. I am ready for a

Tube integrated comparison Cary SLI 80, Cayin, EE
I am considering getting a tube integrated amp in the future and would really like to know from people who have had a chance to listen to the following

Carey SLI 80 vs Cayin A88T vs Primaluna PL2
Has anyone had a chance to compare these three amps? If so, what is the difference in sound? Do any of them tend to be noisier? (transformer hum etc.) Other

Cayin a warning
Hi there, just an factual little story. Bought a Cayin SACD player - fabulous, makes (made) a monkey ot of things 2/3x times the price. Gave it to a

Volume Imbalance Cayin TA 30 Tube Amp
The right channel of my Cayin TA-30 is producing slightly more volume than the left. You can appreciate the problems this is causing. The image is slightly

Cayin 300B integrated amp popping sound
Folks, I have owned this amp for about 4-5 years and have never had a problem. I am now getting a popping/static at intermittent times from one channel.

Cayin A100T vs Spark MT 100k
Spark audio makes Cayin. They have an integrated named MT-100K under the Spark name that seems to have the same specs as Cayin A100T. The Spark model weighs

Cayin TA 30 with KT 120 tubes
I have a Bizzy Bee modded Cayin TA 30 currently loaded with KT 88s. According to Paul @ Bizzy Bee (RIP), the amp can take KT 90s which I have used on this amp,

Cayin Spark MT 12A int amp
I just stumbled onto this amp in a web site. Anyone have any feedback on it? Any owners out there? I am looking for a modest int-amp for a bedroom

replacement tubes for Cayin A50T
I am fairly new to tube amps but really enjoy my A50T. I listen to mostly jazz, blues and classical. My speakers are KEF-104AB. While I really enjoy A50T I

Cayin A88T 6550 KT88 Advice Part II
The Gold Lion (re-issue) tubes are wonderful in this amp (thanks Tvad) The overall impression is that of clarity with great depth and separation. To my

Cayin A 88 T vs Rogue Tempest: Thoughts
Anyone, having heard BOTH, feel strongly either way?

Upgrade to Cayin TAD 30 or tweak ASL
Current system: Quad 99 CD-P ASL 1003 Dt VMPS 626R Goals: To get more warmth, and dark sweetness, and euphonic emotional midrange. I was

PSB Synchrony One with Cayin A 88t
Do you think this would be a good match? I'm currently running this amp on my Klipsch RF-7 with terrific results but the PSB look like they might be the

Speaker recommendation for Cayin a88t/kt88
I am in the process of putting together a secondary system and I would like speaker ideas for the Cayin A88T integrated amp. I plan on using my old Pioneer

Which Cayin CD player for A50T
Just bought the Cayin A 50T integrated amp, which is on its way. It will be driving a pair of Totem Arros in my secondary (office) system. There are several

Cayin CD 50T , or something else
This player appeals to me although I won't be able to hear it before buying. Anyone out there using one? What do you think? My ancient 1st. generation Proceed

Cables for Cayin A50T and Totem Arros
This is my first venture into tubes. I've read the threads on what tubes to try in this amp (and the matching CD 50T), and I'll be experimenting there, but I

Cayin 265ai
I am currently living in Shanghai and can pick one of these up for around $600 new. I have a Cayin A100T and it sounds great. I am thinking of the 265ai for

Tung Sol 6550 reissue bias in Cayin A 70T
The manual states to bias the stock (Shuguang) KT-88's at 350ma. I've got a quad of Tung-Sol 6550's (New Sensor reissues) to install - anyone have an idea as

Cayin A88T amp section vs McIntosh MC275 IV
Okay, so I realize that on paper, the Cayin unit (which I am currently using) should get blown away by the 275 from McIntosh. I demoed the Mac at a dealer, and

Cayin TA 30, Tube causing smoke
I recently purchased a quad of Siemens EL-34 tubes for my Cayin TA-30. For some reason, smoke keeps appearing from the #1 tube socket. It doesn't not matter

Cayin A 88t OR Cayin A 100T for Sonus Faber Cremon
Hi. I love the lush, musical sound of my Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors and I have narrowed my amp choices down to either the Cayin A-88t OR the Cayin A-100t.

CAYIN A 100T VS Mcintosh MA 2275
I would appreciate the opinions of anyone who has heard these two components. Thank You.

Cayin A 300P or 300B Integrateds: Anyone
I have limited experience with the A-300P a Class A push Pull of roughly 20 watts per channel. With stock tubes it is pretty darned nice. Looks like a very

Cayin TA30 Anyone Ever Run in SE Triode
I noticed the TA30 can be run in single ended triode mode for 4 watts RMS; Wondering if any owners have tried this and have an opinion/comparions. Also

Spendor S8e Vs Zu Druid Cayin Vs Wyred ST 250
I have had both the Spendor S8e and Zu Druids in my system and the fortune to have them both at the same time. Associated equipment is a Joule LA150MKII tube

Tube rolling in Cayin 17A
Curious if anyone who has the Cayin 17A CD player has changed out the stock 6922's?

Tube Upgrades for Cayin A 50T
I'm looking to upgrade the tubes on my A-50T. The tube compliment is: Mullard push/pull EL-34 (4), 12AX7EH (2), 12AU7EH (2). I'd like to get a

KT 120 tubes safe to use with Cayin A100T
Curious to know if anyone is using the KT 120 tubes with the Cayin A100T. Been looking on the internet and cannot find any answers. Would really like to try

New tube amp: Cayin A 88t or TAD 1000 monoblocks
Has anyone had the chance to listen to both of these highly regarded tube amps? I'm interested in using them to power my Fritz Carbon 7's (87 db). I also plan

stock tubes in cayin amps
anyone know what make the stock tubes are in all cayin products ,all marked cayin maybe they are cayins own or another manuf,, with cayins logo on them any

New Cayin SP 10A Integrated Amp
Just upgraded from Cayin A50T to Cayin SP-10A Integrated. If you have and enjoy your A50-T the SP-10A is a noticable improvement in performance. The SP-

Pre for Cayin's integrated
Hi, the manual of my Cayin a70t says that it's possible to use the amp as a power amp. I was wondering if anybody has tried connecting a preamp to it and with

tube rolling for Cayin A 50T
Cayin A-50T: what tubes can be changed out for improving sound? Has anyone used Shuguang Black Treasures anywhere in this amp? Can 6CA7 be used? I have a

Hi Lads, Anybody out there had any experience with Cayin 9088d
CAYIN 9088d Monoblocs? I have on order Tidal Audio Piano Ceras' and I am contemplating driving them with these SET amplifiers. I have presently a pair of

Plinius SS or Cayin SET
Hi All, I'm down sizing but want to keep the quality of my music. Room is small and not ideal but has to do. 4M x 4M. Presently Im looking at

Preamps and a Cayin A 50T
Can anyone help me or have experience at this? I own an Adcom GTP 500 and a Cayin A 50T. The Cayin is being used as the integrated amp that it is. I want to

Cayin a88t mods
I currently have a fully modded Cayin TA-30 (mods by Paul at Tube Audio Design, formerly Bizzy Bee). I have acquired a Cayin a88t and am curious if any other

CDP upgrade opinions for Cayin TA30
Hello, a few weeks ago I posted about upgrading to a better amplifier. Well, I went ahead and found a modded Cayin TA-30 on the 'gon and am very pleased with

Cayin product line question
There is a lot of discussion of the TAD-30, but the current models of Cayin integrateds that Acoustic Sounds sells are the S A-50T, S A-70T, S A-88T/6550 and

Speakers for Cayin KT 88
Hi there guys, I sold my Polk LSI 15 yesterday, now my second system is without speakers. I mostly listen jazz, classic rock, and vocals, I like

Biasing Cayin A 88T
Just picked up an A-88T but am having trouble finding any info on biasing. I know there are threads about this and am wondering if anyone can give me a word

Cayin TA 30 fuse specs and suggestions for upgrade
I am wanting to try an upgraded fuse in my Cayin TA-30 amp but cannot find the ratings other than 250v. Specs for proper ordering and recommendtions for fuse

Cayin 50 AT Tube Rolling KT88
Hi. Has anyone replaced the EL34 with KT88 power tubes in your 50-AT? The Cayin 55-AT model comes with the KT-88 and is said to have no other electrical or

Finally good again modding my Cayin 50t
Just wanted to thank the gon for being here. Its an incredible resource. I had to sell my cj 11a and an audible illusions 3a. I managed to get a stock cayin

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