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Castle speakers IAG
I wonder if someone can answer my question. I have always had a fondness for Castle speakers. The look of them. The cabinet work is fantastic. I wanted to try

What should I do with Castle Conway II speakers
These speakers were inherited a while ago but I am still not sure what to do with them. When they were working properly they sounded lovely, but since

Castle loudspeakers resurrected
Hello all of you, It seems that Castle loudspeakers are alive again, under the AIG banner. I was a previous owner of a castle loudspeaker, and I always

Castle Conway 3
I have just recently purchased a pair of Castle Conway 3. My initial impression was less than a positive one to much bass which in turn rendered the highs sort

Does Anyone Have Opinions RE: Castle Chester Spkrs
I have been working on improving my audio system for a while now. I have gone from a Home Theater based system to a simple two channel system based on an

Castle Inversion 50 Owner's manual
Hi all, I just bought a pair of NOS Castle Inversion 50; does any one has a copy of the manual to share on how to adjust the "washers" at the bottom;

Castle Knight 4
Looks like Casle is coming back. Anyone heard Castle speakers? How about the Knights?

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
the Ayre AX7e, Vandersteen Treo with AQ Castle Rock.cables. I also use a Basis TT with Benz cart and Heed phono, so I have analog as a reference in my system.

Whats on your turntable tonight
rThe Smoke - High In A Room/Anthology (Castle/Sanctuary British Import CD, 2002) English 60's mod/psych/pop-rock/hard-rock group best remembered for their drug

The best speaker you ever heard
AQ balanced cabling and an 8' run of AQ Castle Rock bi wired. with Heed Quasar phono. John set it all up and it takes a back seat to very few systems. Again, it's

Personal speaker evolution
rs until my more recent acquisition.6) Castle Acoustics Howard

Most achingly beautiful music
Joe Jackson's Nocturne, Jimi hendrix Castle's made of sand, Savatage's St. Patricks cathedral and Queensryche's Someone else.

Top 5 Hamburgers
one on this thread has mentioned White Castle burgers, which I find to be awful even if they are a cult fave!

Merlin TSM comparisons
I returned them for a refund. 5) Castle Howard S2 - Loved these speakers driven by a Leben CS600. Had some issues with these drivers as well, and returned

Best beer
er??? Hmmm? Any of my home brews. Old Castle nut brown ale ranks up there I find it even tastier than New Castle.

No Audiophiles in Hollywood
it is either Castle or Hawaii 5-0, but the end credits list 'Sota Turntables'. And this is throwaway commercial TV! Maybe it is

Amazing ''Overachieving'' products your pick
Castle Knight 1 @ $399. Hands down the best thing I have heard under $1000. Oyaide QAC212 interconnects. Have both of

Wish List For Vinyl Pressings
Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk at Cubist Castle. A few were pressed on vinyl in 1996-1997, but they are rare. If you are a Beatles fan you should check out

Rowland 625
using my standard test track of the Old Castle piece by Dvorak played by Inna Poroscina, M312 induces a piano image wider/taller than M625 ... However, M625's

Cheap tweak from Virtual Dynamics:
es sense. When I replaced drivers on my Castle Acoustics speakers, the replacement drivers came with new foam gaskets. I suspect over tightening would eliminate the

How many pair of speakers do you own
pairs...gradient revolutions(passive), castle harlechs, , and the greatest i have ever owned, AR classic 30's.

Sadly missed manufacturers
ual manufacturing of the Ariston was at Castle engineering which was owned by a certain Mr. Tiefebrun whose son latter founded Linn. At one point there was a

Classical speakers that do violins well
onus faber grand pianos, totem forests, castle howards, a host of others (used)in that pricerange.

Speaker crossover mod Your advice
he 1027 BE I did have the Trent II from Castle, a wonderful sounding little loudspeaker combined with an Infinity subwoofer. Not that perfect as the Focal but not so

Best Concert Film
d Hot Chili Peppers "Live At Slane Castle" Looks to be filmed in HD. Great sound & picture. Peter Gabriel "Growing Up" Again, Great picture

subwoofers and panels don't mix
rom and the Castle Classic Active Subwoofer, it required patience and time to get them perfectly well-integrated, seamless spectrum. I

the smoothest sounding speaker
spendor, harbeth, proac, neat, castle, rogers.....

How would you run an audio salon
Hey Jazdoc...could also assemble a castle's worth of assets, make your way into musicianship; especially jazz...ultimately qualify for medicaid.

What is under 5k speaker with best bass slam
..drum kicks, etc......ohms, shahinian, castle, gradients and other loudspeakers that are multi directional, do this incredibly

Transmission line speakers
Castle acoustics has made outstanding transmission line speakers for 30 plus years - floor standers from Severn model two way

Replacements for Dynaudio Floorstanders
I have a pair of Castle Acoustics Howard S3 and very happy with it. Full range, warm British sound, small footprint, great mid-range, never

Best Guitar CD Recording
olume One, on the British Transatlantic/Castle label (CD and LP). This is a British analog recording from 1972/73 and has the best guitar sound I've ever heard. It'

Wise audio aphorisms
This gear is my gear and my home is my castle.

Warm Sounding Speakers
Castle howard from around 1999 or castle Winchester both made in England,if you can find someone who will sell the Winchesters as once you have them they will

Ayre AX 5 Integrated Amplifier
MPED to get them. Also going to buy AQ Castle Rocks for them as John loves them together and that's what I auditioned them with months ago. Hope I can do an A/B

Speakers: 3,000 4,000 on Audiogon
How about a pair of speakers from Castle? There are 3 pair of floorstanding Castles for sale on A-goN right now and they are a bargain at the asking price.

Apartment Drama
s not a house. You are NOT king of your castle. You are a new tenant making problems. You will not last long before they either drive you out, shoot you, or get you

Best 2000 3000 full range speaker
I am going to suggest the Castle Howard S3, not because I am a happy new owner (And I am as of yesterday) but because I think they match your

Best speakers for about 2000 a pair
castle harlech, ohm 1000

Totem Model 1 Vs Hawk
tta throw in a suggestion to audition a castle harlech or howard. for the type of music you like it doent get much better

whats the best addition u have bought for system
tube integrated, Rega Apollo CD player, Castle Isis monitors) There are a lot of variables involved from what you listen to, to how loud you listen to it, to

Vacuum tubed tone control
using a Leben CS-600 integrated amp and Castle Howard S2 loudspeakers. You might like the Leben (and the Castle).

Best Speaker under 3K New or Used
Find an old pair of castle winchesters buy them and enjoy for many many years and if you dont like them I will buy them from you, they will be

Speakers that disappear
Castle Acoustics models with the top firing driver.

AudioQuest SKY revisit
in my system. I'll be upgrading to the Castle Rock speaker cables from my MIT MH 770 CVT pretty soon too. Still love the MIT and you may also. It does do all

Do you have a secret "guilty pleasure" recording
the bee gees-cucumber castle just hit the one's here and i love it.

What would you upgrade next
may audio is liquidating their castle speakers at ridiculous prices. the harlech is going for 1050 a pair. even a their list price of over 2500 they were

Looking for All a round speaker 3k range

what are some of the best amplifiers
the attic and do double shifts at White Castle while listening to my Sanyo 8-track player. Divorced 7 times because find a woman to love my setup up in the attic.

Please help a Novice
hip and cheaper too...psb stratus mini, castle richmonds, epos m5, are going to get a billion suggestions...but dont overdue it...just get on board with a

Favorite Tube Speaker Match
-84 based tube amp with some paper cone Castle Trent speakers in my Kitchen system and find them to synergize very well. Using CDP as a source and it sounds very

Looking for a very good integrated solid state amp
system consists of: Castle Stirling IIs,made by the original Castle firm in England, 91 db, Rega Brio R integrated, Rega Dac, Musical Fidelity V

I Have 100K for Speakers
ker company thats for sale. beauhorn or castle for example.

Seeking Warm Towers under 1500 they are selling out there castle harlechs for under 1100 bucks....they were a steal even for a retail of over 2300 bucks. heirloom quality in furniture,

Wherefore Belt Drive
Pbb, Your correct, Castle Precision Engineering Was his father's company. With an influence in industrial design, some engineering classes at

What do you think is the best sounding metal album
Sabbath on castle commuications...first four

Speaker Recommendation Needed
Actually theres a pair of Castle Harlech for sale. Their great speakers almost brought. Was suggested by a friend here. Maybe it could fill the bill?

Help My system is shouting at me
to my Exposure 2010s integrated amp and Castle Richmond 3i's. After about 3 weeks of break in it is sounding good but vocals have an annoying quality. I am relatively

Help me find violin and cello related
it was recorded in like a large old castle or large hall. Any

Konfounding Kinks
ozzy..castle communications just put out a pretty comprehensive box(6 cd's and a great overview). the kinks(hi end audio-wise)

1700 floorstanders
check out castle howards...they

Need a warm speaker for a bright room
I agree Castle Trents is a stunning monitor that didnt get the exposure that other monitors got,a true gem of a speaker,mid range

ProAc vs Totem vs Usher, please comment
all mentioned are good..the castle harlech on agon today is the steal of a lifetime...the metal dome tweeter is not harsh or fatiguing either. a classic

Nice looking for living room
namic, with phono board just in case ...castle howard (2700)great sound and heirloom furniture....the balance on a turntable or spend on the boss.

Speakers for Vintage Marantz Plus other Qs
/90s era...monitors from Paradigm, B&w, castle, Epos, PSB, Energy would all fall in price has some great deals on new...Pioneer,

Very inexpensive speakers for a 2nd system
Castle went out of business recently and they are no longer made; they were $600 a pair new but should be well under that now.

The very best new/used under 3k for classical
castle harlech....full range....balanced....beatiful cabinets.....capatable with a very wide variety of ss and tube

any advice appreciated
y audio website. they're selling out of castle speakers below cost. for about 1k you can get harlechs which are many times better than the mozart. the nad and any

authentic space recordings was recorded in a fricikin castle!

Loudspeakers how best to prolong their lifetime
"real" speakers, which were Castle Kendals. After a few years in storage, following an upgrade, I went back to them to use in my third system. They

Speakers and depth
was wondering if changing to a pair of Castle's or something similar that are known for depth would help?? Any speaker suggestions?? Other suggestions?? Thanks!!!

Best used floorstanding / full range around 1000
o to and pick up a pair of castle harlechs for 1050. yep, classic british loudspeakers, heirloom build, and sound that pretty much competes with

What 'entrance' music
of logic is that if a man's home is his castle, then surely I am it's king? 'Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks' has such a royal flair to it. (I am convinced

Leben integrated amps and Merlin VSM
I owned a Leben CS600 and used it with Castle Howard II loudspeakers. That particular combo was outstanding. Three dimensional. Juicy. Lots of fun. The CS600

Bypass Preamp& Amp
dified Toshiba HD-A2. I have been using castle speakers which are horrible. I am thinking of going with Engima--any suggestions? Right now I am trying to

Suggest Speakers for Peachtree Nova
check out the castle harlechs on agon...a little over your budget, but they will hold their own with any 5k speaker i can think of, and the

Best speakers for off axis listening
ohm, shahiniam, allison, castle harlech or howard, gradient, and the maligned bose

Help me pick the right monitor
iss with monitors.....totem,wharfedale,castle....lots

Small but high quality integrated
quality solid state integrated to drive Castle Stirling II speakers--91db efficient. These are really great speakers built in Skipton England and I am looking to make

Buying new, but old speakers
almost 100% buying a pair of the old Castle Avon speakers, pre-IAG, brand new old stock (NOS). I'd love to hear comments about this speaker if anyone has them,

Audioquest Water
f AQ cable, in fact John had me get the Castle Rock instead of Gibraltar because it's the new one. The changes are minor. for the most part it's all just getting

Cary SLI 80 Speakers Recommendation
proac, b&w, castle

Speakers For Reggae Music

If you had 12,000 for speakers and amp
speakers:ohm,castle,gradient;vandy;pmc;totem;klipsch legacy;maggie;harbeth;tannoy;jbl......amps:spectral;mac;cj; accuphase;vac;arc;bel;

Best value in integrated amps at a moderate price
nad/creek/bryston(in $ order)......b&w/castle/totem..(in $

design criteria, W A F etc
uld stand up for yourself and take your castle back.

advice re stand mounted speakers
e, and what about any of the harbeth or castle acoustic speakers ?

vote best looking veenered monitors
Castle speakers give you a choice of 8 furniture grade standard veneers but their special Yew finish is simply stunning.

What compares favorably with Audioquest Niagras
he Niagaras and will be getting the new Castle Rocks for my Treo's/Ayre AX7 and MH 25.3DAC (will be upgrading vinyl after this round of changes). I fell in love

Best Audio quality in Home Theatre Reciever DVD
theatre system--I am using mostly older Castle Inversions for front and rear (also have Castle Centers (really loved them upon release) but am clueless about the rest

Speakers for a vintage tube receiver
the castle range of speakers

Speakers to mate with Mac MC402 under 5k
e....check out the gradient revolutions/castle howards/totem forests.....all well under 5k...all great with mac from top to bottom

Short floorstanders
castle has two impresive floorstanders that will compete with the totems and cost less. tonally accurate and the furniture is

Ls 3/5a sound without the price
forgiving top end...contemplating Castle,Ruark, and usa made NSM model

Tube Friendly Less Than or Equal to 2k
i sound like a parrot, but the castle harlech(being sold out at under cost) from is the steal of a lifetime. 1050....and it will hold its own

Speakers in the 1000 dollar range
ompany ( and get a pair of castle harlechs. you could do far worse, even if you dropped 5 times as much. A classic british floorstander which does it

Epos LS3 or Wharfedale Diamond 9 1
(Focus audio FS688, TSW mini monitors, Castle Trents, Aperion 502b, PSB Alpha mini and Axiom Mzeroti) and briefly auditioned the Epos ELS3. The Epos were

The Hub: QUAD ESL 57, Some good things last a lifetime
British brands Wharfedale, Leak, Castle and Mission. QUAD ESLs are made in China, these days, although R&D and design appear to still be in the U.K. It's

What other speakers are like/similar to Ruarks
Greetings Anyone out there know what speakers I can find in the US that give the same quality of sound as Ruark speakers of th

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