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Canare 4S11 Star Quad cables for speaker
how does this wire work for speaker application? I use it for my guitar cable with great results.

Canare 4S11 two strands vs four strands
Hi, I'm going to run about 160' of speaker wire to a pair of outside speakers. I'm thinking about using Canare 4S11 which has four strands in a cable. If I

Canare 4s11 or Anti Cable/JW CryoNova
Looking for best budget speaker cable. I have heard different things re the three above. The canare will be spades on speaker side bananas on the amp side.

tri wiring w/ Canare 4s11
I'm recabling my tri-wiried Alons on the cheap - the stock cables were picking up a radio channel. However, "biwired" Canare 4s11 (which I'm

Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under 1000
LOL, I forgot to mention - It is a Canare 4S11 star quad sold by Blue Jeans.

Best cheap speaker cables again
Try Canare Star Quad 4S11 (or 4S8 if you prefer thinner gage) from Have Inc. (they have it in bulk or terminated in grey or black!)or Blue Jeans

Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable Alternatives
Canare 4S11 or MAS Hybrid Signature.

Weakest Link Your honest opinions
RCA Cables Marantz PM-68 Int Amp Canare 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable Kef Q55 Speakers (bi-wired) Everything aside from the turntable/cartridge I've had for 5

Entry Level Cables
nstream cable from the big players like Canare and Belden properly terminated, and you will be happy with what you pay.

some of the best speaker cables under 250
Out of curiosity, I replaced my trusted canare 4s11 bi-wire with the BJC-Belden 10awg single-wire, used also as jumpers on the binding posts. Speakers are in the

DIY cables Vs Mass market cables
..Blue Jeans cable RCAs terminated with Canare using high stress bonding, excellent noise rejection, low impedance and decent capacitance. For speaker wires, Canare

Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
I use Canare Starquad 4S11 with my Watt/Puppy 7's with good results. The Canare cables are a little expensive ($1.35/ft) but I think that they

Entry level speaker cables
Canare 4S11, Excellent low cost wire order at Good Listening

Speaker Cable The Best of the Cheap
on the cables suggested above and add 'Canare 4s11' to the group you'll find a lot of very useful information, and a lot of marginally useful opinion. The

Best low cost speaker cables for my system
I have used 30' runs of both Canare 4S11 and MAS Signature Hybrid speaker cable, and my system does not have rolled of highs or radio channels playing. None of

best speaker wire for buck
At roughly a buck a foot, the Canare 4S11 is pretty decent stuff for HT. it supplies my center and surrounds. My mains use SR Sig 10 active x2

Speaker Cable Recommendation
Canare 4S11.

Harbeth Experts
I tried the Nordost Blue heaven, Canare 4s11, ridge st audio Poeima and the nordost seem the most synergistic so far. Amps were Mc2275 and Arcam receiver.

speaker cables
Canare 4S11.

Best speaker cables for longer runs
I have used Canare 4S11 for 15 meter runs and it works very well. Neutral, easy to handle, and perfect for biwiring.

Fans of Blue Jeans Speaker Cable
The Canare 4S11 is a great value from Blue Jeans Cable. Good Listening

inexpensive warm sounding speaker cable

Looking for an advice about speaker cables
Canare 4S11. About $1.50 a foot and is really, really great sounding. You can buy it from Blue Jean Cable already

Opinions on Mogami Cable
for me? Same thing sort of applies to Canare wire. Opinions

Speaker cables which bring out more bass
Well, when I switched from Canare Star Quad 4S11 biwires to Audioparts Mas Hybrid Signature biwires, the midbass improvement was the biggest difference.

Von Schweikert VR 4JR Bi Wire
something yourself with four conductor Canare 4S11 by running the intact cable from amplifier to the speaker's lower module where you would split out two conductors

Speaker cables for 4 ohm speakers
4ohm rating. Currently I am using Canare 4s11 star quad bi-wires and they lost something in the mix..My music went flat and I lost a lot of the ambiance and

Anti cables VS River Cable/cable lengths
st, if it was my money I would buy bulk canare 4S11 and use bare wires instead of bananas or spades. If it is visible I would add Techflex to the outside and

Long run speaker wires
Product.asp?item=4S11FT&off=0&sort=prodCanare 4S11

Speaker cable for Nad 7050 and KEF LS50
have used in past with good results are canare 4s11, mogami, speltz anti cables, audioquest type 4, and now have morrow sp4. All but the morrow sp4's cost me less

Used cables 1k SF Amati and Bel Canto RF1000
with temp Supra EFF-I interconnect and Canare 4S11 speaker cables. Any suggestions for a warm, rich and full sound without losing too much space, air and accuracy?

Some speaker cables produce lower/higher volume
gauge. A good experiment is comparing canare 4s11 against canare 4s6 for example... same wire, different gauge.

Need budget CHEAP speaker cables
Canare 4s11 is an excellent inexpensive speaker cable. The best part of it is that even when you upgrade your system you will

Albums you use to test your gears
Zu Wax biwire vs Linn K400 biwire vs Canare 4S11 quad vs single wire (old and cheap) stranded XLO cable - Turntable: Thorens TD145MKii/Grado gold vs Clearaudio

Best IC and Speaker Cable for DIY
I always go back to my DIY's made with Canare 4S11 cable.Slap on some good connectors and cover with techflex then enjoy.

In Wall Long Runs of Speaker Cable
through the archives it looks like Canare seems to be the standard. Is that still the case? Anyone use the LAT International in-wall cable, the Belden cable

What's the best speaker cable for a 20ft run
reasonable price? That's easy!!! Canare 4S11 Great wire at a great price!

Video and audio cables Don't mix
(channel)? The speaker cables are Canare 4S11. All the wires will be together for about 10 11 ft. then the video cables will split off to the PJ. Or is it

Any suggestions for top end home made cables
Look into canare 4s11 cable,its cheap and will save you alot of time. Don't fall into the magic of high priced cables,get well made cable

Bulk cable for 40 ft runs
to keep them out of the way. Is the Canare or Kimber Kable bulk wire better than the Monster, or are all bulk wires about the same? I have seen the threads about

Budget speaker cable for my Usher S 520
Canare 4S11. I replaced some very expensive cables in my he-man rig with these and couldn't be happier. Retails for about $1.50 a

Good speaker cable for Europas
t the least expensive way to go is with Canare 4s11 bulk cable, used bare-wire or self terminated. Another step up from that in expense is the DH-Labs T-14 or Q-10.

Hafler DH 500 amp rewire
would improve the audio. Funny how the Canare 4S11 speaker cables are fed by an 18ga wire inside the amp. I've also read of undesirable results when changing the

Long speaker wire runs
Look into Canare 4S11 from ($.69/foot) and MAS Signature Hybrid offered on Audiogon from Audioparts, Inc. I have used

Cables for my Paradigm studios
ith my Paradigms and always returned to Canare 4S11.I can't say if you will like them,you're the only one that can make that call.Good luck.

Anti Cables speaker cable impressions:
has been to combine Anti Cables L3 with Canare 4S11. It is a bit unorthodox, but I can report that this combo sounds really, really good across the spectrum. It is,

Cables in question
Do your research, but a great cable is Canare 4S11...neutral sounding, tight bass, wide soundstage all at a low price. It's considered a "budget" cable

speaker cables for surrounds
Canare 4s11

Speaker Cables for NAD M3 and PSB Speakers

Speaker cables long for Von Schweikert
tions. Both will work very well. Canare 4S11 Starquad. This runs about $1.20/foot. So, $60 for a 25 foot pair. MAS Reference Hybrid. About $800 for a

Looking for a Little Help
Hey!Guys, I need some input & advise, on a decent pair of audio connects. I own (Two)Carver A-500-X Amps, that I want to make

RS5s upper or lower connections
e them!!!! I have them bi-wired with canare 4s11 and they really are nice. What I would do on yours though, if you are not going with a bi-wire arrangement, is

Stacked Bookshelf Speakers Perplexing Nirvana
tubes), Audience AU24 interconnect, Canare 4S11 star-quad speakerwire. Recordings used: Baltimore Consort "On the Bank of the Helicon"; Claude

Budget terminated speaker cable
Buy some Canare 4S11 wire and some banana plugs and terminate them yourself. You'll save money and you'll get the satisfaction of doing it

Canare 14 4 in a single long run
This is a conventionally wired (not-biwired) set-up, running cable through the ceiling. I would like to run a single length of the Canare 4S11, which

help 50 ft cable run
Canare StarQuad 4s11 is the usual recommendation for a high-quality but inexpensive cable for long runs. It's got four conductors but for

55 Foot Speaker Cable Run
o conductor Home Depot wire, if you use Canare 4S11 four conductor wire, and twist together the opposite conductors, you end up with 11 gauge wire with the benefits

VR4 SE III Owners please help with cable choices
I have used Canare Starquad 4S11 and MAS Signature Hybrid. Both worked well, but the MAS has a sweeter top end.

Speaker Cables for a 35' Run
Canare 4S11. $.69/foot from Markertek.

Any every hear of Ram Electronics speaker cable
They're just standard Canare 4S11 Star Quad cables. You can get the raw cable from most any place that sells Canare products. They can't do anything to

Cables for my system ASL AQ1003DT + Triangle Helia
cables, and right now Im thinking Canare (11 or 13 gauge speaker and L-5CFB interconnect). I know some might advise that I'll probably upgrade my setup but I

House speaker wires advise
ider are Kimber KWIK-12 or KWIK-16, and Canare 4s11. I have used both for in wall with very good results. You might want to spring a bit more for your basement,

River cables anyone
igured and measures exactly the same as Canare 4S11? I'm not sayin' - I'm just sayin' Have, Inc. and RAM both have something very similar: http://

Does Passive Bi amping reduces IMD InterModulation
685 with a yamaha 573 7.1 receiver and canare 4s11 Blue jean bananas, it sounds better to me than using a single channel of amp per

Has anyone tried Audioquest Rocket 88 Cables
in my system. My current cables are Canare 4s11. Will the Rocket 88s be a noticeable

Kimber Trifocal or Other Tri Wire Options
of Anti-Cable Level 3 together with Canare 4s11, and it sounds remarkably good. It is, however, unsightly and unweidley (and there is always room for sonic

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