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Your impressions on Blue circle Thingee HO SBU
The reviewers compare it to 2000$ cd player!How good is it as dac?

Experience with Mach2 Music Server
. I've heard very good things about the Blue Circle USB Thingee when used as a USB-to-spdif converter. A pricier option would be the Bel Canto 24/95 USB link.

What would you buy Sub 350 Firewire/USB DAC
SVDAC05 USB DAC DIYEDEN SVDAC04 USB DAC Blue Circle USB AudioSector USB NOS DAC Apogee Mini-DAC w/USB option Peter Daniel NOS USB DAC DacMagic Digital to Analogue

Best bang for buck purchase you have made
life 2. Nordost cables (Red Dawn and Blue Heaven)-- Made my other cables sound defective and so improved the sound that I still have trouble believing how good

First Steps into Computer Audio
you can also look at the USB Dac from Blue Circle called the Thingee, sound very good for 160.00.

Need more outlets
I just got a Blue Circle 2x PLC Thingee that doesn't seem to stifle the AC at all. Comparisons to my BrickWall surge protector reveals a slight compression on

Is a high priced Line Conditioner needed
I got a Blue Circle PLC 2X Thingee which is a mighty fine power conditioner that runs parallel to the AC and doesn't limit the power one iota. It's built

Power plant and power cords upgrades a real wow
o sells with 2 outlets on each unit, or Blue Circle or similar. This set up wasn't base on Quantum physics or other scientific hypothesis. Basically I

Dac recommendations for computer audio
I use a Blue Circle Thingee,which is acceptable as a stand alone DAC and also converts USB to SPDIF.That will allow you to use any DAC with a 75

Budget USB DAC
UHF Magazine just published a review of Blue Circle's The "Thingee", USB converter/DAC. It can be used to convert the USB output to another type of

Power conditioners around 500
At this price I would look to Blue Circle's Thingee.

3 Tonearms 1 preamp
tables and one phono section, a Fon Lo Thingee by Blue Circle. I liked it so much I had a custom Phono section made by Blue Circle that incorporated three Fon Lo

You might want to try out a Blue Circle Thingee between your Mac and your Emm Labs DCC2. In my experience it works well between mine and a Bel Canto DAC2. It's a good

The truth about Apple/iTunes volume control
guess the OP might be asking about the Blue Circle Thingee, but that is purely speculation. Oddly enough it employs the TI PCM2706 DAC - I've just recently read

power conditioner/power cable
s and will add that I recently bought a Blue Circle Thingee (its a power condition) and Shunyata's Venom 3 cord, and it does the job with great results.

Best Phono stage for my system from my list
list, I am using a Dynavector 75 and a Blue Circle 707 both very good. You might want to look at the minimalist version of the 707, which is short on aesthetics

e and a beer pocket book, check out the Blue Circle Thingee. It's a great little power conditioner.

When do you need a power conditioner
I'm just breaking in a Blue Circle 2X PLC Thingee as I write this and all I can say is yes indeed, a good power conditioner makes a great difference.

Power cable for ARC CDP
2 Rogue Perseus Magnum Sunfire 300 amp Blue Circle Thingee FX2 conditioner Dedicated AC line 2 Furman power strips 2 Blue Circle filters to amp Having reached my

Best solid state headphone amp under 1000
PS audio GCHA lake people HPA V181 blue circle hat peed thingee 1 or 2 rudistor nx-03 graham slee solo musical fidelity

Bookshelf or Mini Monitor
FMJ 22(100w) will be used as amp with Blue Circle usb thingee. So, looking for good nearfield listening and something that is not overkill considering the music

Computer to Reciever
I just got a Blue Circle USB Thingee DAC. $169 new. No need to use the ASIO driver under Windows XP.

Connect Macs to analog amplifier
in the $100-$150 range and consider Blue Circle USB Thingee, Trends Audio UD-10.2, or M-Audio Audiophile USB. Im overwhelmed as there are so many ways to do

Powerconditioners for digital
I like PS Audio and Blue Circle Also check out Anti cable power cords level 3 - it rejects noice very

finding the right speakers for my room + budget
my computer and plays through a DAC. Blue circle USB Thingee. Some is through CD If they are a floorstander they need to be a small floorstander. think

Why are Voodoo Cables not seen on Audiogon used
ervant! Very rarely do Aural Symphonics-Blue Circle or Silver Circle Audio pc's show up on Audiogon.

Power Conditioners
The Blue Circle Thingee is a effective PC for around $225. They are kinda ugly but if you can hide it behind your equipment like I do its not

Is there any mini jack converter for the Mac Mini
The Blue Circle Thingee will take a USB input and output coax as well. Of course you can always go digital out (mini toslink) to toslink in on

Blue Circle TLC Power Conditioner
Hype? I was using the PLC Thingee for a number of years. I had only positive feelings about it (consistent with most of the reviews), so I did not feel

Recommendations DAC 500 w/ USB

Best 100 200 USB Coverter
4. Blue Circle Audio USB Thingee 5. Hagerman USB Converter

Power Conditioning for digital source;
You can start with a basic Blue Circle PLC Thingee.

Compressed mp3's what to do with them
them directly into my integrated amp (Blue Circle CS), or would be open to a lower priced DAC like the USB thingee from BC also. I know that putting makeup on a

Best DAC 200 and under but possibly up to 300
Blue Circle USB Thingee, $169.

Digital Convergence/Comments on Retail
from mainstream manufacturors like Blue Circle (USB Thingee) and Wadia (iTransport). We take inquiries every day now on the subject and audio has become a part of

Best PC and DAC Combo 700 ish
Blue Circle USB Thingee with Audioengine A5, Nuforce Icon with the new S-1 speaker.

Too many tweaks
odgate of sound I've been missing and a Blue Circle 2x PLC Thingee which cleared up the dust bunnies I didn't know I had and lowered the noise floor quite a bit.

HRT Music Streamer USB DAC
The blue circle thingee might be your cup of tea. It was recently reviewed in The Absolute Sound. I think it will work to pass s/pdif

f getting a PLC too. Ive settled on the Blue Circle Thingee. They are advertised here on Agon and have posiive reviews. To save costs, BC houses its PLC in a PVC

So I put some SilverStar fuses in my amp and
got closer to clearer. When I tried the Blue Circle Thingee, I got closer to clearer. Now that I've replaced all the fuses in my Marantz PM15S2b and SA15S2b, I got

Power cable for ARC CDP
2 Rogue Perseus Magnum Sunfire 300 amp Blue Circle Thingee FX2 conditioner Dedicated AC line 2 Furman power strips 2 Blue Circle filters to amp Having reached my

I use it on my Win7 Acer 1410 notebook/Blue Circle Thingee DAC direct to my amp with impressive

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