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AS Challenger mk 2 vs Avid Diva 2 sp vs Rega P9
After many hours of research i've narrowed down my next turntable to... 1-Acoustic Signature Challenger mk 2 2-Avid Diva 2 sp 3-Rega P9 Have

Avid Diva sonic signature is it a "bright" table
Hi analog experts: I am trying at home an Avid Diva table (great quality, finish and POO) thanks to the very kind service of the local dealer, and

Has any compared the Avid Diva to the VPI scout
I have a Music Hall MMF-5 and am thinking aobut upgrading. I have heard the scout and know that I could live with it. I have a small but growing lp

Avid Diva II Owners
Just curious if any Diva II owners purchased the TT with the supplied Jelco ST-250 arm? If you did what are your opinions of the arm and are you considering

NEW Avid Diva in Black with Cork top
Has anyone seen the new Avid Diva Turntable? They just redid the old Diva and the new one is all black with a cork top and a record clamp very similar to

Avid Diva MK 1 SP Upgrade
I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this upgrade if you've purchased it for the original Avid Diva turntabe.

The best speaker you ever heard
the original WAMM's at a demo given by David Wilson. While I have not heard any subsequent versions of them, I have yet to hear anything better.

Personal speaker evolution
Sansui (small ones)$200 Utah? $? Avid 102 $350 Heggeman 1 $450? Polk Model 10 $500 Dynaco Dahlquist Rogers JR Superminis $800? 3D

Kleos Sibilance
he January S'phile - he used it with an Avid Diva II/ SME 309. He certainly didn't experience any sibilance issues - quite the opposite in fact. Some comments

Phono stages belong to which tier
om/Dynavector-TE-Kaitora-Cartridge - Avid Diva II - Origin Live Encounter Mk2 arm Amp: Yamamoto A-08S

Nottingham vs Wilson Benesch turntables
(complete with arm and cart), the Avid Diva II (and Volvere), and Thorens. The Nottingham and WB turntables have a certain appeal at a similar price, and I was

12 inch tonearms
esponses. The deal is this: I have an Avid Diva, which can accomodate 2 arms. Already have a 9 inch Origin Encounter. Since this is all about having fun,

From LP12 to where
I liked the lp-12 but...I purchased an Avid Volvere. Everthing improved including being able to easily perfom my own set-ups. The SME IV added to the ease of set-

Tonearm for rega Planar 3
the price. I used one that came on my Avid Diva II and was very happy with it. The only reason I changed is I got a very good deal on a Black SME 345. There

Shelter 501Mk2 or ZYX R100 02H
cartridge is preferable for me? I use: Avid Volvere turntable + SME-309 tonearm + EAR-834P Deluxe and I listen rock music (from art-rock to metal)... I hope for

What to upgrade if at all
where would you suggest I start? Avid Diva II SP TT Nordost Tyr tonearm Cable SME IV arm with a Benz Micro ACE S cartridge Allnic 1201 Phono Modwright LS 100

Two Arm Turntables
Check out the original Avid Diva. You can do two arms on it and it won't bust the bank. I have one arm (Origin Encounter) with a mono cartridge (Benz)

Love the shelter 501MK2, what's the next step
selected the shelter with a second hand Avid Diva as a starter and kept the cartridge when I move up to the Oracle a few months ago. I really like the sound, I am

Turntable / Arm combo for around 2000 new
Avid Diva II and Jelco SA250St or Rb251. Better build and better music maker in comparison to both the new Clearaudio and

Jelco Tone Arms 9 and 12 inch
I own a 250st that came with my Avid Diva II. It's a wonderful arm, the only reason I'm not using it now, is I find a great deal on an SME 345. I also

Turntable, but which one
- TW Acustic Raven one - SME model 10 - Avid Diva II SP - Avid Diva Volvere SP (old model) - Thorens TD 124 (restored completely) My tonearm is a SME 309 and the

Turntable upgrade or not
moving from a VPI Scoutmaster to an Avid Diva II and upgrade, downgrade or lateral move? Any sonic benefits going from the Scoutmaster to the Diva

Ideal Preamp/Processor for 2 Channel & Phono Stage
CA-400 Phono Stage Ayre CX-5e CDP Avid Diva 2 TT Zu Definition Pro speakers (MTM front 20kHz-50Hz, & 4-10" woofers rear 1kHz-15Hz) Regards,

Lyra Delos or Transfiguration Axia or
elos 10 minutes ago in my SME 309 on an Avid Diva II. I have had a Dorian and recently an Argo i - and an Axia. I prefer the sound of the Lyras, although it is

New turntable recommendations I have a MM 7 now
Avid Diva

Jelco vs Rega
have an Avid Diva II TT with the Jelco ST 250 arm. Would changing the arm to a Rega RB 301 be a worthwhile upgrade or would it just be a

choice between origin live tt or vpi aries or avid
plse help!i have to make a choice between these 3 used tt. origin live, vpi aries, and avid volvere. I am currently using a notthingham horison

Turntable with sme mount
isolation especially for the arm. An Avid Diva seems to be an example of what I'm looking for at least from its appearance. Are there others?

What tables will you be looking At
I am wanting to get a better look at Avid Diva as one. And of course anything else that is there.

which turntable for classic rock/jazz
are: Clearaudio Emotion CMB Special, Avid Diva, VPI Classic, Thorens TD 160. A long stretch would be something like a Galabier Serac, likely too tweaky for me.

LS26 in route, LP12 Gone what Table under 3000
what else to look at Sota, JA Michel, Avid, any ideas what models? Tell me what you are using. This will have a Lyra LydianB to start and a Linn Linto phono stage

Jelco SA 250ST vs Jelco SA 750D
have an Avid Diva II which came with the Jelco SA 250ST arm. Would it make sense to upgrade to the Jelco SA 750D or should I just leave

Sprung, Unsprung, or Mass Loaded Turntables
put another way....Avid Diva, VPI Scoutmaster, or the soon to be released Galibier Serac (by the way, does anyone know when this turntable is going

Which cart to buy
I have an avid diva sp II and a SME IV arm. I'd like to buy a better cart. I don't plan to upgrade tt or arm unless I come into a

Rega RB300 to SME 309
have an Avid Diva turntable with Rega RB300 arm and Dynavector 20XH cartridge. I have been considering replacing the tonearm with an SME

AVID Volvere vs VPI Super Scout Master
So I think I have decided that I can't afford a SME Model 10 right now so I am thinking about just getting a SME 309 arm and a nice table. First, does

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