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Audioquest pt 6 tonearm
I am looking to upgrade from this arm the "Audioquest pt-6" in the near future. I was just wondering what arm would fit right into it's receptacle,

AudioQuest PT tonearm mass
Does anyone know the mass of the Audioquest tonearms? Particularly the PT-6 and PT-9, if there is any difference. After a good bit of googling, I have not

Heavyweight for an Audioquest tonearm
I am looking for a Heavy counterweight for my AQ PT-9 tonearm. I think Expressimo used to make them. I am using a ZU Audio DL-103 cartridge, and the stock

High Fidelity Cables CT 1designed by Rick Schultz
r cables and would stand up to lift the tonearm at the end of a song. When I first changed cables I would go over to the TT when I was expecting the song to be over

Whats on your turntable tonight
g up: Robert Lukas, Usin' Man Blues, Audioquest 1001 Janis Joplin, Full Tilt Boogie, Columbia 30322 ... an eclectic music collection is a joy :^) betcha didn't

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Mini and an Auralic Vega. Totaldac beat Audioquest Diamond and a Revelation Silver handily here. I recommend it highly. It is much more transparent and gives a very

Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
le test of cheap Adikt $500 Akito $1500 tonearm Keel $2700 (I think) was better than Akiva $3500 Ekos SE $5k By this I just mean people were Ok with an

Taralabs cables
68! Also, Pops just got a new Vector 4 tonearm for his Basis tt, so he is busy spinning vinyl...;)

Eminent Technology ET 2 Tonearm Owners
Where are you? What mods have you done ? I have been using these ET2's for over 9 years now. I am still figuring them out and learning from

When is digital going to get the soul of music
DD-33 turntable with a carbon graphite tonearm, a Denon MC-301 cartridge, and a DB Systems preamp with separate power supply and head amp. This is a very modest

Personal amp evolution
a Thorens TD160 Super/Benz ACE/Mission tonearm combo, all running over DH Labs Silver Sonic cabling and you've got an extremely precise and yet warm/lush sound.

Cables more hype than value
just the bare wire as terminations. My Audioquest K2s are monoblock length and wouldn't reach. I'm not sure what it says about hype concerning cables but I'

How much does your system retail for
NAD C541i CD Paradigm Studio 40's AudioQuest Opal x3's Olympus Demeter speaker

Strange Tonearm Tweak Long
As you all know, I am a little different. I like to read and study stuff like tonearm technology. I noticed that some of the better unipivot designs have

SP10 Mk II vs Mk III
on process, but my MK3 is so new, the tonearm cable is not even broken in. Comparing before both tables are in IDENTICAL states is a waste of time. Worse,

Record playing Rituals
rent thicknesses when I used the FR-64s Tonearm with the Incredible B-60 stabilizer. The knurled knob adjuster during play, should be required on all tonearms. Of

Reviews of 10k plus ics, speaker wires, and pcs
ivey, when I wanted to buy an Ikeda 407 tonearm, I found cheaper versions available from Hong Kong, China. They are fakes. China has a major problem even internally

What's the oldest piece of gear in your system
s past spring, I upgraded the arm to an Audioquest PT-9+ and a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. Kirk and Donna of Sota guided me in this direction and advised me to

Upgrade from TW Acustic Raven AC 3 to what
lvio with the soon to be released TALEA tonearm ( Feel free to PM if interested. Good luck and please let

Is the EMM DAC6e or DCC2 /CDSD the best out there
to linestage length of Panther with an AudioQuest Sky. I am qualifying with 'largely, because in both situations there was occasional residual harshness, but

Telarc 1812 revisited
The Pioneer's tonearm and cartridge are heavy enough to keep the stylus planted in the grooves. This also means that the stylus is shaving

Distortion with ARC Ref 150 and Maggie 3 7
as follow: Turntable: Sota Nova, Tonearm: Origin Live Illustrious, Cartridge: Dynavector XV1-S, Step up transformer: Bob's Device CineMag 1131 (Blue) feeding

Azimuth observations and importance
you have a Graham or Triplanar or other tonearm sporting a good azimuth adjustment interface, then adjustment can be a bit fiddley but once you've done the voltmeter

What has been your most satisfying component
MR-711 turntable with MA-202L 10" tonearm. I've done the Linn, Thorens, VPI, SOTA, Ariston thing, as well as some of the better direct-drives, Denon DP-6000,

Great Cartridge for Graham Phantom
Phantom on an SME 20/2 and using an old Audioquest AQ7000nsx that was upgraded to a Fe5 when the original nsx cantiliver broke. I haven't felt the need to try something

Need a very neutral interconnect
Copper Audioquest sounds great with just about anything. Their silver cables are good too but the results can vary. Purist 20th is not

Lyra Kleos: tracking force/VTA/azimuth questions
indle side and mark the position of the tonearm so you can see the mark when you look at the card from the non spindle side' Remove the card. Draw a

Lyra Dorian or Lyra Delos cartridge
turntable is a VPI HW-19 MK-3 and the tonearm is a Audioquest PT-6. Thanks,Montgomery

Worth having my SOTA Sapphire refurbished
Basik tone arm, with some sort of old, Audioquest cartridge (it has a red housing). After a lengthy remodel, I am finally getting ready to unpack my stereo system once

AudioQuest DBS Field
Does anyone who have cable audioquest whit a dbs field battery pack can tell me what it can improve. I read about it on the official site but i would like to

Tonearm Options for Basis 2800
Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone has experience putting something other than a Graham or Vector tonearm on this table. I'm somewhat new to turntables and

Cartridge upgrade for SME 20/2A
Esoxhntr: I think your first move is a tonearm cable. You may have to pay a little here. A Hovland Music Groove II, Graham IC 50 (or ic 70) are both reasonable $$

TT/ cartridge recommendations 1000
es involved in my decision. I know the tonearm is one of its musically weak points. Service life, parts availability, reliability and 'fun to use factor' influenced

Denon DL 103R cartridge update
frustrated with setting it up. I have a Audioquest PT6 on a HMW19 MkIII. After reading many forums on optimized setup; it became obvious to me that the arm was the

The Best Phono cable
ns Dimension and Hovland Music Groove 2 tonearm cables. In my system, the one that has consistently given me the most textured, musical and enjoyable sound has been

VPI table owners, help please
I have the older arm with the Discovery tonearm wire, so I use the VPI Tonearm cable. Seeing as the Signature has Nordost cable, you might want to try

Dumb VTA Question
I start by setting VTA so that the tonearm appears horizontal. Then while I'm playing a record, I raise the tonearm and then lower it until I like what I hear.

Anti Skating adjustment
antiskating adjustment does impact the tonearm movement when rotating a record but not when just lowering the cartridge onto the protractor. When lowering onto a

Is there a problem with my Lyra Delos cartridge
turntable is a VPI HW-19 MK-3 with an Audioquest PT-6 tonearm.After about 120 hours of use I have been getting distortion on certain lps.For example:Last night I wanted

Koetsu vs Dynavector vs Lyra
something... I have a Lyra manufactured AudioQuest 7000Fe5 (that sounds and stages more like the Titan than the Helikon or Argo-i...) and a Grado .5mv Statement

Newfound respect for McIntosh
Thorens TD125mkII with SME 3009 II tonearm and Audio Technical 440mla cartridge as sources, and a pair of Quad 22L as speakers. I used relatively inexpensive

Phono Cable Suggestions
ono Signature (Copper) and the one from Audioquest LEOpard with 72vDBS (silver)

spring loaded platform non suspended turntable
lbs. OMA slate plinth and a schroeder tonearm. Would using a spring loaded or air pressure vibration control platform such as Minus K or vibraplane negate the

Makeshift tonearm for under 800
I am currently using a SME 3012 S2 with my Verdier. While it is a recommended combination by JC Verdier himself, I find the combo a bit too "dark"

Lost on next upgrade from SME 20/2 + IV Vi arm
upgrade to the Purist anniversary tonearm cable from my current Venustas. -Trade my VPI 16.5 cleaner in for a Loricraft. -Trade the SME 20/2 for a TW Acustic

New TT new problem
front to the VPI Scout with the JMW-9t tonearm and the Soundsmith Aida moving iron cartridge. I also use the Boston Audio carbon mat, which I also used with my

New upgrade alternatives for the Technics SL12x0
about the Technics SL12x0 series tonearm, you either got KABUSA's fluid damper or the Origin Live adapter armboard, enabling mounting of most Rega-mount arms

Tone arm cable for SME V
DIN to RCA cable. I know Cardas and Audioquest make them. Are there others out there worth looking at given my cable configuration

How do I remove gunk from a Lyra Delos cartridge
My turntable is a VPI 19 MKiii with a Audioquest PT-6 tonearm.I am thinking about upgrading to a VPI 9 Signature or getting a new turntable if it is more cost efficent.

phonocable for dynavector xv 1s
ct the Dynavector XV-1s and DV-507 MkII tonearm combo to a darTZeel full function preamp.

Vinylphiles used/new TT/Cart combo under 700
d the HW-19... a friend has it with the Audioquest arm and it's a giant-killer. Not the best-looking table in the world, which may be why it's underrated. The

Speaker suggestions
from Europe. My System: VPI HW19JR Audioquest PT6 tonearm Soon to be Benz Woodbody "S" cartridge Nova Phonomena Phonostage Magnum Integrated Amplifier

First "real" TT
I found a SOTA Satellite w/ an Audioquest tonearm for 200. Am I mistaken or is this too good to be true?

Looking For More Detail
more than $1500-2000, my current IC are Audioquest Copperheads. Telefunken and Mullards are the tubes in my phono.

Phono cable for Graham Phantom
An excellent cable is Audioquest

Cartridge Tacking Problems Help please
have major tonearm/cartridge tracking problems that seems to have gotten worse, leading me to believe there's a problem with the arm. Can

phono arm to pre cables
or not to use a phono cable like to audioquest leopard, or a standard interconnect for the arm to pre connection,

Upgrades for VPI HW 19 jr
on Audiogon. All original with the PT-6 tonearm, no cartridge. I was wondering what upgrades are recommended and in what order. Price is a factor so I can only

Which headshell to use
It is set up with the Pioneer PA1000 tonearm, but has an aftermarket headshell by Audioquest. Ive installed an Audio Technica 440ML cartridge that I was previously

upgrade or replace rega planar 3
urself a favour and upgrade first those Audioquest super-junk cales unless you already did. I would definitely upgrade the table, Rega makes acceptable arms and lousy

Harmon Kardan T65c Turntable
on it, and uses an ITO Carbon Fiber Tonearm, at 9.5 gram effective Mass. I was wondering about any mods, or such for it. Appreciate any input, Thanks,

Good cartridge for Audioquest PT6 arm
Hello, I am going to be setting up a Audioquest PT6 arm, and wondered what would be a good cartridge match for this arm. Mostly rock, jazz. I would be using

Tonearm for VPI HW MkIII
Hi, I'm contemplating a step up from my current (very forgettable) tonearm. The choices are between an Origin Live modified RB300, ET2 (although I hear it'

AR the Turntable worth it
rized removal of the damping pin in the tonearm which eased motion and improved performance. I would recommend that on a stock AR arm.

Excessive woofer movement with a VPI JMW 9
excessive woofer movement with a JMW 9 tonearm ? I guess it is rumble. I've heard it is endemic to arms with a single point of contact. Just wondering if anyone had

VPI JMW9 Sig toneram cables what do you use
around. I have been using it as my tonearm cable. It sounds ??? good!! Most likley it's the rest of the set up! What are others using as tonearm cables? A

Can hear TV or Radio station via Phono stage
o system are acting like antennas. Get Audioquest RF Stoppers or RF Stoppers Jr's via Audio Advisor,, or similar products at Radio Shack.

New Cartridge Gone Wrong
any input??? System: VPI Scout w/JMW-9 tonearm Grado Gold Cartridge X-LPS v3 Phono Stage Pass x-1 preamp Pass 250 amp Legacy Focus 20/20

Michell Technoarm vs Origin Live Silver vs
looking at a new tonearm to replace my old Audioquest PT6. The Michell Technoarm and Origin Live arms are always mentioned together, and seem

Is there a maximum length for tonearm wiring
In other words, the wiring that leaves my rega rb700 tonearm and plugs into my pre-amp is about 1 meter long. I would like to move the turntable further away

Seeking high quality lightweight head shells
an Orsonic headshell, although it says Audioquest on it. It's likely the AV-1.

AR ES 1 table w/AQ tonearm
Hi all, I just inherited an AR ES-1 turntable with an Audioquest tonearm installed from a buddy. First of all, is this a decent tonearm? Is there a better

Cartridge, Preamp advice: Bottlehead Seduction
:-) The Sapphire has a Linn Basik tonearm on it, along with a very ancient Audioquest cartridge that will obviously need to be replaced. The tonearm will have to

Tonearms for new Linn LP 12
I had an Audioquest tonearm on my Linn for years and the current PT 9 Basic arm retails for 550.00. They are exceptional arms at their price point

Need low price cartridge for Scoutmaster
came out on my Scoutmaster with a JMW tonearm (not super or signature)and I want something inexpensive. I thought about the dynavector 10x5 but wonder if even a

Subsonic filter noise
about my Linn Axis. Basic Plus Tonearm and Signet MR/ ME cartridge (AWEFUL). Another problem that I have encountered is that I have a lot of subsonic noise.

technics SP 25 armboard
need to a adapt an Audioquest PT-5 tonearm to a Technics SP-25 turntable base. The round hole is pre-cut to 5 1/2" in diameter and 3/4" deep on the

Shielded phono cables
V tonearms so I need another quality tonearm cable anyway. Thanks in advance Audioquest4life

The perfect tonearm match to the Oracle Paris MKII
I own a Oracle Paris a very nice looking and sounding table, the arm is a Jelco/Audioquest SA 250ST, wired with a audioquest quartz, in a typicall Linn

Tonearm Cable advice needed
I have a Linn LP12 from way back. Back then the dealer put a "starter" din cable on the Ittok arm. I want to upgrade and want to get a used cable

mixing and matching
our systems? My system has cables from Audioquest, Pure-note, Homegrown (remember them?) and different model cables within each mfr. The situation with Power cables is

Very beginner question re: interconnects
a VPI scoutmaster with JMW 9 signature tonearm. It is my first nice turntable. It is wired, I believe, to use RCA interconnects to connect to the phono amp. Can

What loading with Pass Xono / Helikon SL
d be 60-65db. The range is to allow for tonearm wiring characteristics. Your Pass Xono provides 71dB @ 1kHz (MC) single-ended, 76dB @ 1kHz (MC) balanced. I'm

Importance of arm length
is cut for the VPI standard budget arm, Audioquest PT6. I don't own an AQ PT6, but I do own a Sumiko Premier MMT. The MMT is a slightly longer arm. Effective length of

Ready to spend 1100 for upgrade and need inputs
have AR turntable with Audioquest tonearm PT-15 for 15 years. Now I have $1100 to spend on a turntable plus tonearm; pre-owned is fine with me. (I got a new

Can anyone recommend a good balanced phono cable
ls). NO shield connection at DIN end. Tonearm ground wire connected to DIN 5th pin and phono amp ground lug.

LP12 with Linn Silver T cable or Nordost Frey,Tyr

Denon DP 62L users out there
along. Also if anyone has the curved tonearm wand and wants to sell or trade for the straight arm. After not turning on my system for a couple of years, I was

Interconnects Versus Phono Cables
804 Diamonds speakers. I am using Audioquest Oak’s speaker cables (Biwire). I have on order the new Audioquest Fire interconnects (XLR) to connect the Oppo and the

Best speaker cables for merlin speakers
vpi tnt with outer ring, graham 2.2 tonearm, sumiko blackbird, ear phonostage, sim p-5 and w-5, ic's purchased here Audioquest Lapis, Auricle Audio Design

REL T 7 match to Kef 104/2's
Thorens TD160 with Nag MP110 Arcam DAC Audioquest interconnects Monster speaker cable I need more bass. Im looking at the REL. But its $1K for a single T-7. i thought

Linn Sondek phono cable
Linn uses a DIN plug for the tonearm end of the cable. You can use any brand of cable you want. If you want the same as you have you will need to get it

Jelco St 250/Audioquest PT6 the exact same
I have been googling around and have not been able to confirm that these are an exact match. I am getting a Jelco for my HW-19 mkiv and have to fab an

best cartridge for less than 700 for AQ PT6 arm
purchased a Systemdek IIXE TT with an Audioquest PT6 tonearm. It needs a cartridge and I was wondering what would be the best to use with it for less than $750.00 (MM

What would I get out of damping fluid
got an Audioquest PT6 arm on my Sota with an Audiotechnica OC9 cartridge. The arm has a cup for damping fluid that I've never used (and I

Audioquest PT Arm Damping Fluid
Hello all, I've searched in vain to try to find some info, about viscosity weight fluid for the AQ Damping Trough. No luck. Turntable Basics

Tonearm DIN question
I have a vintage Pioneer PL41 that has a large DIN connector on the bottom. Is there a DIN reducer so I can use say an Audioquest ( that I have ) interconnect

Which upgrades for my Rega Planar 3
experiment with mats -- I have the Audioquest Sorbothane mat and the Ringmat. Both have different sounds. re-wire tonearm with Cardas or other choices. Cardas

Why not these cables for my TT
VPI Aries Scout with a JMW 9 memorial tonearm and an Ortofon 2m Bronze. Tell me why these won't or will do the job. #2680 from Monoprice. They are 6ft, 18awg,

Please help me eliminate my phono section hum
r though, it seems like it might be the tonearm and/or RCA block at the table itself? Anyone ever heard of a buzz coming from defective tonearm wire?? I'll

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