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Audio Research Ref: CD8
I understand from speaking to Audio Research there is a CD8 now. CD8 has an upgraded power supply and DAC from the CD7. I have my CD7 at ARC for the power

Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
Anybody heard the new ARC Ref 3? Comments please !! in comparison to the ARC Ref 2

Has anybody heard the new Audio Research LS 27
The new LS 27 is coming to the dealers now. Called the Audio Research and they said the new LS 27 sounds better than the Ref 3 and very close to Ref 5. That

Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
Just picked up news on another OP that ARC is upgrading the Ref 5 to an SE version that incorporates some of the technology from the Ref 40. The other OP

Conrad Johnson ACT2 against Audio Research Ref 3
I am in the market for a nice line stage preamp. My list has been narrowed down to 2 preamps based on reviews and many listening sessions availabe to me. I do

Audio Research Ref 5 preamp
Hi, I currently own the ARC Ref 3. I know its early, but I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to do a comparison of the new ARC Ref 5

Thoughts on Audio Research D70
I recently saw a very well priced D70. If I remember back in 80's these were highly thought of. Having no chance to hear, what do they compare with today or do

Solid State to replace Audio Research REF110
Hello, My power amp REF110 blew resistors and damage PCB (it is the second time), in the pass my VT100 MKIII also damage the PCB had to replace it. I

Spectron Musician III MK 2 or Audio Research DS450
Has anyone listened to the new Audio Research DS450M mono blocks or the DS 450 stereo Class D amp's and compared them to the Spectron Musician III MK.2?..

Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
Hello, Just wondering if ARC Ref 5 preamp will mate well with Krell FPB 450 MCX monoblocks. My speakers are Revel Salon 2.

Buy tubes from Audio Research or not
I need to retube my amp and I'm having trouble deciding whether I should buy my tubes from Audio Research or buy them on the open market. If you have any

Audio Research Reference 5 Preamp
So I see on the Audio Research Data Base website they listed the new ARC REF 5 preamp for $12000. Does anybody have any details about it?

audio research REF 150
Hi who heard it ? how does it sounds compared to the REF 110 ?

The Audio Research Reference 10 is here 30k
. The Audio Research Reference 10 is here. $30k is the entry fee. Check it out in the link below. a target=_blank href=

Audio Research LS25 MK II

Buy tubes from Audio Research or not
I need to retube my ARC amp and I'm wondering if there is an advantage buying tubes from ARC vs and Independant tube dealer.

Audio Research Tube AMP Reliability
I was out shopping for amps this weekend, and I ran across a guy getting his ARC tube amp repaired. He said he really like it, but he has gone through

Pass Labs XP 20 or Audio Research Ref 3
Who's compared the two in your system? Please let me know.

Audio Research Preamp Experts
Aside the from the notion that the latest is the greatest, which 3-4 ARC preamps from the past would be among ARCs best linestages? From the 3A forward. I don'

Rowland 625 versus Audio Research DS450
I'm a big fan of Rowland Products. I heard the 625 at CES and was rather impressed by its huge solid soundstage, and the detailed yet mellifluous sound. I was

Ticking noise in Audio Research Reference CD7
Hi, I have a relatively new CD7 (probably with about 1,500 hours on it) and it recently started making this ticking noise each time I press "play"

Audio Research Reference Linestages
Just want to hear if anyone else have a similar experience that I do. Some 8 years ago I bought my first ARC Ref linestage. It was Ref2 mk2, which I

Service from Audio Research
I recently brought a pair of ARC Reference 250 from a authorized dealer in Hong Kong. After one week, I noticed one of the mono blocks has problem turning on

Audio Research Amp Shootout
Over Labor Day weekend a few friends gathered to do something we have discussed for quite some timeódo a comparison of several Audio Research amplifiers.

Audio Research Reference CD 7
Audio Research has introduced Reference CD-7 tube cd player($8995). Did somebody had a chance to audition it? Opinions?

Compare: Modwright LS 36 5 & Audio Research LS26
I'd appreciate opinions from anyone who has experience with these line stages. OK any comparisons including the Modwright and Ref 3 are also welcome.

audio research sells out good or bad
Audio reserach sells out to Quadrivio SGR investment company after 38 years ,the same company who aquired sonus faber.I do wonder if any company can sustain

Audio Research REF 3
Dear all ARC REF 3 owners, I just bought an REF 3 preamp which has replaced my LS25MKII preamp. To be honest i'm little disappointed by the result so far,

any experience with Polymer Audio Research speaker
I just discovered the Polymer Audio webpage, and saw their recent ad in Absolute sound, but have never heard their products. Design certainly looks appealing,

Opinions on Audio Research LS17 & LS26
Geting ready to purchase new preamp. Interested on opinions/experiences with ARC LS17 & LS26. Thanks.

Audio Research service
I have heard that ARC's service is not the greatest, is there truth to this? Give your experience.

Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
Dear Brothers, I am Michael from Hong Kong. I bought my Audio Research Reference 3 Preamp from the previous authorized Hong Kong dealer in 2008. Now I

Audio Research Reference 5SE reliability
After reading the glowing revieuw on the Stereophile-website by Brian Damkroger on the ARC REF5SE there was a comment that: quote: by Audioware on nov 15, 2012,

Audio Research DS 450 amp thoughts
....that's what I'm looking for, thoughts on this class D amp from this tube giant. Some people like like it.....what do YOU think if you have heard it

The audio research arc line from top to bottom
I have been searching for a balanced tube preamp for some time, recently started to look at the arc line. I understand that the ref-5 is the best at the

VTL Siefried vs Audio Research 610T
Hello, What are you thoughts on these two amps? I'm looking to purchase a pair of one of them. The speakers are Wilson Maxx II's. VTL's price was

SS Pre amps that can beat an Audio Research sp16
What SS pre-amps are out there that can be considered a serious contender to replace or upgrade from an ARC sp-16. I've had the sp16 for a few years now

Audio Research Vs115
I'm look at trading my amp in for an Audio research VS115 tube amp. I'm using a PS audio perfectwave as my source. Anyone had experience with this amp.

Audio Research Ref 250s for Magnepan 20 1s
OK, I'm thinking about taking the plunge into large tube amp, upgrading. Will the ARC Ref 250s have enough power for the Magnepan 20.1 speakers? Anyone

Audio Research amps balanced & non
Ideas/suggestions anyone? I have an original ARC SP-10 pre-amp (perfect, re-tubing once in a blue moon but totally reliable after ~25 yrs so reluctant to

audio Research REF 110 and KT 120 tubes
Hi I have a REF 110 with 6550C tube i'm looking for someone who heard the REF 110 with new tubes KT120 (i know it's possible to change them,

Audio Research VS 115 bias Adjustments
Any A-goners familiar with setting bias on the ARC VS115 power amp?? Just checked and set the bias on my VS115 amp. For those who are familiar with the

Audio Research or Conrad Johnson Tube Pre Amp
I am looking at the purchase of an Audio Research SP-9 or SP-14 or Conrad Johnson PV-9a, PV-10, PV-11 or PV-12 pre-amplifier. It's very difficult since I've

Audio Research Corporation ARC Reference 600
Has anybody had any experience with these, good or bad? I had VTL MB 750's before and loved them, but had to sell due to finances. I see the ARC Ref 600's use

Audio Research pre amps
Hello, I have an Audio Research LS-3 pre-amp paired with McIntosh MC60 mono-blocks. I use an NAD 546BEE CD player and have Nola Boxer speakers on Skylan

Audio Research and Krell compatibility
I am curious if any of my fellow audiophiles out there have ever heard, or tried using an Audio Research preamp with Krell amplifiers? I've personally never

Audio Research Ref 210 questions
just got these today and was wondering about a couple things. Has anyone tried power cables other than stock? I was told by the seller that the stock cables

Downsizing from Audio Research REF110 to 100 2
I have an Audio Research REF3 and REF110, I pair them with Proac D38 and Transparent ultra MM biwire speaker cable. I want to keep the REF3 but I am

Audio Research Ref210 vs Ref300 vs VTM200
To Audio Research owners. Is the Ref 210 that much better than the Ref 300 MKII and/or the VTM200. I have a pair of Classic 120's upgraded by GNSC

Audio Research D 90
Hi, I just bought a A.R.D-90 and there is a hum in the right channel.I reversed the inter-connects and still in the right side.I switched the 12ax7's for

Pass, Bryston, Audio Research, or McIntosh
I have been auditioning speakers and think I am settled on buying Magnepans--either the 3.6 or 20.1. Wife and budget will help me decide. I currently have an

Audio Research vt100mkll question
I wonder if someone has experince of this ?? Two questions really. I've just bought a vt100 mkll and am running it with single ended input from

Audio Research, next upgrade
I have been upgrading recently and have had great fun and results. I really like the Audio Research line and I am slowly working my way to the Reference

audio research ls25 mk1 volume issue
Hi guys, i am a proud owner of an arc ls25mk1.. amazing machine. my question is asimple one for all you guys who know the answer. i do not. I seem to have

Audio Research LS 16 Mk2 vs LS 17 preamp
I'm thinking of getting an Audio Research preamp and considering either the ARC LS-16 Mk2 or the LS-17 tube preamp. Is the LS-17 worth the extra money (several

Audio Research Contact
Can anyone tell me of a way to reach a live person at Audio Research. Keying KAL in Cust. Service using the directory is useless...........he has been away

Conrad Johnson vs Audio Research vs BAT vs Cary
Just recently acquired a mint condition Threshold T400 and love its sound. It will soon be time to upgrade my preamp which is currently a Quicksilver

What interconnects work best with Audio Research
Hi everyone, need some advice on what interconnects work best with Audio Research gear, XLR type preferably. I really like the warm tube sound. -Ref

Which power amplifier match audio research ref 3
I need to find a power amplifier which matches my audio research reference 3. I am currently using Blue circle BC2, the sound is too soft and not so detailed .

I am new to this trade so bare with me if I ask dum questions. I have a AUDIO RESEARCH D-76A power amp that I been using for few months now. as you

Audio Research REF 3 and REF 5 Tweaks
Hi, I was wondering what tweaks have been used successfully with these two preamps? I'm thinking specifically of footers, weights, tube dampers, powercords,

Audio Research DSI 450 vrs HD 220 against all tu
I am in need of upgrading my power amps and am requesting insight from anyone who had had the opportunity to compare there two amplifiers. The amps will be

Audio Research D70 mark1 + schematic
Hallo ! Iīm trying to repair a D70 from 1983 . It has a 6DJ8 which determine the "workingpoint" for itself and the following two 6FQ7 tubes for

Audio Research Classic 60 & 120 owners
For those who own one of those, does the power transformer (left one on the 120 and the center one on the 60) get quite warm to the touch after a few hours of

Ayon Vs Audio Research Preamps
I am on the verge of acquiring an Ayon Orbis linestage preamp (very new, w/little available review data). However, I am also very curious about Audio Research'

Audio Research CA50 + tube rolling
I recently purchased an ARC CA50 which I like a lot. It betters the Cary SLI-80 sig IMO but that's beside the point. My question is about tube rolling. Has

Hovland HP 100 phono vs Audio Research REF Phono 2
Ready to compare my Hovland HP-100 phono to the Mighty Audio Research REF Phono 2; everything connected and warming-up now. Has anyone out there ever

Which Pre Amp Pass Labs or Audio Research
I`m now using The Pass X350 Power Amp and a Audio Research upgraded LS22 preamp. I`ve also used the Ref5 both preamps sound great the Ref5 was just adorable

Cary SLP98P not working with Audio Research VT100
HELP! OK, a few months ago after doing a bunch of research to build a new system in a smaller room, I bought some Harbeth SHL-5's and an Audio Research

Audio Research DSI 200 integrated amp
Can anyone recommend this amp to pair with PSB Synchrony one speakers? I have not heard it but it is expensive w/just 3 imputs,no headphone or phono stage..$

Mark Levinson 32 or Audio Research Reference 3
My next upgrade will be a preamp and I want a Reference. After doing some research I have narrowed it down to these two. Can somebody who had both shed some

Harbeth Audio Research
I have Audio Research VT100 mk2. and would like to try a British sounding speaker. I am thinking of Harbeth HL-5 or M30. Has anyone tried these two

Tube Rolling In Audio Research Phono Preamp
I have an Audio Research PH3SE phono preamp that currently has three Sovtek 6922's. Audio Research told me not to bother doing any tube rolling because it will

Kudos to Audio Research
Fixed at no charge! I bought used Ref 210s here on Audiogon about a year ago. Ordered a new tube set from ARC about 5 weeks ago. One 6550 output tube went

Audio Research SP16 annoying volume control
I have recently added a Audio Research SP16, the most annoying thing is the volume control. The volume steps are not well calibrated and is either too quiet

Audio Research ref3, vtl 7 5 vs FS paramount MKII
Has anybody ever compared Audio Research Ref 3 or Vtl 7.5 against First sound Paramount MKII? I leave in Europe and there are no First sound distributors

Any info on the new Audio Research VS115 tube amp
My local dealer said that it will include balanced inputs (which the prior VS model did not). Curious if others have heard any more information. Supposedly,

1970's Audio Research Equipment, worth having
ARC seems to held in high regard by quite a few 'Gons. What about the early tube stuff, like the mid 70s? Does it still measure up to today's standards? What

Audio Research ARC Ref 5 versions
Hi, Would anyone know if, apart of the obvious SE version, there were differences between earlier units of the Ref 5 and more recent ones? If so, when

Audio Research VT100 tube replacement
Hi everyone, I am new to tube amps and I need to re-tube this amp. I have discovered that some music lovers prefer the sound of NOS tubes over the ones Audio

Audio research vsi 60 power concerns
I'm curious to see if audio researches vsi-60 has enough power to meet my needs. The majority of my listening matieral is PInk Floyd ,Radiohead and some

Audio Research vs Burmester Audio
Hi! Next year I will upgrade my amps. At this moment I have Burmester 061 cd player, and Burmester 051 integrated amp. Due to the fact that I have

low output MC phono preamp for Audio Research pre
I have auditioned and am considering trying an Audio Research sp16 pre-amp in my system. The one snag is that I use a low output moving coil cartridge,

The best sounding Audio Research Line Stage preamp
I'm in the market for a used Audio Research Line Stage preamp and was wondering if anybody with experience on the following models could help me as to which

Audio Research CD 7 versus CD3 mkII
I own the CD3-mkII, which I believe is a fabulous player, especially for its reasonable cost. Anyone have the opportunity to compare the CD7 to it,

USB Cable Ridge Street Audio/Synergistic Research
Has anybody done a A/B Of these two USB cables, Ridge Street Audio/Synergistic Research?

Audio Research VSi60 integrated reliability
Just wondering the reliability of the VSi60 integrated. Am tempted by the idea of a tube integrated, but a little wary with the stereophile review and comment

Audio Research SP3A 1 or Conrad Johnson PV11
I am in the process of switching to a different preamp. I have been using the Quicksilver Full-Function preamp for some time now, and I am after a less

Audio Research LS 26 or Cary SLP 05
I am trying to expand my horizon for tube preamps. I am now deciding whether to go for an Audio Research LS 26, Cary SLP 05, or deHavilland Mercury?... I have

Why did you switch from Audio Research Ref 3
The Audio Research Ref 3 has garnered rave reviews from the audiophile press. Many of us have changed from a Ref 3 to other Preamps. Why have you decided to

bat vk 51se vs audio research ref2mkii
thinking about buying a bat vk51se or an audio research ref2mkii. looking for help in deciding between the two. amyone with experience with these 2

Conrad Johnson MV60SE vs Audio Research VS55
Has anyone here ever compared Conrad Johnson MV60SE amp versus the Audio Research VS55 amp? And has anyone ever compared either of these two amps to the

Audio Research cd8 production date
Is there a way to find the production date of a ARC cdp 8 based on the serial number other than the original invoice, which in this case is missing? The

Audio Research CD7's 6H30 tube rolling
The CD7 uses 6H30 tubes - 3 for power supply and 4 for the output stage. Presently there are only new 6H30 tubes from Sovtek and Electro-Harmonix and

Any experience with the Audio Research PH7
Please describe other similiarly priced phono stages you've compared to the ARC PH7 and in what context. Thanks!

Audio research or Manley 300B pre amp for Upgrade
Dear: my respected fellow audiogon members, After deciding on my speaker upgrade, I am now about to seek some improvement in my audio system. As

audio research
i was wondering what audio research pre-amp will mate well with the audio research d-70 mkII, i was thinking about the sp-9 theirs one nearby and i listen

Audio Research Ref 110
I have 88 hours on my new Ref 110 and it sounds v shrill, with a somewhat thin midrange. I have heard that this unit takes 300 hours to break in. Will this

Is Audio Research SP 6 considered a good model
I'm trying to decide on how to replace my Plinius 9200 with separates. I have a 70's era SP-6 and I'm wondering if it's worth servicing and keeping, or are

Audio Research Source CD3 mkII, CD5
I noticed on the website the CD3 mkII as "discontinued" in 2008, but nothing about this is shown on the ARC website. The website

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