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Alon V vs Alon Lotus Elite Signature/Viper ref
Has anyone ever heard/compared the V's and the Lotus Elite Sig's? Also am I correct in stating that the Signatures and the Viper reference's are the same

used amp for Alon Lotus SE tube, or SS
I have a pair of Alon Lotus's - designed to be driven by SETs or low power tubes. But... at the moment I'm driving them with an Sansui 7070 beast (and they

Vandersteen 3A Sig versus Alon Lotus Elite/Sig
Would anyone with direct experience with these two speakers care to comment on the relative differences. Thanks!

alon lotus elite sig vs pbn montana spi vs other
looking for good full range speaker that presents 3-d soundstage, silky mids, and bass you can feel without blout.. currently own Alon II speakers,

Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
o like items that you can buy new in a salon. They are not going to recommend a harder to find, vintage production tube that is generally only available used.

The best speaker you ever heard
Avalon Osiris, no question; to bad they were not mine!!!!

Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
0 years I guess I would choose the Avalon Eidolons or JBL Paragons/

Top Ten Speakers of All Time
he best I have heard in my system: the Talon Audio Khorus.

alon model 5 mk 2
what kinds of power amps and sp cables are you using for the alon i am using the aq midnight 3 single triwire please comment thanks

Contrast/compare 50W tube amps
de about the Dehavilland GM70.I run the Alon Lotus Sigs,open baffle,2001 model.They give tight quality bass,midrange in the you are there,and a very extended top

Audio Aero Prima CD player vs Modwright Sony 999es
much. The rest of my system includes Alon Lotus Elite speakers and a Conrad Johnson MV60SE amp. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Speaker suggestions
I love my Alon Lotus Elites which are no longer made; the Nola Viper IIA are very similar though. These speakers do everything right in my

High impedance Speakers
The Alon Lotus SE are also high impedance, and supposedly work quite well with SET/OTL tube amplification. Great company as well.

Nola Viper Owners, Lend Me Your Amps
I have the Alon Lotus Elite, which are the predecessors to your Nola Vipers. I'm using a Classe 15 & Cary SLP-2002 to good effect right now.

Duke Ellington
a much smaller condo I trade my beloved Alon Lotus SE's for a pair of JMlabs Micro-Utopias. I thought I would miss the bass but not at all, the bass I have is

Got the itch again "real bad" for tube mono blocks
amp. Right now I am listening to the Alon V MIIs with the Rogues and Carl from Alon (Nola) was right about the Alons and 100+ watt tube amps, really nice.

What speaker cables work well with Nordost Valhall
I am using an integrated tube amp and Alon Lotus Elite speakers.

Driving ALON V with CJ Premier 11: Can I improve
Looking to tap into your wisdom and experience: do you have any idea of how I could further improve the sound of my already good sounding system? I

Used full range speakers less than 1,500
short list of models and manufactures: Alon Lotus Elite Nola Viper IIa Gershman -maybe out of my price range Sonus Faber- again maybe out of my price range Avalon

Good speaker match for Mcintosh MC275 IV
Viper's? When I switched to them on my Alon's it was not a subtle difference.

Alon Speakers
Anyone familiar with ALON speakers? I have the ALON ModelIV speakers, bought new, and recently, replaced all drivers with aid of Carl Marshiotto, owner of

Has anyone compared the Nola Viper IIa's
. I'm a little disappointed with Nola (Alon). Their newer products don't seem to capture the same magic of the music as the older products (Alon I's, II's, IV's

Tube rolling Herron VTSP1A preamp
phono, KR Audio Antares V300 amp, Alon Lotus speakers.

I am at a crossroads, what two sets of speakers
The Chapman t-7s and a small footprint alon/nola have been on my radar without much luck. I know find myself with a bit of a too much of a good thing situation and

Need help deciding which power amp to buy
with a Raysonic CD-168 CD player and Alon Lotus Elite speakers (these are identical to the Alon Viper II). Would appreciate any thoughts and

ISO Information re: Alon Model IV MKII speakers
I recently purchased a pair of Alon Model IV mkII speakers at a very good price. However, I have not been able to find any reviews or information on them on

Has anyone tried the DeHavilland GM70 monoblocks
,I have the Gm70's,I am running through alon lotus sign.which are 90db efficient,I don't know the efficiency of the M1,but I can tell you these amps sound

Alon vs Nola bass
I have a pair of Alon Lotus SE's and Nola Esprits set up in the same room (both open baffle, sealed woofer). The Nolas are on an interior wall adjoining a

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