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 Discussion threads: (1-100 of 1999)
Can any preamp be better than the final H Cat
I have had the final production version for two weeks now. I loved the first one I had and thought it out-imaged anything I ever had, while having neither a

Esoteric DV 50: Any cdp's Significantly better
Is there are anyone out there who has compared the Esoteric DV-50 to a number of dedicated red book only players (or other universal's) and found one that is

Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac
I am wondering what users are thinking of this dac and if they have compared it to similarly priced units. I haven't seen much information or any professional

Any better DAC then dCS Scarlatti
I heard about new DACs on the market better than Scarlatti. StahlTek Vekian and GTE Audio. Someone compared them with Scarlatti? Any other DAC

Is There any Truly High End Integrated Amp
I'm a reasonably well experienced audio nut and have tried a number of "good" integrated amps. I wonder, though, if there are integrated amps that are

Do not buy any Sonus Faber used

New Schroeder linear tonearm, any thoughts
I noticed Frank Schroeder has a new linear arm without servo motors, pumps, etc. seems like a promising direction. Did anyone hear it at RMAF?

Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p
Sorry for the question, but I have been hearing good reviews about wilson audio sasha w/p. I am actually convinced to try a new set but hope I can get the

Is there any truth to this question
Will a lower powered amp that can drive your speakers, in your room, listening to the music you like sound better than using a powerful amp to avoid clipping?

Decware any substance here
With such a nice and extensively detailed website, I've long been curious about Decware. But with little in the way of genuine reviews, and not much in the

Subtlety do any American amps do it
Not heard that many but it strikes me that everything from the colonies sounds a bit stark and bleached. Spent a year trying to come to terms with a Pass Labs

Has any one heard Magico Speakers
Word of buzz quite strong, 6 moons preview points to something quite interesting...any one have 1st had exp?

Are There Any Good, High Power Solid State Amps
I feel like I'm running low on power with my current 100 watt tube amp, so I'm looking for suggestions. I'd like to try solid state, but I want an amp with an

i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas
i like a dull, veiled, laid,back, boring sound capable of putting me to sleep. i hate treble and i don't like detail. i like subtractive coloration to such an

Merrill Audio VERITAS Amps: Any other experiances
Despite the Sandy Hurricane interruptions, Merrill was kind enough to provide me the opportunity to audition his Merrill Audio Veritas Mono-block amps with my

Any thoughts on removing a preamp from your system
Hello guys This is my first post and I have been on Audiogon for a number of years now. My question to the group is, have any of you removed your

Modwright KWI 200 Integrated, Any experiences
I just purchased a Modwright KWI-200 Integrated Amp. I am waiting for it to be shipped. I've never heard it and cannot find a proper review of it online. Any

Any experience with the new EMM CDSA SE
I'm eager to here from anyone who has listened to the new EMM CDSA SE and how it compares to whatever else you listen to.

VAC 160i, any experiences
Need opinions. I am considering going back to a full function intergrated to use with my wilson sofias and was wondering if anyone has heard the VAC

Any Comparisons between VTL 7 5 & ARC Ref 3
Anyone do a detailed comparison of either. Anyone compare the VTL 7.5 Mk II to the ARC Ref 3?? Got the upgrade bug.

mo' better bass: any substitute for watts
Generally speaking, and all things being equal, will higher wattage amps generally produce more, better defined bass than lower wattage amps at a given volume

Budget Chinese Tube amps any good
In the midst of searching for a budget tube amp. Lots of chinese made models keep popping up. The price on these amps are often really low and would give

any audiophile guitarists out there
be curious what guitar setup you have, and does anyone know if a Single Ended Triode guitar amp is out there? --my fender blues jr is 15watt, and will blow me

Any new up & coming high end speaker lines
At some point in the somewhat near future, (within a year or two), I am hoping to upgrade from my Revel Studios, toward what will probably be my final set of

Can any player challenge Audio Aero Prestige SE
Any experiences? Prestige is great, but SE edition is amazing. Difference is remarkable. I think it has almost all. Great transparency, analog like musicality

any one give the Polk Lsi25 a good listen
They are closing these out a such a good price I am tempted to buy them just to see how they stand up. Flabby bass? Wide soundstage? Open natural sound?

Mundorf Silver/Gold in Oil Supreme Caps Any Good
I got a 2 box tube dac named JADIS JS 1 i have to change the 8 yellow caps inside so my technician suggest me the MUNDORF silver/gold caps, so i just want

emotiva mono block amps any good
interested in sound quality of emotiva mono block amps.

At 5,000 any thoughts
This system needed to be new components only. Speakers will be located fairly close to the reasons I went with a sealed design. Also, at $5,000...

Any insight with the Berkeley Alpha DAC
Reference Recordings, which had had some spectacular CDs on the market is launching a "HRx" DVD-A product which is 24bit and sampled at 176.4 or 88.2

Any good FM tuners around for less than 200
There is not much discussion of tuners these days - who still listens to radio unless it is over the Internet?? lol I imagine there are still some folks that

Any expereince with Coincident Frankenstein II Amp
Currently driving Coincident Super Victory speakers with the Topaz Wyetech amp and the results are amazing. I had heard that the Frankenstein II full chrome

Class D or switching amps, any opinions on
Does anybody have experience on Class-d or switching amps vs either a/b or traditional amps?? I have heard people knock them for limited ability at the low

Are Rotel amps and preamps any good
I have heard both positive and negative feedback on Rotel by various dealers? I cannot find any reviews on Rotel...can anyone shed any light on the subject,

Any info on new Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario
Just learned about the new offering, it's in Sonus Faber manufacture web site but not in Sumiko web site yet. New Amati uses Ring Radiator tweeter, but

Wyetech Labs Ruby Std preamp any views
My curiosity has been piqued by this tube preamp, designed with an original circuit layout. Does anyone have any opinions?

Any word on the Blue Angel "Mantis"
Hi all! - I am trying a cartridge that raised the bar in my conception of analog reproduction, the "Mantis" is keeping me awake rediscovering my

B&W design quality observation Any downside
I just took the baffle off a pair of B&W Concept 90 CM1's from 1991. I wanted to tighten the woofer drivers to the baffle. I was surprised to find the spider

stereo amp vs monoblocks, any advantages
Are there any advantages to using a pair of monoblocs as opposed to a single stereo amp, apart from extra power, that is. If so, what do you gain sonically

Any impressions of CHORD or Mytek DACs
Was wondering if any owners of Chord QuteHD or Mytek Stereo 192/DSD/DAC Dac's could give me some feedback on how these perform?

Any rock fans out there
I preordered Black Sabbath 13 album and received it on 6/11. All I can say is wow, Ozzy, Geezer and Tony hit a home run with this album. The music is all new,

Spectron vs any good tube amp
It's easy for me to understand how a SS person would rave about a Spectron amp. The weight, heat factor, and power have made me curious, but I'm a tube person,

Any fellow VAC Phi 220 owners out there Thoughts
I am absolutely thrilled with my VAC Phi 220 monoblocks and was just wondering if any other Phi owners out here share my enthusiasm? These are the best

Any high WAF speaker with ATC sound
Hi everyone! I bought my very first place, and need an upgrade, but there is a lack of dealers in MD. Before I get started, I love the SCM20

Are there any DACs that can go low
I have a W4S DAC-2 (with Audiophilleo), I have also auditioned an Ayre QB-9, own a Cary Xciter, have owned a Peachtree Nova, and have an Oppo BDP-95. I try to

Any hope for SACD
Is there any hope at all for transferring more music, especially classic popular music, to SACD? I mean, so many audio companies are investing so much

True Sound Works Apogee Diva Ultimate Any Good
Based on a demonstration many years ago, Apogee Divas are my dream speakers. Consequently I would like to hear a pair of refurbished Divas versus, say, Wilson

Do any speakers image/sound stage close to walls
I'm about to spend a huge amount of $$ on full-range speakers, but realise from all the published acoustical data and conventional wisdom, that the laws of

ESS and Heil air motion tranformer any thoughts
These seem like interesting speakers, has anyone on this board had any experience with the ESS line of speakers? A.M.T. description: "The

any new Quad 11/12L owners
Interested in seeing what others are using for electronics,cables,etc....

has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2 0
One of either channels stops working. I have already returned the unit back to China twice They have replaced the unit and now it's gone down for

any experience with Polymer Audio Research speaker
I just discovered the Polymer Audio webpage, and saw their recent ad in Absolute sound, but have never heard their products. Design certainly looks appealing,

Any comments on the PS Audio DL111 with Stage IV mods
have bought one with stage 1v mods havent received it yet , i have borrowed a stock unit very good hooked up to audio aero capitolle se mk 11, stock unit is

Any thoughts on the CD "trimmer"
I have read good feedback on the Audiodesk(I think that's what it's name is)CD trimmer.Supposedly many/most CD's are not round,and this aids in a perfectly

Anybody own any direct to disc LP's
. I remember in the mid 70's direct-to-disc LP's were being touted. As I can remember, the concept sure sounded like a good idea. I was in college and had

Any opinions on new type of amps from BMC, Hegel,
Curious if people have heard and have opinions on several 'new style' amplifiers recently released by BMC, Hegel H-30, and Devialet. Seen several systems

Does anybody have any experience with the JBL 1400
I have an opportunity to get a pair of these for a great price. I have listened to them a couple of times and liked them. I would be driving them with a

Any previous Wadia users Or did everyone move
Hi, I am playing with a Wadia 860x but am thinking of upgrading. An automatic option would be to buy the Wadia 581 with the GNSC mod. However I don't

SACD remasters any better than CD version
I have recently changed from an Ayre CX-7 to the Oppo 105 in my system which is straight forward balanced stereo into an Ayre AX-7 with Proac's 2.5 I

Any "Deadhead" audiophiles out there to help
Looking to fine tune my system for mostly music and then home theater. As apparent I am a deadhead since the early 80s and love the music and grew up on the

Any new ideas on an old theme
Use a platform, root 'em in, decouple 'em, or just spike 'em into the flooring materials. What's the latest greatest approach on speaker setup? I'

TT 101 turntables…or any DD decks
It’s funny how in audio…..I’ve had many mishaps over the years which have led to ‘forced’ improvements in my system….. The latest happened just 3 days

Any way to reduce pre amp noise floor
I have had my CJ ET3-SE tubed pre-amp for about a year now. When my system (McCormack DNA 500 amp, Esoteric X-05 CD, Aerial 10T speakers) is on and the CJ is

Any Levinson owners/critics out there
I am looking to build a new two channel digital system. I can read specs and listen at my local dealer but I am interested in the thoughts of real owners and

Any High end speakers "kid friendly" not fragile
OK. Crazy question. Have friend who wants to set-up nice system in multi-purpose 17x22 room where kids will play. Wants to know if there are any hi-end spkrs

Any one compared a Lampizator to Weiss 202 DAC
Hi, I'm looking for a great DAC, and am auditioning a tube based Lampizator Level 3 (list $3,900) and it sounds terrific. I'm also thinking of going up to the

Are there any other EAR 834P modders lately
I had to beg David Schulte of Upgrade Company to mod my EAR 834P because there are so many detractors. There are also loads of DIY people who have tweaked the

Can any preamps for 2 3k touch Auregies L
I made a mistake and recently sold my Shindo Auregie-L out of frustration while dealing with room issues. Long story short, I've got some treatments in place

Any other Sony SS AR1 owners out there
Yes. I finally took the plunge. After several months of comparing and debating over different models and makes of speakers, I finally dropped a bundle of my

Ohm Walsh speakers; Anyone have any experience
I have been interested in the Ohm Walsh drivers, and their uniformly positive reviews, and omnidirectional nature. Does anyone have enough exposure to these to

Any experience with Esoteric K 05
I have an aging Cary Audio 306 SACD and thinking about a replacement soon. The K-05 is in a similar price range (at around US$8k) and I wondered whether there

Bryston BDA 1 DAC, any thoughts
Curious about the Bryston BDA-1 stand alone DAC. Anyone own one of these or auditioned one? How does the remote volume control work? Using it with or

Know of any true bullet proof equipment stories
My buddy was just telling me about his Mcintosh MC275 he has that he scored after it had been in a fire and thrown out of a second story window. To

Are Bang and Olufsen turntables any good
Hello all, I've re-dedicated myself to 2 channel audio, tubes and everything. Way way back I bought a B&O Beogram 1700 turntable. Before I use it

Any HiFi equipment sound similar to YBA sonics
may i humbly seek advices from experienced audiogon menbers whom knows of ANY hifi equipment (CDP, preamp/amp) that share similar characteristics to YBA ?

6SN7 Tung Sol Reissue Mullard 12AX7 any comments
Does anybody have any experience with re-issue Tung SOl 6SN7's?? How about re issued Mullards 12AX7's. They're being copied to the smallest details (they

Any Magnepan 1 6 owner who upgraded to 1 7
Magnepan 1.6 owners, Is the improvement worth upgrading to 1.7?

NAD M3 V Vincent 236MKII any experiences
Has anyone had the chance to compare the Vincent 236MKII to the NAD M3? Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful.

Acoustat 2+2 Any users
Hi all, Picked up a used pair of 2+2's for a good price and from a very nice guy. I was wondering if any body out there is still using these classics. I am

Any gemme tanto v2 owners out there
What's up guys? I was wondering if there were any tanto v2 owners out there? I recently purchased a pair and I am very happy with them but I was wondering how

Digital room correction, any recommendations
Can anyone recommend a correction device that can be inserted between my digital source and DAC, that is relatively easy to use?

Any heard/heard of Whest DAP 10 R processor
I read about this intriguing "processor" in July '04 issue of Hi-Fi World. The reviewer seemed fairly impressed by it's effect. Anyone out there have

sibilence any cures out there
I have recently accuired a pair of Nola Viper 1A speakers, while their performence is outstanding generally, the only problem is highlighted sibilence on

Tyler Woodmere II: any advices
I am thinking about jumping the gun on one of these thinking these could be my "ultimate speakers" (cannot justfy more than $10k on speakers ever) but need to

Any ideas in speaker choices would be great
I am looking to upgrade my current speakers. (Ultra highend guys no laughing)currently I am using a set of Dahlquist DQ10's. For me the sound stage is great

CD player for 1100 Can I do any better
I was looking to upgrade my CD-player and my budget is limited to $1100. So far, researching, I found out three players that worth considering: -

Cartridge find Audio Technica AT155LC any good
Anyone have experience with this cartridge? I think it's a MM, did a google search and couldn't find what the output or VTF is. Any help is appreciated :-)

Any reliability horror stories out there
Wondering if anyone has had reliability problems with any of their amplification components? Might be useful for me (and others) when it comes to future

Ever heard of, any opinions on, these speakers
Sinclair Brighton 490T: I've not heard of them, but they are in our local shop, and extremely reasonably

What spikes , if any, do MBL 101E's owners use
Anyone have any suggstions on what spikes, if any, they are using on their MBL 101E's? Also, what effects are you hearing with or without spikes?

Thinking of upgrading speakers, any suggestions
What I look for is tonal accuracy, open and clear midrange and dynamics, as I feel these are the most important parameters that can give you impression of live

Any one tried the Yamamoto A06 with AD1 tube
I have been searching to find the sonic characteristics of the AD1 tube when compared to DHT like the 45, 2A3 etc. I find the 45 mesh plate by EML to be

Has any had experiecne with the MF 550k superchar
The idea of having 550 wpc of SET sound is very enticing; especially when Audio Advisor is offering a special to die for. Half off list. I suppose MF is not

Are there any budget tubed preamps that stand out
I have a solid state mono block set with only digital source. I run Apogee speakers. I have looked to Norh, Audio Mirror, and some others and need to be

Any bookshelves with horn loaded tweeters
I am looking for bookshelf speakers with horn-loaded tweeters. I prefer two-way speakers. I found that JBL studio 530 and a number of Klipsch bookshelf

Amp's nominal power rating any use
I just paired a couple of Coincident Frankentein monos with my SF Guarneri Homage. The sound is great (fat, rich, dynamic, transparent) and sounds well with

Any reviews/input on Cary Audio Xciter DAC
I have a Music Hall CD 25.2 player now and will use this as the transport. I have not been able to find much about this DAC, other than it comes highly

Any Experience With Conrad Johnson ET3 Preamp
Hi Was wondering about this new entry level preamp which is supposedly a baby GAT. Does anyone have any experience with it? There don;t seem to

VAC 440 Statement mono blocks, any opinions
I recently took delivery of my VAC Signature MKIIa pre-amp recently and I'm smitten with it's sonics, truly enjoying it so now these mono blocks are really

Are Carver Preamps Any Good
Just wondering? There are so many versions of Carver preamps and preamp/tuners for sale. They always seem to sell. Are they really any good?...or are

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