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Creek 5350se vs Cambridge Audio 840a V2
Hi I'm am agonizing over these two integrated amps. Heard them both and liked them both. Other options include the Naim Nait 5i or the Roksan Kandy K2 (

Yamaha A S2000, Azur 840A V2, or Parasound 2100
I am in the process of updating my modest home office 2 channel system and am looking for input. I have narrowed my choices down to these integrateds: Yamaha

Cambridge Audio 840a vs McIntosh MA6500
I currently have the 840a, and am demoing a McIntosh 6500 right now. They both have a distinctly different sound, but I can't really decide which I like better.

Cambridge 840a v2 equivalent
I'm moving to separates (AV pre-pro, gasp!), and I'm looking for a 2-channel power amp with similar qualities as the Cambridge 840a v2. Right now it is

problem with preouts on CA 840a v2
i just got a new (used) sub that i tried connecting to my preouts on my cambridge audio 840a v2 integrated amp. i'm certain i have it connected properly to

Cambridge 840a volume ramping
i recently purchased a cambridge audio 840a integrated amp. the default setting on the amp has the volume ramp down to zero when i put it in standby, and then

is CA 840a an adequate amp for magnepan mmg/mg12
i'm considering trying the magnepan mmg or mg12 speakers, but i hear one needs alot of power. i have a cambridge 840a amp (200 watts into 4 ohms). does

Rotel 1070 v MF A300 Cambridge 840A
Has anyone ever compaed the Rotel RA 1070 to the MF A300 or Cambridge 840A?? Is the Rotel in the same league?? Is the Rotel just a 1070 preamp in with a 1070

Cambridge Audio Azur 840A
Anyone with experience with this integrated amp or have any thoughts? It would be driving Focal Cobalt 816S in one room and Cobalt 806 bookshelfs in another

best sounding integrated for under 2500 00
ave reviews to the Cambridge Audio Azur 840A that retails for about $1,800 and on my last trip to the store I inquired if they still had one in the store since I

Cambridge Audio 840C
V2 and 840. The system consisted of CA 840A integrated amp and I connected AKG K601 headphones to this amp. Both CDPs were connected at the same time and I was

Integrated amp for Totem Sttaff
s on the Gon and am using the Cambridge 840a to drive them. When I upgrade I will consider both the Krell 400 and MF A5.For now I have, what for me, is a very full

What is the best power cable under 200 00 retail
Cambridge 840A V2 Totem Staffs Sony C555ES SACD player Also, will an upgraded power cable give me better sound without making any

Best amplifier for klipsch heresy 3 speakers
I used a Cambridge Audio 840a with Fortes 1's, Chorus 1's, and RF-83's. The CA sound is a good fit for Klipsch. Will you be getting a sub?

Recommended one make systems
AX-7e/CX-7e or maybe even the Cambridge 840A/840C. Which systems have I missed that are head and shoulders above these? Granted, these would have to be used to

Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand
arantz pm8004 and now a Cambridge Audio 840A. Spectacular improvement in sound quality. Now, i am mulling a primare- about the same price as a 840a but apparently

How does Aragon 24k/2004 stack up to modern equip
my system where my Cambridge Audio Azur 840a resided and I must say I am VERY impressed. These are my first separates that I've owned, the speakers are JM Lab

What is the best two channel SACD player for 1500
is six years old. I have a Cambridge 840A V2 integrated amp and Totem Sttaf speakers. Can I significantly upgrade my SACD player for $1500.00 or less? I am

Please alleviate my fears
have a Cambridge Audio Azur 840A v2 integrated driving a pair of Usher Dancer Mini 1 speakers. It sounds great, but I have concerns (hopefully

Integrated amplifier below 1 5K for Sonus Faber
Puccini Settanta d) Cambridge Audio 840A e) Roksan Kandy MKIII f) Creek Classic 5350SE g) Naim Nait 5i h) Primare I21 Feel free to provide me some advice on

Mid Fi Integrated Amps
the Anthem 225, and the Cambridge 840A. Their are 2 Anthem dealers reasonably close, but neither has the 225 as a demo. The other two I've listened to, but

Help with integrated amp purchase
speakers for my taste: Cambridge Audio 840a V2 Nad m22 Sim Audio I3 or I5 Primare I-30 Krell 400xi Plinius 9100 Thanks for your

Amp rec needed for Quad 21l2
Exposure 2010S Cambridge Audio Azur 840A v2 NAD C-375BEE (have not heard but good reviews) Rega Mira 3 Peachtree Audio Nova Rotel RA-1520 (have not

Marantz AV7005 or Oppo 105
touch Google chromecast Cambridge Audio 840a V2 integrated amp Speakers are: Mains: B&W CM7 The rest are JBL Northridge series E250 sub, EC35 center, and E10

Integrated Amp recommendation
McIntosh MA6500 (used), and Cambridge 840A v2. I am leaning toward new vs used as I don't plan to upgrade anytime in the near future. My problem is that I live

Balanced preamp with HT pass thru needed 2K
it. I'm replacing a Cambridge Audio 840a integrated amp. I use my system in conjunction with an HT rig, and take the L/R pre-outs from my little Yamaha

I have a buzz
system. I had a Cambridge Audio 840a that I really liked. Then I moved up a bit to the Musical Fidelity A5.5. And here's the thing. Neither produced any

In the under 2500 category, diminishing returns
have driven them with a Cambridge Audio 840A integrated with 200 watts at 4 ohms and now am using a Bel Canto REF 150S amp with 150 watts at 4 ohms and so far all

Integrated Amp for Monitor Audio RS6
Don't forget to include the Cambridge 840A.

Upgrade from DACMagic B&W 805S rig
B&W 805S Speakers Cambridge Audio 840a integrated amp Cambridge Audio DACMagic dac. Would it be worth it to upgrade from the DACmagic to take full advantage

Which Integrated for Magnepan MG 12
Destiny, Arcam A38 or Cambridge Audio 840A v2. I done some online research but haven't yet had a chance to listen to these amps and would appreciate any

Creek, Arcam, Cambridge fullness and body
the Creek Evo 5350, Arcam A28, CA 840A). I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually listen to all three, so I'm hoping to get feedback from all of you

Challenging Critera kids, space, 3500 budget
Correction, Cambridge Audio Azur 840A v2, not

What direction do I take for an upgrade
some better direction. Option 1: CA 840A and a pair of Paradigm PDR-12. Option 2: Acurus A250 as a bass amp for two passive aluminum magnesium subs, an Acurus

amp to power paradigm studio 100s
the Studio 100's with a Cambridge Audio 840A integrated and a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum tube integrated playing from a Wadia I-Pod dock thru the Cambridge Audio

Anthem 225 integrated: Anyone knows anything
Anthem 225 - is WAY BELOW a cambridge 840A and YBA Design - maybe so, but since he has no demo unit for me to listen to, its hard to say. On reputation alone,

Looking for a new SS integrated amp for B&W 805S
120W x 2 Cambridge Audio 840a.(v1) While the sound is quite good(despite the treble maybe being just a hair harsh), I can't help but think I need

NAD vs Cambridge audio vs Music hall
ook home and auditioned Cambridge Audio 840A V2 ($1700.00 retail). I found CA sound to be veiled with no realism or stage. Sounded like a good FM station on my

Music Hall MMF 7 1 Turntable Good choice
840A V2 Integrated Amp. Martin Logan Purity speakers. Cambridge 840C CD player. MIT cables. Listen to classic rock,

Bryston VS Cambridge Audio
about the power amp section of the 840A versus the Bryston, or even the preamp section versus the Musical Design unit? Thanks for all thoughts (and mild

set up question cambridge
ave the same issue. i have a cambridge 840a v2, 840c and dynaudio c1's. i have to turn the volume to half way to get moderate sound. beyond that it starts

Which inexpensive cd recorder to go for
isn't the way to go afterall... my DRU 840A quit burning. Still reads, but burning ain't happening no mo'. I took it back and got a LG multi format DVD

tape out = preout
as the preouts? amp is cambridge audio 840a v2.

Exposure 2010S Integrated Any experiences
good but a little dry) Cambridge 840a v1 ( very detailed but 2D stage) and MF A300 ( beautiful but somewhat aggressive) I swear the Exposure sounds better

Integrated for Vienna Acoustics Haydn
a3.5 Creek 5350se Cambridge Audio 840A Listening tastes- Classical, jazz, acoustic. Any thoughts, suggestions will be

Upgrading Entire System please help
Arcam Diva A90 Cambridge Audio 840A Then comes the daunting task of choosing speakers, as there seems to be even more possibilities within the 2-3k

Which speaker paradigm s2 vs totem rainmaker
audio 840A intergrated and CA 840c I need to know which is preffered by most people listen to rock/jazz/pop. basically

HELP Lightning strikes and opportunity knocks
amps, and is it worth upgrading to the 840A or changing brands? My next planned purchases were an iPod classic, Wadia iTransport, and PS Audio Digital Link III

Turntable Hiss
540-P Phono-preamp Cambridge Audio 840A Integrated Amp Audio Physic Yara Evolution Speakers The cables between the amps and the turntable are cheap kind. I

Integrated w/ A/B speaker switching on remote
on their remote controls (the 740A 840A and, their latest incarnation, the 550A) Are there other integrateds in the $400-$1000 price range that have the

needing help deciding on int amp to power Quad 22L
amp shortlist: - Cambridge Audio 840A : $1,000 (1 yr old) - Cambridge Audio 740A : $900 (new) - Denon PMA1500BK : $1,000 (new) - Marantz PM-15S1 : $1,300

Speaker damage from running
Equipment: Integrated: Cambridge 840a v2 Receiver: Marantz SR7001 Speakers: B&W CM7 Sub: old JBL

Cambridge Audio 840C plus Benchmark DAC1
processor Amp: Cambridge Audio 840A v2 Speakers: B&W N805 with Foundation I stands, Chord Carnival Silver Bi-wire speaker cable Cables: various Van den

Cardas Golden Cross Power Cord
will be great with the Twinlink and the 840A is great with the Golden. The only other improvement would be the Golden Refeence with the amp. Cheers

Does Cambridge Audio Azur 840e have volume issues
volume controller issues with the 840a. I'm wondering if the 840e shares the same problem with the volume knob control. Thanks.

2 1 vs floor standing speakers
Hey, I had a Cambridge Audio 840a connected to a pair of Klipsch Fortes and it was awesome. The CA can be had used for about $550-650 and the Fortes

VR 1 amp match
VR-1's---- NAD C352 or Cambridge 840A?

Cambridge Audio Azur 840 A Integrated opinions
currently considering a Cambridge Audio 840A integrated amp at a local audio boutique. The unit retails for $1,600.00 (almost everywhere), but the store has one

Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD Player Version 1 or 2
I think they are mistaken . The 840A integrated has a v2. Never heard or seen anyone here put that in there ad.

Dac Magic / Music Hall Dac25 2 / Digital Link III
/ Mac Mini - DAC of Choice - Cambridge 840A V2 - Statement Monitor Speakers ( I'm really looking for

Cambridge Audio 840C balance problem
but this is for the complimentary 840A amp. That being said when the speakers were balanced by the adjustments in the processor it sounded better than the

Integrated around 200 300 quid
Cambridge Audio 740a, 840a Audiolab 8000s Arcam A18, A28, A23, A32 Cairn Aria NAD c326 It's a bit long but i'm pointing for the top three as they

How do I use my integrated amp as a preamplifer
have a Cambridge Audio 840a integrated and would like to use it as the preamplifer for Cambridge Audio 840w power amp. The 840a does have preamp

Affordable integrated with balanced inputs
the Anthem 225 and the Cambridge Audio 840A V2, are there any other brands I should consider, especially ones that might be at a lower price point? Thanks in

Mark & Daniel A400amp
I have only heard the Cambridge Audio 840A so I don't have much to compare it to. The guy is asking US$1600 for the amp. Is this a good buy in your opinion? I

The best center for Paradigm Ref studio 20's v2
as well as video. Was using Cambridge 840A v2, which sounds great! but no longer have room for both systems. my current set up will have to be a 3.1 due to

Which amp would be the best mach with Totem Model
Creek 5350, and Cambridge Audio Azur 840A. Which would be the best matching one? I usually listen to jazz or classical (piano solo or chamber orchestra). Thanks

Usher Dancer Mini 1 question
speakers with a Cambridge Audio Azur 840A V2 amp in a 10' x 14' room. Is that adequate for reasonably loud volume at about 8' listening distance?

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