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  Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
This review covers the orignal DCM Time Windows. Not the subsequent versions.

I remember the first time I heard these. Their unique shape and sound where unlike anything I had heard before. Here was a speaker that really delivered the promise. It was driven by a PS Audio Amp and PS Audio LCC PreAmp. At the time I had the Large Advents,and while those speakers were very good indeed, the Time Windows were clearly superior. The music just seemed to come alive in a way that's hard to describe. There was just a seamless transparency to them. Not overly bright or accentuated on the bass. The balance was right on. It didn't really matter what the program material was, the Time Windows clearly and with authority brought the music to life. If they had any real weakness is for some peoples taste the bass may have been on the light side. But for my taste it was as it should be. The orginals used Philips drivers using a transmission line and the cabinet construction contributed to the overall sound. In the late 70s these were not cheap at about $800.00 but were indeed worth the price of admission. I was finally able to acquire a pair of these and have them to this day. Few things one purchases in life have enduring value and the Time Windows truly are in that category. Of all the reviews I have read on these speakers not one reviewer has clearly defined the sonics of this fabulous speaker. Use all of the adjectives you want and one will still come up short in the description. Best way to describe them, if you love music and have better than average components connected to them, the Time Windows will deliver the music with a verve that will astound you.

Now these speakers are some 20 years or more in age and continue to deliver the music. And that's what this hobby is all about. DCM no longer produces the Time Windows,having opted for the HT route. This is a true shame as these speakers deserve continued production. Timeless design is just that.


  • Dimensions:36"H x 14 3/4"W x 11 3/4"D
  • Weight:32 Pounds
  • Power Requirements:10 Watts Minimum per channel 89 dB/watt at one meter;200 Watts Maximum
  • Impedance:5 Ohms minimum/6-8 Ohms nominal
  • Frequency Range:25Hz to 18 kHz
  • Dispersion:180 degrees horizontal/60 degrees vertical.

    Specifications do not tell the whole story,listening does. The Time Windows due to their configuration can be literally tuned to any room. That is due to their shape. This was a brilliantly executed design that has remained faithful all these years.

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    by Ferrari on 09-15-02 

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    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Mine are in the basement. I hooked them up to my old Luxman LV 101 integrated amp driven by an Apple Ipod and I must say they still crank!!!
    Jetstream 01-27-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Nice to see some conversation about these wonderful speakers. I bought a pair in '78 and they have been in regular use ever since.

    After living with these for so long, and powering them with a variety of mid-fi solid-state amps, I can say that *if* there is a lack of bass response, it exists primarily because this speaker accurately plays what's handed to it.

    Case in point: For years, I thought the speakers were bass-shy. Then about 6 years ago I switched to tube amps and was *completely* astonished at the bass coming from these speakers...which were so widely believed to be deficient in that area.

    OK, so they're rated only down to 30db and only 89db efficiency, but do we really expect better from an $800 pair built in '78?

    The moral: switch to a tube amp--even a vintage, unmodded one--and you'll banish thoughts of getting rid of your Time Windows.

    Mstap42 01-28-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I had a pair of these before buying Vandersteen 2CE's. One time I brought them to a party held in a gym, using a Luxman integrated amp and Cd player. They literally filled the room! Other speakers may be more accurate and/or have deeper bass or more extended highs, but the Time Windows sounded ALIVE! I may get another pair on Ebay soon.
    Mikebalto 02-11-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Ah, the Time Windows. I still own and use my original pair of Time Windows purchased back in the late '70's. It's very interesting that nobody who has responded to this thread has even attempted to characterized the sonic attributes of these great old speakers. Frequency response be damned, the Time Windows defy specs. Their presentation is just plain musical. They are vastly more than the sum of their parts. I had the prvilige of selling the Time Windows in an audio store for a few of years and can attest that no one ever expected that kind of sound to come out of a medium size tower with only two 6 1/2 woofers and two Phillips dome tweeters. How did they do it? Magic I guess...
    Mikelballinger 03-20-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I bought mine in 1981. Still have them and have just now replaced the grill "foam" with fabric. My eye opener was when I auditioned them before buying. The system was made up of a PS Audio amp and Preamp tied to a Denon turntable sporting a Grace F9E Ruby cartridge. Violins and female sopranoes shine on this setup. I didn't hear anything about it I didn't like. Loving live music as I do, it was the nearest thing to bringing that home I could find. There were times when I thought that adding a sub would be the thing to do but, invariably, when the speakers were moved to a room more in keeping with their size or moved within the room to find just the right spot, that problem went away.They sounded so transparent to me, as in there was nothing between me and the musicians. Is this subjective enough?

    I still enjoy them. They still rock. 03-31-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I bought my TW1s in 1982 and they were in "main" service until September 2003. Our cats did in the foam socks, so I'm going to try grille cloth on them. The replacement "mains" are Totem Forests. The TW1s were powered by a Hafler 220 throughout their years of use. The Hafler is on the bench right now, most of the way through a "hyper" mod involving Musical Concepts driver boards and a dual-mono power supply (96,000µF, IXYS FRED rectifier bridges, dual-secondary toroidal power transformer). It will be interesting to see how they sound with the hyper-Hafler. They were always very well balanced, neutral, "musical" speakers, though not as pinpoint precise as the better ones available today at equivalent (adjusted for inflation) cost. Has anyone explored modernizing the drivers?
    Kdl_pe 04-01-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I am very happy for there are still so many people love the DCM speakers. I got a pair of Timewindow 3 recently. They are in very good condition. However, I found most people talked about TW 1a or TW 7, but not TW 3. How do you think its sound? Can it beat the normal $1,000 speakers in the current market?

    I do not have much experience, and my amplifier is a small
    Adcom 535(60W*2). According to my hearing, the bass is far from 24hz, which is publicized by DCM. Although the
    89db-sensitivity is not low, I think a more powerful amplifier will make them better. Do you have any suggestions about the amplifier?

    Thanks and enjoy your DCM speakers.

    Wyhch 04-27-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I owned a pair of 1A models from 1981 until a home burgulary in 1991. I would love to get my hands on another set so I keep checking ebay where several pairs have been sold.

    Regarding the sound:

    After I was married in 1988, my wife made a comment about 'my' speakers. Her comment was: "the singers sound real".

    Is there any more that needs to be said? 05-07-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 3 Speaker
    I purchased a pair of Time Window 3's in about '82. My cousin owned an audio store in Minneapolis. He always had someone in their trying to sell him their top end speakers. When I was ready to buy I said what's the best you have and he played the DCM's for me. Wow! So crisp and clean. Yes sounds amazing on them. I also have TF-350's to round out the sound.

    Unfortunately, my receiver is a Luxman from the same vintage and it only has 35 watts total. I think it distorts out before the Time Windows even get warmed up. I don't think I've ever heard the best they can do since that day in the store. I need to upgrade my receiver, but I'll never get rid of my speakers. The 4 combined will make for an awesome home theater (now I just have to buy a TV!). 05-17-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow Speaker -Help, My Kitty ...
    I love my Time Windows. They are part of my DTS System. I got them in Late 1978. They are part of the Property Rights Issue for my wife and I. I own 1 of them, she has the other.
    The problem is that the cat, hereby know as Kona, attacked and destroyed the Speaker Cover of her speaker. Is there any way to repair or replace the Cover? Help. 06-06-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I still have my TW's purchased in early 1979 and also had a pair of the TW-7's.....agreed, great sound. Unfortunately, a cat got to the original TW's in my downstairs system and tore the hell out of the grill cloth. Any suggestions on replacement of the original material?
    Islandbird 06-20-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    You can contact DCM directly, they're still around. If not, you can have someone sew a sheet of the materail from Parts Express to size, creating a tube. The tops and bottom wood comes off somehow by twisting, then slide the fabric over the speakers.
    Kkm 06-21-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Has anyone re-coned their Time Windows?
    was it worth it?
    I;m thinking about re-doing my pair
    any suggestions? 06-27-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I spent three decades in the audio business and I considered the Time Windows to be a true classic. I own a pair, I use them in my woodworking shop. The grills are long gone, and they are chipped and scratched, but they still deliver. I use an Onkyo A-9 integrated amp and an Onkyo T-10 tuner with them. I also have an old Yamaha cassette deck and an onkyo CD. I change cd players frewuently because of the dust and all. 06-30-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    In 1978 I bought my first pair of TW1. I didn't know a lot about good sounding speakers, but I knew that I liked these. I wound up selling them in 1986, to a good friend who begged me for them. I then bought the TW1a, I was told they had a little more bass, which they did. In 2002 I wanted to upgrade my system complete, I spent a lot of time and research looking for a speaker to WOW me, like the TW always did. I bought a set of Jamo E8 towers. I was not WOWed. I sold them for Jamo concert 11s. These speakers wowed me......but at what cost. I still have my TW1a's in my family room, hooked up to a small 110 amp Pioneer. They still sound fantastic. I will never get rid of these classic, Great sounding speakers. Thank you DCM.
    Mjm2424 07-03-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Anyone have a source for exterior replacement foam coverings for the DCM Time Windows? Thanks...
    John 07-07-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    A respondent to this ad has some foam coverings. check the geraldgasser line and contact him
    Ferrari 07-07-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    DCM Corp. 670 Ann Arbor Michigan, 48108.
    Phone# (734)994-8481
    They are very good to deal with and have replacement parts available if required. 08-06-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Phone dcm at (734)994-8481. They sill send you new speaker covers at a modest price. 08-06-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I gave you the wrong info. DCM loudspeakes is at:
    282 Carver St., Winslow, Il. 61089.
    Phone# (877)326-5683. 08-06-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I own a pair of the original time windows and I absolutely love them. I am considering possibly upgrading them with a pair of aerial 6's. What do you guys think? Sould I proceed or should I stick with the windows? I would appreciate any feedback!

    Thanks, 08-17-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    A friend of mine has the Aerial 7 and they are fabulous. Whereas the Time Windows work very well with any quality amp,the Aerials are very unforgiving with less than very good amps. They need at least a mosfet output amp and at least 75 watts per channel to really perform. Threshold,Forte,Classe,Bryston,Levinson and other amps in this league is what you will need to really bring the Aerials alive. At the time I heard them they were being driven with a Classe 70 amp. He now has them connected to a Bryston 4 SST amp. I bought the Classe 70 from him for my second system,which is now listed on Audiogon.

    While the Aerials are very good and would love to have them.I still find the Time Windows just magical for me.

    Ferrari 08-18-04

    Timewindow 1A solid-state amplifier?
    Any recommendations for ss amplification to drive a pair of Timewindow 1As? Love them with my Jolida tube amp, but constant adjustments to minimize hum, replace bad tubes, and now a downed capacitor got me scrambling back to solid state.

    The hitch is that I've got a pretty tight budget for this system, so I've been looking at used Hafler, NAD, GAS, Accuphase, Tandberg, and McCormack stuff. Love these speakers for all the reasons everyone's been pointing out, but what's the most synergistic solid state amplification? Anyone experience particularly good/bad amplication matches? Sources include a Rega turntable and CAL CD player. Thanks. 08-24-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I was lucky enough to recieve a pair of these speakers from my dad since he got new speakers that took up less space but have nowhere near the sounds quality. The best story I remember about these speakers is my dad telling me that when he was stationed in Hawaii, he had these speakers set up outside at a party that was next to a golf course, and the end of one of the songs ended in a rain storm, and the sound was so true to life that it sent the golfers on the nearest hole to the clubhouse. I'm only 18 but have grown up hearing nothing but quality speakers and these have the best sound I've ever heard. The bass which was appearently a problem to some people is heard with great detail, but it's not just pounding or felt. Nothing could ever replace these. 11-09-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I also have a pair of time windows and also a pair of Dalquest DQ10. I love them both, as I did back inthe early 80's when i bought them. We always liked to party to the Time Windows, as they seemed to have more punch.

    The sad part about it that direct replacement drivers are not available. My pair really needs tweeters but i don't think i have any options other then replacements. Of the folks I have talked to about this, they all said that DCM used fairly cheap drivers.

    any iindeas / info here? My TW dont sound anything like they use to :( Whwn I called DCM, they seemed somewhat disinterested in the speakers. 12-25-04

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    The original TWs had hexagonal woofers and 1" dome tweeters, both by Philips, and both excellent. The tweeters only went to 18KHz, but they sounded nice.

    I recently emailed DCM about replacement drivers and grill cloth. They referred me to Parts Express for tweeters and McMaster-Carr for foam grill cloth. No info on woofers.

    You might email DCM with your question. They were much more helpful this time than when I asked the same questions a couple of years ago.

    Mstap42 01-11-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1-center channel match?
    Say, I'm finally getting a surround system--got a Denon 5800. I'm going to keep my time windows (bought new around '84 or so) for 2 channel audio. Any ideas on what might be close to voice matched for a center channel?
    THANKS! 01-12-05

    center channel match for time windows?
    any suggestions for getting a voice match for my c. '84 time windows? Just got a Denon 5800 and am going to try the surround world...
    s 01-12-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    After reading these posts, I felt motivated to re-connect my 1982 vintage Time Windows. They have functioned as sound reinforcements in the corners for many years since I purchased Dynaudio Audience 42s. I was very pleasantly surprised by the overall performance of the Time Windows after having been exposed to the Dynaudio sound. The Time Windows do indeed sound remarkable, much better than I ever anticipated. I am driving them with a Sumo Nine Class A amplifier, purchased also in 1982 when I bought the DCMs. The combination of Sumo and the Time Windows is exceptional. The Sumo Nine is an underrated Class A amp designed by James Bongiorno. He insists he has never had an output transistor fail in a Sumo Nine, and I can vouch for that, at least with my own amp. With an ADCOM preamp/tuner feeding the signals, this is a very musical lineup. The sense of spaciousness from the Time Windows is refreshing, and never feels like an exaggeration. I am not sure right now whether I prefer the overall performance of the Time Windows or the Dynaudios. It is nice to have both in the house.
    Thejapelvis 02-05-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have TW IA's...DCM was bought out! And drivers are nolonger available, atleast not the same drivers used to make these speakers breath...Anyone have any suggestions? 02-21-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Just curious. Since the original Time Window used Philips drivers, is it possible to inquire directly through Philips as to availability of the raw speaker elements?
    I am not certain of the viability, since Philips is such a huge conglomerate.. But maybe someone knows a way to access someone there who might know.

    I am enjoying my own Time Windows more and more with each passing day. I have been using an Adcom preamp/tuner for a couple of years now. It has two sets of preamp out connections, one of which bypasses the tone controls. I mistakenly thought I had been using this link, but only within the last coup[le off days did I learn that I had been mistaken. I made the switch to the link without tone controls. What an amazing difference. I have never heard these speakers perform to their real capabilities before. This is truly liike acquiring a whole new system without spending one penny. The resolution across the full audible spectrum is much better, far beyond anything I have heard in my home before. My Dynaudio Audience 42s will be sitting idle for the foreseeable future. And forget my other speakers, Tannoy Mercury M2s. They cannot possibly compete with the sound I am enjoying right now.

    Thejapelvis 02-22-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have been even more impressed with the performance of these speakers since I noticed that my preamp out connections were not what I originally had in mind. I was under the false impression that I had bypassed the tone controls on my Adcom preamp. This was not the case. So I made the switch to the preamp out connections that totally bypass the tone controls. The improvement was immediately noticeable. Every part of the frequency spectrum sounds better, smoother and more resolute. Voices are more completely defined. Every vowel and consonant is clearly enunciated. Perdussion sounds much better across the board. And the highs are sweeter. This is quite a pleasant surp[rise. I am now more than ever seeing the DCM Time Windows as "The Poor Man's Quads."
    Thejapelvis 02-27-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Thejapelvis - Try using a Class A output preamp along with your Sumo Nine Class A amp. This should really open up the Time Windows another level or two. While the Adcom tuner/preamp is a fine unit, it may be holding back the Sumo amp. Just a thought on my part. Have powered the Time Windows with a Forte Class A Amp and Forte Class A preamp and really found this to bring the Time Windows to a very high level indeed. Enjoy those Classic Time Windows, they are special indeed.
    Ferrari 02-27-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Thanks for the tip, Ferrari. What might be a good deal on the Forte Class A preamp you recommend? I am not familiar. Sounds like great advice.
    Thejapelvis 02-27-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Ferrari, I have just seen the review of the Forte Class A preamp on this site. This is one sweet unit, no doubt. I have something to aim for. This is exactly the type of preamp I always wish I had in my system. It would provide the real crowning touch. I wil keep my eyes and ears open for this, should it come up inh the used market. Not exactly the kind of piece that you could get from the Salvation Army thrift shoip, as so many audio enthusiasts like to brag about. The Forte would likely make my Dynaudio Audience 42 sound that much better as well. Thank you for the heads up.
    Thejapelvis 02-27-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Just put spikes under my DCM 1As, and though this may have been an obvious add-on it's really tightened up the bass and opened up the sound. (I had them just resting on carpet before.) I think someone way back in the thread asked about reconing - I've been using my DCMs for over 20 years now, and they still sound as good as the day I got 'em. But anyone know whether these things need periodic maintainence - foam rot or cracking or whatever?
    Volumepot 03-04-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    The DCM Time Windows Original and 1a used Philips drivers and they have butyl surrounds for the drivers, not foam. I do not see any need to service those drivers, unless of course one over powers them and frys the voice coils. Other than that sit back,relax and enjoy.
    Ferrari 03-05-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    DCM stands for "Dreps Crone Maze"

    I have a set of TW1a's, TW3's and the "BIG Daddy" TimeWindow Seven's. If your are looking for a center or surround speaker, the CX17 are a perfect voice match for the TimeFrame and the TW3's & TW7's.

    These speakers are built to last.

    Hauser 03-11-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Amen to the last post. I was earlier thinking I might want to sell my Time Windows. But after spending the month of February listening to them again, I no longer feel like selling. It would be hard to find an equivalent speaker on today's market, without spending an obscene amount of money. The real value of the Time Window proves itself over and over. I am listening to my Dynaudio Audience 42 this month. But I will put the Time Windows back into the system during April. I have decided this is a nice arrangement.
    Thejapelvis 03-11-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hello all
    Was sold on the sound of the time windows the first time I heard them in 1980. Bought, used, loved and abused them until their untimate demise a couple of years back. At about that time, in search of replacements for my dry rotted grills, I passed up the then factory rebuild offer of $300.00 (including new drivers and crossovers!). I am now in dire need of either replacements, or a skilled rebuild. I hope someone here understands my pain and can point me in the right directions. 04-09-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Like previously stated, McMaster is the source for the grill/sock replacement fabric. DCM cust svc even game me the part#, which I don't have handy right now.

    Way back when, I had owned Time Window's, TW3's, and the 1A's. All excellent choices, powered by Onkyo M-504 amp/P-304 preamp combo. All of the vintage DCM speakers are very musical, exhibit nice resolution, nice soundstaging from L to R/top to bottom/front to rear, and play the low frequencies much better than their size would indicate.

    After a three-year hiatus from the audio "habit", I'm back. Luckily, I still have my faithful Time Windows. They do need some TLC. The drivers themselves sound as wonderful as when new, especially driven by my Cary SLI-80. The top and bottom caps need refinishing/replacement...has anyone attempted or accomplished this task?

    Hedgehog 04-18-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I'll be attempting that and more.
    My grills were dead long ago, but thankfuly not the sound. My real need now is (1) original woofer(cone literally dangling from internal lead) and (1) tweeter (somehow MIA). With the help of this site, I did reach help with the grills, a potential driver rebuild, and I think an original tweeter. Seems my woofer problem is inoperable. Now faced with replacing one woofer with imposter. Any help ? 04-21-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker

    In the floorstanding speaker section of eBay, I noticed a guy that had a pair of replacement tweeters for DCM speakers. I didn't look to see what else he may have on hand. You might try a search there? Seems like it might make some sense to replace both tweeters for the sake of symmetry. The original tweeters were only good to 18kHz, with newer drivers probably out to 20kHz or so.

    Has anyone tried removing the top and base plates? I don't want to do more harm than good while attempting to do so.

    I ordered a set of spikes, and I'll be installing those this week. I'll post feedback on the results sometime soon.

    Hedgehog 04-23-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Thanks boss,
    Just bought a pair from 79 on ebay ebay (grilless of course) for $240!. I am happy again. Now I just have to get them cross country to Phila area. Owner has no boxes.
    Maybe I'll just move to Santa Barbra. 04-23-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Just a quick update...intalled the floor spikes in the bottom plate of the TW's. As I had hoped, this tightened the bass and midbass up quite nicely. It improved the overall soundstage a bit also. This upgrade is a very nice "bang for the buck".
    Hedgehog 05-07-05

    source for spikes?
    Please excuse two dumb questions, but what is a good source for spikes? Also, should different spikes be used for original TW's and the TW Seven's?
    Thanks in advance,

    Danclarkwcp 05-14-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Not dumb questions at all.

    I bought mine at I'm sure there are other sources, but I found them quickly via a Yahoo search.

    If I recall correctly, the 7's are quite a bit larger than the original TW's. However, one is limited by the thickness of the bottom plate of the speaker. I purchased the 1/4" spikes, as the depth of the bottom plate is somewhat limited on the TW's.

    Hedgehog 05-14-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Attention Gerald Gasser. I need some of your speaker grill foam and your e-mail address is undeliverable. Please contact me if you have any left. Thanks, Sherod
    Sherod 05-15-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hi all,just found this interesting site,so must let u know I am looking to sell my TimeWindow 1A's(1985vintage)to a good home:[email if interested] I will be downsizing them for a pair of Rodgers- LS3/5A's.The reason is space now rules; I think the LS3 is the closest match for its size,So I would invite other comments/appinions etc: Kind regards-Rod, (England). 05-26-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Rod, unless you don't intend to mount the Rodgers on stands, you're not going to be saving much room.
    Hedgehog 05-27-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a pair from 1978 and they are still wonderful. The grill foam, however, is torn. Does anyone know where I can get replacement foam?

    I know that the original company is no longer in business. 05-28-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hi Hedgehog,the Rodgers will be up on my shelf,running from a QAUD405/2;+44(control)- all now very compact & neat with nothing on the floor. Have you heard the LS3/5As? Rod: 05-28-05

    Grill foam & Rodgers LS3/5As
    No, I have not heard the LS3/5As. Sounds like a very uncluttered system...

    Try McMaster for the grill foam...I believe the address is in a previous post in this thread.

    Hedgehog 05-31-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Has any other TimeWindow-fan heard the Rogers LS3/5As'? I would invite your comments on this tiny, 70's- BBC classic!Regards, Rod: 05-31-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    The guy who originally sold me my pair of Time Windows back in 1982 still has a pair of the legendary Rogers LS3/5A speakers. I think for the most part the two speakers share the same basic tonal balance, although the extreme spaciousness of the Time Window is probably something that sets this speaker apart from the Rogers. Also, the LS3/5A does not have the same bass characteristic as the Time Window. But it seems to me both speakers roll off the top end very quickly above 18,000 Hz, and it is probably this quality that invites comparison. One thing is certain. Both speakers seem to have their dedicated following, and for good reason. They remain competitive today with even the best designs. I never intend to part with my Time Windows. It would cost too much to find a better speaker.
    Thejapelvis 05-31-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Be careful on the Rogers LS3/5A. If memory serves me correct they are a 16 ohm speaker!
    Ferrari 05-31-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Yes, Ferrari, the LS3/5A is a 16 ohm load. Personally I think they are more trouble than they are worth. They have a real dedicated following, which tells you the speaker is definitely solid in most key areas of performance. But I think the Time Window is far easier to live with in real world terms. They have survived in my house for 23 years.
    Thejapelvis 06-01-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hello, I had to chime in this blog as I could not help myself. I have been a dedicated fan of DCM speakers since I heard them for the first time @ Circuit City in 1992. I fell in love with their lineup (Monitors) and worked my up to the (Time Frames) and eventually upgraded to the Time Windows (3 series).

    Today, I own the elusive Time Window 7's which I was lucky enough to pick up on Ebay a couple years ago.

    I can honestly say, I will never part my Time Windows because they are best sounding speaker which I believe will stand the test of time!

    Here, let me see if I can decribe accurately how these speakers sound althought I recommmend you audition these in person...

    The tonal balance is very accurate, vocal imaging crisp and detailed. The bass is deep (yet accurate); the TW7's creates bass to drops all the way down to the threshold (lower limits) of human hearing (20hz).

    FYI: when sound is created at 20hz, it's more of a vibration you can feel (like when you go to a 'live' performance.

    Just be sure to matchup your speakers to a nice amp to enjoy
    ultra low sonic distortion in highs, midrange and lows.

    I am currently running a 160watts @ 4ohms using a Denon 2 channel ultra high current amp. (PMV2000IVR)

    and that's all I have to say about the DCM Time Windows.

    Btw, I've at one time all of the following DCM speakers below:

    CX-17's, CX-27's, Time Frame 600, Time Frame 1000, Time Window 1A, Time Window 3's and currently I possess the Time Window 7's. 06-21-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker

    There's a pair of low-hour 1A'a on e-bay right now.

    After_hrs 06-24-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I bought a pair of Time Windows at a garage sale for $10. $10 DOLLARS! The kid two seconds behind me begged me for them for his XBOX gaming. Too bad, I got there first. Their grill cloth was long gone and the wood on one was a little rough. I resealed the enclosures, which were in great shape, with black silicon seal in a couple places to be sure they were still air tight. At the supermarket I bought some of the shelving liner you put in your cupbords under your dishes and glasses, its an open-meshed rubberized foam of some kind. Painted the wood tops and bottoms flat black, wrapped them in black shelving liner, and they looked and sounded fabulous, even powered with my little vintage Pioneer SX-3500 with 6 spectrum booster/equalizer. Unfortunately I lost them in a flood. I almost cried. I have since purchased two more pairs on eBay recently in "like new" and "excellent" condition, and continue to go forth and rock. Sorry if you lost the bids! 06-27-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Well, this is a fun site to run across; lots of other Time Window freaks. I bought my first set of Time Windows in 1981 as a divorce present for myself. My marriage to them has now lasted nearly three times as long as the one to my firs wife. I have played them with lots of different electronics and listened to a lot of other speakers in the ensuing years. Other speakers make me nervous. A couple of years ago I purchased a pair of Time Window 3s. Although, I also love these speakers, I think that when George sends me to Guantanamo I will take the original Time Windows with me. 07-13-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Home theater and time windows

    Does anyone know if the old time windows can be used or even if it is a good idea to use them with
    the modern 5.1 home theater a/v receivers . 07-24-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    My Time Windows are still going strong after 24 years of use and abuse. I'm currently using them in my second system, a 2-channel "home theater" system run by the Carver Receiver which is just about as old. They still sound great.

    I remember the first time I heard them was in a stereo store in Columbia, MO and they just lit the room up. Everyone wandered over to them to hear these new, odd shaped speakers. I still like the concept of the prismatic face with dual sets of drivers. The horizontal dispersion easily fills up a room with sound. This works well for movies also, since I don't have a center channel, they fill the space in front of the TV quite well with dialogue. I agree with others above, they were a little soft at the extremes but for the rest of the bandwidth, they were fairly linear and very transparent sounding for the time. I've occasionally thought of selling them but can never get myself to part with them. They were my first real "high end" speaker and they've become part of the family.

    Stevenk 07-24-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I'd welcome recommendations for placement in a large L-shaped room. Thanks! 07-30-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have added my comments much earlier in this thread. But I am truly surprised to see so many others who feel about the Time Windows the way I do. This definitely speaks to the overall musicality of this great speaker. I have been enjoying my Dynaudio Audience 42s for the last three months, but I think it is high time to reconnect with the Time Windows.
    Thejapelvis 07-31-05

    From an employee, what DCM really stands for
    Ok guys, I actually work for DCM - or more to the point, for Mitek - the parent company of DCM.

    Originally, DCM stood for De-Criminalize Marijuana. Yes, really. However, for the sake of political correctness we now state "Distinctively Clear Music"

    By the way, the new TFE200's are phenomenal. If you enjoy the old sound of DCM, audition a pair of the new TFE's - it will be worth your time. They're not junk like the FT series (which is GOING AWAY! yay!!!) 08-02-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Has anyone tried to tighten the drivers on these speakers? They are fairly old now. Anyhow, I am a little wary, because of the yellow chalkmark on the tweeter plate. There are also two possible tighteners on the tweeters. What type of screw holds down the base drivers?
    Mmakshak 08-02-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Thanks to anthropy for the updated info on DCM in its current state. I have checked the DCM website and the new speake line looks impressive. Those two floorstanding models appear to be very solidly thought out and constructed. I hope the current DCM can establish its own niche in the very fickle and competitive marketplace. The designs look all the business to me.
    Thejapelvis 08-04-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have now been listening again to the Time Window for a five day period, after switching from the Dynaudio Audience 42. One thing for sure, the Time Window is capable of some very nice bass output, which sets it apart immediately from the Audience 42. The Dynaudio is better oin the extreme top end, which creates a different spatial perspective than the Time Window. Both speakers seem valid to me. Hard to say one or the other is definitely better. But the Time Window does create a staggeringly good soundstage, with very definite placement of performers. This is without doubt a great speaker design, one easy to live with. One can do far worse.
    Thejapelvis 08-06-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    The TimeWindows do very well in a 5.1 set up. The apex of the speaker should point straight forward for the mains. If used for surrounds you need to point them at each other from the side walls behind the listening area. Try to find a DCM CX-17 for center channel.

    It was also said that DCM stood for "Drug Capital of Michigan" because they were made in Ann Arbor. Actualy DCM stands for "Dreps Crone Maze". I got that directly from Steve Eberbach.

    There's a set of TimeWidow Three's (much more refined then the original or 1a) on Ebay right now, those are the ones to get, Unless you can find Steve's signature series the TimeWindow Sevens.

    Good listening!

    Hauser 08-06-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    i have one pair of these boxes in germany...from my father. i want to sell this two thing. 11-01-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Interesting thread! I came accross it as I am looking for one speaker. ( I got one for free in this group's construction dumpster!!) Admired the sound for years in their building. It's running on an old Sansui 5000 and needs a running mate! any ideas? Or I can give it up for parts that some here need, if I can get my hands on a pair.
    The new wife doesn't like my huge old Electrovoice corner Georgians (which are much older but fuller on the bottom end). 11-14-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I was a very happy listener of my 1984 DCM TimeWindow 1As (s/n 48426 & 48427).
    Unfortunately my amp malfunctioned. DC bias I believe and I didn't have my in line fuses installed that I once had. So poof - both main driver coils in one speaker are toast.
    After reading through numerous threads I haven't come across any recommended 6 1/2" driver replacements for the 1A's. My main drivers were marked 22570 8ohm 719421. Seemed to be of paper cone material with rubber surrounds.
    So please excuse me while I ask the question again. Has anyone come across acceptable replacements?
    I'd prefer to just replace the two to match the other speaker but if I can find good or better ones than I'd be willing to replace all four drivers.
    thanks for any help,
    Paul 11-15-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker

    From what I recall, when I was selling the Time Windows back in 1979, DCM used all Philips drivers. The woofer was, I believe, @6 ohms. You might do a google search or contact DCM directly( are they still in business?) or try this site:

    Good luck.

    Sherod 11-15-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I bought a pair in the 70's and used them happily into the 21st century. My son now has them in his university dorm, much to the delight of his floor mates. I solved the grill cloth replacement problem by glueing a thin dense foam all over the cabinet, cutting out holes for the speakers and ports, and then using fabric glue to put a conventional grill cloth fabric over top. It worked flawlessly and looks as good as the original.
    Moguls 11-22-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a pair in my garage (In the original boxes) waiting to come into my front room (I have just moved into a new home). I have owned them since 1979 when I bought them new. I use a kenwood 9400 receiver (120 watts per side) to drive them and they still sound better than anything I have listened to over the years. I plan on keeping them as long as I can. 12-09-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow
    I'd like to connect a pair of Time Windows to my Onkyo AV Receiver as speaker system "B" for my second room. Or even as part of speaker system "A" for the main room. However, Onkyo requires a minimum impedence of 8 ohms or damage to the AV Receiver will occur. Will my AV Receiver be damaged if I connect the Time Windows to it? The impedence rating for the Time Windows is not disclosed on the name plate and I read here at the start of thread that the Time Windows impedence is between 5 and 8 ohms. Thank you, anxious to try. 12-18-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Nominal impedance for the Time Windows is 6 ohms. Not really knowing how much muscle the Onkyo really has,makes me think that one should proceed with caution.Because the ohm load will drop based upon program material. A lot of the newer AV gear just pukes at the lower impedances. Trying to combine a music system with home theater system usually doesn't work very well. Unless of course one spends a lot to do this such as the products from Lexicon and some others that have high current amps. If possible set up a Home Theater system and a Two Channel Audio system in separate rooms, if that is an option. If not then one has to make the choice HT or Music.
    Ferrari 12-18-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Just discovered this forum. I've been a TW 1 owner since 1976. When the HT bug bit, I wasn't ready to put a lotta bucks into new speakers and gear, so (reluctantly) used the Time Windows as the main fronts with an Infinity (can't recall the model) center and in-ceiling rears. Sounded real good driven by a Sherwood Newcastle R-945 receiver, although the unmatched center and rears detracted from what the TW 1s brought to the game. Recently rebuilt the entire Home Theater with Rotel (1098 controller, 1075 amp, 1060 DVD) components, B&W 603S3s/600LCRs, and dual Velodyne SPL 800 subs . The Home Theater now sounds GREAT, but the point of bringing that up here is to say that that let me put my Time Windows back as my music only stereo system where they started and best belong. They're on Tiptoes and driven through a Crown IC-150 preamp/D-150A amp with a Rotel RCC 1055 CD source, and sound as absolutely wonderful as ever, regardless of the type of music I'm listening to or whether at reduced or high volume levels. IMHO, these are THE premier classic stereo speakers of their era and have yet to be outdone by but a few of the newcomers at any reasonable cost level. 12-20-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Called the number for DCM listed elsewhere in these postings as I am also looking to replace the foam covers on my TW 1's. They no longer directly supply replacements or the material, but did direct me to (as mentioned elsewhere on this forum). The correct part number for the filter foam that can be ordered on their site is 2195K52 (1/4" charcoal colored foam with 30 pores per inch (ppi)). Telephone number for McMaster is 404-346-7000. Hope this is helpful. 12-21-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    If someone wants to order a roll of this foam from McMaster-Carr( $46.99 for a 10 ft. roll) I'll buy a few feet from them as I need to wrap some older Rauna Tyr II monitors. Thanks, Sherod
    Sherod 12-22-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I haven't read all the responses here, but I recently got the okay to tighten the drivers from DCM.
    Mmakshak 12-23-05

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Does anybody know the tweeter/woofer crossover frequency in the Time Windows. I'm not sure whether they are TW1's or TW2's. The serial numbers are 360..
    Thanks for any help,
    Pete 01-04-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I'm not sure of the crossover frequencies(and, hence, I cannot help you identify your particular version.), but I have always suspected that they were different from each other, let's say on just one speaker. I, myself, wonder what the chalkmarks mean.
    Mmakshak 01-04-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I owned a pair of the original Time Windows in 1978 or 79. They were awesome. I lived in an apartment so I had to be very careful not to crank them up so I wouldn't get too many complaints. They were on my living room long wall facing a common wall to the next apartment. That neighbor moved out, so one day I put on the Rolling Stone and cranked it up. A short while later there was pounding on my door. A very upset guy told me he was checking out the empty apartment and the common wall was vibrating!
    Ah, memories. I later moved out of state and sold all my belongings. I wish I had those speakers still.

    Johnnyvegas 01-08-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Just another good example why audiophiles should avoid apartments and try to own or rent a home.
    Sherod 01-08-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    In the late 70's and early 80's my system included my original Time Windows and a Pioneer SX1250 Receiver. It was great. This past Saturday while cleaning up the store room in my basement I decided to lug the Pioneer up stairs and hook it up to the Time Windows again. Having not been plugged in for at least 16 years, it took the receiver a half hour or so to completely wake up. But, once it did, that combo sounds just as wonderful as ever. It is like two old lovers reuniting in the livingroom. As soon as my back recovers and I can lift the SX1250 again I am going to move it and the speakers permanently into the dining room. 01-19-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Remember that Pioneer SX 1250 very well, one of Pioneers best receivers. Good design with external heat sinks. Built like the proverbial tank, that came out during the stereo receiver wars of the late 70s early 80s. Few high power receivers were built and designed correctly, but this one was. This was about as good as it gets in high power receivers. Not quite in the same league as the McIntosh 1700,1900 or 4100 or the Marantz 18 or 19, but those were not high power receivers. All of these were statement receivers from the golden age. Well worth keeping and restoring and updating from time to time.

    Todays receivers can't even remotely come close to these great vintage receivers, that forever changed the design and performance of the stereo receiver into a viable medium.

    Ferrari 01-20-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Yep to all. I used to lust for an SX 1980. I'm not even sure why except that it was even bigger. But, having listened to them at the time and subsequently, the 1250 sounds every bit as good. I was afraid that after sitting so long it would need some work, like capacitors. But, the left channel was a little thin for awhile but suddenly came alive and the whole unit has now been playing constantly for the past week or so and sounds perfect. I'd forgotten how smoothly all of the controls work and how neat the silky analog tuner works. 01-23-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    If your going to keep the SX 1250 I would definitely have
    someone go through the unit and do a complete check out. No doubt some of the caps have dried out, only good for about 20 years or so. It is worth the effort to keep in good shape.

    Ferrari 01-23-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I intend to do that. Unfortunately I live in Missoula, MT where there is no electronic shop I would trust to touch my MP3 player, much less a decades old receiver. I'll need to get it to Spokane. 01-24-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    You might want to check out this fellow audiogon member. Specializes in great vintage gear. Was going to have him update my Luxman 1070 receiver. But ended up selling it to
    a local audiophile who just had to have it. But I did speak with him prior to that. He does know what he is doing and has good feedback to back it up. Link below.

    Ferrari 01-24-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    After 30 years of using my pair of original Time Windows ( Phillips woofers with the butyl surrounds) as my main speakers I have relegated them as my surround speakers. I purchased a pair of Infinity Beta 50's as my main speakers and after listening to them for 2 weeks now I can say that the Time Windows still hold their own compared to the Infinitys. Back in the 70's I worked for a HiFi dealer in Connecticut( Fred Locke Stereo) that was the exclusive dealer for this product and had to have a pair when they were first produced. The tops of the cabinets are pretty much shot ( my wife insisted in putting plants on them!) but they sound every bit as good as the day I took them home 30 years ago. 01-28-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Ditto on that. I've had my Time Windows for 20+ years and they are still an EXCELLENT sounding speaker that I just do not get tired of. 01-30-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I'm getting a little off subject, but, this digging out old equipment has stirred me. This weekend I dug up my old Dynaco SCA 35. It originally played a set of ADC 404 Speakers and an original AR Turntable with some sort of cheap Shure. I plugged my new AR Turntalble with Shure V15 MR, hooked up a pair of Mission 70s and Wonderful! But, it would not adequately play either set of my Time Windows. I'm not sure why. 02-06-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Help! I bought my Time Windows in 1979 and they are the greatest thing ever. I had them rebuilt in around 1985. Some time ago my son left the amp up super high and when turned on next time adios speaker. I since found out they are not rebuilding anymore. Any suggestions? 02-16-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have reconnected my Time Windows after three or four months of listening to the Dynaudio Audience 42s. I find the overall performance of the Time Window to be as enjoyable as ever. I have actually rasied the speakers on solid stands roughly 18 inches above floor level. I am surprised how phenomenal the sound is. I like them better now than ever. The soundstaging and imaging are excellent. The Dynaudios are now being used in the computer system, driven surprisingly well by the Sonic Impact T Amp. I now have the best of both worlds with both speakers running in separate systems.
    Thejapelvis 03-11-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    The best I ever got my Time Windows to sound was in a previous house I owned. The dimensions of the rectangular room were in the exact Fibonacci ratio. They were placed three feet from the back wall, which was covered with Sonex, about two and a half feet from the side walls and six feet apart. They stood on Tippy Toes on a cement floor with about 15 pounds of weight on top of each. Listening was from about 8 feet back. My turn table was near the back of the room sitting on 12 cement blocks. In this set up they just disappeared.

    The Keith O. Johnson Reference Recordings that I was into back then were stunning.

    It was great! 03-13-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a much more confined listening space but I also believe I am now getting the best possible performance out of my Time Windows. I have owned mine since 1982 and only now am I beginning to hear even more soundstaging and imaging capabilities than I did when they were closer to the floor. I do wish I had a listening environment like the one described above by rolando. In the meanwhile, I cannot complain. These speakers continue to amaze, and you cannot ask any more of any speaker than that.
    Thejapelvis 03-13-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Oh Yeah. Once, when I first got my Time Windows back in 1980 or so, I also built a set of 14" stands forthem because I read a reviewer somewhere or other suggesting that it would "raise" the sound stage. It indeed did just that, making it about equal top to bottom as from side to side. One thing I have never tried is both raising them and spiking them down solidly at the same time. I can only imagine how this would effect things.

    Maybe I'll build a new set of stands. I gave the original ones to a friend with an unruly 2 year old to keep him from kicking the grill foam off of his JBLs. 03-14-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Time Frame series? dcm-250 picked up cheap-ish and sound great but know little/any about them other than are best with subwoofer addition...awesome in theater mode....any info or insight as to what these are intended for 04-03-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    If remember correctly the Time Frame 250 were the start of the TF series. Used primairly for 2 channel audio where space is a consideration. Had a pair of the TF 350 and liked those very much. Time Frames were mirror image speakers. Make sure the small DCM logos on the front of the speakers are to the inside when viewed from front for
    proper imaging.

    link below:

    Ferrari 04-05-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    This is all great bs. I am interested(since I have the original DCM's) in how to get the best from them. My current situation is about 2 feet from the back walls. My understanding is that 3 feet are proper. Let's get some life into this situation. Are you guys dead out there? Controversy is great(I'm the "When is digital going to get the soul of music guy.)! BTW, I am a horn guy. I bought Ferrari's Classe amp. The Nuforce amp is so superior, it's unbelievable.
    Mmakshak 04-14-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I 1st heard the TimeWindows a few years ago at a friends house. he had timeframes also, and all sorts of other stuff, mostly 50's & 60's era. the windows stood out as special amoung all the huge jbls, and jbl 100's and bozaks and lord knows what else he played for me. he was driving them with macintosh mono blocks and a marantz model 7 pre.
    same friend got me a pair of kef 105.2's which I still love, but when he offered to sell me his timewindows 2 years back I was very very excited. then he sold me his model 7, and hooked me up with an old audionics of oregon ba150 tube amp. the windows sound fantastic with this gear. the kefs present a completely different sound. more refined maybe, amazing highs and detail. but the windows sound like no other speakers, and when the 105.2's just don't have the punch to rock it, the time windows do just that, and then some.

    Tagyerit 04-14-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Yep, those original Time Widows are truly classics. I remember Peter Aczel stating in his review(@1977) that although other speakers could do certain things better, the Time Windows just gave that "breath of life" that those other speakers didn't have. I kept mine for about 10 years, sold them to buy the new(at the time) Vandersteen 2B's and although I thoroughly enjoyed the Vandersteens, I missed from time to time those beloved Time Windows.
    Sherod 04-15-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have Time Frame 350's hooked up to a mid level surround sound (Sony) in the garage. I was wondering about replacing the center channel with DCM16C, but I've heard really mixed messages abiut the new DCM stuff. This will not be for the good system upstairs. Any thoughts out there? 04-18-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Slowhand, look in EBAY under Time Windows, theres a bloke selling them in Australia. Hes plagerised your review. Nearly word for word. 04-23-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Wasn't slowhand, was my initial review of the Time Windows that members are posting to here. No worries it is a public domain review. He must have like what I wrote on these. But other sellers have used this review before. About six times by my count this review has been used to help sell time windows. Oh well at least it gets the word out on these very great speakers.
    Ferrari 04-23-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I just read the Ebay ad. This Aussie copied your review verbatim, even the mis-spelled words, LOL.
    Sherod 04-24-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Yes, I also have a response buried waaay back there somewhere over a year or so ago....what a thread! You're review was certainly spot on.

    I still haven't replaced my cat-torn grill material but I intend to.
    I'm still amazed at the performance of these speakers after 27 years. I also had a pair of the TW-7s but foolishly let them go a couple of years ago. They were also great speakers and I wish I'd tried a few simple tweeks on them. For instance, they should have had some acoustic damping material inside to eliminate any trace of standing waves, and the bass port could have been reduced to tighten/quicken the bass a bit.

    Has anyone heard these speakers (originals) stacked...That is, two pair stacked on top of each other either biwired of jumpered? They really did sound great that way; a much bigger and more relaxed presentation. When used that way the upper speakers should be upside down to provide better focus and imaging. A friend managed a high end show in Carmel, CA, at the time and we used to enjoy the hell out of trying such things. Anyone remember Audio Components of Carmel and Keith Yates? Keith is now designing state-of-the-art rooms and theaters in the Sacremento area. (

    Used alone, a single pair benefits from being elevated a bit. I recall someone doing a study and coming up with them sounding best exactly 9 inches above the floor. I took that as gospel and built two stands from solid black walnut slabs exactly 9 inches high and shaped exactly like the TW endplates. They were difficult to fashion (using a chain saw, 5" sanding disk on the end of an electric drill, and a pad sander) but well worth it. The most difficult part was getting the tops and bottoms perfectly parallel. The TWs do sound very good perched on those and it also seems to help to keep a little weight on the speakers to couple the array to the floor. Bronze statues do the trick for me.

    Those speakers still are sounding great in my downstairs system. They are very close to the back wall in this configuration, but for some reason they sound superb that way....plenty of bass! Lack of deep bass was considered this speaker's greatest weakness way back when.

    As I recall from the original DCM owner's manual (which I still have), DCM's recommendation was to keep them a minimum of 36" from rear and side walls, which I did religiously. But now I think they sound much better with more rear wall reinforcement of the bass. Back when they were anchoring my main system I didn't do all that much experimenting with positions because of decor considerations, but I usually kept them 36" out measured from the speakers' backs to the rear wall. I had them as close as 24", but I'm wondering why I didn't try them closer than that. I suppose I thought they'd lose imaging and I'd be excommunicated from any pretense of residence in audiophiledom or something.

    I was in contact with Steve Eberbach a few years back and he was still involved in audio research at the time. He was working with some very talented people on some revolutionary concepts in the whole transducer/psycho-acoustic relationship, but he was obviously still very proud of his Time Windows....and for very good reason!

    Tom E.

    Islandbird 04-23-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Islandbird and I must have read the same comment, regarding Time Windows, at about the same time, that 9" inches would raise and improve one's image greatly. At about the same time the same comment also appeared in Playboy in a John Holmes interview. Must be in the numbers.

    Anyhow, I immediately constructed, although not out of solid black walnut, speaker stands that raised the Time Windows exactly 9" off of the floor with great results. For years I also was neurotic about keeping the speakers exactly the prescribed 36" from the back wall of my room.

    However, now I am forced to place them much closer to the wall in their current room with the same results, improved base and I must admit, only slightly dimished depth of image. The conclusion I have come to after all of these years is simply that these speakers image better under similiar conditions than most other speakers and certainly in in their price range.

    The day that I bought mine I went to the Audio shop knowing that I was going to buy either Time Windows or Dahlquists. It didn't take very long in the listening room to make my solid choice, and it was the imaging that made it. It is still the quality that makes new listener's jaws drop.

    I live in the university area of town and have many neighbors who are students. When any of them come into my house they are invariably amazed to hear music, "sound like that". I am also happy with my role reversal status. I am the only long term elderly resident of the neighborhood who has students ask them to,"turn the music down and please keep it a little more quiet". 04-27-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I can't help but think that the current owners of DCM have thier head up their butts. Since I posted this review there has been over 14,000 hits on this post and over 120 posts to this review. These are strong numbers on a dedicted site such as Audiogon.

    Clearly with these numbers in mind, it warrants DCM to once gain offer the Time Windows from this period of time.There new Time Windows are sad commentary to the originals that were produced.

    It is very apparent by this thread and posts that the market continues to exist for the original Time Windows.

    Although DCM produces speakers in the already crowded market of HT. Their home audio is not on par. For a company has to grow its revenues by 10% per year to remain viable, I do not see that in the HT speaker field that is already over populated with HT speakers.

    If anyone from DCM reads this thread, here is a perfect way to reintroduce a classic you already own, with an existing market built in. I know what I would be doing if I was sitting in the DCM Presidents chair. Its a no brainer.

    Ferrari 04-27-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Amen! I'd be camped in line to buy a pair along with my five kids, who grew up with TWs, all of whom lavish me with gifts in hopes that they will be the "choosen one" who's name appeaars in the will along side of the Time Windows. 04-28-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Islandbird, I really appreciate your comments on DCM's distance from the back wall. I apologize for my previous comments-they were meant to extract information, such as yours. This thread has gotten those most comments on Audiogon that I've ever seen(I've only gotten about 6,000 on mine.). I agree with Ferrari's last comments(I'm actually a horn-guy, but off-axis response of the DCM's allows me to listen to music.). To help people to get the best from the original Time-Windows, I have them on maplewood, with some isonodes under them, a little further than 2 feet from the back wall(one is a corner-one has an opening). I tried those stands that elevated them about 9-inches. I hope you don't care about the bass. Actually, those stands weren't rigid, at all.
    Mmakshak 05-06-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Maybe I should e-mail DCM about this, but just moving my original DCM's less than an inch, brought about a hugh difference in the sound. I was thinking that since this has gotten the most response on Audiogon, that someone can give some pertinent information on speaker placement. I currently have my speakers a little more than two feet from the back walls(one near a corner, one near an opening). The speakers are on mapleboards(Mapleshade)with Isonodes under them. Hit me with information, please!
    Mmakshak 05-08-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow
    Mine are now in my downstairs system about 8 feet apart and only about 8-9 inches from the back wall (measured from back of cabinet). They are still up on the walnut stands but those are also up on a quasi raised hearth that's about 14 inches above the carpeted floor. No idea why the previous owner had this configuration built to appear like a fireplace, but I think he must have had a TV in the recess and speakers to the sides out on the raised hearth. Whatever, it sounds damn good with much more bass than I hear from my upstairs system with Talon Firebirds driven by Pass X350.5! The TWs are driven by an old Threshold CAS-1 amp, which I bought at about the same time as the speakers. The imaging isn't superb being that close to the rear wall, but it sure does sound superbly musical. Even FM radio sounds right down there. Bass was never a strong suit of the original TW (which supposedly is why the TW3 was introduced), but I have plenty with them now. It's not the tightest bass, but it doesn't lag and really helps make the room seem much bigger than its 20X28X9' It's just one of those freaks of synergy. A system of my old also-rans never fails to amaze me and anyone else who hears it. My son lusts after those speakers! (over my dead body)
    Islandbird 05-12-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Islandbird, I appreciate your response. I was hoping to move the discussion into the present realm. I know there is some benefit into elevating the DCM's, as those unstable stands that we had proved. I agree that imaging in the sweet spot is not that great, but with all the responses on this site about DCM's, I'm sure that many knowledgeable people can give information-even though it might come from their memory. You'de be suprised how much their input could provide! I would guess that my speakers are at least 10 feet apart with dissimiar backings(one's a corner, one's an open doorway). I might be able to move them closer together and get a more uniform backing?
    Mmakshak 05-13-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I've got TimeWindow 3's & 7's and they're irreplaceable. It's amazing how you can tweak their sound just by moving them 1/2" forward or back. It should also be noted that the imaging of these speakers can be fine-tuned by simply rotating each speaker by a degree or two (slight toe-in or toe-out). These speakers need to be spiked and, in the case of the smaller TWs, placed on short stands. Shot-filled Lovan Jazz or similar stands may work, though a cheaper solution may be to try cinder or concrete blocks under the speakers. Stable and acoustically inert, concrete is actually a great material in audio. If a concrete block improves performance, it may be wrapped in carpet or heavy cloth to match the room's decor. I would still use spikes or hard cones under the speakers for proper drainage of cabinet vibrations.

    BTW - On the topic of DCM re-introducing the TimeWindow, DCM had some very expensive cabinet making machinery and tools that were used to make the uniquely shaped TimeWindows & TimeFrames. When Mitek bought them out, I believe they SOLD ALL OF IT, solidifying Mitek's objective of running DCM as a value-based manufacturer. I've read some good things about the new TimeFrames; it'd be interesting to hear them.

    Argonaut 05-16-06

    Review: Sonographe SC-1 Preamplifier
    I am using concrete locks sandwiched above and below a pair of Tannoy Mercury M2s. Those Tannoys are just the right height. They make great stands. They have no other use than to support the Time Windows.
    Thejapelvis 05-17-06

    Review: DCM TIme Window
    I mistakenly kept a subtitle on previous post. The Time Windows are in perfect position for me. The Tannoys make great stands. They are still useful. Have no complaints about concrete slabs.
    Thejapelvis 05-17-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I probably should e-mail DCM about this, as they are answering now, but if I remember correctly, they recommend 3-feet from the back wall. Any ideas here(I'm currently about 2 feet from the back wall, but with 2-inch maple under them{Mapleshade} and maybe some isonodes{Bright Star Audio} under the maple.)? My sound is a little dark, but the tracking force of my cartridge is a little higher than originally set(although with the correct parameters). Argonaut, the toe-in,out point is well taken, as it seems like one of my speakers is not correct in this area.
    Mmakshak 05-20-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I've just recently finished a custom center speaker based off the DCM CX17 to match the TimeWindow Sevens. Steve Eberbach worked with me on the design. It uses the same diamond coated tweeter that the Seven uses and the new crossover incorporates the same "time delay" and tweeter dampening circuits. I have a set of 1a's, 3's and 7's. Like Argonaut said "they're irreplaceable", unless Steve comes up with something bigger and better. "Dreps Chrone Maze"
    Hauser 05-20-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    This is just slightly off subject. I'm really a horn(not horny) guy, but I live with someone who needs to hear off-axis. The DCM Time Windows excell at this. Does anyone have a recommendations in this area? Maybe later DCM's. I find the normal sweet spot of the original Time Windows a little lacking.
    Mmakshak 05-31-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Try some Time Window 3s. They can be a little more easily fine tuned and are a little more versitile with regards to dispersion. 06-01-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Rolando, have you read the AVS forum on DCM's? There are some problems with the 3's.
    Mmakshak 06-27-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Mmakshak, What problems have you head of? Can you provide a link? I think what Rolando is referring to is that the big advantage the Threes have is that you can compensate for room irregularities with the user controls on the top rear of the speaker. You can adjust overall tweeter output along with separate control over high and midrange level on the ambient (outside face) side of the speaker. To give an example, if you have a wall on the left of your listening area and a door opening on the right, you can bump up the level on the ambient side of the right speaker to compensate. The inboard drivers stay the same as not to affect imaging. In normal a listening environment, all three dials would be straight up.
    Hauser 06-28-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I lived in Ann Arbor in the 80's, but couldn't afford these, so had to settle for Timeframe 500's, still giving me great pleasure 19 years later. I just got a pair of Timewindows for a song, but one is missing the serial # and the other the "DCM" logo. On the Timeframes, it's important to set them up with the logo medial. I have noticed that the port on both of the Timewindows is on the right, which makes me wonder if these are both "Right" speakers. Is this a correct assumpution, and if so, how important is it? I'm thinking that since bass is less directional, it may not be a big deal, but I'm not against continued searching for the dream speakers of my youth. Input is appreciated. 06-30-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    No, I haven't read it, but I will. I have both the 3's and the originals, and I must say that I like the original Time Window's better. They are must more alive and natural. I have thought that it might simply be a function of the 2 way design being more seamless. 06-30-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker

    Exactly. I really prefer the sound of the original speakers, but the 3's do allow for some more flexibility which is what I thought the question was. I own both and have played with them a lot. 06-30-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I found a pair of original dcm time windows 15 years ago somebody threw out in the junk! i hooked them up they are perfect! the only thing i had to do was replace the foam! i will never part with these speakers they sound just as good when they came out of the factory ! i really am happy with these ! 06-30-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I might have mention before, in the TimeWindow series, only the 3's and the 7's are designed as rights and lefts. The difference is in the ambient side of the speaker. The 3's are adjustable and the 7's are fixed at 6 dB lower than the direct side. It would be safe to assume that you have a pair.
    I think the thread on the AVS forum that Mmakshak is referring to deals with a problem with one TimeWindow Seven. It ended up being a bad or loose solder joint in the crossover and a blown fuse. The Three's are also a two-way design, only the Seven's were three-way.

    Of all the speakers that Steve Eberbach design at DCM, he said the TimeWindow Three's and Seven's were his favorites.

    Hauser 07-01-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I picked up a second pair of original timewindows and they're absolutely mint except for this one area on the bottom edge of one of the speakers where the wood is splintering. How can they be repaired? 07-04-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    If mine I would take to a quality cabinent shop and see what they recommend. More than likely there is some type of filler that can be used to stop the splintering. Also some of the guys at Home Depot or Lowes are good at coming up with ideas that are cost effective as well.

    Good save on the Time Windows, enjoy them.

    Ferrari 07-04-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Well, I hate to differ, but the TW 3s have an 8 inch woofer with folded transmission line, a 6.5 inch mid range and two 3/4 inch dome tweeters mounted coaxially. 07-06-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Rolando, are you disagreeing with my statement that the TimeWindow 3’s are a 2-way design? I wasn't sure. You are correct in the description of the speaker in your post, but the speaker is still a 2-way design. I also have a set and there is one review of the TW3's from Stereo Review –Feb 92 that mentioned that they were 3-way. I was under the same assumption also; Steve Eberbach was the one who told me they were a 2-way design.
    Hauser 07-07-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I just talk to Steve for a better explanation on the TW3’s. As stated before, they are a 2-way design as far as the crossover is concerned. Just a high and low pass filter, but they can act like a 3-way based on the position of the mid level adjustment. With it set to max, you are adding resistance to the 8" driver reducing the midrange output, and increasing the midrange to the 6.5". When it is set to min, the opposite happens. In this position it acts like a 3-way. The 6.5" and 8" are both in the same chamber. There is also a factor of how the back pressure affects each drive when the midrange is adjusted. How does he come up with these ideas? I hope this helps.
    Hauser 07-07-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    So, do the mid-range and dome tweeters cross over at the same frequency? Is that the design? 07-10-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Yeah, that's a pretty interesting design concept. It must explain some of the comments I've read over the years that the "crossover is impossibly complex" in these speakers.

    Thanks for the information. 07-11-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    What do you guys think about DCM's Time Frame Evolution 200s? Are they the worthy succesors to the Time Windows as some have suggested? 07-11-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    For 20 years now ím still the lucky owner of my DCM Timeframe 500's. They still sound great. Yesterday i layed my hands on a pair of TimeWindows, but the manual is gone and i'm not sure which type i bought.

    Can somebody please help to identify my second hand TimeWindow. The plate on the back of the speaker is exactly like the picture shown above, with the same number: 48104.

    Does this mean these are the (so called) originals?

    And what's the diffenrent between the original, 1, 1A ?


    Arnold van Wijk
    Netherlands 07-27-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hauser, I may have been mistaken about the TW3's. It's just what I thought I had read. Actually, I have a problem that was said to be cured(or reduced) by the 3's. One speaker is close to a corner, and the other has no real side wall and an opening close to it's back. I apologize for any misinformation.
    Mmakshak 07-28-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a question about my just arrived Timewindows (originals).
    I bought them second hand last week, but the DCM labels on the cloth are missing. My dcm timeframes TF500 require placement facing the labels towards each other. How about the Timewindows? The only identification i have is the bass-responceport in the lower part of the spaeker, eighter on the left or right pane. 08-01-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hi everyone,

    I just found this forum a few days ago doing research, when I stumbled across a pair of TimeWindow 1A's on Craigslist near my house. When I read the information in this forum, and then heard them in person, I plunked down $350 for them. Okay, that was higher than what I’ve seen on ebay, but these were only 15 minutes away, the natural oak is in fantastic shape, and the brown fabric (not foam) is good (couple tiny holes). These sound great! These will replace my Infinity Studio Monitor SM155 that I’ve used for ten years—loud, thumping, but fatiguing.

    I first heard a DCM TimeFrame while I was in Ann Arbor going to college at Michigan. I've always thought one day I’d get "grown up speakers" like DCM makes……

    Anyway, DCM's website doesn't seem to have the manual posted for TimeWindow 1A. Does anyone have a pdf of it?

    And does anyone have a spare CX-17 for sale, having used one for a center channel and leaving the other homeless?

    Does anyone have any technical design info on the sophisticated crossover?

    Thanks for all of you sharing your experience! Your information was very helpful.

    Alan 08-04-06

    I HAVE A PAIR I need to part with :
    Downsizing sucks! My family has had to move to a smaller place and I have to sell my set. I am in Orange County, CA and would like to find a good owner.
    My speakers are worn - the wood is scratched and the foam has long ago worn out - so I took it off, but they still sound great. I'm sure they would look great too with a little TLC.

    Anyone know someone who might be interested in giving me a little bit of $ for them?
    PK 08-11-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Kagalmf, we took off the foam outer covers many years ago. I wouldn't worry about how they affect the sound, as I'm sure that they improve the sound of the original Time-Windows.
    Mmakshak 08-11-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    It's interesting for me to read through posts in this topic and see there are lots of others who are still enjoying original Time Windows. I have a set of Time Window 1a's that I bought when I was a freshman in college in 1981. I drove them then and still drive them now with the little NAD 3020 amplifier that I got as a high school graduation present.

    I recall that back then some audiophile magazine had the Time Windows and NAD 3020 as kind of the premier "poor man's" high quality audio system. (Maybe "Sensible Sound"?) Both the Time Windows and the little 3020 have followed me around in my meanderings, sometimes in storage, sometimes not. At the moment both are in use in the living room of my home, and the combination still sounds fantastic.

    I drove the Time Windows for a short time recently with a Yamaha home theater receiver, 80 watts per channel. I thought they sounded fine. But then for fun I reconnected the 20 w/ch NAD 3020 and was surprised at the difference. Much more bass from the little 3020, and overall sound was "warmer" along with the elusive "more musical" description.

    If my current original Time Windows ever give out, I hope I can find another pair on eBay.

    I just recently found this Audiogon website and started reading a bit about tube amplifiers. I have to say I've always been skeptical that amplifiers were much of a factor in a hifi system; I always thought speakers were by far most important and that you could pretty much just plug in any decent amplifier and get great sound. My recent experience noticing how much better the NAD 3020 sounded than the Yamaha receiver has me rethinking things. I'd appreciate any comments people could give about whether a tube amp might make a noticeable difference with the Time Windows over my current 3020. Cheers. 08-28-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Does anyone know if they used the same drivers on both the Time Windows and Time Frames? TIA.
    Kkm 08-29-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    dunno for suer, but the guy i got my windows from also owned timeframes and he said they were the same. his info has always been correct re: all things audio.
    Tagyerit 08-29-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Arnold, only the TimeWindow Three's and Seven's were mirrored. The original's and the 1A's were both identical, no right or left.

    Klm, some of the earlier TimeFrames like the TF700 used the same 8" driver as the TW3, but the later TimeFrames like the TF600 did not.

    Hauser 08-31-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Hsitz, I has the original 3200 driving the original DCM Time Windows, with an analog set-up. Let me tell you, that the Classe DR 70(which came from the original poster of this thread) was far superior. I also want to say that the Nuforce amps killed this Classe(are you listening Classe?).
    Mmakshak 09-02-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I contacted DCM, asking them about tightening the drivers. I believe that MTX(or that car-stereo company with similar initials) owns DCM now. Anyhow, they said tighten away. I wasn't sure about the tweeters, as they have two tightening areas plus a chalk mark, but I am sure about bass drivers. The problem is this. All I could find was phillips screws on the horizontal axis, and when I got to 4th(the last one on my right, while facing the speakers), I didn't even see phillips screws. Actually, it looked like the fourth bass unit was glued! Now, I'm not asking anyone to take off the outer stocking to check this(although, we determined many years ago, that the DCM's sounds better without that stocking), but those that have the stocking off-could you let me know what you see, in terms of tightening those bass drivers?
    Mmakshak 09-10-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Re: Mmakshak question on 9/10/06--I had to replace a driver earlier this year on one of my Time Windows. I did not find any screws holding the driver in place. It was secured with a black glue like material. I used a hair dryer and lots of patience to loosen the driver so I could remove it. I tried to secure the replacement driver with screws and black silicone--I found that the small screws that I used did not work very well as the wood frame around the speaker edge was so thin that the screws had almost nothing to bite into.
    The black silicone did work well. I left the screws in place and I covered the screw heads with the silicone as well. My Time Windows were purchased new about 25 years ago. 09-24-06

    Grill cloths
    Picked up my TW's from the factory a long time ago.Love them still,sound as good as ever. My friends cat also loved them, as a sctatching post. I need to replace the cloths. Can anybody offer a suggestion to finding a replacement? Thanks,Jack (yes,the cat is history) 10-20-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Thanks, paulhbenson. It looks like my bass drivers are as tight as they will go. Now, I guess I will look to bass traps as further improvements. I'm going very cheap here. One speaker is close to a corner. I've tried moving it away, but, so far, it hurts the sound. 2dhunt, did you read my post on the speakers sounding better without the cloths? I don't remember where I read it, but I thought that question about cloth replacement was answered elsewhere-and it's a common question with DCM Time Windows.
    Mmakshak 10-27-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Thanks ,I read your post about the sound quality without the cloths. DCM did send me a link for a replacement cloth,too bad it only comes in a charcoal grey not the black I was looking for. Thanks for the input,Jack 10-29-06

    Review: DCM TimeFrame TF350
    Does anyone have a pair? and is there speaker parts still available? Mine are 1987 vintage 11-11-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Got advise to get McMaster Carr foam filter material to replace 1/4" foam grille on TimeWindows. Only comes in grey. Advice: Put dark black (cheap) speaker material under first. It makes the grey appear black and does not seem to effect soud quality. Worked for me to preserve "original" look.
    Craig84 12-09-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I don't know if I've stated this. I have my Time Windows about 18 inches from the back wall. They sit on a maple board, but I would suggest that is the minimum distance from the back wall-period.
    Mmakshak 12-31-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have to repeat this. The Time-Windows sound better wilthout a cloth covering. This was determined over 20 years ago.
    Mmakshak 12-31-06

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I bought a pair of 1a's in '79 and have used them ever since. I'm now moving into a new home, getting remarried and I want to have them refurbished. I'm sorry to read they were abandoned by their manufacturer. So much has been lost in the quality and development of music reproduction. The amps of today don't hold a candle to the electronics of the late 70's in terms of cost of quality. Decent sound is ubiquitous, but quality has been forgotten.

    So, who can refurbish them, recone the speakers, fix the hum (a loose wire somewhere), so forth? It's amazing to me that I've used these same speakers throughout most of my adult life. I just realized that this evening and so, found this blog.

    There they are, in a corner, not hooked up yet. I drive them with a Technics SUV6x, also from that period. Happy listening! They are great, aren't they? I never guessed they would so endure.

    heckja@toomuchspambut 03-15-07

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    After listening to Wilson Alexandria's, I wonder about the accuracy of DCM Windows. Oneobgyn was gracious enough to let me hear them. One song, The Pretender's, "Private Lies(?), sounded like a completely different song on the DCM's. Although it still sounded good, I knew that it was not same song. I believe it has to do with dynamics. The DCM's lack it, and they are much more inefficient than their specs would have you believe. Yes, tonally they are good. Yes, off-axis response is great. No, they aren't correct.
    Mmakshak 03-24-07

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Speaker driver technology has come a long way since the days of the Philips drivers used in the original Time Window. The Wilson's are also quite a bit more expensive too, aren't they?
    Sherod 03-24-07

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Only $135,000 a pair. I agree about the drivers' technology being better now. Also, the attachment of the drivers on the DCM's drive(pun?) me nuts. Some drivers can be tightened. One of the four bass units is glued in.
    Mmakshak 04-05-07

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a pair of Time Window 3s I bought new in the early 80s. They have been semi retired for about 10 years because one has a non working tweeter. But, they are in excellent physical condition, and as others have noted, their spacial presentation is hard to duplicate by most other speakers. I am looking to seriously upgrade to a combo 2 channel and Home Theater setup in early 2008. This thread has got me itching to take the TW3s out of retirement and repair/tweak them, so I am interested in all information relating to this. I would use them as temporary rear channel speakers then move them upstairs to go with my old RGR amp and preamp for the game room later. Somewhere I ran across a suggested tweeter replacement but can no longer find the link. Any guidance on repair and upgrade on the TW3s would be appreciated.
    Sanlanman 11-19-07

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Whats the key to the versioning? 1, 1a, 7. From what I have read the 7 is a 3-way design? The others are 2 way?

    If this deal comes through I will have a pair from 1980 next week.

    I missed out on a pair of 7's last week (if my thoughts about driver# is correct).

    I am still upset about selling my Dahlquist DQ-10's in 1978. That won't happen again.

    Scramman 04-15-08

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I still have a pair of DCM Time Windows that I use in my basement system. The foam grills disintegrated and removed them. They still sound awesome.
    Tjkoch1999 10-12-08

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I still have a pair of original Time Windows. They probably aren't as accurate, nor as dynamic, as many of the best modern speakers, but they're the speakers I always return to. In fact, I'm listening to my pair as I write. They're just really enjoyable and non-fatiguing, in my experience. I actually wrote a pretty thorough review on Epinions, to which I'll try and post a link. My Time Windows outlasted several well-known speakers in my collection, including Vandersteen 2Cis. I finally sold them (the Time Windows), regretted it, and scored a cosmetically challenged pair cheap, which I refinished and am now using (along with Cambridge Soundworks Towers, AR2axs, KLH 6s, and others, depending on my mood). Really nice speakers, I think.

    Horswispr 05-24-11

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    When I was a kid, my neighbor had a pair of these. He knew I played drums (for obvious reasons) so he had me over once to show off his brand new Sony CD player ("the way of the future, son"). He even had a flashy TEAC graphic EQ to boot. Man oh man, when he dropped in a Rush CD and all the levels started to jump up and down, I went a little spacey. I had never heard anything sound that amazing. I used to house sit for them and spent a lot of time listening to those Time Windows. But I can't remember "what" the sound was like. And as much as I'd love to hear those speakers again, I wonder if reality would hold up to my memory? Kind of like your old neighborhood looking smaller than you remember. Anyhow, those DCM's planted a seed and I'd like to think my younger self would approve of my "grown-up" rig. (Although he'd wonder what I was doing with all these old fashioned records and this laptop/dac/internet thingy.)
    Bonhamcopeland 06-07-11

    DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a pair of DCM Time Windows(they do not have any other numbers or letters )that I have had since 1980. I previously had a Denon DRA-300 running them. It has stopped, I thought I would seek some advise in a new set up. I also am running a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers(KSB 3.1)with the time windows. I have approx. 30ft lenghth to each. Any advise you have would be much appreciated?
    thank you

    Bkk 11-22-11

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I bought a pair in the late 70s from Fat Julian's Audio in Atlanta based on Peter Aczel's review. Perhaps it was the amplification I used back then but I never really warmed up to them. Especially when I think back and realize now I could have gotten a pair of LS3/5a speakers for less money. They just didn't image as well as the LS3/5a speakers. And I wasn't into bass that much but I upgraded from a pair of ADS L-710 speakers and felt that the ADS really had bass slam that could produce drum kicks like no others from the period. The Time Windows just couldn't do that well.

    When we were at the showroom in Atlanta one of Julian's assistants A/B's the Time Windows against a pair of similarly priced Magnepans. The Magnepans sounded dull in the highs and my 3 friends and I were all impressed more by the Time Windows although I do recall the Magnepans could throw up a stage quite well even in those days. So maybe my amplification and preamplification just weren't good enough. I sold them to a friend and he's kept them for years and is still happy with his purchase.

    I've moved on to home built Linkwitz Orion speakers which are in another league altogether.

    I'm pretty sure one of the reasons I wasn't taken with the Time Windows is that I love to hear a 2 channel system create a 3D illusion of a soundstage and still do. I know now from experience that a preamp and amp can prevent a speaker from throwing that soundstage. But the LS3/5as can and do and so do the Magnepans -each in its own way. The midrange of the LS3/5a was also much more neutral than the Time Windows I'd love to hear the Time Windows with some of the newer better amplifiers that are out there as my opinion seems quite out of sync with the rest of this group and I sure as heck might change my opinion if I were to hear them again. I do still recall how we four college students all agreed that the Time Windows beat the pants off the Magnepans.

    Incidentally, I don't recall the high end as being dull. In fact, I wasn't taken with that metal dome tweeter at all.

    Princeoftides 11-25-11

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    All due respect to the PR fellow from the new owners, but I used to be an occasional member of Bob Waterstripe's monthly breakfast club out at his house on North Territorial road. If you were the top seller of Time Windows in your store, you were welcome to his historic home for a killer breakfast...then a day of hanging with a few of the other salespeople from around Michigan, listening to the various systems Bob had in every room of the old judge's mansion.

    It was during the recession of the early-80s, and a bunch of failing dealers paid their bills with inventory. Every room was a treat. He had way more hifi than furniture.

    I would love to have seven of the original Time Windows to make a full surround system out of 'em. We used to pair them with Carver cubes in mono...and spiked them from the moment we discovered TipToes. Nothin' quite like 'em back in 1984.

    DCM stood for Drug Capitol of the Midwest, but I like Mitek's spin better. DeCriminalize is ok...but a bare minimum!


    Gannon 08-15-12

    DCM Time Window Originals
    I have a pair of the DCM Time Windows too. I think the are the finest speakers I have ever heard, bang for buck.

    Admittedly there is a large power spike in the sub-bass that comes up rarely, but it fascinates more than annoys.If you dont know want I mean try a good recording of Rite of Spring. It will BLOW YOU MIND

    Carnotcycler 01-08-13

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    Does anyone know how to decipher the year of manufacture by the serial number? Mine are 46702 and 46703. Mine must be an early vintage, since it has the foam type of grille covers, and not the cloth ones.

    After reading reviews and ads as a kid, and now having a set, I just love them, and wish I had a set decades ago. I am running them with a Sansui 9090, and the sound is beautiful.

    I am looking for any magazine ads and reviews of the original Time Windows, does anyone know which magazine issues had them? I can't remember now, but I can order them on Ebay if I know which issues they are. Would love to frame them. Does anyone know how to decipher the year of manufacture by the serial number? Mine are 46702 and 46703. Mine must be an early vintage, since it has the foam type of grille covers, and not the cloth ones.

    After reading reviews and ads as a kid, and now having a set, I just love them, and wish I had a set decades ago. I am running them with a Sansui 9090, and the sound is beautiful.

    I am looking for any magazine ads and reviews of the original Time Windows, does anyone know which magazine issues had them? I can't remember now, but I can order them on Ebay if I know which issues they are. Would love to frame them.

    Philtheda 05-23-13

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I live in South Africa, and own a pair of ARD Time Windows. As I have it the Time Windows were designed by two students in collaboration, and as a final year project. One of the students emigrated to the USA, while the other - a Joachim Fabianek stayed on in South Africa.

    I bought my Time Windows and still enjoy every moment I listen to them. Just amazing what they can do with the right amplifier. Joachim told me that the best they can do is being driven by a valve (tube) amp, fed by a high-quality per-amp. At the time he suggested I try a Gunter Steinhard amp. After I listened to the combination I agree completely.

    Unfortunately it seems that Joachim has passed on (he lived in East London, RSA), and I can not get hold of anyone that knows anything about him or his family anymore. I dearly would like to try to continue what he was doing. I am not sure, but am guessing that the two students did not collaborate on later designs of speakers. Any info on this will be welcome.

    What I desperately would want to get hold of is a pair of Joachim's Aera speakers. If you love the Time Windows, you will be utterly amazed by what the Aeras can do. Even with the brilliant sound of the Time Windows, the Aeras are just so much better. With the advent of the AV sound systems, Joachim fell on hard times. The last time I spoke to him he offered to sell me a pair of Aeras at just over cost price, as he would have liked to organize some income for his enclosure (cabinet) maker. At the time I could not afford them, but I wish I had rather sold my car, wife, house, etc, and bought that last pair of Aera speakers.

    I just can not describe the tonal quality and absolute beauty of the music they delivered!

    Well, at least still have my Time Windows.

    Sorry! Got so carried away that I forgot to say: According to Joachim, the Time Windows were sold as a matched set. Each enclosure had a matched pair of speakers fitted, and this matched-pair had a matching matched-pair for the other enclosure, and that is why the serial numbers will be consecutive numbers.

    Helmutr 04-14-14

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    As a salesman then manager for the #1 DCM dealer in the late 70's and early 80's, I can answer a few questions about the original Time Windows, the QEDs (essentially 1/2 a Time Window) , the Macrophones, and other models at that tine.

    Bob Carver started using the Time Windows to demonstrate his Sonic Hologram, on the insistence of our stores' owner trying the Time Windows at our store. When TAS reviewed the Sonic Hologram, Carver told JWC (the reviewer in Atlanta for TAS) to use the Time Windows. The story could be found in TAS issue at that time.

    Depending on which of the 3 men listed below you talked to, DCM stood for either:
    1. Drug Capital of the Midwest (or Michigan)
    2. Dope Capital of the Midwest (or Michigan)
    3. Dats Cool Man

    Bob Waterstripe, Steve Eberback, and Howard Jacks were the men behind the scenes.

    Along with the Dahlquist DQ-10's, the original Time Windows were the affordable speakers to own. At the time, the list price for a set of Time Windows was $660.

    FWIW I used "stacked" QEDs powered by a pair of Kenwood L07M and a Marantz 7C. Pink Floyd's, "The Wall" was awesome. The stack acted like a line source with more of a point source imaging than the Time Windows.

    Yes if you looked at the cost of the materials (Phillips/Peerless drivers and very basic crossover, the box and only wood tops and bottoms, it was certainly a wonder of economics. But it's sound, while not SOTA, was really pretty good, especially for the money!

    Roundmoundofsound 04-15-14

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speakers HELP
    I have read several postings regarding the TimeWindows speakers. This is my situation. I have come to help my mom after my brother passing a few months ago and I found a couple of these speakers in his closet. The wood is pretty good but the black cover is in bad shape. He was still using them before he passed and they are still in good shape, actually, I must say I have not heard anything so loud this good.
    I have a doubt in my mind, my mom says I can have them if I want to but I think that if I sell them she could use the money for sure. Should I buy new material, recover and keep them or should I sell them; since they are from 1974 how much should I ask for them? In need advice.

    Thanks in advance

    Scaballero 04-21-14

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    IMHO, these are keepers. You can get 3x4 foot foam sheets for 20 each online, then recover them, then sell them for maybe 250 with local pickup. The 1As are more desirable, with real oak ends and better crossovers...and some say better woofers and tweeters. I dont know. I just picked up a pair like yours for $225 and spent 50 for foam. Seems to me that selling yours would not really impact the family budget, but listening to them for years might be very satisfying. On line, E BAY that is, perfect condition pairs go for about $300ish, maybe 350. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW HOW TO GET INTO TW1 Original SPEAKERS................ WITHOUT RESORTING TO A SABRE SAW ?
    I WANT TO RECAP . Thanks. I won't do anything too hasty.

    Wzort 01-15-15

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have been reading up on the TW and TW1s, considering a crossover rebuild. These beasts are almost impossible to get into. The only person I have heard of actually doing this update ..........cut the bottoms off,esentially boogering them up.... then remade them from oak. Serious project. I am toying with doing a Caesarian..8 inch tall by maybe 12-14 inch wide tubectomy on the back..Then, soldering in the PPE caps without trying to pry the cap board off of the cabinet bottom.. I would then build a lip, using yardstick-sized wood strips....full ones on the interior side edges... and little one-inchers inside the curved tube.Then, lots of wood glue and recover. Maybe glue in a couple front-rear braces just for fun.. Then , I think about the hours involved... Good Grief. Here is something unique, TW folks. Flip them upside down, make room on your computer desk, and use them as nearfield monitors. Oh My !!!! Buckethead, Soothsayer, from Grooveshark thru a Soundstreamer II into a Parasound 850 pre and SAE 201 power.Never heard it sound THIS good, fer reals.
    Wzort 01-28-15

    Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
    I have a pair of Timewindow 3. I listen to them to or three times a week. and they sound very nice. But I must say that they do not come close to my B&W DM6 speakers. yes I know most of you will be thinking that they are not even in the same class. I am just giving my opinion


    Musiclover1963 06-28-15

    Review: DCM TimeWindow Manual or setup
    I just picked up 2 pairs of Time windows at an estate sale, one DCM3s and the other similar in appearance but shorter (36" vs 39") and without adjustments.

    I've not been able to find a copy of the DCM-3s manual or a detailed description of how to set them up. Any help out there? Can anyone ID the smaller pair?


    K730292 09-02-15

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