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  Review: Michael Wolff Source and Gain Cords Power cord
As you will become quickly aware, I was not an English major. And, I do not often try to articulate my what I hear. However, I have had such a good experience with Michael Wolff's Source and Gain cords that I wanted to share it.

Michael's use of Carbon fascinated me. So, I emailed him to try his Source cords. I should have realized that if a manufacturer offers his product for a trial without charge, the he must be very confident that most will buy it.
He shipped them the same day and set my expectations that they would take a couple of weeks to sound their best. After about 3 1/2 weeks, I was listening one evening and thought to myself that I had deliciously good power. Everything sounded great. The noise floor was low, the music was dynamic, strings and vocals were tonally beautiful. The soudstage had an ambiance all its own. The next evening I still had the great sound. I thought our utility had upgraded some equipment or fixed a problem. So, I packed the Wolff cords up and was ready to ship them back. The next evening I discovered the nothing had changed with my power. It was the Source Cords. I went through a bunch of power cords that I had on hand from a Shunyata Diamondback to a BMI Whale Statement Supreme and none of them gave me the same good sound. So, I bought the two Source Cords.

Michael offered to send me two Gain Cords for mt VAC 70/70. I really didn't want to spend another $1,400 but I thought I would check them out for future reference. I bought them too. Now I have a Gain Cord on my First Sound Preamp - another trial. Interestingly enough, this last cord has made a much larger inprovement than I thought it would. It only has about 30 hours on it. Last night I was listening to the 3rd track on Diana Krall's new CD, Temptation. The piano playing at at the left of the soundstage sounded strong and alive. It used to be rather faint. My soundstage usually recedes form the front of the speakers. Now is is just there - to the front, to the sides, and behind. I don't perceive the front plane anymore. It is really cool.

I would usually have thought that a couple of thousand dollars would best be spent on equipment. However, the Wolff cords that I have now made as much of an improvement in my system as did moving from my old Sony 5 disk DVD changer as a transport to my Accustic Arts Drive I. By the way, Michael is a very nice guy and easy to work with.

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by Brooksl on 06-21-04 
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