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  Review: Transparent Music Wave Super Speaker cable
Originally I had Audioquest Crystal (original series) and decided to move on to a Double Biwire of the Crystal 2. Immediately the sound stage improved and felt for the first time that I could actually hear all the music. After getting my hands on some MIT 330 Series interconnects (and loving the effects this had for my low end) I decided to give some MIT Terminator 2 cables a try. Really liked the results feeling the mid-range all of a sudden popped out of my speakers but did not find the sound stage as complete as the Crystals so the search continued. Then I discovered Transparent. These cables changed everything. It seems to bring the best of all the cables I have tried to my speakers. The sound stage was everywhere, very fast, tight mid range and a fantastic low end even with my smaller K.5 Snells. Theses cables are expensive, but are worth it. Try to find some used ones.

I have heard many arguments not to by network treated cables such as the MIT and Transparent. With the Transparent they are wrong, theses cables help my mid-fi gear sound fantastic.

Associated gear
Denon AVR 4800
Denon POA 5200
Pioneer Elite DV-C36
MIT 330 Series II interconnects
Snell K.5 / Jamo Stands

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by Dhaymond on 08-26-02 
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