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  Review: Monarchy Audio SM-70 pro Amplifier
If you care to read about what musical preferences I am into check out my review of the Monarchy Audio model 33 DAC/preamp. I am kinda lazy and don't really wanna repeat myself here...and I fear I may contradict myself b/c my musical preferences change ever so often.

Anyway onto the review of the about said amps. I originally purchased one SM-70pro to replace an ADCOM GFA-535II amp to drive a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR's(this was about 2 years ago). When I first hooked up the amp it was immediately apparent that this was a more natural and real sounding amp. Details were now pouring out of my system that had been veiled with the ADCOM unit. I was espcially impressed when I played Al DiMeola's "winter nights" cd...this is well recorded cd with lots of subtle sounds which came through clearly with the SM-70pro.

Well I read some more reviews on the SM-70pro and emailed the designer,MR POON...I time, I came to learn that this amp was actually designed to be a fully balanced monoblock amp, so I purchased another one. Let me tell you, if one of these things is great two of them(and now four) are even better.

Adding the second SM-70pro and running them as balanced monoblocks brought the sound up another notch. More of the good stuff...power of course increased as did dynamics, more bass control, cleaner overall and less background noise.

I currently have four of these PROS, each of which is powering individual drivers in my Magnepan 1.6's(one amp per tweeter/mid and one amp per woofer).

-great sound in a nice compact package

-sturdy construction and good looking lil' buggers

-versatility; can be used as a stereo amp or monoblocks(RCA or XLR inputs)

-inexpensive...especially when purchased used(I purchased my first one new direct from Monarchy for $689 then the second one I purchased new for $600 from a Monarchy dealer and my last two for $500 each here off of audiogon)

-deceptively powerful 40w x 2 or 120w x 1 (4ohms)

-excellent sound quality

-they run quite hot(which could be good if you live in Alaska)

-very sharp heat sink fins...I cut my toe once when I was walking barefoot

-there was a hum when I first used them but that was solved by lifting the ground pin

I would give these a 9.5/10 for value and an 8.8/10 for overall sound quality(When I first heard these amps I gave them a 10/10 for overall sound quality but over the last few years I have had the chance to listen to amps that better these...albeit they were far more 88% of the sound quality for 40-60% less money$$$of course that's just my opinion I hope it helps...if you have any questions for me, just send me and email)

Associated gear
sony DVP-NS315, custom DIY coax digital cable, MonarchyAudio DIP, XLO balanced digital cable, Monarchy Audio model 33 DAC/preamp, SM-70pros, Magnepan 1.6QR

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by Heavystarch on 09-04-02 
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Review: Monarchy Audio SM-70 pro Amplifier
What amps are better than these for 5K or less? (monos please).

I am considering the Electrocompaniet 180AWs, but each mono amp costs four times as much as a pair of SM-70 Pros. But you do get a little over twice the power. So power wise, the EC amps are about 2x the cost.

I'm sure the Monarchys would lend well to mods and parts upgrades.

Rilbr 03-05-10

Review: Monarchy Audio SM-70 pro Amplifier
I have owned an Adcom 535 AND 545 AMP.I am surprised that you would match MAGS with the 535.Very under powered for those speakers.It is also no surprise the 70 pro is giving you much better performance.Currently i am using two se-100 mono blocs to power a pair of mg-3.Enjoy.
Energizer 08-01-10

Review: Monarchy Audio SM-70 pro Amplifier
Very nice little amp. It truly deserves all good opinions.
However new version mk2 is considered sounding less pleasant than older one.

Thommy2 10-17-11

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