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AMR DP 777, what am I missing (01-26-15)
There are a lot of people here who love this DAC, I purchased one (used) based on the many glowing reviews, but feel like this DAC

Experience with AMR DP 777 (05-15-14)
Hi there, I'm fairly new to audiogon, but have been assembling high-end systems for about 15 years now. Recently bought an AMR DP

Mini Maggies has anyone tried AMR gold fuses (01-26-14)
Mini Maggies use a 4amp fuse on each speaker covering both the midrange and the ribbon tweeter. Changing the stock fuse for an AMR

Transport suggestion for AMR DP 777 dac (10-19-13)
I am looking for transport suggestions for an AMR DP-777 dac. AMR cd-77.1 vs AMR dp-777 w/transport suggestion?

good transport for AMR DP 777 Dac (10-19-13)
I am looking for transport recommendations for use with the Abbingdon Music Research AMR -DP-777 dac... Then how would this combi

Ayon CD5S vs AMR 77 (03-23-13)
Ayon CD5S vs AMR 77 cdplayer which is the best, your considerations please

Empirical Audio Overdrive vs AMR DP 777 (08-16-12)
Has anybody compared these two dacs interested in USB via Mac mini Thanks

Abbingdon music research AMR cd 77 is how good (07-01-12)
The AMR CD-77 cdp got some pretty good reviews from the likes of stereotimes, dagogo, and 6 moons reviewers.... BUT is this cdp a

DAC Accustics Art Ayon CD5S AMR DAP 777 (04-15-12)
I am upgrading my digital front end and need some feedback from you guys. I am considering Accustics Art, Ayon CD5S or Skylla, AMR

AMR 77 1 cd player and your thoughts (02-11-12)
I demoed a 77 version and I have on the wat a 77.1 version Some questions for owners of this pce; 1. Anyone hear the two, if so

Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac (01-26-12)
I am wondering what users are thinking of this dac and if they have compared it to similarly priced units. I haven't seen much inf

anyone how AMR CD 777 compares to Esoteric SA 50 (09-05-11)
Hi, Just hoping someone out there has heard these players and can provide comment. I am migrating to computer audio, but still a

AMR LS 77 full range monitors (12-18-10)
Hi All, I've just ordered myself a AMR AM-77 and a CD-777 and I'm thinking of ordering the LS-77's too. I'm currently running a pa

Wadia vs AMR Multibit CD players (05-24-10)
Hi, Has anyone compared this CD players? I'm now big fun of multibit DACs non-deltasigma. And this players use that DAC chips as

AMR / EMM / PLAYBACK Designs (04-10-10)
Concerning: AMR CD-77 / EMM Labs XDS1 / PLAYBACK Designs MPS-5 Reference. Have any of you would listen he compares and prefer one

Mastersound Compact 845 vs AMR AM777 Integrated (02-21-10)
Sonic characteristics ? Will work with AZ Adagio speakers (89db/6ohms)?Best option ?

AMR CD 77 vs Ayon CD 5 as DAC/USB & CD5 preamp (09-14-09)
Do any of you have any experience with either the AMR CD-77 or the Ayon CD-5 as DACs via the USB port you can share? Direct com

Ayon, AMR, Karan, and Plinius Combos (09-12-09)
as I have never heard the Ayon nor the AMR mixed with the Karan integrated. I've only heard the AMR for a few hours, and

AMR CD 77 anyone tried rolling the tubes (09-30-08)
I was wondering if anyone has tried rolling the tubes in this player. If so, what was the result and what tubes did you try? Bob

AMR Cd77 Upgrade (08-14-08)
How different is the old version to the new upgraded version?

Stereotime compares AMR CD7 vs Reimyo CD777 (07-13-08)
Have you read the test? Are there any comments?

Ayon cd3 Versus AMR 777cdp (06-29-08)
Can anyone advise if they have compared these players.

AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi DAC (05-25-08)
Has anyone compared these two? The Ensemble pairing is considerably more expensive

AMR CD 77 as a usb dac for computer server (05-15-08)
Does anyone have an idea how a AMR CD77 would work as a USB dac for a computer server since the CD 77 has a USB input jack for the

AMR AM 77 integrated (12-07-06)
Anyone heard the Abbingdon Music Research AM-77 amp yet? There's a tremendous buzz in Europe about both the amp and the CD-77 tec

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