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Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
The CAT JL-3 Signatures are the end of the road for me. They are rated at "only" 150w but this is very misleading compared to the rating of many other amplifiers I have tried on . . .
Your most disappointing purchase or audition?
Very tired of the Atma-sphere issue here so I will contribute to the theme of this thread. Major disappointments for me? Thiel 3.6 and 2.3 speakers!!! These were way too . . .
Tube Amp for Martin Logan Speakers
If you want a tube amplifier to mate with ELS speakers, that excels effortlessly and with outright awesome dynamic contrasts, very low level resolution, go the the CAT and never . . .
VAC Ren II, VAC Phi, or ARC Ref 3?
Guidocorona: I can certainly relate to the issue of you wanting reliability but this comes with a lot of product lines these days so I would not worry too much here. You have . . .
High End Audio-Gaining Higher Ground?
The current crop of high end manufactures sell to an ever decreasing crowd of old fools. This is such a load of BS. I went to the Newport Beach Audio show three times and there. . .
What do you see as the downside of tubes?
This is usually only an issue though in the summer months, as in the winter you will actually appreciate the (rather costly) space heaters! Oh so true with a pair of CAT JL-3's . . .
Review of Dartzeel NHB-108 Amplifier
This is an amplifier I would love to learn more about but with the original review here, and the one in Stereophile, I still have no idea what the sonic strengths are. Ok ok, it . . .
Who is the KING of MONOS?
.....but you can't make him drink. From so many lame responses here, I'd say many here have already had too much to drink. I'm with Audiofeil on this one.....STUPID THREAD
What can you tell me about First Sound pre-amps?
Wow Art, now the CAT? Very cool. You move so fast! 8-) Does your unit also have the phono stage or just a line stage? With all the discussion here with the CAT Ultimate having. . .
Preamp for Aesthetix / Atma-sphere
Try the RCA 12BH7 tube in the Einstein's 12au7 socket. Magic magic magic when I tried this during an audition of the Einstein Line Stage vs. the Callisto Sig. I had at the time. . . .
DarTZeel Preamp
I keep coming to this thread hoping to read some valuable information on this preamp but when it's all done, I think I will just remain content with the Aesthetix and CAT gear. I . . .
Seeking more 3d imaging, deeper/wider soundstage
"Even a cheap system should image and play depth. More has to do with setup (not just placement of the speakers in the room) than anything else" When I read this . . .
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
Well that must explain why there has been a whole lotta Ref 2's for sale lately! I was wondering it was due to the latest Bose Wave radio that now extends down another half octave. . .
Amp more important than speakers?
Good signal anywhere ==> Garbage component any where ==> Garbage out I am another who feels that it is all about the room and thus what speakers will match with it. What walls . . .
ARC Ref 3: Tung-Sol 6550 in power supply?
I've been following this thread hoping to learn from the "experimental" owners of the Ref3 and their findings on various tubes here. Thank you Ethannnn and Elberoth2 for. . .
Aesthetix Calypso vs ARC LS25 MK2
I have been following this thread and finally thought I'd dive in for a little balance from Judge Judy and other critics. There's just no way someone can go to one place and hear . . .
Best solid state pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ??
This has been an interesting thread with lots of expected recommendations. Now that the focus has shifted to also include tube units, it makes the quest a lot more fun. Dgad's . . .
Has anybody heard the new Audio Research LS 27?
Called the Audio Research and they said the new LS 27 sounds better than the Ref 3 and very close to Ref 5. This is a common comment here on A'gon.....the latest LS2X is "better. . .
Tube Preamps...I'm sold
Atmasphere, I sure hope you are talking about the MP1 when you mention the bottom octave, because the MP3 up against a BAT 31SE a couple years ago was severely lacking extension at. . .
Conrad Johnson ACT2 against Audio Research Ref 3
Ginas: A'gon member, Jadem6, has just put his SCD-1 through yet another upgrade so I suspect he can offer much information for you. He and I are in the twin cities metro area. . . .
New H20 Signature S250
With the interest of a local audiophile who had an H20 (non-sig stereo) model on loan, I had the opportunity to audition this in my home system. As a Sound-Lab A1 owner with CAT . . .
What happened to Jfox
Wow! What an honor. Oh my gosh. Thank you. I have not written much here the last 3 or so years since I accepted a job in San Clemente for a company that builds a very . . .
Giving up on Power Race, and going SET?
Gosh how nice this would be for us Magnepan diehards. But we continue to chase the holy grail of high power amps to get these to sing
As "Aldavis" points out, size and heat indeed. At 145 lbs and 16 power tubes each, with a conservatively rated 150w Class A, the CAT JL-3 monos do a wonderful job . . .
Tube pre-amps $3500 under to add "warmth"
Mrtennis: Are you after a line stage or a full-function preamp? For older models of the extra-warm persuasion in the $1k range, consider the CJ Premier 10 for the former and the . . .
What's Your Experience with Digital Switching Amp?
The recurring issue of "Ditch the MIT" in these ICE amps threads without clarifications as to why this should be done gets kinda old. In a response to a similar thread . . .
CAT Preamps vs Amps
Ok ok, I’ll chime in. Aoliviero’s last statement was just too tempting to resist. There’s been so much written in this thread that I want to address. So I’ll stir up the pot . . .
Tubelike SS Power amp
A tube preamp used with a solid state amp will not produce the same magic. As what, a solid state preamp with a tube amp? My experience with ss and tube preamps and ss and . . .
does more power=better quality ?
I too have followed this thread and was interested to read an engineering/scientific point of view as to why a higher powered amp has the potential to be more refined when it has . . .
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
Bbaxley2: What are you specifically looking for here that is lacking in the LS3? Anyone's "best" is always a subjective rating. I too don't put much weight on a . . .
cat jl3 signatures vs. atmashere ma2III's
The Atmashere is lusher and more musical. I am a huge CAT fan but their pre-amp is way better than their amp. The CAT amp is thin and doesn't have any drive. In all the years I . . .
Audio Research LS25 MK II ??
First of all, the LS 15 is very much in the analytical zone of ARC line stages. The LS5 and LS25 in any variations would be a huge step in the right direction in the context of 3-. . .
I need help choosing my next tube preamp.
The tube compliment for some models above has been incorrectly stated. The BAT 30 and 31 use 6 6922 tubes while the 30SE and 31SE use a quad of 6H30 tubes. The Aesthetix Calypso . . .
Tube Characterization: 6DJ8, 6922, 7308, CCa, etc
My tube rolling experiences with many tubed-based components is polar opposite to the comments made by Bartokfan. What exactly are people trying to wiggle out of? Quantifying how. . .
The use of equipment as "tone controls"
Thanks - sometimes the obvious really does need to be stated. Perhaps, but what is often NOT obvious is how destructive the "obvious solution" can be. A $200-300 . . .
Audio Research Preamp Experts?
If you don't care about phono performance, it makes no sense to chase something like the SP-6, 8 and 10. They were outstanding in their days with phono, but their line stages are . . .
Lamm 2L Reference vs CJ GAT
For all of you anti-remote people out there, please explain how a stepper motor driven analog volume control would degrade the sound
Whose sorry now? Sellers remorse from selling amp.
The ARC VT130 was the only amp I sold that I quickly had major regrets. I have not heard another amp that has that level of musicality for under $4k on the used market. I have . . .
Whatever Happened To SAE?
Oh yes, the Cal Stereo days. Tom Campbell and the constant commercials on KMET and KLOS. The cool rock days. What about Pacific Stereo, University Stereo, Federated Group, Music. . .
Suggestions? Tubed linestage pre-amp??
Ghost - The Callisto is more $ for good reason….the Calypso sounds like a toy compared to the Callisto
Is upgrading stock tubes standard proceedure?
many current-production tube components have circuits which are not tube sensitive. i have encountered many examples of this phenomenon. in such cases, replacing stock tubes is . . .
Our we Lazy?
Unfortunately this thread is becoming a tube vs. SS debate rather than posts by people who have heard and owned many of the great solid state and tube amps and know very well the . . .
Audio Research Reference Linestages
Flex2: I am not surprised with your results at all. I still prefer the performance of 6922-based line stages over the 6H30 tube. I had the LS5 MK II for several years when the . . .
Aesthetix Calypso VS ARC Reference 3
Is the Ref 3 twice as good? No. The law of diminishing returns is in effect. I have not heard the Ref3 but I'm very eager to compare it to the Aria WV. However I heard a . . .
Ayre V-5xe best tube pre-amp to match with?
Having owned the 31SE for 2 years, and heard the Calypso many times in my system and the system of its owner, and both compared directly to the Callisto Signature which I now own, . . .
audio research sp-10
Hello, I owned the SP-10 for 8 years (1987-1995) and for phono playback, even with the rolled off frequency extremes, a noise floor a bit too high, and mediocre resolution, it was. . .
Should I Try a Tube Preamp?
Mr Tennis: When it comes to tube gear, you frequently focus on the tonal colorations of such products. But this is only one area where tube gear is often different from solid . . .
VAC Signature Preamplifier mkII
The new [janus] signature is a whole different animal. They sound just as good as the IO. As some parts updates in the new Janus will no doubt improve the performance, no . . .
Audio Research Amp Shootout
Great report. It is always fun to do such comparisons and identify the various strengths/weaknesses and maybe find one heck of a good value in the group. As for comparing amps of. . .
GNSC mods of ARC gear.
I would be very skeptical on the claims that the LS26 is 90+% the performance of the Ref3. If the Ref3's P.S. is tube regulated, this could be a major performance benefit. The . . .
Ayre V-5x vs. McCormack DNA 225
This is an interesting thread as I have wanted to try these 2 amps to drive the front channels (Talon Khorus) of my HT system. Anybody willing to throw in the BEL amps in the . . .
Solid state "backup" amp recommendation
"However if you have an extremely difficult load you're stuck with solid state or digital." The CAT JL amps are neither solid state nor digital and they drive difficult . . .
Counterpoint SA-5000 or First Sound Presence Pre
Wow, quite a vocal thread here! I must chime in for my support for Counterpoint and Michael Elliot. Mikesinger clearly has a lot of unfortunate history with Mr. Elliot but my . . .
Tube Characterization: 6DJ8, 6922, 7308 Part II
Ah ah ah, Mr Tennis, don't get too ahead of yourself on assertions. There are many current models that respond significantly to tube changes. Could it be the resolution of the . . .
"Reference" Preamps
I have some relative comments concerning the Callisto Signature to three other models in my own system: Calypso, BAT 31SE and CAT Ultimate II. The Callisto Sig and the Calypso . . .
Super-sensitive volume controls - remedy?
Do attenuators like the Rothwells impose any sort of penalty related to sonic quality? Absolutely they do!!!!!!! I tried these several years ago and they literally destroyed . . .
What preamps outshine the Aesthetix Calypso?
It seems a bit odd that this thread never brought up the obvious step up from the Calypso: the Callisto Signature. If you think you're impressed with the Calypso's power supply, . . .
Audio Research service
I have no idea where you heard this but numerous times I have called or had work done by ARC and they have been extremely helpful. Leonard was especially patient with answering . . .
6SN7 based Pre-Amplifier
I feel that Albert's advice to talk to Mike Elliot is a great place to start. If you like the sound of the SA11, it could be difficult to compromise on a line stage of much less . . .
Calling all Aesthetix Callisto / Io Owners
Thank you all for your comments: Nkj: It's unfortunate that the PS's are pinned differently for the Io vs. Callisto. Must be a subtle difference needed between the two products. . .
Sovtek 6550 - Can they really be THIS bad???
A few years ago I changed the Sovtek 6550s to JJ Tesla KT88s in the ARC VT130. Wow, the musical enjoyment was dramatically improved.....until a tube blew. These KT88s did not . . .
Aria phono preamp - Mike Elliot blog
I have followed the Aria WV thread and have been quite impressed with the level of detail he has shared on his findings. And I was so impressed that I made a deposit for this unit. . .
Class D Amp For 'Stats?
I too have the SL A1's. Earlier this year I tried the H20 non-signature stereo amp here. Once I got passed the claimed "inapplicability" of these amps with MIT ICs, I . . .
How to improve power supply?
The power transformer. Look into Plitron transformers. This update could be HUGE in clarity and dynamics
Are all Linn products made in Scotland?
you mean Skotland
Audio Research amps - balanced & non
By adding all this junk to the signal path, you significantly defeat the major strengths of the SP-10 and the VT-130.....and this is portrayal of space. These both were at the top. . .
Tell me about "tubey" tubes.
Morgenholz will put to rest the fact that tubes in fact color the music. And how are tubes different than any other active or passive component in an audio product's internal-. . .
Hybrid - Tube / SS amp capable of sub 1 Ohm loads?
I heard a rumo(u)r that the CAT JL-2 can be configured to drive <1-ohm loads.....the Scintillas actually. This would be a HUGE improvement over the Wolcott. I ran with the . . .
Genuine Telefunken?
After reading as much as possible on the net about " NOS " tubes, have narrowed it down to Telefunken 12AX7 and 12AU7 for my Jadis DPL preamp This could be a . . .
Tube or solid state amp or amps?
Good post Phd, but I much prefer to build a system around a preamp and speakers. And only a half a dozen preamps out there cut it for me vs. so many many great TT's, CDP's and . . .
Can anyone suggest a good 2-channel amp for $1500
Counterpoint Counterpoint Counterpoint.....SA20/220 and NPS series. This is an awesome value. Also the McCormack DNA1 and even the DNA 225 is at this price from time to time
correct way to turn off tube preamp
I got in the habit years ago of turning the level control all the way down, then I power down the amp(s), wait 10-15 seconds before I power down the preamp, then power down the . . .
Counterpoint, Modwright, Aesthetix sound?
The Counterpoint 5.x preamp portrays space that the Calypso can not even begin to do. However, the Calypso has much more defined top-end extension and detail. Once you get used . . .
SS against Tube Preamp
A tube amp will make more of a difference in better sound. My experiences after owning 3 ARC tube amps, 1 hybrid Counterpoint, Wolcott and now the CAT, is that the tube preamp . . .
ARC LS 25 Mk 11 Bypass
This whole discussion hints at a feature I have wanted from tube preamp manufacturers out there: implement HT pass-through WITHOUT the need for the tube unit to be powered on. Why. . .
Pass Labs versus Jeff Rowland, Audio Research
Hello, I have written much here about ARC gear and my experiences with Magnepan 3.3 and now 3.5 speakers. Indeed, the VT100 is a wonderful amp, but the VT130 from the mid 90s was. . .
I was a happy and proud owner of the LS5 II / III for almost 8 years. It's good to hear my old LS5 III is being enjoyed so much, Steve. Sounds like you have had it modified and . . .
Best AMP for Avalon Eidolon, ARC, CAT, VAC..?
"Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes close to the transparency, mid-high dynamic contrast (note mid-high only), and most of all, musicality, of the PHI70s." I assume this. . .
Looking for an amp to drive Eidolons Vision.
Really good advice from Rushton on the "used-to-new" updates of the MA-2's. Now that sounds like a great value. I heard the MA-1's vs. the JL-2 late last year driving . . .
ARC VTM120 Any thoughts?
Blue Book price often has nothing to do with actual sonic quality so I would not focus on this too much. What the going price has been on Audiogon would be a far more worthy . . .
Buy an Audio Research SP10 MkII or an SP11 MkII ?
Another vote for the SP-10 if you are dead set on this or the SP-11. I owned the SP-10 for 8 years and loved it, even with its rolled-off frequency extremes, rather high noise . . .
The best hybrid amp?
The Counterpoint SA and NPS series were phenomenol. I just got my NPS400 upgraded by Michael Elliot and the sound of this amp is so incredible. Hard to find a more coherent tonal. . .
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
I disagree on the Audio Horizons. I heard this against a 30 year old Counterpoint SA-5 last year and the Counterpoint tore the AH to pieces in portraying space and harmonic . . .
Hi End Pre-Amp shoot out in central jersey?
I assume you mean line stages here? Or did you also compare the phono stages? Can you share the differences, pros/cons of the Dart vs. the MA1 in your system? It's good to get a. . .
Care to recommend a preamp?
I would 86 the Atma MP-3. Was a horrible performer when I heard it years ago at the Atma/BAT dealer compared to the BAT 31SE. I owned and loved the 31SE. Perhaps the newer 32SE . . .
Nagra plp versus CAT ultimate mk 2
I have no experience with the Nagra. You mention that you like it as it is dynamic and clean. These are exactly the strengths of the CAT. The CAT preamps and amps are . . .
ARC LS1, LS2, LS3 , or LS7, which to buy?
I have great respect for Guido on this site, but my experience with the LS2 was opposite to his comments here. It's going to take a lot more than a special tube from Jupiter to . . .
CAT SL-1 Ultim. Mk2 vs Manley Steel. for CAT JL-2
The issue of "best possible" is something that we all ultimately chase but such success comes with a lot of experimentation, personal choice and compromise. And once we . . .
VAC PHI 2.0 or CTC Blowtorch or...
Exlibris: You have what many people consider to be the most resolving speakers and so incredibly dynamic as well. If the JL-3's are out of your price range, you should at least . . .
Amp help for the Maggies?
Greg, just out of curiosity, what is the "bad information out there" that you reference. Perhaps the Magnepans 30 years ago were easy to drive but this is just not the . . .
Has Linn Gone Crazy? They Stopped Making Pre-Amps
I wish Linn would stop with the lame use of the letter K. The 'cleverness" was gone back in the early 80s
Tubes in Hi-End Preamps
This is an interesting thread. But has anyone yet answered the question, "What's the point then of having tubes?" I won't talk much about neutrality and/or transparency. . .
McCormack DNA 500
I'm always amazed at the reaction of so many people when they all shift their attention to "the-best-I-ever-heard" product reported by a reviewer or two. We all have our. . .
Sonic difference between the CAT JL2 Sig & CAT JL3
Wow, I am envious. The big and beautiful Avalons. Maybe I can bring the amps and aesthetix preamp and you bring the speakers and we can have quite a concert. 8-) As I recall . . .
CAT JL-2 amp upgrade
I would hope that a JL-2 or JL-3 owner who had the upgrade done would chime in with some before and after comments. I have seriously thought of this with the JL-3 Sig's but they . . .
anybody have a doshi pre to audition?
Hi Tom - Wow, it's really cool to hear you're still running with the LS5II. That says a lot about this great line stage. I have gone through a few line and phono stages since the. . .
Which Mono block amps for ML Summit Speakers?
I'd be hesitant with the ARC CL150 mono amps. I had these for over a year and their 150w rating was quite wimpy to drive Magnepan Series 3.x speakers. The 110wpc VT130 stereo amp. . .
Audio Research LS-15 Infincaps
Rather than pay the ridiculous upgrades through ARC, or even consider the lateral move to the LS16, check out the awesome value on this unit: . .
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE vs. BAT VK-31SE
As an owner of the 31SE, and a long time owner before this of an ARC LS5, etc., I can not imagine the SF preamp "easily running circles" around the 31SE. In the mid 90s. . .
Reference preamp with laid back and relaxed highs
I used to run a 32' Purist Dominus RCA IC from an Aesthetix Callisto Sig to CAT JL-3 amps and there was not a hint of hum or noise. So keep the non-balanced option open indeed. . . .
Herbie's Hal-O tube dampener's on Calypso?
You Calypso folks are quite the helpful friendly bunch. Last week I ordered up a bunch of these . I will report my findings in the Io and Callisto as I have to believe the . . .
Aesthetix Question
Thanks Tireguy for your input. If there is one thing I have learned from preamp and phono stage auditions is that it's all about the power supply. The BAT units made this very . . .
Tale of the preamps
Hi Steve. Not having any experience with Jadis, Avalon, Wadia, Atmaspehere, etc., I can not comment on the pros and cons of all the components discussed above. But I too went . . .
best position of components in relation to spkers?
I have been following this thread. The dominant view here seems to be to remove the components from between the speakers. My experience is much different here. For many years I . . .
Best ARC tube amps for classical music?
Correction: Low impedance and efficiency does not make an Audio Research tube amp happy
CAT Ultimate/Tube rolling
I guess we need a new term UOS for used old stock! Hey Bombay - any news on the Mullard 12ax7
CAT vs VTL Sound
A JL2 as total overkill? Not if you want some of, if not, the best dynamics in the business with a tube amp. As for the VTL and CAT products sounding the same, from my experience. . .
Is Audio Research Corp alive and well?
I live only 5 minutes from ARC and have repeatedly gotten excellent service just as a walk-in customer. Each time I have needed a manual or parts kit, they are always right there . . .
combination tube amp and ss preamp?
I respectfully disagree...well not THAT any case, I use a SS preamp with a tube power amp simply because I want the cleanest and most accurate possible signal . . .
Counterpoint SA20
Daniel and Jond, one consumer's problems with a product or company does not imply everyone should run from the product or the company. I have seen that SA-5000 preamp listing here. . .
Thoughts of Pass XA30.5, 60.5
Another option would be to look for a non XA series Pass amp for less money than a second XA 30.5, maybe a 150.5 or 250.5 for the lower frequencies and run a XA 30.5 on the top. . . .
Buying a Tube Amplifier
Great response Freediver
1970's Audio Research Equipment, worth having?
If you want older ARC gear, I feel the peak of ARC was from 82-85 or so with the SP-8, SP-10, D70, D115, D250 models. Once they headed into the hybrid line, their sound became way. . .
Which Tube Pre for 5K?
If you can squeeze in another $500-800 on the used market, the Aesthetix Callisto Signature would be a worthy consideration as a huge step above the CAT, BAT and ARC
If you had 10k for pre and power amp but you had
I have a very similar experience with Darylhifi. I have tried so very many preamps and amps and over and over, I find so few preamps really bring on the musicality and involvement. . .
ARC Ref phono stage.
Bigkidz…..What many of us need is top-notch 100% tube head amp…like a modern version of the Counterpoint SA-2. So many preamps have great line stages and MM stages, but then rely . . .
Why do some model names use "MKII"?
Pubul57: You forgot "Statement"
New tube amp for ML Prodigy CAT, VTL, ARC????
I have a very different take on the CAT vs. ARC than Bozo. But then again, that is no surprise as I have not had much in common with anybody with orange hair. 8-) It's very . . .
Can OTL's drive ribbons well?
A very interesting thread as I will soon have an opportunity to listen to the Atmasphere amps with Electrostatics (SoundLab) and hopefully my Magnepan 3.5s if the dealer will allow. . .
Two things about tubes
Excellent response from Lloydc
Mono blocks are better or Stereo power amp?
As per Audio Feil's comment quite frankly my Hurricane's outperformed a $11,000.00 very famous American made Stereo amplifier which by all accounts should have wiped the floor . . .
A challenge: Reference system from 15yrs ago
Goldmund Studio with any of the great cartridges of the time, Counterpoint SA9 & SA11, ARC D250 or VTL 225/300, all premium NOS tubes, Martin Logan CLS or SoundLab A1. Just . . .
Budget Preamps for Atmaspheres?
If you absolutely want a balanced line stage, the BAT VK3 is an excellent choice....and sometimes falls around $1k or so. Otherwise I would give serious consideration to the CJ . . .
Best power amp for under 1K
Counterpoint SA or NPS series if you like a tube front end with ss output. For all ss, I would start with McCormack DNA series
The LS16 is not going to do much over what you have right now. I have said so much on this site on the LS5 so I will simply say that with the VT130 for which I also owned and ran . . .
Tube Amp Recommendation
The comments by Dfhaleycko make a lot of sense. Rather than focus on the power, focus on getting an amp whose sound mates well with your system. A pair of Atmasphere MA60s or the. . .
Best preamp for Audio Research VT100mkI
Hello, I read so much here about the LS2. I too am a huge ARC fan but this product was such a disappointment. After having enjoyed so much incredible musical enjoyment from the . . .
Spendor S8e Amp Suggestions.
Assuming the S8e (which I owned for a few years) has an impedance curve similar to the S5e (quite likely), using a tube amp will be less than optimal. Interestingly, I would say. . .
Tube preamp noise
Furthermore, among 4 sockets, one socket always generates more tapping noise regardless whatever combination of tubes used. This might also indicate that a tube socket needs to . . .
BAT VK 75SE vs 150SE's or maybe a VK600SE?
If these amplifiers truly sound EXACTLY the same, what is the benefit of the 150SE's? They cost more, there's the issue of tube replacement/maintenance, they have far less dynamic. . .
BAT VK-51 SE or McIntosh C200?
Sotaphile: Even after your own observations with the Cary indicated that something did not sound "right" for you, you still went ahead and bought the unit because of . . .
2 stereo amps in a mono-block config = 2 x power?
If the integrated's internal amp's two channels can be bridged into one channel driven by one of the integrated's preamp channels, then yes, you can benefit from more power as a . . .
amp and pre for Soundlab M-1's could try the Aesthetix Callisto Signature. 8
Tube rolling experience in Aesthetix Callisto Sig
Artg: Your concerns on "legitimate" tubes has much merit. It would be easy for many people here to misrepresent the vintage or manufacturer of a tube. But this is the . . .
6550 to KT88
Be very very careful with the JJ KT88s. Their reliability was a disaster for me with them not lasting more than 6 or so months. Upon destruction, they launched a power resistor . . .
IO Signature/Steelhead/Arc Reference/ and Colibrì?
Hello, I posted a similar question here last year. I recall that Albert Porter and another member here, both with phenomenol systems, preferred their systems with a line stage . . .
Too many tubed components in the system?
Hey Albert, Have you considered tubes for your Turntable Motor Controller? That could get you to 120
Tube Preamp with adjustable gain
Th ARC LS5 MK I and II have a 30/12 db switch. It's only got balanced connections though
Best tubed pre-amp w/phono stage for ss amps?
It's tough enough to find a top-performing line stage with the requirements as stated by Rich121. But to find it all in a full-function preamp rapidly narrows the field. There is. . .
Are Accuphase preamps "dull" sounding ?
"Except, maybe, for many Americans, who have the tendency to overpraise the brands of their country..." Well Adhoc, you're off to a good start to making friends in the. . .
CAT versus Berning
As a JL-3 owner driving an older pair of SoundLab A1s, I had a chance to hear the Berning in a direct comparison to the CATs into these speakers. The SL speakers are not the . . .
Nagra Service?
Hmmmm....You should have kept the flea as a backup
BAT vs Cary
"Cary favors the coherent/musical camp whereas the BAT is the detail/definition camp." Hah? He said BAT, not CAT! Other than a softening of the upper frequencies, the . . .
Audio Research LS-22 or LS-16 Which is Best
Well done Ken
CAT JL2 & Pre SL1 or Atma-Sphere MA-1 & MP-1
Brian (audiogon member is EssentialAudio) has much experience with these two lines next to each other driving Soundlabs. I suggest you send him an email for what I suspect would . . .
Tube Pre with remote and 2 pairs of outputs
Pretty much all the ARC preamps from the mid-to-late 90's have 2 sets of outputs and a remote option. The same is true for BAT products. But in the case of the Bat 3 series, . . .
The Ferrari 288 GTO of ARC Tube Amps
Hello.....what about the D250 in any of its versions? If you are driving Maggie speakers, I do not think the M100s will be enough. As for the M300s or CL150s (which I own), . . .
Any phono sections with adjustments on fly/front?
I had the ARC SP-10 for years and yes, it has the resistance loading selector knob...5 positions if I recall. Currently I use the BAT VK-P10 phono stage. This has a series of . . .
ARC SP-11 MkII vs. ARC Ref. 1 & the winner is.....
It's not easy to take such a review of the SP11 vs Ref1 very serious based on my ownership of some ARC preamps over the last 15 years. I owned an SP10 Mk II for 8 years and just . . .
ARC SP8 as Phono Stage
The SP8 has an MM phono stage. It is not meant to be used for MCs. If you do not have enough gain on the input of the LS-17 from the SP-8's tape outputs, then get a phono stage . . .
ARC Tube preamp suggestions
none of the Audio Research linestages short of the Ref. 3 fit that description. WRONG! The LS5 is way beyond the other line stages here when it comes to lush and warmth. The . . .
Tube preamp for techno and other bass-heavy music?
From my experience with BAT, Aesthetix and CAT line stages, the CAT really excels at the frequency extremes. Incredible bass extension and authority
CAT JL-3 Sig Mk2s direct from Wadia 781i?
As a CAT JL-3 owner and an APL Denon player with built-in volume control, I much preferred using an Aesthetix Callisto Signature line stage in the chain. With the Callisto, there . . .
2 out of 3 cats approve Mccormack over Adcom
I too am a CAT (Convergent Audio Technology) lover
First Tube Preamp
ARC SP-8 is my vote. This was THE most impressive experience for me when I heard this back in 1983. I was so ready to buy it but the dealer was not ready to let it go so fast. I. . .
Aesthetix Calypso and Berning ZH270 combo noise.
I have a friend here who has the Calypso and his setup is by far the most critical of cable placement than any other I have heard. He has to go through a lot of effort here to get. . .
Aesthetix Calypso, Tuberolling questions?
Albert is indeed the resident guru in the Callisto and Io but Jadem6 has probably done more tube rolling and tweaking to the Calypso than anyone else out there. A good place to . . .
Tube pre-amps: what defines "better"
Gs5556: I would agree very much with the importance of power supply design in tube preamps. But unfortunately high cost does not always imply a beefy power supply. Take the . . .
BAT preamp owners
Lvk, everything here gets mixed reviews....all the way up to the super-fi gear here. So much comes down to personal preferences and different compromises that each of us takes in . . .
Audio Research pre amp question
Very good advice from Rcprince. The LS5 has the musical magic, harmonic richness, natural decays, etc., that no other LS series before it ever had. And the LS15, LS22 did not . . .
Best bargain ARC tube pre amp around a grand
Hi Ken, Interesting to come across your post here with my dear 3.3s. You mention the lush ARC sound. The LS2 is anything but this. After I owned an SP10 for 8 years, listening . . .
Upgrade to balanced XLR interconnects?
I have found that certain links in the chain are far more sensitive than others to cable changes. For me the biggest is between preamp (ARC LS5) and amp (ARC VT130). Both of . . .
How do I turn off my Pass Labs X1?
Ok ok, put it in a bath of water. That should do it
ARC LS26 vs Ref 2 Mk 211
3 great choices
Warmer sound over detail - In the $3k range, consider the BAT 31SE. And can even be found with the very decent built-in solid state phono stage for a couple hundred $$ more
CAT SL-1 iterations
I can provide a little insight to some of the points made here as I have a CAT Ultimate II (w/phono) on loan for a few months to compare to the Aesthetix Callisto/Io. Amplifiers . . .
thougts on arc ref1--please advise
I hate to sound like a broken record, but the Ref1 simply never did it for me vs. the lower priced LS5 II and III. And this was universal of everyone I knew who owned the LS5 or . . .
Balanced Pre for Bi Amping Recommendations Please
One thing to keep in mind: just because a unit has XLR outputs does not mean that the product itself is truly balanced. If you need two sets of truly balanced outputs, the BAT 3 . . .
Need advice on my Parasound JC 1
Hmmm, I thought SS amps were supposed to be maintenance free. Now I don't feel so alone with constantly tweaking the bias pots on the CAT amps. 8
amps to match Magnepan MG3.6 Spkrs
Hello, As an owner of Maggie series 3 speakers for about 6 years, I have owned many amps, ARC VT-130, ARC CL-150, Counterpoint NPS400, Wolcott and heard Bryston, BelCanto with . . .
I agree with Btstrg's point here and yet just a simple response, "abc is better", is just as worthless. The word "better" is relative to all of us anyway. . . .
Pass X600 or VTL 450 Mono's for Magnepan
I have not heard of VTL amps taking out power resistors when tubes fail, but this was clearly the case with an ARC VT130 amp I had. This was quite a hassle on more than one time . . .
Bat VK-51se vs. Atma-sphere MP-1 Mk II
Hello, I know that you ask about the 51SE vs the MP1, but a year ago I was looking to spend much less so I compared the 31SE vs MP3 to my ARC LS5 III. This was at a Minneapolis . . .
What can i do to make my tube preamp sound warmer?
Hello, I have gone through many interconnects and have learned that a good balance of silver and non-silver is the way to go. SilverAudio makes a great line of cables but I found . . .
Amp blowing fuses
Hold on here Marakanetz.........not so fast! He said the problem went away when he switched interconnects. Did the fuse blowing problem return when the questionable interconnects. . .
Horiz/Vert Biamping
I am more confused as ever. Abex writes, "Horizontal to me is using an amp for the High\Mid Drivers for both channels and one for the Bass drivers for each channel, ...". . .
Audio Research Classic 150
Please do a search on these amps here in the forums. I have written much about these amps after owning them for over a year. And hopefully others have as well. The CL150's were . . .
Tube amps and speaker matching
Recently I read somewhere that tube amps are not good at driving speakers which have a wide impedance curve, say if the impedance swings from 3-20 Ohms across the audio range. . . .
Best amps to use with Sound Lab speakers
Good choice Brian. Meow
Anyone rolled tubes in an ARC Reference 3 preamp?
There's a lot of hype on the 6H30 DR tube. When I had a BAT 31SE, I had a quad of DR's. I also had a quad of the Sovtek hand picked from Upscale Audio. I really had to sweat to . . .
CAT or VAC for Shahinian Obelsik
With all due respect to Hassel, the CAT is not your average tube amp. Not all tube amps control speakers the same. 100 tube watts does not necessarily equal 100 tube watts. But. . .
Phonostage pairing?
Geez Chazzbo, you take this way too serious. And your recommendation of the EAR 324 is commendable, but with only 54 db of gain, this will probably not be suitable for the Koetsu . . .
Cost of Counterpoint 5.1
Gbslps - You owned all of the above preamps and amps and yet you say they were not really anything special? Why go through the trouble of owning more than one if the first one did. . .
Bi-Amping Possibility, which direction ?
When I had Magnepans I was all set to finally biamp these speakers. Ultimately the change to Soundlab speakers changed tihs, but the one crossover product that appealed to me was . . .
Advice on pricing old Audio Research pieces
BB may work for some people here, but I am with Lolo on this one - there's plenty to learn from what happens on A'gon alone .... and then ebay would be a worthy secondary choice. . . .
Which of the following preamps?
Andy, Do you need a line stage only unit or also one with a phono stage. If you need the phono, the SP9 could be a good starting point. But something like the LS7 with a more . . .
CJ LS17 vs ARC LS15
Have you considered the LS5? If you want more body, warmth, the LS5 is THE ARC line stage to do this. It has a 3-dimensionality, bloom and harmonic richness the LS15 can not . . .
mixing tube and solid state amps
Are you proposing a passive bi-amp or an active biamp? With an active biamp, it is typical for the low freq side of the active crossover to have a level control to match the two . . .
What tubes for ARC LS 5 preamp - 6922/6DJ8
Good to see you here again Tom. When I got my first LS5, the MK II, I put in RAM Labs 6DJ8 that I had purchased years ago for my SP10. The RAM tubes added a little more warmth . . .
To Cat sl1 owners: which tube amp?
The issue of excessive gain is not valid. ARC preamps of 18 and even 30 db, e.g., LS5, is not an issue with many many amps. I have been using preamps of this gain range for 30+ . . .
bat vk 3i vs arc ls2b
You need to tell people what attributes/qualities/sonics you seek here. At this price, there will be compromises in many places. And what is missing with yoru current line stage. . .
Questions About CAT JC-2
What is a CAT JC-2? Do you mean JL-2? We are talking about Convergent Audio Technologies, right? And what CAT website are you talking about? 10 resistors rather than 6? What. . .
Which tube preamp meets all these needs?
#5 reduces the list dramatically. However, the BAT VK5 series may come very close to your criteria. But I am not sure it has a HT bypass. And unfortunately finding a tube preamp. . .
preamp to go with counterpoint amp
Which Counterpoint amp do you have? .... tube or ss? I have been running an NPS400 with Basic upgrade for nearly 5 years. When I got it to compare to my far more expensive ARC . . .
CAT vs. Aesthetix vs. Supratek - Preamp Choice
I own the Aesthetix Io/Callisto and the CAT JL-3 amps. Earlier this year I borrowed a CAT Ultimate II for a couple months from a CAT dealer. The strengths and "house sound&. . .
Broken CAT
Do a search in the archives. A number of us CAT amp owners have reported our findings with non-CAT preamps
Bryston Amp for Magnepan 3.5R
I respect NSGarch's view here, but after owning 3.3s and 3.5s for a combined 6 years, and having heard them with so many amps in my home and at the dealer, the Brystons were by far. . .
Dartzeel or Audio Research VTM200???
Wow Mes, that's a lot of amp changes with some very top models. Out of curiousity, did you ever try the CATs
Power Amp Tubes Blowing - what's wrong?
Your situation is not unique. Could this simply be that the tubes have reached the end of their life? In just the last 2 months I have also had 2 power tubes fail in my CAT JL-3 . . .
What is a 'fast' amp?
Wow, good description, Elizabeth
Best 70+wattt tube amp under $2000 suggestions?
Hello, Great suggestions from Steveaudio. I would throw in the ARC VT130 to consider if you see yourself going into the ARC line. Right when the VT100 II came out, I listened to . . .
which auduo research pre?
I can't believe all the praise on the LS2xxx. There are enough people who have owned this, and even upgraded it, paid a lot of money for all this only to learn that a stock LS5 in. . .
ARC SP-8 to SP-17?
I will chime in with a very different response to the ones above. The SP-8 was ARC's first preamp that brought on awesome 3D and body to the instruments and harmonics that was . . .
Counterpoint upgrade or Virtue Audio?
Mike indeed is doing updates but only on some items as shown on his site. However, I think you would do better if you sold your existing Counterpoint items and used this money . . .
Moving Up the ARC Chain: Some Observations
Great write up. I went through similar changes with ARC gear in the 80s and 90s. My observation was that ARC was never consistent with a "house" sound. The next . . .
First tube roll: Which to change?
Listen for a few months? If you knew what was in store for you to improve your amp, you will not wait at all this long. After a week or so of casual listening to burn in the amp. . .
Io line out mod?
I would contact Aesthetix about this. It might be fairly easy to tap off a pair of connections in the circuit just before the volume control. Hopefully the device connected . . .
Pairing Aesthetix Calypso w/ Pass Labs or Plinius?
Contact A'gon member, Jadem6. He runs the Calypso into a Plinius 102. He has reviews of both of these two. Very well written. Check the reviews section
Supratek Cabernet vs Aesthetix Callisto Sig?
Oh well, I guess I will chime in and yada yada yada a bit. I own a Callisto Sig and these are really tough to find unless you're willing to buy a new unit. The Cabernet seems to . . .
Tube Amps: CAT JL3's vs ARC Ref 300's
Hello, As a current owner of the JL-3's and a past owner of ARC Classic60, Classic150 and VT130, I can provide some insight here. The VT130 stereo amp and the VT150 mono amps were. . .
Is a tube preamp a good idea?
Hello, I am a huge proponent of a tube line stage to get the harmonic richness, volume of space, decays, etc., from the music of top-flight LP and CD sources. For broadcast music. . .
Nagra VPA or ARC VTM200
Hello, I too had a pair of ARC Classic 150s for a short period. I have since learned that the 150w of the CL150s is not at all the same as the 150w on my CAT JL-3 Signature amps. . .
The elite phono stages VS. Full function Pre-amps
Hello, I have been thinking exactly along the same lines. I too own a standard Io with one power supply and want very much to hear how an Io signature might be and the benfits of. . .
CAT amps........Opinions please
Hello, I own a pair of JL-3 signatures and owned ARC amps for a number of years before. My favorite ARC amp was the VT130. It had a lush midrange warmth and an exceptional 3-. . .
all preamps gain and phase.
Yes, Newbee pretty much explained it right on. For years, I had an ARC LS5 II which had a 30/12 db switch. For LP as my source, the full 30db gain in the line stage was needed . . .
Help. A box beats my Maggie
I think the two Phil* posts above bring some valid points here. And yes the Maggies have dynamic constraints compared to other systems but we already know this. Magnepans are . . .
Upgrade or sell ARC LS-15 ?
Good Boy Ken
Any experience with unbalanced channels--7B-ST?
Easiest way to eliminate the speakers is to swap the amps to each drive the other speaker. Depending on where the "problem" goes, you will know if it is a speaker or one. . .
Best tube preamp with phono stage and mono switch?
Hello....Do you need a phono stage for MC or just MM? If MM is all you need, I suggest the ARC SP-8 if you like a lush harmonic rich sound. When I first heard this model in 1983. . .
Home Theatre Amp Suggestions
Hey thanks for the comments. I guess I was not very clear that in the HT system the speakers are changing to Talons: Khorus in front and Peregrine in back. Due to the higher . . .
Aesthetix Io won't start...7
Why are European Amps more expensive than Domestic
There is often another "middleman" (distributor) in the loop with foreign products in either direction. And this typically reflects a 50-100% increase
What happened to my EL84 tube?
Contact this guy for your tube
Organic, Texture, and Palpability - Please Define
Man oh man I have having a most difficult time behaving myself here but I will. But Albert, don't set me up again like that
VAC Phi 300 or CAT JL2 for the Avalon Vision?
The VAC or CAT will handle the Avalons with ease. The Atmasphere MA1/MA2 would be another product line I would give much effort to audition. I think it ultimately comes down to . . .
Good response Ghunter. I can relate to your last sentence as that was ultimately what I did with moving onto BAT, Aesthetix and CAT gear after being an ARC diehard for 15 years. . . .
Bat VK-31SE vs. 51SE. Sonic differences?
Hello Tom, I owned the 31SE for 2 years after going through various ARC preamps the previous 15 years. And having heard the Calypso (with NOS tubes) in my system, I agree on your. . .
They don't make them like they used to...
Celebrer makes an observation that I fully agree with. I have written many times on A'gon the phenomenol performance and value of the VT130 vs. virtually all other tube amps that . . .
Jadis JPS2 vs ARC REF 3 vs Aesthetics Calisto Sig
Albert points out how logistically difficult this would be. It is tough enough to do this with just two products. I have just attempted such a task to quantify and describe the . . .
Help with vertical Bi-Amping
To me Vertical biamping would imply one amp for the lower (BOTTOM) freqs and another for the upper (TOP) freqs. But this is unfortunately NOT the "definition". It is . . .
Ever used hybrid power amps?
Hello, I have owned a Counterpoint NPS400 for a few years now. What a great sounding amp at an incredible price for driving Magnepan speakers. It has a most neutral tonal balance. . .
Audio Research D-115 MKIII tube amp..
Mk III? This status must be due to some rebuilding by ARC since this amp's discontinued production in the mid 80s. To my knowledge, the D70, D115 and D250 only got a Mk II status. . .
Audio Research and Aragon
I had run ARC tube preamps, SP-10 & LS5 for 10+ years through a number of solid state amps, and never had a problem with shutting the amps down. A tube preamp can bring on warmth . . .
ARC LS-5 vs SP-10/11 for Plinius SA-102
Hello, I have commented over and over here about the LS5 II and III and also the SP10. I owned the SP10 for 8 years in the 80s. It was a wonderful preamp for LPs but its . . .
Any Bat VK-31SE owners out there...?
I just recently traded my ARC LS5 III for a VK30SE. And I compared both of these to the 31SE and an Atmasphere MP3 (what a huge disappointment!) at the local dealer here in . . .
Audio Research SP-10 6922 or 6DJ8
I owned an SP-10 for 8 years in the 80s and found the RAM tubes to work very well. In the later years these were 6922. When I switched from the older 6DJ8, the sound was less . . .
Audio Research Ref-1 vs sp10 mkII preamp
Hello. I owned an SP-10 for 9 years (mid 80s to mid 90s). This was an awesome preamp for phono reproduction. When I finally bought a CD player, Pioneer PD65, the sound was ok . . .
Experience with Audio Research SDP-1
I disagree with Brauser. The SDP1 is a great product for driving a pair of rear speakers for audio only. I would not want a HT preamp/processor to botch up what I worked so hard . . .
Audio Research SP 11 vs Audio Research SP 16
For what the SP-11 seems to be selling on the used market, $2000-2200, the LS5 and PH2 can be had for only a few hundred $$ more, and this pairing is far beyond the performance of . . .
Atmasphere ma1,VTL mb250, Jolida JD 3000
What a great response! Thanks for the detail
CAT Amp Power Tube Options...
I too am running with Winged C's (in JL-3's) but have also wondered what benefits KT88's might bring as they were wonderful in the ARC VT130 amp I had several years ago. With the . . .
Tube preamp as foundation for 2 channel upgrade
This is an issue that I have thought much about as well. I also currently use a ss processor (B&K) and a 5-channel budget amp (Adcom) but also a Counterpoint ss amp for the front . . .
Safe way to change cables with tube amp on...
A agree this is not a wise thing to do for so many reasons. And putting a resistor across the amp? You plan on removing/reconnecting this resistor each and every time to swap . . .
If someone already has a 5000, then putting another $1k here could very well be a good sonic product. But forget about recouping your money anytime soon. Finding really good full. . .
First Sound vs Aesthetix
Tvad: That is exactly why I own the Callisto Sig. And with a careful change of her tubes, she quiets down
Parasound JC-1 amps. Preamp advice??
From my experience, the preamp is the make or break component when it comes to bringing on a 3-dimensional musical presentation. If this is what you seek, a tube model is a must. . .
Audio Research Ref 1 or LS25 MK2 or BAT 50
Pbb: Please explain why you make a blanket statement to stay away from BAT equipment and then give no reason as to why. As I have posted many times here, I had an ARC LS5 II and . . .
BIG CAT's on BIG Wilsons
Wow, how exciting to have Ken stop by for a visit. As an owner of the JL-3's, I would be greatly honored. Joe Kubala was here last month and the incredible sound from the . . .
input tube rolling on manley neo classic 250's
Interesting timing to this post as I just tried some different tubes on the input of the CAT JL-3 amps. The stock Yugo EI 12AU7 tube was every bit as musical and open as the . . .
Which Audio Research gears are classics?
You want to hunt them down for the sake of owning them or because of their musicality? The D79, D150, SP3 are all popular favorites of the products in the 70s. But for many of us. . .
Invert phase, ARC LS3 ?
To my knowledge, no ARC line stages or preamps invert phase. But many CJ products do
B & K reference 50
Hmmm, the "logic" used by Rwwear really applies to all components here....why a thread on B&K was chosen to make such a statement is unclear. I own the B&K 50. It works. . .
Adcom 555,B&k St 140, Mccormack .5 dna
I have a 555 from the late 80s. It handles the difficult loads very well. There was no problem with Thiel 3.6 nor Thiel 2.3. However, the 555's sonics are mediocre at best . . .
Help to repair CAT JL1 monoamp?
I noticed that Audiogo member and dealer JTinn has a pair of these for sale so perhaps he can be of help to you. He is a heck of a nice guy to talk to
ARC SP good is it really????
This is always an interesting thread. For whatever reason the price for an SP10 on the used market is in the $2k+ range and I simply do not know why. I owned an SP10 for 8 years . . .
Q. about ARC LS5; & running an all balanced system
Hello Steve, Look up several of my threads over the last few years as I have discussed extensively the LS5 which I owned (MK II and later III) along with the PH2 from 1995 to late. . .
Comparison ARC Classic 30 and VT-50
For about a year I owned (given to me) a Classic60. I then had to return it a year later (complicated story) and then went with a VT130. Since the CL60 is the bigger brother to . . .
Preamp for someone who's never needed one?
I tried the Rothwell attenuators and surprisingly, they did a major truncation of 3D and harmonics in the system. They were out instantly
ARC LS5 mk3 or BAT VK-31 SE
Billandsol: I heard both in two systems: my own and at a dealer. Here are some links to A'gon threads I contributed to in the past. . .
Shipping Aesthetix Calypso/tube gear, in general
It is ALWAYS good practice to remove the tubes from their sockets and return them to their boxes. You can then wrap all this in bubble wrap and then put this bundle back inside . . .
I have no experience with the Hovland but I would be very careful with the VK-30SE. This has a very rolled-off top end. The 31SE upgrade, which was $1100 back in 2002/2003, was a. . .
Tube Comparisons on VTL 7.5
I too was unaware you could simply swap 12AU7's and 12AX7's but I have not tried this in my Aesthetix Callisto and Io components....I stay with 12AX7's. Over the last few months, . . .
CAT JL-2 Signature VS. Jadis JA80
Since your speakers have an amp for the bottom 2 octaves, you have several options for amplifiers that many of the rest of us do not have. I have not heard the Vandy 5 nor the . . .
DartZeel phono section...
Great great post from Mike. I too have the Io and fully agree with Mike on the issues of the Io's higher noise floor. Some of the treble detail deep in the music is a bit lost . . .
ARC LS25 or SFL2 preamp5
Convergent Aud orOtherBrands LetteringRubbingOff?
Well Albert, what about the Callisto
CAT amps comparison, continued
Well guys, if you can wait a few months, hopefully I will get back to Chicago around December with my JL-3 Signatures and get a chance to hear them vs. the JL-2 and the Atmasphere . . .
Which amp is better suited for LP playback?
Hello, You make no mention on the speakers you are or will be using. The amp to choose will depend much more on the speakers than the type of primary source in your system. System. . .
Digital Inputs on McCormack Preamps?
What you seek is a DAC within a line stage....and at $1000-1500 used? You ask for a lot at this price range. Perhaps your best bet would be to hunt down a HT preamp/processor . . .
Need Preamp Advice ARC VT100 mk2
I suspect that making use of the amp's balanced inputs would only be realized if you use a truly balanced (+/- phases) from your preamp. To add an extraneous transformer or . . .
AR Ref 300 Vs 300 Mark II Sonic differences...
I would take the 6922 input any day. And remove the Sovtek tube, throw it in the trash and try out any number of tubes such as the Telefunken, Amperex PQ, Valvo, etc
AR LS3 preamp sterophile review.....
I think there was a time right when the LS5 was reviewed by Stereophile that the LS2, LS3 and LS5 were all rated as Stereophile Class A. When you hear the LS5 compared to the . . .
Sumo The Five amplifier setup question
That seems very goofy .... running each phase of a balanced signal through its own single-ended RCA cable. Is this truly what is being done? ... or does the amp simply have . . .
Audio Research PH3 service, upgrades
The PH3 is not that old of a model. It sold for $1500 nine or so years ago and typically sells for $700-800 now. Other than playing with a couple different tubes, this unit . . .
Manley Neo-Classic500 vs VTL MB450
Here's the site to the amp in question:
ARC VTM200 Question
I assume you swapped the input cables on the amps to verify each amp is getting a signal. And try swapping speaker cables to eliminate a problem here too. Then a call to ARC . . .
ARC D115 Mk2 vs ARC M300
Oh yes, you will experience much the same when you switch from the D115 to the M300 like you heard from the SP-10 to the SP-11. I too owned the SP-10 for 8 years and after hearing. . .
Tough BAT choice ? VK-150SE/VK-600SE
Hello, As you can see from many of my posts here, I am a huge fan of BAT products, primarily phono and line stages; I have not heard their power amps however. But I have to . . .
Melos vs ARC
The two ARC line stages you list here are indeed analytical. And they are also much more expensive than the SHA-Gold. The Melos 333 was a line stage in a while different class of. . .
Experiences with Audio Research LS-2B
I do not mean to undercut Jax here at all and yet I have a much different experience with the LS2B MK II. If you are buying this because of all the rave reviews you read from the . . .
Comparing pre amps and the upgrade dilema
I had an LS5II for 6 years then sold it which was dumb so I turned right around and got another. Then I sold that for a MK III for just a couple hundred $$ more. The MK III is . . .
channel imbalance in arc ls5
Albert asks many questions that I had as well. It sounds more like a phase is out on the left side. This would make the right channel twice the level as the left. I do not . . .
ARC Ref 5 vs Aesthetix Calypso Signature
The Calypso SIgnature is over $10k? Ridiculous! Go get a used Callisto Signature
Counterpoint NPS 400 w/ Electrostats
One of my favorite audio values out there is the NPS400. It so severely embarrassed the ARC CL150s I had been using before. The NPS400 controlled Maggie 3.3 and 3.5 that I owned . . .
Tubes in the preamp's power supply -how important?
Huge indeed. My experience reflects the same with Aesthetix and even more so with the Counterpoint and Aria products. I recently replaced a Sovtek EL84 in a rebuilt Counterpoint . . .
Can a Receiver do the work of 3 Adcom Products??
A used Denon 5800 would tear up your Adcom separates. I have seen this Denon sell on A'gon for $800 and bought one as a gift. I could not believe the sonic performance! As an . . .
Audio Research LS2B Mk 2 has a hissing noise
Thorman - The LS2 only has one 6922 tube. It's easy to drop in another tube and see if the problem goes away. If not, expect $100-200 for service plus the round-trip shipping . . .
Most transparent, detailed Audio Research Preamp
There has been so much discussion on ARC preamps, the SP series, the early hybrid LS series, a return to an all tube line stage, the LS5, and then back to hybrid designs again. Do. . .
Aesthetix Io 2 vs. Lamm lp 2
Mike's description above is all the more reason why I want so much to hear the Lamm LP2 and the Io Sig compared to my older Io std model. And I only have one P.S. As Mike . . .
Audio Research LS-5 & Pass X250, good match?
Hello, As a long time LS5 MK II owner (7 years) and MK III owner (a little over 1 year), my experiences with the 2 versions is different than the previous post. In 1997, I took . . .
Tube Amp under $3000 for top end?
My all time favorite amp is the ARC VT130. These are often for sale at $1500-1800 and at 110wpc. They are more than enough for the top end of all but the most inefficient . . .
Experiences with Audio Research Tube Amps.
Hello, I had the VT130 for about two years driving Maggie 3.3 speakers. Much of the time, there was enough power but there were definitely times when the amp peaked out. But it . . .
Balanced pre-amps?
I own an ARC LS5 MK II preamp which was the first truly balanced preamp from ARC. The LS2 and LS3 had XLR connections, but neither was a truly balanced unit. The LS5 has an . . .
Pre Amp Wars/Advice
Good stuff that Counterpoint gear. The 5.1 has a cult following and for good reason. Other products such as the SA2 had similar issues with the PS. I got my SA2 PS rebuilt with . . .
CounterPoint SA -5.1 Tubes...
I see the same kind of result in the Counterpoint SA-2 and Aria WV preamp that use the 5651. The 5651 resembles a vacuum tube and yet it really is not. It is simply a voltage . . .
Anyone heard the whest Audio Ref Mk v ?2
Manley Wave VS. Cary SLP-05
If you don't need the DAC, $4k is a big price to pay for the line stage vs. all the progress made in line stages the last 8-10 years. I own the Manley Ref DAC which preceded the . . .
Electronic Crossover recommend
Knowing the rest of your system would give us an idea as to the level of "highend" that you need. If your corssover point is as low as you state here, can you even go . . .
Tube Amp For Mid/Hi
ARC VT130. This was absolute magic with my Maggie 3.5 ..... especially with KT88 tubes. And with it only having to drive the mids/highs, it will not at all be strained as it was . . .
Tube recommendations for ARC LS-2
What do you mean by improve the vocals? Do you want more 3-dimensionality, presence out into the room or harmonic richness? You can try all sorts of different tubes here but . . .
tube preamp for Linn/ARC system???
If you like the sound of the older ARC SP series, and you have MC cartridges of less than 1mv output, the SP-6 will not work at all unless you also have an MC step-up device. The . . .
What Preamp should I use
If you enjoy the clarity of the Adcom GFP-1, you are in for a real treat on the later generations of budget preamps. I would not recommend the GFP-555 in any version. Adcom made . . .
Counterpoint NPM monoblocs
Hello, I have a late model Counterpoint NPS400 (Fidelis model) amp that was upgraded by Michael Elliot 2 years ago. The NPM's are from the same period as the NPS400 so I have to . . .
Krell Pre with ARC Amps - how 'bout that?
Why on earth would you want to do this? Would be like putting a Geo Metro engine in a Ferrari! I have found the preamp to be a far more significant link in the chain than the amp. . .
Best Pre and Floorstanders to Match with ARC VT130
Hello, I owned the VT130 for a few years and very much enjoyed the musicality of this amp....especially with KT88 tubes which brought on a greater warmth and bloom than 6550 tubes. . .
Have AR sp-16 preamp need one with more features
1) What do you mean, distortion when you run another room off of it? Are you trying to drive 2 amps? This could be a problem if the resultant impedance of the two amps is less . . .
Pass X 250 supersymmetry:can i do vertical biamp?
What do you mean by "allow"? Pass has a very impressive active crossover, the XVR1 I think is the model number. I do not know what would stop anyone from using an X250 . . .
How good is today ARC PH2?
Hello, I will chime in here as I owned the LS5 Mk II / PH2 combo for 6 years, which replaced an ARC SP-10 I owned for 8 years. I then changed to the LS5 MK III for one more year. . .