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Can any preamp be better than the final H-Cat?
Other than an email address the H-Cat website does not give any contact information, and the domain name registration information which is private reveals nothing other than the . . .
Designer Hall of Fame
Audiobroke wrote: John Curl. The Parasound JC-2, JC-1's, CTC Blowtorch Pre, and Vendetta Phonostage define his accomplishments. All World Class to World Beating products. Yup, . . .
Classe move to China
01-04-12: Pubul57 What car is built in SC? I'm going to buy one! BMW for one As with many countries, both good and bad products come from China
World's best Pre-amp for $10K and above?
It sure sounds like somebody's been drinking the Kool-Aid
VAC Ren II, VAC Phi, or ARC Ref 3?
David, I differ with your finding, based upon several years of experience owning a Blowtorch. It has never been hard edged, simply ruthlessly revealing yet musical as it gets. You . . .
Fremer lays an Ostrich egg...
French_fries, I agree that you needn't be concerned. It has happened many times before in audio and no doubt will happen many times again. The only thing that matters is whether . . .
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Dennis_the_menace: A sleeper for sure. Maybe because they're only $4500 people don't take them seriously
Opportunity to buy the best Preamp... but which?
Jfz, the last CTC Blowtorch to be completed is available, although perhaps not for long. It is a classic but is too much trouble to build
tube amps and electrostatics
Autoformers cost more than many speakers themselves. That's a factor to consider in the equation that can't be ignored. Have you checked the price on Zero autoformers? Even in . . .
Tube Preamps...I'm sold
Tboooe, you are ruined :-) You will come back to The Tube. Nothing else with the features you mention even comes close
Review: H2o Audio Signature Monoblocks
Muralman1, shielding may help but won't stop back EMF from digital gear that can get into the rest of the system
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
One of my customers traded in his Ref 3 for a used Ref 40th Anniversary. Better, for sure, but "whole 'nuther ballgame", dunno. Could have had a V-8
Conrad Johnson ACT2 against Audio Research Ref 3
Ginas, I don't have a strong opinion on the ACT 2 vs. the Ref 3 but suggest you might consider upgrading your digital source. (sorry to hijack this thread) The Andras need serious. . .
Tally up best preamplifier ever
Great post, John. Naturally I agree with your choice but also with the overall view that an "absolute" best doesn't exist. For what it's worth, there are a few very nice . . .
Parasound JC1's vs. Sim Audio W10
Mahandave, those binding posts on the Parasounds were chosen for a reason, that overall they sound better than anything else... Superior Electric binding posts are the original, . . .
Which basic amps can drive 1 ohm loads ?
Lazarus h1a hybrid amps in mono mode can easily drive Scintillas without breaking a sweat
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
After reading the past week's posts to this thread, I throw in my two cents' worth about Joe Trelli (Trelja). Although he and I are only acquainted from a few private emails and . . .
Power Conditioner for your amplifier?
My findings agree with Tbg's as far as the Isoclean products being suitable for use with amplifiers as well as front end components. The dual transformers and 80A3 line filter are . . .
Pure Class A shootout
Rockport speakers are voiced around Gryphon amplifiers, although Andy Payor has used several different amplifiers both tube and solid state over the years, including ML 33s. If you. . .
Solid state amp ultimate stop...
Muralman1, with all due respect David's amplifier is light years ahead of the H2Os... He bought it to drive some massively inefficient speakers which he replaced, but nonetheless . . .
Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
I heard one of the SIT amps recently, and it sounded very good, fuller and richer than other First Watt amps also demo'd. One concern I might have is how many of these SIT devices. . .
Dartzeel amp lives up to hype
Jonathan, were Andy's (Hooper/Quint) amps "treated with an aftermarket product", since according to some recent posts of his on AA both had problems and he switched to . . .
Tenor Hybrid v. VTL MB-450 Sig.
Being familiar with rcrump's and rhyno's systems, I'll throw out a couple of thoughts, biased as they may be. The Merlins excel at what they do, portraying a detailed, musical . . .
Why the switch from Kharma/Tenor to DarTZeel/VSA
AFAIK Metralla heard the VR-11s in Las Vegas (he said, "Based on my auditioning") as did I, and he and I got together several times during the show. Most likely a matter. . .
Anyone heard of DK design group?
According to this , it's Blue Diamond Elementary School. Then you might want to ask, who is D1575? I always have to wonder when seeing a post about something I've never heard of . . .
Anybody have some experience with Bedini amps?
Ziva, Good for you! Dick Shahinian, a gentleman of good taste and with extensive knowledge of classical music, has been using and recommending Bedini amps for a long time. I've had. . .
Unhappy with tubes so which transistor amp?
Nsgarch wrote: You are not unhappy with tube amps, you are unhappy with the ARC tube amp. You love the sound but don't want maintenance/reliability headaches. I tend to agree. . . .
ICEpower Digital Switching Amps?
In message Ar_t identifies himself, but not in subsequent posts - might be a good idea to do so. Looking. . .
The End Of Big Iron?
Mapman, letting the heat coming off amplifiers escape to the outdoors can be extremely effective. Whether that requires ductwork depends upon the construction and what systems are . . .
Best Solid State for Avalon Isis
Rob, was it you who called? Save yourself time and trouble :) Brian
cat jl3 signatures vs. atmashere ma2III's
Kyomi, when posting the professional thing to do is disclose that you are a dealer with a vested interest. While it may seem to reduce the influence of your remarks, it actually . . .
The Audio Research Reference 10 is here $30k
One of my customers had a Ref 3 for quite a while and recently replaced it with a Ref Anniversary. Is it better? Certainly, but I don't know if I'd call it night and day. I too . . .
Bob Crump passes away over holiday.
Some good posts here, notably Fred's and Harmonia's. Since I was closer than most to Bob, I may be able to offer some additional information. Bob had been married, I think once, . . .
Bryston 7B SST vs. Parasound Halo JC 1 shootout...
Don't let the JC-1's attractive appearance fool you into thinking they're mid-fi. What's under the hood is a polished design by the members of the CTC team, and the sonic results . . .
Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear
Transmission Audio Ultimate. According to a recent article they have orders for two of these $2 million systems
Anyone have problems w/McIntosh warranty
From the perspective of a dealer (though not of Mac), I understand their policy. They want and expect their dealers to sell face to face, not by mail order, not over the Internet. . . .
Big Karan amps
Optarchie, the M1200s are $57k the pair. The M650s are $38.5k. I had a KA S450 ($28.5k) here for a while and would like to get one. It drove the Sound Labs effortlessly
Best tube pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ?
Frankpiet, there are big differences between the CAT SL1 Ultimate and the Hovland...on your fine speakers you would hear them immediately. Since your amp has balanced inputs you . . .
Why all these JC-1's for sale?
All of my customers interested in the JC-1s audition them in their systems. I'm a firm believer in try before you buy, and most often I take them over to their homes to set them up. . .
The Fastest most musical amp
Dismalonyx, you're right on about complex cabling networks messing things up. As for what's fast, I've owned some of what's mentioned above, no names mentioned as I don't care to . . .
Whose sorry now? Sellers remorse from selling amp.
None here, but the guy who sold me his Bedini 25/25 was sorry to see it go... Brian
Service from Audio Research
A dealer's primary obligation must be to his customers. In this case he should be communicating diligently with ARC to quickly resolve the issue without you needing to be involved. . .
Tube amp for Avalon Eidolon ?
Along with Rushton's recommendation, I'd strongly recommend CAT. Brian
What was/is the heaviest weight amp you herd/own
Krell Master Reference monoblocks, about 600 lb. each, heard at CES several years ago at introduction. Wouldn't own them
Gryphon Colosseum vs. Karan M2000 monoblocks
Sonics notwithstanding, there is entirely too much controversy associated with Karan especially in terms of distribution, so it would be off my list
Will the new C.A.T. LEGEND be the ultimate preamp?
A little FYI. My friend is the CAT dealer in the Chicago area and has the SL1 Ultimate preamp and JL2 amp. At some point I imagine the Legend preamp may be on hand. Anyone wanting . . .
Placette RVC review in Stereophile
Tom, from your posts I assume you are in the Detroit area. John Renbourn's spring tour of the US is mostly over, but there's always next year. His website ( lists. . .
Best wire to replace stock wiring in preamp?
Teflon insulated solid core silver would be a good way to go
DarTZeel NHB-108 Is this the best amp ever?
Rich, you're not the only one. But why go back, when the company is closed down? Brian
Can you have too many tubes?
Hey Ralph, how many tubes in a pair of MA-3s? :-) Brian
Cool Amps Needed for Eggleston Savoy's
Eric, I'm sure the Savoys love amps with muscle, as the Andras do. If you place high priority on cool operation, the Rowlands might be one of your few choices. I think the 301 . . .
Solid State Amps for Quad ESL 57?
I got reasonably good results with a Bedini 25/25 but would probably use tube amplification today
Shindo Monbrison balance issue?
I agree with Chashas1: ask your dealer, and if necessary pursue it with the distributor. It sounds most likely to be a volume pot issue, i.e. channel tracking issue. There shouldn'. . .
Einstein The Tube
Audphile1 wrote: My suspision is that the Einstein preamp has very limited volume steps and that is what the problem is, along with its relatively high gain of course, which is . . .
Parasound P5
Runnin, you are correct: the P 5 will retail for $950. Built-in DAC with optical, coax, and asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB inputs Fully adjustable high and low pass crossovers . . .
I have just purchased the latest Sound Lab M1
Dennis, you are the only person I've heard of saying Atma-Sphere MA-2s not being adequate to drive Sound Labs. There are quite a few happy owners out there using that combination, . . .
Ok....Audiogoners: need some tube amp ideas
Agree completely with what Atmasphere said. Their amps with autobiasing are simple to use and enjoy. Just hook 'em up and switch 'em on. Initially you want to zero the DC offset . . .
$4000 to spend on a SS power amp - help me choose
Yes, I owned a pair and they are powewrful indeed but no soundstage depth and too hifi sounding for my tastes. I've always had tons of depth with the JC-1s as have my customers. . .
Audio Research Ref 250s for Magnepan 20.1s?
If you buy Refs be sure to have a significant budget for replacement tubes. MG 20.1s require biamping to be at their best, which is often overlooked
Comparing sound of Tenor 150 HPs vs. Lamm M1.2
Why would you buy such a thing before listening to it? Would you buy a car, especially a brand you're not familiar with, without a test drive? Try before you buy. Insist on it. . . .
Atma Sphere deserves praise
Samujohn: If it were only that simple. In that case no one would own speakers weighing more than, say, 80 lbs
Wood v. Metal for stands. Is there a clear winner?
Dpac996, here's an easy experiment. Take everything off one of the glass shelves, then take a key or small screwdriver and strike it, not hard of course. Does it ring? Of course it. . .
Next Biggest Improvement after Speakers ?
You left one out: the ROOM. Brian Walsh
New Vandersteen oil cooled hybrid amplifiers
Rpeluso: Spot on! A speaker manufacturer who starts making amplifiers tends to damage relations with amplifier manufacturers with whom they have worked in the past, hurting . . .
Atma-sphere S-30 with Reference 3A?
Audiofeil is correct: for the S-30 the loudspeaker impedance should be a minimum of 8 ohms across the board, sensitivity notwithstanding. Redcarerra, I would recommend the M-60s . . .
OK folks, what the best pre for under 10,000?
What is the rest of your system? Do you prefer tube or solid state, and why? Do you need remote control? Balanced or single ended, or both? Just a few questions to help you make . . .
New Variac for Joule Electra Amps
Happy to hear Rich was able to help you out. Is Joule Electra still in business? Jud hasn't been at any recent shows as far as I know
McIntosh 501 or 602 for Magnepan 20.1
Peter: have you actually *heard* the JC-1s (broken in, please!) driving the MG20.1s, either single- or bi-amped? Or is your comment about them being "too much", i.e. too . . .
Lamm M 1.2 against Tenor 300 and Boulder 2060
Since you are in Spain, may I urge you to visit the dealer there who sells Lamm electronics and Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, reported by some people as having one of the . . .
Parasound JC1 or Spectron Musician 3 se
Missioncoonery wrote: Parasound has build issues and run hot as hell I must strongly disagree based on experience with JC 1s since early on, but if you would care to qualify your. . .
Looking for an amp to drive Eidolons Vision.
I think it's worth mentioning the Atma-Sphere MA-1s Jafox heard here last December were virtually new out of the box, with just a few days' use, although they did pretty well. The . . .
Otl's with AvantGarde Duos?
It seems to me the primary goal of an OTL is to eliminate hysteresis loss and bandwidth limiting imposed by output transformers. Since David Berning's patent is about another . . .
Parasound Halo JC-1 -VS- Bryston 7B-ST?
Downunder, at 4-500 hours the JC-1s will sound as you about 1000 hours things dramatically improve, becoming quite lively and involving, at 1200 hours even more so. . .
What amp for Q5's? Spectral, Solution, Gryphon
A couple of weeks ago I visited a customer who has Q5s driven by Spectral 360 monoblocks. He listens at low to medium volume only, yet he voluntarily said the amps were not the . . .
Boulder monoblocks
I suggest this is certainly not the right place to find out which amplifiers you prefer. What speakers do you have? Or are you considering others? You cannot determine what works . . .
Parasound P/LD-2000
Daltonlanny, there are several inaccuracies in your post. Parasound has not said anything of the sort. I should know since I'm a Parasound Halo dealer. Brian
VTL, CTC, Lamm, ARC, EAR, Halcro, Mark Levison
Gliderguider is correct, there will be no more. This was true before Bob passed away because it was not economical for them to continue, and they were a labor of love
Parasound JC-1 vs. Pass 250.5
Rapier21, one of my customers owned XA160s for a little while before changing to something else. The XA160 is quite different from the other amplifiers in their line, and in fact . . .
CAT SL-1 Ultim. Mk2 vs Manley Steel. for CAT JL-2
Ubglub, Jafox has the JL3 Signatures ($30k/pr) which are rated at 150 watts each. The JL3 (standard) monoblocks, also rated at 150 watts each, are $22k/pr, and the JL3HCs are . . .
VAC PHI 2.0 or CTC Blowtorch or...
I have a Blowtorch and have never heard it either... Brian
Best Tube Preamp for JC-1 Monoblocks?
Audio_girl, as far as I know no date has been set for introduction of the JC-2 since it is still in development and getting the details worked out for production takes time. Early. . .
Best amps for full range electrostatic loudspeaker
Since I owned Audiostatics up until a few months ago and also own (and sell) Parasound JC-1s, I'll throw in my two cents' worth, biased as it may be. I owned Audiostatic ES100/. . .
Mcintosh vs Parasound
Hi Sea2, JC1s might surprise you; Perfectionist is right that break in takes time, with signal going through, not just powered up, but it's well worth it. Send me an email for info. . .
ARC Phono Ref 2 SE - Dealer Demo Unit Worth Price?
If you buy a cartridge from the same dealer, insist on him installing and aligning it accurately, including azimuth adjustment (in my experience almost never level when viewed from. . .
Anybody blow a ceramic woofer with an OTL amp?
Tireguy is right. It can be easier to damage a speaker with a 20 watt amp than it is with a 400 watt one. On the other hand, it's true the ceramic drivers are more fragile - damage. . .
Shindo preamps
Arthur Loesch has nothing to do with Shindo, if that's what you meant. Vinyljh is Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports, US distributor of Shindo
Aurios under JC1 monoblock's?
Get rid of the glass! It rings, obviously. Likewise, I do not recommend the cork-and-rubber sandwich isolators which tend to rob the music of richness and energy. I recommend rigid. . .
Parasound JC-1 power amplifier
Dazzdax, I don't know where you are getting your facts, but your negative criticisms of the design and parts quality are unsubstantiated and unwarranted. What ax do you have to . . .
Roger Sanders is back
Thanks for sharing the good news, Angela. It's great that Roger is back doing what he loves, and I can't wait to see what else he comes up with. Brian
from a Krell SS- FPB 600 to What Tube Amp ?
Before thinking about amplifiers I suggest you settle on loudspeakers, as you indicate you want to change them as well. A bit of information on your room and music and listening . . .
Question for Rowland aficionados
Other manufacturers using the ICEpower modules include Acoustic Reality in their eAR amps. Others have tried them and chose to go discrete... Tkheem has shed some light on what's . . .
Sonic difference between the CAT JL2 Sig & CAT JL3
The Osiris is power hungry, the more the better. Hence I would recommend the JL3, even though its nominal rating isn't that different from the JL2 Signature. However, the JL2 . . .
Amp and Pre to match Wilson W/P 8 and others
The W/P 8s are an easy load and work well with tubes, including OTL amps of 60 watts or more. A matching tube preamp will work wonderfully with your CD player
power amplifiers with ICEpower module
Dazzdax, you described some of what others are hearing, although some report the $15k Rowland 300 series may not have these drawbacks. Other amps using the ICEpower modules have . . .
Powerful Push Pull Triode Amplifiers
Ralph's MA-3 amplifiers are $82K per pair. I can't imagine what they would sound like driving your MBLs :-) Brian
To Plug Power Amps Direct in to Wall or Not ??
If my budget allowed I might likely have each amp plugged into a pair of Isoclean isolation transformers instead of directly into the wall, based upon what they do for the front . . .
More power for my Duos?
One of my customers is using Kronzillas with his Duos and likes them
Battle of affordable pre-amps: Rotel vs Parasound
Dhl, that's not altogether true. Given the choice, John Curl prefers discrete devices, but he has designed products using op amps, some of which have won product of the year awards. . .
Angela, this is rare as far as I know, but when a JC-1 gets into a runaway condition a domino effect of output device failure is possible. Your friend should contact Parasound . . .
Why is the trend to make separate phono stage
If the line stage injects noise into the phono stage, an outboard one can sound better. When all is shielded and isolated correctly, the reverse is true, as there are no . . .
My oh my....guys check this out
It's no hoax, it's the real deal. As others noted, Bruce demonstrated it at RMAF. The price is not out of line for what it does, and the design is technically sound (pun intended. . .
Inverted phase preamps?
Elizabeth wrote: Since 50% of all recordings are phase-inverted, and from one to the next you can't tell except by playing, I would say it does not really matter!!!!! So just . . .
Alternatives to Pass Labs
Harry, I'm curious if the Parasound JC-1's you auditioned were broken in? They go through phases during break-in, including bright and dull. If anything they err slightly on the . . .
Need more info on the Electron Kinetics Eagle-7A
Hi, I just spoke with a buddy who uses a pair of Krell MDA-300s to drive the woofer towers of his modified RS-1Bs. He uses a Dahlquist active crossover in lieu of the Infinity . . .
Emperical Audio Mods for Parasound Halo JC-1'S
Based upon the extent of the modifications the price sounds commensurate, however, and it's a big however, it voids the Parasound warranty, which is ten years parts, five years . . .
Lamm ML2 Vs Tenor 75
The amplifiers are quite different, and although each is excellent, the performance will depend largely upon what speakers they are driving. The Tenors are OTLs putting out 75 w/ch. . .
Parasound JC-1 and B&W 803d
Braro, it would be interesting to know what the rest of your system is, to put your comments in context. Brian
Balanced preamps with Atma-sphere MA-2's
According to Ralph Karsten of Atma-Sphere, the just-released MP-1 MkIII has a new power supply that features a lot more regulation and a better bridge supply scheme for the output . . .
Amps for Avalon Osiris CAT JL3, Boulder 2060, Dart
Hodelrecords, it's good to hear your Fouriers are doing well. They are good sounding amps, maybe a bit on the dark side. The original power supply high voltage electrolytic caps . . .
New tube amp for ML Prodigy CAT, VTL, ARC????
John (Jafox): you tell it like it is - the JL1s will drive them very well, but the improvements in the JL2 make it preferable in most cases. Thanks for bringing your JL3 Signatures. . .
Parasound JC-1 with B&W Nautilus speakers?
Break in the JC-1s 24/7 with music going through, low volume is 30 or 31 days you will hear a very nice improvement, and it keeps getting better for almost another month . . .
ARC vs Atma-Sphere and ARC vs VTL Amplifiers
Hi_hifi, I'll try to offer a little advice and encouragement on your intended system, since I own Sound Lab U-1s and am a Sound Lab dealer located in the Chicago area. First of . . .
What affordable amp should go w/ magnepan 1.6?
A friend uses an Audiomat Arpege integrated amp with very good results. Others have reported good results with Innersound amps. I don't sell either one, but they're fine products. . .
Is there any obvious advantage for monoblocks?
Elgordo, the Parasound HCA-3500 which you mention is now available in a nicely improved monoblock version called the Halo JC-1. While the JC-1 is largely an HCA-3500 split in two, . . .
Dartzeel or Mark Levinson 33H
For 88 dB sensitivity speakers nominally rated at 4 ohms but dipping to 2.5 ohms, I would be careful about amplifier matching. The dart frequently is used with speakers rated . . .
Vol. Control, TKD Or Dact For Counterpoint Pre ?
FWIW the CTC Blowtorch preamp uses slightly modified TKD pots. It is suggested to avoid use of Vishay resistors since image height variations are lost or at least diminished. Brian
Parasound JC-1 Questions
1. No problem at all turning them on and off as needed. They sound better after about 45 minutes of playing music and are pretty much fully warmed up after 90 minutes. 2. I don't . . .
Elite Preamps--Electon Images, Messenger, Tube Res
Line stage only? Single ended, balanced, or both? I heard the Messenger briefly at last year's CES, briefly because I didn't care for the sound of the system overall. I've heard . . .
shindo vs. atma-sphere
If you are using amplification with balanced inputs, especially if a balanced design internally, Atma-Sphere may well be your choice. Single ended equipment can be used very . . .
Joule Electra VZN 100 Need help
Before doing anything else, I would call Jud on the phone
Will I benefit with 20 or 15 amp dedicated lines
A subpanel can have its own grounding, isolated from the ground of the main panel. I used 6 gauge for the ground, bolted to the center of a buried 2'x2' steel plate as is done for . . .
accuphase vs dartzeel
Dazzdax, what speakers do you have, and what's the rest of your system and your room? What are your listening preferences? Without knowing these things this discussion is pointless. . .
amp and pre for Soundlab M-1's
A CTC Blowtorch or an Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk.III would be a great choice. I know of a couple of the former that are available. Brian
Voltage regulation for Joule amps
The Joule amps all have built in variacs
Atmas-phere MP-3 MKIII --- opinions?
The other day after dinner with friends in Atlanta we went to one of their homes, where we demonstrated the Atma-Sphere UV-1 in his very high end system. The preamp acquitted . . .
Good SS Designers and their lesser known designs
John Curl - Dennesen and Symmetry, to name two, although the products were not power amplifiers
BAT VK 600 M SE power conditioner
As others have said, avoid line conditioners for amps. Good dedicated lines with isolated grounding will help quite a bit, along with high quality wall receptacles. Ensure your . . .
Parasound JC-2 character?
5560, as a Parasound Halo dealer I suggest that you find a dealer in your area willing to let you demo one at home if at all possible before purchase. The reviews speak for . . .
Audio Grade fuses
I recommend a 3 amp fuse, not a 4 amp, where the original value is 3.25 amp. It is prudent to err on the conservative side. Brian
CTC Blowtorch
Hi Mike, Stacking them will work fine for the interim. I had mine set up that way for a while till I put them in a proper rack. Depending upon what else is nearby, you may notice a. . .
CAT JL2 & Pre SL1 or Atma-Sphere MA-1 & MP-1
The Coincidents are an excellent match with Atma-Sphere electronics. An MP-3 or MP-1 preamp is a synergistic match with the MA-1s - the special caps option for the preamp is . . .
Amplifier and preamplifier for Wilson Watt puppy 7
Have you tried a different digital front end
Replacement for my Beveridge RM-1 and MD D-75?
Ddt_jmt, since there is no direct replacement for the Beveridge preamp, I would look for a tube preamp with a very good phono stage built in, the cost of which the insurance . . .
Wilson Alexia vs Raidho D3
Knghifi, you are correct. But some people believe what they read, and when a dealer doesn't voluntarily include a disclaimer it is deservedly subject to question and criticism, . . .
Retailer in Austin, TX
Give Brian Kurtz of Sound Mind Audio a call to schedule a demo, 512-377-2834 or 512-922-6043, and tell him I said hi. Brian
CAT JL-3 Versus VAC phi 300.1 monos?
Choose your speakers first, then the amps. MBL and Avalon are very different from each other. No sense in putting the cart before the horse
Tube Research GT-100, GT-200, Lamm 1.2 for 4 ohm
711, the TRL amps are very nice. I would suggest bringing the rest of your system and room up toward that level before taking the plunge. Everything matters. Brian
Marantz 7 Questions
There is only one model, the 7, which is erroneously called the 7C. 7C refers to the optional wood enclosure ("C"ase). The 7T was the transistor model
what preamp for Tenor 150Hps or 300Hp ?
Metralla couldn't be more right. Get a good basic system but don't go wild before you have a chance to become accustomed to what you are hearing, and progress from there. Spending . . .
OT: CES January 2004
THE Show will be at two venues, the San Remo and the San Tropez. The latter is next to the Alexis Park, venue of the CES high end audio exhibits. Brian
Parasound JC-1 - Standby during playback?
More information on your system (components and line conditioning) could be helpful... Rather than this being due to voltage sag, I would suspect a bit of DC coming from your . . .
Creek vs. Parasound
Kencalgary, what is your understanding of what biwiring means
CES in Las Vegas
11-24-09: Mrtennis don't waste your time. the sound is genereally poor, even with your own cds. i have been attending ces and the show for about 15 years. probably won't do it . . .
Need advice on my Parasound JC 1
Yes, the feedback resistors were changed from the first batch, but I don't think it is unrelated to bias issues. I had an early pair as well and didn't have any problems with bias. . .
What is the Best Amp to match with CJ ART??
All Atma-Sphere MA-1s have had 14 output tubes for quite a few years. I have 14 tube MA-1 Mk II.3s that I use and demo, as well as a pair of a pair of 12 tube MA-1 Mk Is. The . . .
The question "The Acoustat Delema"
Find a pair of the Acoustat direct drive servo amps as used in earlier models such as the Acoustat X and Monitor III. If you do, contact me and I'll put you in touch with a couple . . .
What SOLID STATE preamp recommended for the JC-1?
CTC Blowtorch, by a significant margin. More affordable units offering good performance would include Ayre
Pre-Amp for Parasound JC-1
The MP-1 is a very nice preamp with an ardent following. Although I haven't owned one, I know someone who replaced one with a Blowtorch and was overwhelmed with the improvement. He. . .
Honest Vintage Tube Repair - SoCal
Jimmy2615, glad to hear it all went very smoothly. A recommendation by Steve McCormack is a solid one, as he himself is the real deal even though we haven't done . . .
Parasound Halo A21 - Power conditioner?
I recommend against using any kind of line conditioner on an amplifier, including the A 21. If you are concerned about surges and lightning strikes, unplug it when not in use. . . .
Will Cello Duet 350 drive Apogee Diva?
I don't know the Cello amps but think it all depends on power supply and current capability...Sogood51 is probably right, though. One of my clients who has Full Ranges he bought . . .
Preamp question: Mcintosh c500t vs Einstein mk2
When using Mac in a system be sure to check polarity such as by swapping + for - on speaker cables, as very frequently Mac inverts polarity
Best amps to use with Sound Lab speakers
Albert has listed quite a few, although I would rank them differently. In addition, Convergent Audio Technology amps work very well. Brian
Zero Autoformer good/bad for Atma/Quad combo
No, I would not expect any benefit from using Zeros with MA-1s driving 988s. M-60s might be a different story, but I would try them with and without. M-60s drive Quad ESLs (57s) . . .
Pass Labs X-600 vs. X350.5 vs. SoundLabs?
If your JC-1s aren't yet broken in, I suggest you haven't heard them. Play music through them around the clock. Volume level doesn't matter (just not zero), nor does high or low . . .
Isoclean Fuses
Isoclean fuses are sold direct by the distributor, although Isoclean dealers (I am one) can get them. They only make slow blow types because they have found fast blow not to sound . . .
which balanced preamp to recomend?
Herron preamps are single ended only. A used Atma-Sphere MP-3 probably could be found within your price range and is fully balanced. Brian
Amp Help ICE or Class D
Heard a pair of NuForce amps recently. Analog switching type. Not sure I agree where you're coming from, Plato, as you did not say what they were compared to and describe the rest . . .
Suggestions please: Upgrade from Krell KMA 160s
Springbok10, I'm not sure where you're reading about issues with JC-1s, as I haven't heard a peep except for a small handful having minor issues such as a front panel light or . . .
Art Audio - anyone know what's up?
This is the first I've heard of Tom Hudson not responding, although it's been a while since he has been to a show. If indeed CommandAV was a dealer for them, by all means give them. . .
Abbingdon Music Research gold fuses ???
They are $20 each. I use some here to good effect, and so have my customers
Questions About CAT JC-2
Thankfully these sorts of issues certainly don't apply to most tube amps
what solid state amps for the soundlab u-1
Don't know why my two previous attempts to post to this thread didn't make it, but I'll try again. Audfile74: A pair of Sound Lab U-2s (similar in size to M-3s) I sold were driven. . .
The Thor TPA 150 Monoblocks are incredible
How about telling us about your system and where you auditioned them or from where borrowed them, so we can put your comments in some kind of context? Are you a dealer or . . .
Out of this speaker rockort, Atlair
I respectfully disagree about the MBLs, which tend to need a big room and significant listening distance, not to mention gobs of power. And then there are aesthetic considerations. . .
Lazarus Audio any Schematics Anyone?
I know a guy who has schematics for both the amp and preamp, but for no justifiable reason he stubbornly refuses to share them. *sigh* Life is too short for people to be that way. . .
Good impedance match for Atma-Sphere MP3?
Bill, the S-30 won't drive Wilson Sophias well, but MA-1s, especially Mk IIIs, will do a wonderful job. A pair of M-60s could be used if budget is limited but you'd likely want to . . .
Tube Amps: CAT JL3's vs ARC Ref 300's
With what associated equipment, especially loudspeakers? Brian
is Plinius Sa102 "enough" for SF Amati ?
I doubt it, unless you are listening only at low levels. The SFs work best with very 'muscular' amplifiers even though their sensitivity ratings may not indicate it. Otherwise they. . .
Amp/pre for Soundlab M1s Advice: Digital or no?
Brian, I am a Sound Lab dealer and have heard a Spectron amp on them some time ago. It was an OK match, nothing particularly wrong, but I didn't hear any magic. I was the first . . .
Parasound Halo JC-1 Monoblock Break-in Period.
Answers to your first question: both. Rather than repeating all of the information posted here and on Audio Asylum, I suggest that you search the archives
Haven't heard them but wonder about cable recommendations. Spectral demands their components be used with MIT, or else the warranty is void, I strongly suspect due to bandwidth . . .
Parasound JC-1- Audio signal turn-on function
Gerry, the manual describes the rear panel control settings so the automatic on/off trigger is not used. JC-1s take about 1400 hours to fully break in, and they need to have signal. . .
My Marantz TT-15 and Parasound JC3 don't get along
Not at all, Bondmanp. My customers love the JC 3, no noise issues. There's a lot we don't know without seeing what's there
acoustat X
Ed, if you are able to call I'll put you in touch with a friend who can help. Brian
Atma-Sphere Mp-1 mk III
The MP-1 Mk III here works very well with the Parasound Halo JC 1s and the Karan Acoustics KA S 450
Atmasphere ma1,VTL mb250, Jolida JD 3000
The impedance of current Sound Lab models, namely the PX series, is being measured by Roger West at this time. I requested it since we are looking at a large installation which may. . .
Einstein The Tube pre vs Nagra PL-L or VTL7.5 II
I recently visited a customer to let him audition the Einstein The Tube in his system. He had the MBL 6010D on loan to compare side by side. The Einstein, even with the stock tubes. . .
Preamp Recommendations for Parasound Halo JC-1's?
You might want to wait a few months. The JC-2 preamp is coming out and was shown in relatively finished prototype form at CES. (disclaimer - I'm a Parasound Halo dealer) If you can. . .
Retubing ARC sp11: Suggestions?
Speak with Andy Bowman at Vintage Tube Services in Michigan. He's been around a long time and knows his stuff, verified by people whose judgment I trust. He has an excellent setup . . .
CAT SL1 Legend or First Sound?
Kevin is correct, the CAT is available with or without phono, although many opt for it. Some options are available, including volume taper and adjustable cartridge loading while . . .
Lazarus hybrid amps...anyone hear them?
I have a pair of h1a's which I plan to sell simply because I no longer use them. They are robust, dynamic and musical. A friend knows them pretty well, having tweaked a pair for a . . .
Help to repair CAT JL1 monoamp?
How long ago did you try to reach CAT? I would suggest sending a fax if you can. If they don't respond then drop me a line and I'll ask a friend who's a CAT dealer to see if he can. . .
Rowland Model 7 s -- what are they worth?
$3500 or so
Halcro with electrostats?
Yes - look up user "John C. - Aussie" on AA. He uses DM-68s with Sound Lab Majestics
Parasound Halo JC1s
If you listen a lot, leaving them on can eliminate warm-up time. I suggest switching them to low bias mode when not listening, which will reduce power consumption and heat. . . .
What's new on Einstein the tube mkII?
I have the Mk II here. I understand that significant differences include the following: Input stage significantly improved - quieter, more resolution. Left and right boards . . .
Tube amp for Sound Labs
There are some good choices and some bad choices, because Sound Labs expect an amplifier with a good power supply design and capable of delivering a consistent number of watts . . .
Anyone hear the new C.A.T. Legend pre at the CES?
I heard it. Ken Stevens was using it with a JL2 Signature Mk II and Ascendo loudspeakers. I don't recall the digital source. Considering the abysmal room acoustics I thought it . . .
Where to repair Krell KST 100 in Chicago?
Hi Bob - I'm with the others, send it to Krell, although if it's capacitors needing replacement I can probably help. Brian
Edge Sig 1 Preamp - Anyone have it or heard it ???
Dave, since I gather you're in Naperville you might want to visit Music Direct in Chicago, who is an Edge dealer, although it's unknown whether they have that unit on hand... If . . .
CAT amps comparison, continued
Or RSVP :-) Brian
AtmaSphere vs. VTL
With what associated equipment? Are you asking about amplifiers, preamplifiers, or both? Brian
convergent stereo amp
The JL1 and JL1 Signature monoblocks have been replaced with the JL3 and JL3 Signature models which incorporate the improvements introduced in the JL2. Brian Walsh
Pass Labs X-350 vs Parasound JC-1 Monoblocks?
Lanny, the Parasound Halo JC-1 amplifiers are heavily based upon the earlier HCA-3500 stereo amplifier which you own, but there are differences significant enough to make for major. . .
Halcro DM38 vs Tenor Audio 150Hp
Has anyone seen or heard a 150? What delivery dates are being quoted? Brian Walsh
which is better amp for electrostat speakers
Some time ago a friend brought over his Spectron Musician I to try with the Sound Lab U-1s. It did well, although I preferred my tube amps over it. Since then I have replaced those. . .
Accuphase A-50v OR Goldmund 28m OR Rowland 8TiHC?
Avoid regrets - be sure to audition the Parasound JC-1 monoblocks. I know of systems where they have replaced Rowland, Pass, and so on. One also had auditioned the Accuphase some . . .
Perfectionist Audio Components Pro Reference II
I think you are going back quite a few years, since according to one person, Mel Hodes died at least ten years ago. He was very knowledgeable, though, a sincere dealer with a good . . .
Acoustat , Hafler TNT and Jim Strickland
The TNT amps work, but I wouldn't say are the definitive choice. You can also use Acoustat direct drive tube amps (Acoustat X et al.) with the speakers, bypassing the transformer . . .
Audio Research D-52B Manual?
Have you called ARC? Some years ago they had a manual for one of their old tube crossovers I had and didn't even charge anything to send a photocopy. Good luck and listening! . . .
How many types..
Do you mean brands? Atma-Sphere Joule Electra Tenor (they went out of business, not sure if they're back) Berning (a point of contention since some claim it's not a true OTL) . . .
Solid State Preamp for Parasound JC 1 amps
A similar question was asked a while back, so you might do a search. For 2K you might find a used Ayre preamp a good choice. Brian Walsh
Info for Monoblock VAC Amp
Goone, I would recommend that you contact Kevin Hayes at VAC for information. He's a great guy, very knowledgeable and no nonsense. Brian . . .
BAT VK-60 or ARC VT-100 MK II???
What's the rest of your system, especially speakers? Brian
What preamp good match with audio research D250
The CAT is very good. A friend has a D250 he uses with a last generation SP10. He uses all the best NOS tubes in his system. Brian Walsh Essential Audio
Einstein Tube Preamp
Jbm, that's easy for you to say since you're a dealer, as am I
Parasound HCA-1201's and one won't power up
Hi Rhbowker, You can reach Parasound service at either 866-770-8324 or 415-672-7272. Best of luck! Brian
VTL 450 Signature and Soundlab A1
Hi Brimac, feel free to drop me a line, as I can put you in touch with a fellow driving his Sound Labs with VTL 450s and is happy with the sound. Brian
convergent jl3 monoblocks versus jl2 stereo
Many of us heard them demonstrated at CES in January driving Merlins. Brian Walsh
What are best power tubes for the ARC -D250 ?
A friend has been using Tung Sol 6550 black plates for some time, although they are expensive. Brian Walsh
Manley 500 Neo Classic Monoblocks
I auditioned a pair of Neo Classic 250s a while ago with the Sound Lab U-1s. I'm sure they work well with other speakers, but they weren't a good match for mine. This was before . . .
Bricasti M28 amps who owns then and thoughts?
Bricasti president Brian Zolner will be here for demonstrations on Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28 of the M1 DAC and M28 monoblocks. The system will include the new Aurender . . .
Kudos to Parasound service
Glenfihi, so you know, Parasound does have some authorized service centers around the country. Brian
Mark Levinson phono modules
No idea about the LNP-2, but John Curl probably knows about ML-1/JC-2 modules, and perhaps there's a chance he knows something about the LNP-2. Email me privately for info. Brian
Acapella Fondato Silenzio vs SRA Ohio XL base
The Acapella website has some product reviews and technical articles. They are in German, but using online tools can be translated into English. Relevant articles from that site . . .
Dynaco Pre-amp Repair in Chicago?
Hi Roger, you might speak with Ned at Triode Electronics, as he has worked on Stereo 70s and such for years. If needed, contact me offline and I'll put you in touch with someone in. . .
Difference between CAT JL1 limited and jl3
One difference is that the JL3, which replaced the JL1, uses Teflon circuit boards. An earlier response I tried to post was not posted because it contained a warning about a . . .
Tenor 75/Joule Electra Grand Marquis
The Joule Electra Rite of Passage 220 watt OTL monoblocks will be demonstrated in Chicago in me for details
Has anyone ever had Reimyo gear repaired?
Most of the time service is done by the distributor's technician in Niagara Falls, NY. On rare occasions does something have to be sent to Japan. The equipment is built very well. . . .
Callisto Sig with 1 PS vs MP1 Atma-Sphere
Please describe the rest of your system in which it would be used. Brian