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That is one very sweet system. Whats your take on the Orpheus heritage, did you ever make the jump? I wish we had a US based dealer. I'm even having a hard time finding someone in . . .
'they blew'em off the stage'
20 years ago or so in Red Bank, NJ. Chick Corea was supposed to play. Some weak excuse that his plane was delayed (nice, way to cut it close...) The program organizer was desperate. . .
Wilson MAXX musicallity and sound
I agree with Gerrym5 There is a guy on AVS with the exact same speakers and he has a set of LAMM's and swears it the best he has ever had. Yes, subjective, but apparently several . . .
Sooloos music server: Anyone hear, anyone a dealer
lessloss, interesting perspective from someone in the business. I am also a little surprised by your comments of sound quality, when you admit you have never heard the unit before. . .
Power cords, AC line conditioners---preferences?
Equitech, the only real option
finalists in the big speaker search
Dogman, your on the right track, with Joseph. I have the Josephs 22's and I also had them connected to a Naim AV-2 AND I also used a Arcam player as a source. I had them hooked . . .
3 channel sound
I know this is old, but I am very surprised that Meridian didn't make this list. Tri-field definitely makes the top end of Meridians list of accomplishments. I think the point is. . .
High quality processors with HDMI 1.3
The Integra DTC9.8 is also the EXACT same thing as the Onkyo Pro PR-SC885P, and a tad cheaper. My understanding is that NAD has their own variant as well, based on the same model. . .
Least sensative speaker to placement
Duke, sent you a reply to your email, would love to hear more
Using RCA & XLR connections at same time on Amp
Thank you everyone for your input. I think I will have to stick with the processor or get a seperate pre with a HT bypass. Below I have included the response from Pass Labs on . . .
NAS connected digital streamer with digital out?
Thanks for the responses. I am looking for the highest quality I can justify. I wouldn't want the Sonos. I was drawn to the Transporter SE, with its Aes/ebu digital out, but I . . .
Yetis Main Room Setup
I had a thought. What if I got a ML 39. As it has the processor built in, I could leave the 5-DIN to RCA connections to AV2 for the Arcam DVD player and utilize the XLR . . .
Purepower 2000 & Synergistic Powercell 10SE
They strike me as very different units? A battery system vs one that isn't. Have you tried/looked at Equi-Tech? I have a 3RQ and it does a great job. I am considering a PurePower . . .
Mixing Naim Pre with Other Amps
I have mixed. It is immensely unpopular among the Naim set and when you go and buy your Naim gear there will be relentless pitching of Naim equipment along with the associated . . .
Anyone know if Esoteric DV-30 is coming to the US?
Wow, your not kidding. The DV-30 is almost slumming it with this line up. I should have taken a harder look on the web site. The UX-1 plays SACD/DVD, etc... and uses the VRDS . . .
Processor Recs Revised
Ever think about the naim AV2? If 85% music, it might be worth looking at. While it does not have video switching, it does have the analog pass for SACD
Complete Oyaide power and speaker cable system
I should add that I like to tinker, so the DIY aspect is appealing. I am looking for some guidance on which Oyaide plugs ( male and female). Anyone with Oyaide power and or . . .