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The best speaker you ever heard?
Hifisoundguy - Yeah, but... When I think of crossoverless speakers I think of 1 driver, maybe 2 in parallel. I would ..

Why Don't More People Love Audio?
Good post. I personally would substitute "music lover" everywhere you wrote "audiophile." I have believed for a long ..

Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Lick My Love Pump by Spinal Tap

Designer Hall of Fame
Coltrane - I believe the OP was referring to great designers of audio equipment, not great designers of a shop floor and..

Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
The few times I've heard multichannel it never sounded right to me, although the systems may not have been all that good..

Words From the Wise
Listen to as many systems as you can Buy what works for you, not anyone else A very modest, well thought out system set ..