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Mike Lavigne's System
Awesome set up. Particularly keen on the wood behind the speakers. Very interesting acoustical design touch, but makes sense when you think about it. I will be building my own . . .
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
Yes, preferred existing cables, prana wire with speaker cells over the basik cables with the speaker cells attached. The speaker cells were really good and a nice improvement over. . .
Sistrum or Neuance or...?
science has still not proven why cement hardens, go figure...last I looked folks were using a lot of it and liking it
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
I own the Caravelle and it is all that it is cracked up to be. I have owned Maggies 3.6, Hales 5's, spendor sp-100's and Diapason Adamante - the Caravlle is for me my favorite. . . .
Wash, Cut, Polish & Demagnetize
I have used cleaners, many....I have the Herbie audio mat - the best that I have tried, and tried several...I have then cryo'd my cd collection, a great tweak, highly recommended. . .
What are your favorite monitors?
Currently, I am running the Diapasons - adamante's. They go down into the 30's and image very well. Depth is also outstanding. I have replaced the stands they come with, to the . . .
Speltz Anti Cables
Twisted together - are these similar to mapleshade speaker cables
Transparent , Kubala , Luminous , or RS Poiema
I have heard great things about Kubala...but recently purchased the Prana Deva speaker wire. The speaker cable is truly special, very musical, high resolution and quiet. Some of . . .
Audio Aero, Lamm, and Revel
Go with tht Oyaide outlets. Best by far. Alan at double cryo's them as well. Not cheap, but a very nice, not subtle, improvement
H.P.Caravelles owners, are you still Satisfied.
VERY SATISFIED. Musical, transparent, timbre, soundstaging, etc. I could go on and on. I would recommend a sub with them, even though the bass is very satisfying. I also have the . . .
Powercord to tame brightness and add musicality
Some other thoughts? Can you 'tame the room'? This can make a big difference. I would look to the room...and if you don't want to change gear, I would look at cabling. There is . . .
I need help from GMA Europa owners
I tried the sistrum speaker stands and found them to be a big improvement under my monitors. Really opened up the stage and imaging improved. highend and bass also improved for the. . .
Review: Valve Amplification Company Phi 300 Tube amp
I own the phi Beta integrated and feel too with out a doubt it is the best amp/preamp / gear I have ever owned. I have owned several other tube brand gear but the VAC stands out . . .
First Sound compared to Supratek, VAC, or Audio No
The VAC REN is fantastic - agree completely with Bhouser. Bested a lot of preamps that I listened to, albeit not the ones listed above - Kevin, is one of the best if not the best . . .
Outstanding Speakers, Outstanding
BLCube, glad you are enjoying them. I think you will continue to hear subtle improvements past the two month timeframe (depending upon your length of listening sessions and break-. . .
Any fellow VAC Phi 220 owners out there? Thoughts?
I recently purchased the PHI BETA 110 (sold the Phi stand alone 110 (which was fantastic in its own right, and VAC Ren preamp) - The integrated is unbelievable - control of solid . . .
Are Wilson speakers
springbok10, you are on the right track. Personally, I find tubes more I would consider that as an option. There are a lot of speaker options in your price range. Part. . .
Review: Harmonic Precision Caravelle Speaker
Well, I was the 'culprit' who brought the Caravelle's over to hifimaniacs house while awaiting my new amp. These things really are that amazing. I can't believe how well they . . .
Biggest Sonic Improvement
Black Diamond - those things under speaker spikes. Yes, you can't believe teh difference. I am surprised there isn't more out there on this tweak
Got any of your dream system yet?
definitely cryo your cd's - I am amazed at the improvement in dynamics, smoothness, detail, air around instruments, etc. And your whole system benefits. VAC PHI - with caravelle . . .
isolation transformer vs line conditioner
Sean, what do you recommend in a iso transformer, i.e brand, make, - - let's say for digital, dac / transport. And also for the amp
Synergy - Mix and Match - Solid State of Mind
The Caravelle is a full range speaker for sure. I would defintely check it out as I am a very happy owner. For tube gear you may want to check out VAC. The Caravelle works quite . . .
Tubed preamp suggestions?
I have owned and upgraded with VAC equipment and must say it is the finest I have owned. VERY musical. Call Kevin at VAC and ask for his input, he is very approachable and . . .
What's the best way to clean vacuum tube pins?
dip them in cleaning acid. You can get it at hardware store. Be careful of course.... Dip pin only in a small glass container / small glass bowl or pyrex (only about 1/8 to 1/4 . . .
Ted Denney, and Synergistic Research's Powercell
Agree with the positive assessments of the Powercell. And it does not limit current. Made a very nice improvement in my system. Would also recommend the tesla se outlet which comes. . .
Review: Valve Amplification Company VAC PHI BETA Integrated 110 Tube amp
No tube rolling yet. I believe the line stage in the Beta uses 6Sn7's in it's path, which can be rolled quite a bit. I have cryo'd tubes in the past with much success. Scott
VAC Signature Mk IIa Preamplifier with phono?
Yes, well worth the investment - Kevin is a huge analog fan and builds great phono stages. i have owned several preamps of his and enjoyed the phono stage. you will eliminate cost . . .
Best monitors under $5,000/system combos
The caravelle's are simply amazing. I have owned them now for 6 months. Bested Hales 5's, diapason adamontes II, spendor, maggies, etc. that I have owned. I brought them over to a . . .
Detail Magnifiers by Econotweek
Ozzy, did you go with the upgraded connectors or the cry treatment? Curious, thanks
Diapason Adamantes II and III good speakers or no
I have the II's and would say the following: Also some suggestions. They are more revealing than you think. Musical yes and very musical at that. But every time I have changed . . .
HP Caravelle Monitor V/S Manger Zerobox109
I am in the midst of breaking in a new pair of Caravelle's. They really are that good...I could go on and on. Email me if you would like. They are worth far more than their asking . . .
Preamp upgrade - Shindo or VAC?
The designer of the pre amp typically designs the pre amp around his own amp and vice if you own a vac amp I would lean toward the vac...Plus Kevin makes great stuff . . .
Some random thoughts for Tube newbies
Good thoughts. Consult your manufacturer. They have 'voiced' the units and quite likely have tried various NOS tubes and settled on their favorites...Also, let the tubes break in . . .
Any issues with Money Back Guarantees offered?
This is just a plain bad way to do business imo. especially with a power cord! restocking fee? What change the bag? Wipe down the cord and sell it to the next guy? come . . .
VAC Phi 70 good match for Vandersteen 5As?
The Sistrum stands are a great stand for the VAC. I believe it really helps. Glad to see you are using it as well
Greatness: Recognition at last
Panderso, you will love the warmth and musicality of these speakers. They are NOT THIN sounding by ANY stretch. In fact they are extremely musical. I have them in a near field . . .
Review: Star Sound Technologies Sistrum 101 & Spo1 & SP004 speaker Stand
Ditto, I have the speaker stands, and the sistrum racks for my amps and all of my front end. Musical, with dynamics and greater resolution. This stuff is the real deal. And you get. . .
Review: LESSLOSS DFPC Signature Power cord
Yes, my reaction as well....almost...they robbed the leading edge as stated and do round off the extension...extension was livable. leading edge no. after a while found them . . .
Vac Standard 220 standard, signature, or Phi
The Phi series is Kevin's best to date. I have the Phi's (110's) and they are musical and revealing. They are very fast and dynamic, with lots of air. No shortages to speak of. . . .
Help, is it clipping? or cables?
Thanks for the great feedback. I beleive you are right on. My tubes in the amp are VERY old. Perhaps its like the frog being boiled in water - start with nice water and heat slowly. . .
Theta Data II -Is it a forward sounding transport?
Thanks guys. It was a general question as I know some have told me that there are better transports and that it can be a forward sounding player. I have not found that to be the . . .
What IC's ans Speaker Cable for VAC Amps?
Sonoran Plateau with my Phi 110's, by the way it's an awesome amp isn't it! I love mine and Kevin at VAC is the best. for the cable. Very musical, detailed and. . .
Theta Data basic II or universal II?
I currently do not use the laser disc. It is a dedicated CD transport only. Theta data III? Is this a laser also, or cd only
VAC Phi Beta 110 Integrated
I have sold my phi 110 amp and am waiting on the phi beta integrated. I believe it is Kevin's best work to date. The sound is exceptional. I did own the phi 110 and the ren sig . . .
Review: VAC Phi Beta 110i
As a long time owner of the phi 110 I agree with your assessment. Excellent phono stage btw. VAC stands behind there product as well. I would encourage fellow audio goners to . . .