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Decware - any substance here?
I own the CSP2 Pre-amp, and it is a workhorse in my system CSP2-->20ft DH Labs BL-1 RCA--->Wyred4sound SX-500 mono amps into Magnepan MMG's I have to put my ears to the MMG's to . . .
whats a good older hdcd cd player?
I am very happy with the Adcom GCD-750 I bought here on Audiogon
Preamps with balanced ins/outs and remote
If you are interested in trying the Veritas' with a SS pre, I can recommend the Wyred 4 Sound STP-PRE. It has (2) xlr-outs, and (2) SE-outs....(2) xlr-in, and (3?) SE-ins Works . . .
Anyone with W4S amps and preamp
I am running the SX-500 monos into Maggie MMG's, it is a great combination for sound quality, power, and price My pre-amp is an Adcom GFP-750 definitely coveting the W4S STP pre. . .
Best Interconnects for Maggie 3.6s
I have -Magnepan 1.7's, -W4S STP-SE pre-amp -W4S SX-500 monos Balanced cables I have used: -Audiquest King Cobra -Kimber PBJ -Oyaide PA-02 -Wyred 4 Sound C1 -DH . . .
Outlaw 2-channel receiver.....
Hello, this is my first post on Audiogon. I have purchased a few items and lurked on the forum. Phasecorrect, I own the RR2150, and yes the bass-management on will work with the . . .