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Whats on your turntable tonight?
dream theater- systematic chaos mudcrutch
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
I"ll second the Warren Haynes cd. Actually have it on vinyl
Best Rock Album in 2010
i will second new PF
Decware - any substance here?
find the mini torii very enjoyable. also oun zdac with the gain stage which i find to be a fabulous combo. Gain stage acts almost like a preamp which can add body to a recording . . .
Zu Druid IV - the real deal?
as a potential buyer of speakers who likes rock music what are the pros and cons of the druids as opposes to other well reviewed speakers like the taylors or acoustic zens.. . .
Beatles covers: better than originals?
the smithereens 2 latest releases are beatles covers cds. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater put together a Beatles cover band called Yellow Matter Custard a few tears ago. they . . .
Best Bookshelf speaker 1300.00 budget
Also,what kind of music do you listen to? Harbeths may not be best choice if you listen to rock music. Maybe someone could comment on that. Silver line Minuet Supreme may also be . . .
RWA amp with DODD preamp both battery powered
can anyone suggest a moderately priced amp to match with the dodd preamp. have quad 22L speakers listen to mostly acoustic music with occasional rock and jazz. the 22L"s need. . .
surface noise and cartridge/ phono pre questions
not to change the subject too much , but in addition to ticka and pops whatwould cause those sharp "s" and "t" s too occur on some recordings . it can just . . .
Green Mountain Audio Eos
live in nyc any upcoming reviews or heaerd by anyone yet
Blue Moon Award for Burson Audio's new DAC/Preamp
wish it had toslink input
Jolida Fx10
can anyone give me the dimensions of this integrated. assume you dont have to use the glass enclosure. would need ht height especially with and without glass . need to get it into . . .
LFD Integrated Zero MK III
was more interested in any comments or reaction to the rave reiew in stereophile march issue by sam tellig
Integrated Tube Amplifier for First Timer?
try a prima luna dialogue one , 36 watts but large transformers(weighs around 65 lbs give it much more power. my speakers are only rated 86 db but can play very loudly in a medium . . .
tube friendly speaker rec
thanks for the responces so far. would also be wanting to take a step up (so to speak) from the quad 22L's i am using. would the triangle comete,Reference 3A and Omega's be . . .
Integrated amp for Quad 22L?
just purchased a prima luna dialogue one . tried it with my quad 22l and sounds great. beautiful build lots of power.dont need to know much about tubes ,i dont. check upscale audio. . .
Advice on switching to separates
just to add another alternative to my initial question, have recently found out about possible layoff by yearend and now looking at selling off some equipment for financial reasons. . .
do NAIM cdp sound good only with Naim components?
i have a naim cd5x cdp. naim separates are out of my budget. can anyone rec an amp preamp combo or an integrated that preforms well with the naim cdp. need some power speakers are . . .
Harbeth P3ESR - What electronics are you using?
using with Prima Luna Prologue with el34s. great speaker with jazz , female vocals...but i also listen to alot of rock and thats a weakness. As good as they are i am getting . . .
upgrading VPI turntable
Yes i have a REGA 300 tonearm. Can upgrade to the origin live as long as its able to drop in . audiopoints look like an easy upgrade looks like a good start
Rega Brio R vs Wyred or Bel Canto
The Brio/ harbeth sounds nice. i relly have no complaints. Just thought Bel Canto in particular may have been an upgrade worth while to swap out what i had. Based on feedback i . . .
Best Record Store In New York
Bleeker Street Records has decent vinyl. all music
speaker to big?
hte speaker i am currently using is a floorstander about 40 inches tall made by selah audio consisting of a ribbon tweater 5 1/2 inch midrange and 7 inch acutron woofer. speaker is. . .
recomendation on a power conditioner
i dont think i have one but a few salesmen ive talked to recomended one for surge protectionand have also stated that it would improve the overall sound of my components.they . . .
trying to upgrade speakers
nobody offered a home demo on any of the speakers that i demod. do the callistos require stands? just to let you know ,i am fairly new at this high end stuff thats why i am . . .
NY Technician to replace capacitors
ditto that. Tried numerous messages. never returned them
speaker recomendation
im using a musical fidelity x-150 integrated. would also consider a small floorstander if it would improve the bottom end over a monitor. a sub is out of the question as of now
Prima Luna Dialogue series, is it worth the money?
i am using a prologue II with Harbeth PL3s and love it . Did some tube rolling and using Mullard el34s. Power to spare and wonderful mids. The MM phono is fantastic BTW
cdp soundstage
i have checked all the connections. everything is fine. just seems to be a totally different presentation between the cdp and the turntable. trying to get that analogue sound . . .
Supernait - Are my ears kidding me?
had a similar problem with the volume getting too loud too fast> someone recomended i purchase a pair of -6 db attenuators which attach to the interconnects. Bought them from parts. . .
Tube-Friendly Less Than or Equal to 2k
does anyone have experience with dynaudios with tubes. also interested in speakers to pair witha prima luna dialogue one. currently using quad 22L's but seem a bit harsh if i try . . .
LFD mkIII vs Red Wine Audio 30.2
expect to receive my LFD next week. I too was sceptical about the RWA and its power capabilities. waited close to 5 months for the LFD and decided to go with it instead of . . .
int amp for naim cd5x
i was comparing the sound to what i heard when i auditioned the naim which was hooked up to the nait. my old cd player was an arcam 73t with the musical fidelity tube buffer . . .
turntable upgrade
rewiring the tonearm i am told would run around $150-200 so i thought i would just put that towards a better also concerned about mounting a cartridge again since i . . .
Need a cdp
$500.00 give or take
new Transatlantic cd "The Whirlwind"
actually cover songs are interesting and show their influences . based on previous cds and dvds they are heavily influenced by the Beatles. Soul sacrifice is the standout on the . . .
Anyone heard the Opera Quinta?
also interested in the qiuntas or the seconda. just wondering if they are good with rock music. will be used with a tube amp and an LFD integrated LE ss amp
China's Emotiva buying the Bob Carver LLC?
apparently its true
Should I try separates
thanks for everyones response. suppose its best to just enjoy what i have right now. tried the mortgage route to fund a system already. got turned down. ha ha
amplifier choice
has anyone heard class D amps as wyred for sound with a Mcintosh preamp or with Omega loudspeakers
Primaluna - seeking opinion from any owners
own a dialogue one for one year and can say that it is very well built. just as powerful as my 100 watt ss amp driving 85 watt db speakers with absolutely no problem. Highly . . .
Speaker for naim5i-2
does anyone know if the gallo ref 3.1 matches up well with naim electronics
speaker advice
yes its the same room. my biggest concern is that they wont sound the same in my roomcompared to what i heard at the demo. someone also recomended the legacy classic to me when i . . .
phono preamp advice
can anyone comment on the simaudio 5.3 or the ps audio phono stage vs the sutherland ph-3d
cartridge/preamp volume issue
i have tried all different gain and impedance combos but just to make sure gain options are 48,54,60 and 66. impedance 100,500, 1000 47k. ishould have on 66 for gain and 100 . . .
Mcintosh amp advice
yes i can get back the deposit on the LFD. already own the quads so those are the speakers i will have to work with for now. max on my budget for an amp is around 5g which puts me . . .
turntable/preamp problem
have it set up properly and connected to an aux input on the Blueberry. still the same problems. its never happened before when i was using integrated amps. since i went to . . .
rewire and cartridge install
just another question . why doesnt my rega300 tonearm have a ground? i had to make a makeshift ground out of speaker wire to reduce hum
speaker rec
adding further my ps audio/naim/quad system is in a lively room which i have tried to tame with corner busters and othe rroom treatments but still am not getting satisfying bass. . . .