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Sony SCD-XA5400ES-Best SACD for under $10,000
Kr4, "I've never understood that" I would have thought you burn in the stock unit first,that way you do not to subject the tubes to the added hours
Acoustic Zen Adagio, How Good Are They?
Anthuan.In the June/July issue of The Absolute Sound Sallie reynolds has a review of the Adagio. She says these speakers are so good they're difficult to write about. Her only . . .
Decware - any substance here?
JWT are you useing a preamp or source direct into the Torii? I,am also curious about the trebel and bass switches and how easy is it to set them for your speakers? How much heat. . .
Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP-83SE
Tubegroover I purchased an oppo 83SE a mounth ago and just got a Sony 5400es two days ago. For the $ rember that the Oppo does it all DVD BR CD SACD and more so as a all in one . . .
Essentialaudio When you say updated what do you mean ? I thought this was a new release is it a sofware upgrade
Cardas Cold Forging
So what does this do when you consider that between each end the rest of the cable is configured in a certian geometry, with space around the wires etc and the end are compressed
Living Room: Quatros
How do the Rogue Amps sound
Anyone hear the Von Schweikert DB-99?
Can someone tell me if the DB99 come with grill covers? I read in another thread they did not come with grills but looking at the picture Bornie posted his have grill covers. Is . . .
Just took delivery of the Red Wine Audio 30.2 and-
I agree great insights. Now that you are looking at speakers the Devore Silverbacks should be considered
Review: Hyperion HPS-938 has a sneek peak look at the 938 with full review to follow by Srajan Ebaen
XLR to RCA Adapters
Chipmunk, I have one of your VK 40 Pre Amps currently driving a VK200 amp. I will be putting a single ended tube Amp in my system next mounth on a trial basis and will use XLR to . . .
Once again...looking for a "tube like" SS preamp
I had a Sonic Frontier SE line 2 which I replaced with a Bat VK 40 just as good in every respect except it had no tube noise a low levels like the Sonic Frontiers sometimes had , . . .
Sony XA-5400es VS Oppo 83SE
Thank for the responses. I got my 83SE here for$710 but as of today Oppo is offering Referbished 83SE for $699 with 1 year warranty.Did not see that one comeing
6 Moons Reviews Zu Cable Definition Speaker
Zu offers a 60 day satisfaction guarantee with 30days more on request. How many manufactures do this? If they not your cup of tea send them back
Sonos Products
Soungasm,To switch the Sonos to fixed output do you just turn the volume to max or something else? I don't have a sonos but a friend does and he could find this useful if I knew . . .
Anyone heard Zu Druid speakers?
Dolphin, The Definitions are listed for a June July review on 6 moons
The basics of PC audio
Audioengr I have been reading all posts I can find on usb dac an such to get informed.I see the Belkin wireless usb mentioned but I can not locate them on the net? Please tell me . . .
Can any preamps for $2-3k touch Auregies-L?
Gopher This amp has a lot of tubes to roll .Have you tried this to fine tune the Torii more to suit your room? This seems like the first step before to trying a Pre
SACD player
I have an oppo 83SE and a Sony 5400ES To play SACD on the Sony you need to set a switch on the back panel to Sacd or CD manually depeding on what type you are playing a minor . . .
Audio Research Ref210 vs Ref300 vs VTM200
What does the VS115 retail for? Are these amps auto bias or manual
Den's listening den
Denf I came across your system while I was looking at Nuforce threads. You have an awesome room congrats on your hard work. I see you went to Spectron do you still have these and . . .
Paradisea Dac
Thanks for all the responses gives me plenty to think about. As far as the constantine with SS output does it have a USB input? Also I can't find any mention of a warranty at the . . .
Sonic Frontiers preamps tube eaters??
I had a SFL2SE for about three years. I got it new and had two sets of stock tubes in it over that time. I never tried NOS tubes because I was Never sure how to adjust the trim . . .
what does everybody think about 120hz and lcd's
I put a 52" Samsung 750 in our bedroom. Our cable goes to a HD Tivo for watching TV and an Oppo DVD player for movies. We sit 9' away and the picture on HD is stunning. Even . . .
Zu Presence vs. Devore Nines
One difference between the Zu and Devore is that one is upfront and the other is more laid back. Zu projects more of the stage in front of the speakers while Devore has a behind . . .
To mod or not to mod a Sony SCD1
Aplhifi Which Bur -Brown Dacs are in the Sony? And how many Dacs are in the Sony? I tried to Google this and could not locate an answer. Thanks Gary
ModWright KWA 100
It has taken Quite awhile to get a response and I do appreciate the input.I see that 6moons is into a review now but not complete yet. I still have not changed my Amp yet mostly . . .
Coincident Total Victory owners
I have been interested in the TV. But the one thing I have a problem with is that they do not come with grill covers. Seems like a small thing to ask for. Without them the W.A.F. . . .
Times when there is too much LFE...
When my neighbors son drives by
Speaker Tilt Back benefits?
Slaw3.I have a pair of NHT3.3 speakers which I have had for eight years.My biggest complaint regarding these was I always felt the soundstage to be to low in height .A year ago I . . .
NHT 3.3s -- too big for my room?
I have owned the 3.3 for the past 8 years and at present Iam using a bat VK200 amp.This is a 100 watt amp and is more than enough to drive these speakers. My room is 15' by 18 '. . .
Can Piega P10's Be Placed Up Against The Wall?
I have a pair of NHT3.3 these were designed to be against the front wall. I have them set with 6 inches between the wall and back of speaker.I considered getting a pair of P10 . . .
NHT 3.3 or Mirage M1Si?
I have owned a pair of 3.3 for 8 years never had a problem at all with them. Every time I upgrade front end componets these speakers sound better Loose covered there sound and you . . .
Best cd player under 1K used
Sonic Frontiers SFCD1. I have had mine for 8 years and even after buying a Bat 5DSE player I have not had the heart to sell. Not as good as the BAT but for the money Darn close
Wher did the DB99 go ?
Thanks for the insights. I have been considering the DB99 or ZU Defination I've been leaning towards the Defination because of their return policy but was also hopeful I could get . . .
Battery powered amps
Hchi could you tell me who TRL is and how to contact them? Thanks
Anyone own or listened to the Lector CDP-Seven.
I called the importer on tuesday.The person I spoke to said that January 04 was when they started to cary the Lector line and at present had a dealer in California. Since I live . . .
Brystrons NEW BDP-1 Digital Player
Bob_Reynolds Thanks for the link this is sure to answer all my question and more. I will be glued to it for some time for sure
How many watts is my system using?
Gs5556 Thanks for your detailed answer the light is now on
i just bought a nice pair of Piega C10 Ltds
Can you describe the soundstage these present. Most importantly how wide is the sweet spot and at how far up from the floor is the soundstage.My biggest complaint of my current . . .
Inexpensive XLR cable for SUB
Thanks to all this is a big help.Gary
NHT3.3 to Viena Acoustic Mahlers
My system is all Bat -VK40 Pre -VKD5SE player- V/200 amp.I listen to all types of music . My room is 18x 32. Looking for Tighter faster lows deeper sound stage presented at mid . . .
B&W 805 with MK-350thx sub, or B&W 802
Can someone tell me how the audiogon blue book works? I sold a pre amp on audiogon for $250 les than what it was advertised for. My point being how does audiogon really know what . . .
Duty free or not?
Thanks for all the answers.I went to Bax Global and did a quote request. they list shipping fees and service charges seperatly and total charges. I assume that there are no . . .
HSU ULS-15 Sub
Bob_reynolds The SVS PB 13 Ultra if it were smaller in size would work but it is just to large for me. Anything deeper than 20" is just to big. Looks like a great sub . . .
Surround speakers options?
Hi Kal my sofa is L shaped and sits against the right side wall and back wall so I need a speaker designed to mount on the wall. Devore no longer makes the Gibbon 7.1 and they . . .
Mac Mini via HDMI to AVR
Nieuwen thanks.Can you tell me what you use as a monitor or remote to control the mini? Since you say that the mini needs to be told where to send the audio.So each time you switch. . .
Piega C10 Limited, Anyone Know About These Spkrs?
Does Piega have a USA Importer at this time? Audigons MFG list does not show any at this time. I guess this would only be a problem if service or parts were needed. I suppose . . .
Anyone own a Monster AVS 2000 ?
Thanks for your responses. Since small fluctuations is what I'am now experiencing sounds like this may not be the solution. Does anyone think that continual small one tenth up and. . .
Anyone useing a Burden Bobcat Dac?
Alabamasales I have a 2 channel system and I would like to try a computer based supplement to my current digital front end. I was hopeing to use a Mac computer based system with a. . .
I would be interested in your thoughts and comparisons as to the sound of this CDP. Also any problems reading cd's
Piega P-8 Limited owners comments
Thanks Gary For your insights.Before my post I did not know piega was introducing new models But now I realize there are none to audition in my area.If I want a pair I must buy . . .
BAT VK 55SE just released
Jfrech Thanks for your insights. The dealer that I purchased my Devore Silverbacks from used the BAT VK 75 SE to drive them and they did sound better at his house then at mine. I . . .