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Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Fun thread. I have to mention Snell Type A or AII. Owned them once, stupidly sold them, and after many other speakers came and went (B&W, ProAC, Spendor) I finally went back. I am . . .
How old are your speakers
I owned Snell Type A ... Several incarnations as well. One of the best speakers ever made, and helped convince me that materials and technology in and of itself is irrelevant. It . . .
EL 34 Amp Recommendations
I use a Conrad Johnson MV-60 with a 2wq now, and absolutely love it. The magic midrange, beautifully natural sound, and dynamics are great since the 2wq takes a lot of the heavy . . .
Hi, need help with Snell Type a iii
Hi! I was hoping to ask Fishboat about his experience with AII's vs AIII's. I used to own AII's and LOVED them. Sold them foolishly to please my wife. Now I have original A's but . . .
snell a II
This is an old thread, but wondering if anyone knows if there is much sonic difference between the AII and the original A. I owned the AII for years and loved them. Stupidly sold . . .
Salon One Audio
Nice to hear about Bruce and Salon 1 again. One of my favorite dealers. Bruce was so awesome. Bought my ProAc Response 2's from him long ago... Stuart
Vandersteen 2Wq crossover
Hi. This thread is interesting because I just bought a 2wq without any WX-2 or X-2. I have been wondering what people listen for when deciding the optimum impedance for the . . .
Quad ESL-63 and low-powered amps; Sun Audio, Atma
Thanks to everyone for the responses. Sorry for my delay. It sounds unanimous about low powered amps even without any load below 50hz. My CJ MV-60 sounds pretty amazing so unless I. . .
Help choosing a Conrad Johnson preamp
If anyone is still on this thread: Solst1ce: Did you get a Premier 10? If so, what do you think of its sound? I am thinking of buying one. Breuninger: With all your experience . . .
The Hub: Refrigerators that can really sing
What a great post to read. I owned Type A-II's and they remain the most musically involving speaker I have ever heard. I would listen to record after record, disk after disk, and . . .
Conrad Johnson ET-3 vs Premier 10/14 ?
I thought I had read that the 16 was much closer to neutral than the older (14 and earlier) or the 17? Can you tell me why you think the 17 might be better than the 14 or CT-3? . . .
Snell Type A Serial ' 1485, 1486
I know this is an old thread, but I wondered if you ever arrived at a clear delineator between A and AII. I'm thinking of buying a pair from someone. They have separately fused . . .
Subwoofers hum - Vandersteen 2wq - can't stop it
My apologies for never responding. I expected to see emails if anyone responded to my post and so I never checked back! If anyone is still out there: Swampwalker: Yes I have the . . .