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Lacee on popular topics

The best speaker you ever heard?
A toss up between Soundlabs the Ultimate one with CAT electronics, and the Sonus Faber Stradivari with Nagra tube ..

Personal amp evolution
Realistic receiver circa 1971,Pioneer receiver,Yamaha integrated,Nad 3020,Hafler st70,Amber stereo 70,Sumo 9,Bryston 4b,..

Best Integrated, period.
I was quite impressed with the sound of the full ASR Emitter 11 system driving Dynaudio speakers. Not cheap but I've ..

Stand out phono stages
I've owned the Atmasphere MP3,the PHD, and now the Steelhead. All very good at what they do, and better than all of the..

Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
I have found that a half round tube trap works wonders when placed a couple of feet ahead and right in the centre of the..

Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
I had the Fulton golds and you really got your money's worth in weight.They are long gone from my system but I wonder ..

Words From the Wise
Listen to more systems than your own. Listen to different types of speakers- stats, cones, horns,panels. Same goes for..