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When is digital going to get the soul of music?
EVS/ Ric Schultz does a blu- ray modification to the OPPO 95 that's downright addictive and frankly unbelievable until heard. So musical and sweet, extended yet articulate. The . . .
Decware - any substance here?
I own the TORII MK III w/ VCAPS. I got the unit about 1.5 wks. ago after about a 2month wait. The amp is still breaking in, the VCAPS rather as I only have about 350 hours on the . . .
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor old v new
Everything I am reading is most interesting. I guess everybody hears something different altogether due to inherent component variables. i.e. electronics, speaker cables, . . .
oppo 105d mod or look for a new cd player ?
look for new
What is the best USED Speaker Under $10,000
Revel Salon and Revel Salon2's seem like a pretty good speaker for the under 10K used speaker
Phono Preamp Help - 47K Ohms - 100 Ohms .. Huh?
I just bought a Denon 103R cartridge from Audiocubes out of Japan, I opened the box and read the instructions included with the cartidge, it strangely read among other things the . . .
REL G1 vs JL Fathom F113 subwoofer
NO SUB is the best sound by far. I have had REl, Revel, paradigm, Hsu, VC etc. and now they are all gone. Blending subwoofers is a never ending night mere for most especially me. . . .
Can you suggest a warm high-end CD player?
ayre's new c-5 is a great bang for the buck, hard to beat at any price
Stillpoint ERS Paper Question
I placed full sheets on top of and below the CD, and two line conditions and one sheet atop the amp. with great results. then I put a 4"X7" piece to the underside of the . . .
Best DAC ?
Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 w/ USB smokes nearly anything made, holds it own against 100,000 dollars analog set up. A very good pre amp is needed however for this to happen
Review: Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect
Did you try the speaker cable
balanced/xlr vs. unbalanced/ single ended
unfortunatley my cable length in this HT are givens, but I do agree that short length speaker cables are the way to go if possible. Anyway, I have chosen the balanced approach in . . .
OPPO BDP-93 RAM Modification Thoughts.
not sure, I think the 95 modded by EVS for about the same money right now is a unbelievable. no comparison to a modded 93 but at the same time a new 95 is 1K plus 1K is 2K but it . . .
Review: Jeff Rowland Design Concentra mkIIp Amplifier
Dave, I have a Concerta II as well. I have been experimenting with cables lately. How did you come to choose the Cardas and did you also audition the Golden Reference Speaker cable. . .
Revel Studio or Salon?
what's the better sound overall, anybody care to comment
DVD-A/SACD two box solution what do you think?
I have caught wind that the unit is really good, and really a blast to have and use. Its adds dimension and flexibility to any system especially one that has a good foundation, . . .
Any reason not choose an Apogee Duet?
Has anyone compared the apogee duet 2 with audiophile dac's for fun. Also has anyone converted analog signal from turn table and phono stage preamp to digital file and then played . . .
Subwoofer Differences and Choice
none, the new rel subs are more musical but might be more money
Clearaudio Concept vs. Emotion, and beyond
I just listened to the concept at the audio shop and I was seriously impressed. It smokes the $2800 VPI Scout Master at half the price. WOW, the bass in that set up was a tad loose. . .