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Decware - any substance here?
Well I suppose I'm just too curious. Sooner or later I'll pick up a Torii and report back
How much power is to much power?
I listen to primarily classical (from piano to orchestral) and rock. My room is a loft, about 700sf with high ceilings and 30 feet of windows, it's definitely a live room. I've a. . .
Harbeth vs JM Reynaud
Another vote for Reynaud here. I've owned Twin Signatures, Cantabile Supremes, and Offrandes Supreme V2s. On the Harbeth side I've owned SHL5s and 30.1s. Both of which left my . . .
Recommend A More Dynamic Monitor Than Harbeth C7
JM Reynaud Bliss Silver with Magic Stands. A very natural step (up in my opinion) from Harbeth
Can anything beat Vintage Amps for the $$$?
you may be surprised
Sorry, a question about the Sony SCDXA5400ES.
Yea I've seen, but it's often just one person ranting against another. One for, the other against. Simply, I'd like a broad perspective from those who've heard it, can another CD. . .
Amplifier progression and change
No bubbles to burst here. It will only help with my decisions. It's difficult to get out and audition amps out there, so research is my main source. Yours and any other input is. . .
Best used speaker under $1000 for tube low watter
thanks for the response gmood1. the hornshoppe horns are too sensitive to room placement for me. i was looking at the omegas, what do you think would be superior, the grande 8, . . .
Lowther speakers for Fisher X-202-B?
thanks for the response Sdcampbell, but outside the bookshelfs, the Coincidents are way out of my price range. the Lowther speakers can be had for around $1500 new
Need a power cord for Garrard 301.
Oh and that's "decent", not "descent"
Harbeth 30.1's w/Leben CS-1000P or CS-600
Thanks everyone. Hey Chayro! I still have the T&F Pharoah's, they're doing very, very well in my living room. Clearly I'm going to need to hear these for myself, but ultimately . . .
Any updated opinions on TW Acustics Raven GT/10.5?
Thanks. Hopefully I'll be going up to hear the GT at high water sound within the next month or two. I'm also debating between the 4poing and TW10.5, another tough decision
Moving up the Reynaud line, opinions please...
Well, Chas, I suppose I am, sort of, but am a bit concerned about the possibility of taking a sideways step. I don't really have time to get out and audition speakers, and I . . .
OLD tubes or NEW tubes. scott vs. jolida
thanks for the responses... your ideas about maintenance and reliability are right on the mark... but let me be more specific. im looking at a scott 340 receiver on ebay at the . . .
Kuzma Stabi S and 4point? overkill?
I've often wondered that. Obviously the table is important, but how important is it compared or the arm/cartridge? Has anyone anywhere run a test like this? Great arms and . . .
Where next after Eico HF-12's?
That's a fair response Frank. A musical connection is the most important aspect for me (I'm a classical pianist). That said, I suppose I really like my system, but I wonder how . . .
two amps and one pair of speakers
slappy, basically the dps-1 box that i mention is a speaker selector box in reverse. however, don't you think that some sound degredation will exist running through a box like . . .