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Rogue Owners Unite
Bradz, if you have the money go with the 99, if not the magnum upgrade is very good. It is better than a stock 66 in all areas, you can use a number of different tubes after you . . .
CD vs. SACD vs. DVD-Audio vs Vinyl vs...
Mike, first you say he has to SHUT UP,the he has to THINK BEFORE HE WRITES, then you say he has to GO!!!! which one do you want him to do? Carl is a lot of fun on this site,I didn`. . .
The Best Audio Dealer
I have two that I would like to add,Stewert from Weekend Environment, this guy is great , he has done a few favors for me in the past, he has a great product line too! Always there. . .
Decware - any substance here?
I own the Decware CSP2 and the Decware Taboo, I use this to drive my hornshoppe horns, I have owned a lot of gear over the years, but I have to say the Decware gear has been some . . .
List or discuss your favorite music
I`ve played drums in a rock band for 35 years,I love all types of music!I agree with Carl there aren`t many recorded rock music these days that are done well, here are a few that I. . .
First Steps into Computer Audio
you can also look at the USB Dac from Blue Circle called the Thingee, sound very good for 160.00. Greg
Please recommend Tube pre-amp(s)
Rogue Audio 99 is a great pre-amp you can order it with out phono. dead quiet and a remote too!!!!! or the model 66 which I have does a good job as well, you should check out there. . .
Version 5.0 released
Speakers for 55 watts of EL-34 tube power ?
Decware Tori MKII with a pair of silverlines Preludes MKII, I use to have a pair of ET LFT VIIIb`s but sometimes I wanted to play it a little loud and just couldn`t get there. But . . .
Small Monitors and Book shelves for Rock Music?
check out the Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1...damn great little speaker...can be upgraded to the Sierra 2... that has a new woofer and Raal ribbon... i do own the Sierra 1 and love it. . .
Rogue 66 vs Rogue 99
I can tell you here and now the 66 will never be a 99 even after I `ve done the Hot rod on it, the 99 is another animal altogether. I love my 66 and wouldn`t trade for the world, . . .
Black Diamond Cones ADVICE
David99, I don`t use the Black Diamond Racing any more , I`ve replace them with Valid Points, they worked a whole lot better. the BDR did work , but the VP`S WORKED MUCH BETTER , . . .
Whats the best and quietest 12AX7 tube
Dave, you really need to talk to Mark O brian at Rogue Audio ,he could help with your tube noise,Also you didn`t say if you had any line conditioner on your system,I have a Rogue . . .
Mapleshade and Maple Audio Cables
They are the best thing in wire going at the price, you can`t find a better sounding cable for the money ,I replaced all ny D.H.Labs stuff with the clearveiw IC and the speaker . . .
Best Power Conditioner under $1,000?
lihifiguy, do you want to sell your 83? I`am looking for one.
What are good jumpers for bi-wire spks?
You can also get some from Mapleshade redords they sell a ribbon jumper that is real good at $ 20 A PAIR. Greg
Tweak for Rogue Preamp Owners
David you can also send your unit back for the hotrod setup for the rogue, I talked to Mark and I `ll send mine back today, I`ll try the sand thing to, here is another if you have . . .
Download and "ripping" questions with a Mac.
you need to go into itunes and click on the preference tab and you will see the setup for rippping there, I use AIFF for my stuff and its sound great, on my touch with the Wadia . . .
USB DAC or USB to SPDIF conv. + non USB DAC?
I don`t the Brick can be order with 24/96, but its a great sounding dac as is. Greg
Best of the small speakers
I agree with Carl on the Meadowlark speakers, I `ve had both the Kestrels and the Shearwaters, these are great speakers fo the money, the little Kestrel can sound real good about . . .
American made USB DAC's
I second the Wavelenght dac, I have a Brick also and its great, Gordan is a great guy and make the best dacs IMHO. He has a new dac out or soon to be out that cost 900.00 and does . . .
Best 2W Speaker under 1500
I think the Meadowlark Vireo`s are a great little speaker, the bass from these are just awesome for such a small speaker, they image very well, have very good speed and detail, I . . .
Just moved and have a smaller audio room 10.5 x 15
Also take a look at the Eminent technology LFT-8b and the LFT-16 with a Rel sub. I have the LFT-8b, I like this speaker much better than the Maggies 1.6`s I had, will sound great . . .
Good quality KT88 power tubes?
try penta labs they have a new kt88 from china thats very good much better than the sovtek you can call them at 800 421 4219 ask for jamal
Mike Vansevers makes the adapter you need for your DVD player. you plug in the adapter and then your power cord , I think it sell for $80, Music Direct also carrys it. Greg
Amarra or upgrade my Wavelength Brick
the new Pure Music demo sounds much better to me than the Ammarra demo, I `ll get the Pure Music for 79.00 and skip the Amarra for 295.00, I do the Dac later. I like what I hear . . .
Rogue owners what speakers do you like?
I`m using Meadowlark Sheatwaters, I did have Maggies ,but I found the speakers didn`t have any snap either and sold them and bought Innersound Isis. Those speakers were much better. . .
Best Sounding Power Cord
Kacz, you can call kimber for iec, and you could look up P.S. Audio at there web site, they have a wire you can use from the box to your equipment if your looking to do that. Carl. . .
10 questions about computer audio
great reading for everyone. Greg
Acoustic Energy Aegis One Speakers.
My son has these for his H.T. and complained they sounded the way you talked about ,but after a few 100 hours or so they really sing, lose the wire, get some D.H.Labs T-14`s and . . .
Does gauge of speaker cables matter?
David, I can say the same for the Mapleshade stuff,it is very very good and when you see it you think man that shit can`t sound that good there is nothing to it, but be prepared to. . .
Rogue 66 upgrade
They change out the caps and alot of the resitors, they change the tubes in the line stage and the wire going to the main outs and from the selecter swicth with silver wire, the . . .
Cardas Clear usb
Deskducker, thanks for the info, so you feel its worth the money over the Kimber, is it a small difference or was it easy for you to hear ? thanks for all you guys for your info. . . .
Maggie Rear Speaker Jumpers
Go to Audio
Magnepan break-in?
Go to audio under "speakers" you will find a new site for us Maggies owners called MUG. You cn get alot of info from people there about Maggies, I have 1.6s it takes . . .
Pass aleph-3 or BAT 1001 MK2
Dave, did you try the Rogue 88 with the KT88 tubes,it would sound "KILLER" with the Rogue 99 you have, the speaker are sensetive enough you could use the all triode mode and still . . .
Before you spend a lot of money on cables you might want hear the D.H.Labs BL-1s, they only 99 bucks, i`am not saying there aren`t better cables out there,but you will spend more . . .
Upsampling CD and DAC's
Take a look at the new msb link dac III you can buy the upsampler chip for it for 199 and the dac for 399. You can do more with the P.T. but if all you want to do is upsample your. . .
I take it that Mark was not able to help you with the phono stage noise you were talking about a few weeks ago .Could you tell us what your system is like and what don`t you like . . .
rouge 66 pre amp magnum upgrade is it worthwile
Daro, you will like it , also have Mark sell you some NOS for the line Stage and some 7308 for the phono. Greg
What amp are with ET LFTVIII 8B
thanks for the reply, what amps are you using
Cardas BC7c Power Cord Question
David ,there was a guy selling a cable you should try from Omega Mikcro, he`s under power cords on audiogon, get the red one $250, list $900, they do make a HUGE difference in the . . .
Meadowlark kestrals
You can`t beat them for the money, they just sound sooooo good. I also bought mine used,and they LOVE tubes,they just disapear in the room . very easy to set up and look great. you. . .
Superphon pre needs service
Stan warren is in eugene Oregon, the telephone number is 501 344 3696, you should check the area code it may not be right but he is in Eugene. Greg
Magnepan Spade Lug Adapters
I have a pair of maggies 1.6`s ,I have the monster adapters and the maggie adapter as well , couldn`t tell the difference between the two , But could hear the difference between . . .
Help with Subwoofers
Try looking at the Gallo powered sub they just started shipping .$750 Greg
Need advice on preamp tubes
You should call Mark at Rogue and buy some nos tubes he has for that unit
Modification to feet of Maggie MG 3.5's.
check out sound anchors they are making stands for the 3.6 and the 1.6 tet will improve the sound dramicaly
Adcom Amps modified by Stan Warren
I`ve know Stan Warren for about twenty years, just about every thing he has done has worked great, a real honest guy ,he will not bull shit you at all.I`ve owned his pre-amp and . . .
Cable Recommendation
I also think the t-14 will work for you , that cable will be hard to beat for the money.I`ve used it alone on my Kestrels and now use it in a biwire system on the tweeters with . . .
Cables and spkrs. for Denon AVR 5700?
BM, I use the Marantz SR 18 and the Marantz 930 DVD player, ALL my cables are D.H.LABS, T-14 on the speakers , BL-I`s interconnects on all the source equipment, D-75 for the . . .
Gold Dragon Tubes? Still in Business?
try the VAC company, they have what you are looking for