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Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Raul, what is the best way to locate these fine cartridges? I have tried a google search and ebay for each of them and have not found a single one
Decware - any substance here?
Dollar for dollar the Decware line must be classified as top shelf value. I have owned the select mono's, Taboo, original "blue Torii",and the Torii mkII. These amps are. . .
What is the best transport?
Neal, the system will not allow me to see your contact info. I am not sure how to manage this new Agon
Galibier owners How do you like your music now?
Howdy Stiltskin, I am buying a Quatro (the one currently listed on the Bargin Bin-on the Galibier web site) from Thom. I have not owned a TT in thirty five odd years. This . . .
Audio note Dac question
Grateful, I have the 2.1x sig.dac and the AN cdt2 transport. I have been interested in the PS Audio transport. Would you comment on this transport as well as any other transport . . .
Good Preamp for Emerald Physics 2.3
Has anyone heard of these guys, I use a dbx as a crossover. The dbx does not suck out all of the life but does degrade the music to an extent.I need to upgrade. My. . .
Active crossovers
Csontos, I have been using a Driver Rack Pa.This unit is in the same league as the Behringer.I have had this active system for two years. I highly encourage you to do so as well. . . .
My review of the Musica Pristina Virtuoso server
Thanks for this review. I have ordered a Music Vault server from Sound Science. My hope is to receive the same level of service as you have gotten from Musica Pristina. So I will. . .
Anyone bi-amping with the Behringer DCX 24/96 ?
I am running a quad amp arangement. I crossover at 80, 425, and 3550. I am using a dbx pa crossover. The dbx is the weak link in my rig. Has anyone upgraded the Behringer? . . .
Galibier questions
Howdy Rsrex, I have the Quattro, platter upgraded to the TPI, Triplanar and the ZYX universe cart. The Triplanar is a marvel, stand alone engineering delight. Go with the arm