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Arkprof on popular topics

Personal amp evolution
Radio Shack something (late 60s) Kenwood KA7002 int amp (early/mid 70s) other stuff (mid/late 80s) Adcom amp and preamp..

Most achingly-beautiful music
If you want to be amazed by real-time 6- and 12-string guitar musicianship ... no other instruments involved ... you ..

Why Don't More People Love Audio?
People DO LOVE audio ... but it's fully integrated in ways that meet lifestyle requirements OR it's available to the ..

How does one get off the merry-go-round?
I bought some SuperAbbys w/Bailey sub, using the far-field driver, kind of put them where I thought they should go, ..

Your First Concert was.....
Denver CO in the late 60s ... Strawberry Alarm Clock and a rock-solid group called Buffalo Springfield. Such a night ..

Best drink while listening to your rig?
Any Calif cabernet sauvignon with substantial tannins; can ALWAYS get something very good in the $14-$20 range, or lower..

Album which you have listened to most?
1-If you don't know Charlie Hunter, try "Earth Tones" ... and start with cut 2, "What I Am" ... ..