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The best CD Player for the money
I guess that many of us have been around the block a few times, and there are probably a few units out there that are worth recommending. In my day, the three most memorable . . .
Personal speaker evolution
Kinda like asking 'what was your first bicycle/car/girlfriend?' As many of you, I started out humbly. My father told me I could have the Magnavox radio if I could fix it. I did, . . .
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Ask this question again in 5 years to those who have a keeper. I have had a few keepers over the years, and yet find myself with another amp/speaker/CDP/etc in less than 5 years. . . .
How much does your system retail for?
I have been very fortunate to only have spent $7-8k and enjoy a system that simple and musical
Words From the Wise
Don't listen too much to the experts....oops...well, what I mean is that if it sounds good to YOUR ears, then put some weight on that. Everybody has their preference, loud/bright/ . . .
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
I'm gonna say that it is the Carver C9 holographic unit that works magic between the x-fm radio and the preamp. Seems it was made in the '70s. Both are at the 'low end' of my . . .
Decware - any substance here?
I sure don't want to come on as another cheerleader, 'cuz it usually makes me sick. I'll give you my honest opinion of the Decware amps that I have owned. First, I must say that I . . .
Balanced vs standard power
Jea48 THANK YOU! GOOD LORD, why don't we just hook a dedicated line from a substation. There is no doubt that this 15KVA is an overkill idea. I used to work with dc current 60-1,. . .
Owners of speakers by obscure companies chime in
B.E.S.L. speakers from Indiana have been my mainstay for several years now. I met the owner, Phil Bamberg quite accidently at a cafe. He overheard a conversation that I was having . . .
best pre-amp new or used for under $500?
Well, that's how it goes, first I buy, then I check it out....Yah, I just put in an offer for a Nakmichi CA5 MK11, and first thing I read here is that it doesn't sound good. Many . . .
hearing tests - where and how?
I can't help but enter a thought or two about this discussion. I have enjoyed music all my life, and to protect my hearing, I have always used ear plugs at work. My hearing used . . .
Harshness in Midrange??? Any Help
i would have to agree about room acoustics, especially noting the equipment that you own. i have had similar problems in the past, and resolved most of them with setup,and . . .
Less listings
Not sure just what the truth is, in spite of our theories, but I do see less listings than before. For me, the listing procedure is flawed compared to other sites. This leads me . . .
Classe or McIntosh
Not to butt in, except i do have two Quicksilver mono-blocs. for sale on this site. I don't know your power requirements,etc., yet it could be a good thing to look and see what . . .
whole house surge protector?
It is good to see that many of us recognize the terrible potential for tragidty when it comes to power line issues. First of all, we are all on a 'party line' that encompasses . . .