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  Parasound JC-3
Does anyone have experience with this phono preamp? It has the pedigree, of course, but I haven't seen any reviews or read of any user experience. I'm probably going to spring for it but some reassurance or warnings would be welcome. $2350 is big money at my house.
Macrojack  (Reviews | Answers)

01-22-11: Drubin
I'm also very curious about the JC-3. Good of you, Tom, to do the important early adopter work on our behalf.
Drubin  (Threads | Answers)

01-23-11: Don_c55
The Specified MC noise level of -73 dB is poor!
Don_c55  (Threads | Answers)

01-23-11: Essentialaudio
Although I do not have one here yet, one of my customers purchased the very first one and is delighted. Parasound informs me the JC 3 is selling very well, partly due to John Curl's background with the renowned Vendetta Research phono stage. Look for a review soon to appear in print in one of the major audiophile magazines.
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02-13-11: Salmonsc
Any more info. on this? I see it advertized but zero reviews & only second hand anecdotal reports. Inquiring minds need to know!
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02-13-11: Franks
There a reveiw in the Fremer column in the latest Sterophile. Its compared with 3 other much more expensive phono stages and appears to hold its own despite the large price differences.
The take away points are excellent phono stage and super value.

Franks  (Threads | Answers)

02-13-11: Busypk
Just had a chance to hear a unit and it completely blew away a NightHawk. Maybe not a fair comparison but it's all the dealer had on hand at the time. It was extremely clean sounding and had great extension at both ends. At the price it seems like a no brainer.
Busypk  (Threads | Answers)

02-14-11: Egrady
I got to demo one and found it to be superior to my Sim Audio 5.3. More liquid and a better sense of space. But, with my Benz SM cartridge,.8MV, I had a problem. With heavy modulated grooves I heard a crackling sound that sounds like mistracking. I put the Sim back in and the issue went away. Parasound said that the MC input stage should not be overloaded by a .8mv output cartridge. But, it sounds to me as if that is exactly what is happening.

I have to run a 15' interconnect from the phono stage to my pre amp. Could that be the problem? I wouldn't think so given it only happens when the music gets loud.

Egrady  (Threads | Answers)

02-18-11: Lewm
Egrady, What are the overload specs (max cartridge output voltage before heavy distortion sets in) for the phono inputs on the Parasound vs the Sim? With a few phone calls, you can find that out, if the info is not readily available on the internet or in your Sim owners manual. Obviously, if there is a big difference in overload tolerance between the two, it might add support to your hypothesis. Does the JC3 have an MM input? If so, try that input. (Of course, you will probably have to turn up the volume quite a bit.) If your hypothesis is correct, the problem should go away when you use the MM input on the JC3. By the way, I think 15 ft of IC is a bad idea in any audio system, if you can avoid it somehow, but if you are using the same pair of ICs with both phono stages then the long ICs are unlikely to cause the phenomenon you report.
Lewm  (System | Threads | Answers)

02-18-11: Robob
Fremer did not seem too concerned about the lack of adjustability. Interesting as I believe he has said some MC's need less than 100Ω and others have found this to be true. @2350 I think many folks would give up some transparency (audible?) for high quality switches.

Unless one wants to change equipment frequently, as some of you do, flexibility has it's place. I want my turntable to offer the ability to change arms and my phono stage to not lock me into carts that are ok with 100Ω.

But that's just me:-)

Robob  (Threads | Answers)

02-19-11: Busypk
Robob...I hear what you are saying BUT I've now had a chance to hear the JC3 and what it does is really amazing given it's price point and I'd rather just have this unit without all the switches and a reasonable price than any switches.
I just finished reading Fremers review and he is nit picking all 4 phono units so once you compare a $2350 with a 10K 12K or 20+K unit I think it makes sense as is.
I'm very excited about getting one myself and "playing" music.

Busypk  (Threads | Answers)

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