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  Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
Ryllau  (Answers)

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06-13-01   I really like you topic! about 30 years ago i purchased fou ...   Drrdiamond

06-13-01   No question about it.the von schweikert vr7s,best i have hea ...   Sattothestars

06-13-01   Perhaps i did not explain correctly. i like to hear from peo ...   Ryllau

06-13-01   I don't know how much good this will do you since apogee is ...   Macdonj

06-13-01   Hello, hello, i've owned a pair of proac 3.5's for 4 years ...   Rogerroger

06-13-01   I bought my first pair of harbeth p3 mini-monitors in 1994, ...   Paulwp

06-13-01   I have had quad esls since the late 70s. i have actually giv ...   Ivanj

06-13-01   For 10 yrs i lived with a pair of active stats -- audioexclu ...   Gregm

06-13-01   The dunlavy sc-5s is as close to the perfect speaker that i' ...   Brauser

06-13-01   For 25 years, i have been listening to a good old jbl speake ...   David.kang@

06-13-01   Great thread guys. agree with the above poster about the n80 ...   Chut@

06-13-01   There continues to be technical advancement in speaker desig ...   Greg.cox@

06-13-01   There are many speakers out there that i probably would have ...   Jjjj

06-13-01   Both b&w n802 and revel studio are great speakers but i choo ...   David.kang@

06-13-01   Well, i have had a pair of m&k satellite 1a's and volkswoofe ...   Kjg

06-13-01   Thank you folks. you have made me so happy. i now know i'm n ...   Ryllau

06-13-01   Vandersteen 2cs. bought in 1987 and used in the main system ...   Khawk2

06-13-01   I bought the a1 soundlabs in 1989. if i had to replace my ...   Albertporter

06-14-01   I've had several different vandersteen speakers for 15 years ...   Steve440

06-14-01   I have the original b&w cdm-1 in my den/home office system. ...   Sugarbrie

06-14-01   Ever sold a pair of great speakers and then regretted it eve ...   Stereokarter

06-14-01   I lived blissfully with apogee stages for 8 years. i only s ...   Jim

06-14-01   At exactly a year old, my marriage to these verity audio par ...   Subaruguru

06-14-01   Khawk2- i presently use 2cis (bought new about 10 years ago) ...   Swampwalker

06-14-01   1. rogers ls3/5a 11 or 15 ohm 2. quad us63 3. soundlab u1 4 ...   Asa

06-15-01   B&w n802s: price / performance, in the audiophile range.   Mdorsam@

06-18-01   Have had these since they were new in 1987 and have loved li ...   Dacquistot@

06-18-01   I started with apogee stages 9 years ago and then converted ...   Dizziestone@

06-19-01   Pair of magnapan mgiia. i have owned them since 1986. they h ...   Ramstl

06-23-01   i've been using magnepan mg1's for about 18 years. i just a ...   Korgwave

06-23-01   I added a servo 15 sub and is a great match. dave   Djroberts

06-24-01   I have a big room and listen to many types of music loud or ...   Snook2

06-25-01   I have had vandersteen 2 c's since '86 and feel no need to u ...   Dpolacek@

06-26-01   I have owned 3 speaker systems over the past 15 years includ ...   Tubegroover

07-12-01   Martin logan sequels. bought them new in the mid 80's - l ...   Tdacquis@

07-12-01   Will add my vote here for vandersteen. i bought the 2c's in ...   Joe_b

07-12-01   I really like my tiny proac tablette 50 signatures a lot, an ...   Gunbei

07-12-01   1. sound lab u1,a1,orm1,m2,m3 2. magnepan mg20.x,mg3.x,mg2.x ...   Shubertmaniac

07-12-01   I do not qualify for owning my speakers for a long time, not ...   Brianmgrarcom

07-13-01   I have owned apogee duettas for around 10 years, can't find ...   Aei_connections

07-13-01   I would add in here a pair of speakers i owned for over 10 y ...   Rcprince

07-14-01   Since 1984 i have owned a pair of the fabulous audio pulse 8 ...   Trappist

07-18-01   I've owned proac response 2.4s for 4 1/2 years and have no p ...   Tomryan

07-18-01   Years ago i started with the vandersteen 4s. these were the ...   Pctower

07-22-01   Our avalon acoustics arcuses. listened to many. owned others ...   Gino

07-28-01   I think ryllau answers his own question about as well it can ...   Zaikesman

08-14-01   They sound good year after year after year, and are reliable ...   Jonm

08-17-01   I've bought all my equipment used- kept my first decent spe ...   Bgordonr

08-24-01   Snell type a lll.great speakers.i wish i would have held on ...   Holman

08-25-01   I owned a pair of spica tc-50's for six years. they were wo ...   Drewfidelity

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