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  The best speaker you ever heard?
In my opinion, the speaker is by far the most important part of the audio system. After all, it is the only part you hear. OK, the other stuff really matters a lot, but without a great speaker... No go.

I am a bit 'speaker-obsessed' I guess, and now I am wondering: What are the best speakers you have ever heard, and what made them the best?
Njonker  (System | Answers)

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02-04-01   Kharma exquisite reference 1b is the very best i've heard so ...   Haipo

02-05-01   To date the av duo's. what made them great ? set amplificati ...   Fletch

02-05-01   Avalon osiris, no question; to bad they were not mine!!!!   Tireguy

02-05-01   Genesis 200's, unbelievable. close your eyes and you are at ...   Brutusab

02-05-01   Sonus faber extremas   Perfectimage

02-05-01   Alon wolfs' "magico" speaker. cabinet structure b ...   Recres@

02-05-01   Mbl 101d,spectacular!any instruments or human voice that cam ...   Samaul@

02-05-01   Vandersteen 5s -there are many strengths - no weaknesses.   Jkphoto

02-05-01   Avalon eidelon. sounds great with any type of music.good luc ...   Bmpnyc

02-05-01   I would vote for the kharma exquisite reference too. i think ...   Mgottlieb

02-05-01   The dynaudio evidence. with the proper electronics, cables, ...   Ronc

02-05-01   There is a shop in phoenix az, called speakers ect. these g ...   Briweve

02-05-01   Sonus faber amatis   Jman

02-05-01   Unquestionablly,the jadis eurithmie / driven by their 300b a ...   Avguygeorge

02-05-01   Dynaudio evidence has to be the best speaker that i've ever ...   Rosstaman

02-05-01   So far, sonus faber extremas are the most memorable.   Pops

02-05-01   Hello everyone, my vote would go with the eidolon. the prese ...   Trcnetmsncom

02-05-01   Clark systems reference monitors.   Sndsel

02-05-01   B&w 801s with the right amp.any of the bigger,sequels size a ...   Vayasteve

02-05-01   Dunlavy sc-iv, version ii; hallucination quality...   Kkirkpa@

02-05-01   I own dunlavy sc-v's and they are great. the best sounding s ...   Pls1

02-06-01   I listened to the eidelon (incredible bass) and the sf amati ...   Jcbtubes

02-06-01   The talon khorus. with proper break in these transducers mak ...   Slagletj

02-07-01   Mmerlin vsm-m. transparent(esotar tweeter) and adjustable de ...   Cyc

02-07-01   Albert...where are you? the soundlab u-1 electrostats are it ...   90493m

02-12-01   I was in hong kong. heard a pair of {uno 2.0s) driven by a p ...   Steven_kh@

02-16-01   I'd have said the sound lab m-1's, but then a few weeks ago ...   Audiokinesis

02-17-01   I still love my soundlab ultimate 1. this pair is from the ...   Albertporter

02-18-01   The avalon sentinels. they do everything my eidolons do an ...   Cornfedboy

02-18-01   I don't know what the best speaker is. however, i sure lik ...   7p62mm

02-19-01   ml with the right amp/preamp and cables. also versity par ...   Pcc

03-16-01   Infinity beta's with audio research. i heard them once in a ...   Dannylw

03-16-01   In chronological order ( i could not compare side by side): ...   Pefstratiou@

03-16-01   Wisdom audio adrenaline 75 dipoles.   Telescope_trade

03-16-01   I have a pair of speakers designed and built by eric alexand ...   Jazzcatlewis

03-19-01   I don't think that there is any one speaker that does everyt ...   Sean

03-20-01   The best speakers i ever heard was a double pair of magnepla ...   Sdcampbell

04-07-01   The hill plasmatronic is the hottest speaker ever made.   Plasmatronic

04-07-01   My own dunlavy v's. it has all the qualities that makes musi ...   Nilthepill

04-07-01   Got to go with sonus faber amati homage...   Miles_wan@

04-08-01   Hey plasmatronic. i clearly remember the time dr. alan hill ...   Frap

04-09-01   To frap. while it was a long time ago,i recall the gas as he ...   Pls1

04-09-01   Pls1. i stand corrected, but those tanks sure were ominous l ...   Frap

04-13-01   Wilson audio wamm7 if you really want to hear the very best. ...   Adsal@

04-13-01   I agree with adsal. in the mid 1980's i had a chance to hear ...   Joe_b

04-14-01   The original $40k b&w nautilus w/ 8 ml33h monos. i haven't h ...   Audiopman

04-26-01   Martin logan statements (powered by cello) long time ago. re ...   Gregm

04-27-01   since this thread refuses to die, i guess i'll finally chim ...   Caterham1700

04-29-01   I own esl-63 and i love them but the new 989 are much more n ...   Ulrikgm

05-31-01   Easy. the wisdom audio adrenaline rush and m-75 systems. the ...   Jvarney@

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