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  Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Comparisons with the 1.5s and the others that came before? Getting the itch; again......
Warrenh  (System | Reviews | Answers)

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10-30-11   I have the def2 with the new flagship drives installed. boug ...   Glory

10-30-11   My mistake. i meant the def4s. the new drivers you're talk ...   Warrenh

10-30-11   Hi warren. they just debuted a few weeks ago at rmaf. the ...   Morganc

10-31-11   I received my mk4s 10 days ago. i started with the 1.5, grad ...   Gsm18439

10-31-11   Gsm18439's impression pretty much mirrors my thoughts on the ...   Schw06

10-31-11   As i recall, zu used split tuning of the four rear firing dr ...   Gsm18439

11-11-11   Any more impressions guys? or comparisons to other zu spea ...   Morganc

11-13-11   Zu's facebook page has photos of the new amps going into the ...   Ton1313

11-16-11   Hi everyone, as a def mk 2 owner i am moving towards upgradi ...   Spiritofmusic

12-09-11   Def 3 is in the house! will post back after some time, but ...   Ton1313

12-13-11   Hi ton1313.....what are your initial impressions?   Morganc

02-03-12   I recieved my mk iii's about 2 weeks ago. traded a pair of p ...   Bufford

02-03-12   Those def iiis in anthracite on ebay were my def2s, now upgr ...   Keithr

02-04-12   I was also on sean & christians tour path. they tweaked wher ...   Ton1313

02-04-12   I have my def4s. i'll be posting a review in a few days, wit ...   213cobra

02-11-12   213, waiting for your thoughts.   Glory

02-12-12   Have quite a few more hours listening since my first post. h ...   Bufford

02-13-12   I have an interest in zu speakers but do not know enough abo ...   Obrown

02-14-12   If you have any questions such as the issue of connectors, t ...   Gsm18439

02-15-12   Pretty easy to re-terminate. you don't even need to solder, ...   Wilsynet

02-15-12   If for some reason you do not want to change the banana plug ...   Gsm18439

02-15-12   Hi, as owner of def2s considering upgrading to 4s, i'm most ...   Spiritofmusic

02-16-12   I, too, am curious about what phil has to say. but to me, th ...   Gsm18439

02-16-12   All i can say is that i was smitten with my def 2's and went ...   Schw06

02-16-12   I currently have the def iis. i requested and received infor ...   Mrpaul

02-16-12   Is the rear firing bass array replaced with the downward fir ...   Gsm18439

02-16-12   213 is to busy listening to his 4 to write.   Glory

02-16-12   I have had my definition mk4ís since dec 20th and i use them ...   Musicxyz

02-17-12   As contented owner of def2s, just a couple of things. firstl ...   Spiritofmusic

02-17-12   I have also owned the def 2 and truthfully they are an absol ...   Musicxyz

02-17-12   Gsm18439 - the rear firing base array is not replaced as par ...   Mrpaul

02-17-12   Then the bass will be superior - tighter, deeper, more artic ...   Gsm18439

02-17-12   I agree 100%. however, the def iii gets the new hypex amps ...   Mrpaul

02-18-12   Hi musicxyz, that is quite a claim that the def4s are the be ...   Spiritofmusic

02-18-12   Musicxyz, have you owned merlin or joseph audio speakers? if ...   Sabai

02-18-12   Please understand it is still just my opinion and there are ...   Musicxyz

02-18-12   Musicxyz, us long-term zu def owners have always loved the a ...   Spiritofmusic

02-18-12   Youíre really comparing apples to oranges. it is tough to g ...   Musicxyz

02-19-12   Yes, glory has it right. i've been too busy listening to my ...   213cobra

02-19-12   I agree 100% but couldn't you get into more detail; just kid ...   Musicxyz

02-20-12   I have really dug my def2s over the 5 years i've owned them, ...   Spiritofmusic

02-20-12   Definition 1.5 was a livelier speaker than def2, and its ton ...   213cobra

02-21-12   My only technical query re def4s is that the sub bass is dow ...   Spiritofmusic

02-21-12   While i cannot comment on the practice of the sub bass downf ...   Gsm18439

02-21-12   By getting short notes up sooner, there are many aspects of ...   213cobra

02-21-12   Regarding the questions raised by spiritofmusic: the downfi ...   213cobra

02-21-12   Wow you get your $$$ worth reading 213 thoughts.   Glory

02-22-12   Agree with glory, 213cobra, you're a godsend in setting down ...   Spiritofmusic

02-22-12   I love my piano black. actually, i rather like the light ref ...   Gsm18439

02-22-12   213cobra, you mentioned tube based power amps up to c.30w/ch ...   Spiritofmusic

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