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  Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Mstark  (System | Answers)

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10-03-10   I've never heard either (of course, nobody has heard the ome ...   Sebrof

10-03-10   Thx mr. sebrof no doubt about tekton quality or value zu ...   Mstark

11-12-10   Hi. i went to eric's shop and got permission to make a littl ...   Cpapace

11-12-10   Nice video. what did you think of the lore?   Sebrof

11-12-10   I actually used to work with eric twelve years ago when he w ...   Cpapace

11-14-10   Zu omen shipping was confirmed - should arrive around nov.19 ...   Mstark

11-15-10   anyone received their omens yet????? a friend got her's ab ...   Steidlguitars

12-02-10   Got them up & running for over a week now. going through wi ...   Mstark

02-02-11   Hi. i'm hoping to get some help. i tried posting on another ...   Cpapace

02-02-11   I've ordered my lore's and they should arrive in the next we ...   Zmanastronomy

02-02-11   Eric showed me the frequency response and they looked very g ...   Cpapace

02-02-11   I put my lore order in 1/28 , eric told me two weeks . the d ...   Cwazz

02-03-11   Hi. i have my lore's on order as well in beautiful white an ...   Gpowered

02-04-11   Gpowered. when you mention the modified eminence, what are t ...   Zmanastronomy

02-04-11   I am not sure exactly, but i have a local friend that has it ...   Gpowered

02-04-11   I got a pair of lore speakers at the end of december. i hav ...   B_rodgers

02-04-11   B rodgers - thanks for your great review!! btw did you ever ...   Gpowered

02-04-11   B rodgers. you've given me hope in my speaker choise. it's a ...   Zmanastronomy

02-05-11   He refunded the $50 for the grilles. he offered to send the ...   B_rodgers

02-05-11   Sounds good. the speaker is not designed to run w/ a grill ...   Gpowered

02-05-11   B rodgers - think of all the possibilities of low watt tube ...   Gpowered

02-05-11   Also-if you're considering lore and omen don't overlook the ...   Sebrof

02-05-11   B rodgers the set amps have a lot more trancient attack th ...   Zmanastronomy

02-11-11   I've had the lore since mid november and have put around 400 ...   Wsifu

02-15-11   I'm highly interested in the lore. any more opinions on this ...   Gooddomino

02-15-11   Mine should be arriving tomorrow. i'll post my first impress ...   Zmanastronomy

02-15-11   Zman -can't wait to hear about your impressions of the lore. ...   Gooddomino

02-17-11   Ok, heres a short summary of my first impessions of the lore ...   Zmanastronomy

02-17-11   Glad to hear about your favorable first impression of the lo ...   Gooddomino

02-17-11   Zman - i went through pretty much the same thing with my tek ...   Sebrof

02-17-11   I'm not sure there broke in yet. i have an impression that t ...   Zmanastronomy

02-18-11   One of my new lores arrived today. the other will be here i ...   Gpowered

02-20-11   My honest initial thoughts after 15+ hours are very favorabl ...   Gpowered

02-20-11   Zman and gpowered, please post any further thoughts when yo ...   Telescope_trade

02-20-11   Eric addressed some of the things that from what i heard fro ...   Gpowered

02-20-11   I've read from a superfly owner that the sf doesn't image as ...   Zmanastronomy

02-20-11   Thank for the reply's! i had my omens imaging like crazy, an ...   Telescope_trade

02-20-11   Telescope - if you are looing for big dynamics then perhaps ...   Gpowered

02-20-11   Hi gpowered, thanks for the reply. yes, actually more dynami ...   Telescope_trade

02-20-11   I don't know about the omen def's, but i don't think the ome ...   Zmanastronomy

02-20-11   I have tekton katz meows and zu omens, never heard the lore. ...   Sebrof

02-20-11   You will need a sub for movies regardless. main speakers ca ...   Gpowered

02-20-11   I'll throw my $.02 out there as i have heard both the superf ...   Morganc

02-22-11   About 35 hours in now and the lores are getting better and b ...   Gpowered

02-23-11   Gpowered, sounds like the lores are super sweet! with these ...   Telescope_trade

02-24-11   I'm still bugging eric about getting a pro review done. has ...   Cpapace

02-24-11   Well, i've got over 100 hrs and these things are scary. the ...   Zmanastronomy

03-01-11   Great review, zman. i have about 70 hours on mine now and t ...   Gpowered

03-01-11   Cpapace - eric did tell me that he had one scheduled, and i ...   Gpowered

03-01-11   Well said gpowered.   Zmanastronomy

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