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  Tidal Speakers owners
Could you please write your impressions about the Tidal speakers you currently own ? I will probably buy the Tidal Piano Cera in the near future so I would appreciate your feedback...
Geopolitis  (Answers)

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03-17-10   ...just heard the piano ceras at the axpona show a few weeke ...   Calloway

03-17-10   What's the biggest difference sound wise between the piano c ...   Ptmconsulting

03-17-10   Here is an email from jorn at tidal. i was trying to decide ...   Kclone

03-17-10   Geopolitis, are you still enamored of tidal's electronics a ...   Azjake

03-18-10   I will drive the tidal piano with a set of sovereign amplifi ...   Geopolitis

03-18-10   Tidal electronics are fantastic but the sovereign are the be ...   Geopolitis

03-18-10   Calloway, you are jumping off the piega ship? never thought ...   Shakeydeal

03-18-10   Shakey...i am ..i am....the c-40s are great speakers but not ...   Calloway

03-18-10   I tried the wilson sophia, but that didn't quite unseat the ...   Shakeydeal

03-18-10   Geopolitis, the word "musical" always concerns me. ...   Tbg

03-18-10   Tbg not in the way you imagine or mentioned in 99% of the re ...   Argyro

03-18-10   Argyro, for some it means that it is not a real sounding but ...   Tbg

03-18-10   I am using the sovereign director with a sovereign power for ...   Geopolitis

03-19-10   Geopolitis, did you heard soulution premp and monos? if you ...   Emigene

03-19-10   Hi emigene, i believe that you are talking about the 3 bes ...   Geopolitis

03-22-10   Can someone comment on the tidals having a bit small images ...   Argyro

03-22-10   Having had about three weeks with the piano cera, and having ...   Linkster

03-22-10   Ok linkster thanks for the answer! i also think that he actu ...   Argyro

03-22-10   German forums, say no more ... i have once read an attack ...   Karelfd

03-22-10   Mike, it sounds like you are speaking of bloom in terms of m ...   Linkster

03-23-10   Linkster: what is the sensitivity of the piano cera? what do ...   F1a

03-23-10   Fla, i find it unlikely to be able to drive the cera with ...   Geopolitis

03-23-10   Hi fla, power requirement is a favourite theme among tidalis ...   Karelfd

03-23-10   Fla, i would advise you to contact you dealer and/or tidal d ...   Linkster

03-23-10   Are the cera's rated at 88 dbs? correct me if i am wrong, b ...   Kclone

03-23-10   I really don't know what the ceras rate insofar as efficienc ...   Linkster

03-23-10   I have a solid state amp, modwright kwa 150. i wonder if ge ...   Kclone

03-23-10   Kclone, i don't know what your listening habits are, but i c ...   Linkster

03-24-10   ..just ordered my contriva diacera-se today in piano black.. ...   Calloway

03-24-10   Linkster, your right. my amp handles speakers very well, no ...   Kclone

03-25-10   Calloway, congrats for buying your final speaker ever. nex ...   Geopolitis

03-25-10   Geopolitis, ....i do currently use the smr i/cs and speaker ...   Calloway

03-25-10   Geopolitis, you seem to have extensive experience with amps ...   Tbg

03-25-10   Tbg, i have tried the stealth indra and dream petite, echo ...   Geopolitis

03-25-10   Calloway, even the argento flow is much much better cable ...   Geopolitis

03-25-10   The tidal speaker often get displayed with the argento cable ...   Maxx1973

03-26-10   I personally consider the stealth indra better than the arge ...   Argyro

03-26-10   Maxx1973, which tidal do you have on order?   Kclone

03-26-10   Whats better siltech eskay creek satt or argento reference s ...   Ebm

03-27-10   Argyro, i know the indra very well, so i very much appreciat ...   Tbg

03-29-10   Kclone, actually been crazy and ordered the sunray :). was a ...   Maxx1973

03-30-10   Maxx1973, you are a very lucky guy. i have heard the sunra ...   Geopolitis

03-30-10   Ge-fe-li-ci-teerd maxx1973! ik breng je graag een fles wijn ...   Karelfd

04-01-10   Hi, guys! my contriva discera ses arrived yesterday and now ...   Tbg

04-02-10   Tbg, the sound will improve dramatically in the next few d ...   Geopolitis

04-06-10   Well i have had the tidal contriva disacera ses playing for ...   Tbg

04-06-10   Allow me to offer a bit on the virtues of tidal speaker desi ...   Linkster

04-07-10   Linc, i heard the tidal piano cera this weekend in a frien ...   Geopolitis

04-07-10   What is amazing is how incredibly well the piano cera works ...   Linkster

04-07-10   Tbg and linkster....i envy you guys being able to listen to ...   Calloway

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