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  Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?

I'd love to hear the impressions of people who've actually spent some time with these speakers to share their sense of their plusses and minuses. Mapman here on Audiogon is a big fan, and has shared lots on them, but I'm wondering who else might be familiar with them.
Rebbi  (System | Answers)

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10-03-08   In a smaller room, the micros are incredible. in an average ...   Jaybo

10-03-08   they are great speakers and a 120 day return policy, i doub ...   Guppy

10-03-08   That's all consistent with what i've heard. it was down to t ...   Rebbi

10-03-08   That's why being used is a good idea. reduces the risk and l ...   Tvad

10-04-08   I bought them and returned them. they do great parlor tricks ...   Stivervii

10-04-08   Tvad, good point about buying used. actually, that was my o ...   Rebbi

10-04-08   Gotta respond to 'not very revealing'. the ohm line has a 'd ...   Jaybo

10-04-08   How far off the walls do they need to be? or more succintly ...   Peter_s

10-04-08   Jaybo, what john potis, the reviewer at, said th ...   Rebbi

10-04-08   18 inches to 24 inches would be ideal.....   Jaybo

10-04-08   When i first spoke to john at ohm, he said they could go as ...   Rebbi

10-04-08   John is correct. they really change character very little b ...   Jaybo

10-05-08   I've had mine for 4 years - great speakers: plus: small fo ...   Zkzpb8

10-05-08   Zkzpb8, helpful comments, thanks! i've heard these speaker ...   Rebbi

10-05-08   Never harsh or 'in your face'...but not overly sweet...neutr ...   Jaybo

10-05-08   Jaybo, i understand the huge sweet spot and the huge sounds ...   Rebbi

10-06-08   In my experience, the sound doesn't bounce around so much, a ...   Zkzpb8

10-06-08   No more bouncing than a conventional speaker. the sound stag ...   Jaybo

10-06-08   " the ohm's only trick(which is no trick at all...just ...   Mapman

10-06-08   "they don't have that hi-fi, super detailed sound with ...   Mapman

10-06-08   "fact that they ... convey weight" for larger sca ...   Mapman

10-06-08   Well, guys, i cannot believe i did this, but i actually ord ...   Rebbi

10-06-08   glad you finally made the decision.   Tvad

10-06-08   Report in rebbi... i think you'll be amazed in more ways tha ...   Jaybo

10-06-08   Rebbi, congrats, now you can listen and know for sure! that ...   Mapman

10-06-08   Thanks for your support, guys. sometimes audiogon feels like ...   Rebbi

10-06-08   Tvad: thanks!   Rebbi

10-06-08   By the way, how have you folks found the fit and finish on t ...   Rebbi

10-06-08   the fit and finish of the ohm speakers i auditioned two year ...   Tvad

10-06-08   Have fun auditioning! take advantage of the 120 days - real ...   Zkzpb8

10-06-08   Mine are both refurbished units from ohm. fit and finish ar ...   Mapman

10-07-08   Yeah... the fit and finish on the totems is really tight as ...   Rebbi

10-07-08   Rebbe, for what its worth my wife has very high standards in ...   Mapman

10-07-08   Mapman, you're right about the footprint. the arro's are 5 ...   Rebbi

10-07-08   I also ordered a pair, and will report here as well.   Peter_s

10-07-08   Cool, peter_s! i look forward to trading impressions here!   Rebbi

10-10-08   My mwt's should be arriving monday... they shipped from ohm ...   Rebbi

10-11-08   Great! i shall look forward to your first impressions and la ...   Aktchi

10-13-08   Peter_s, when are you expecting yours?   Rebbi

10-14-08   Mine won't even ship until this coming thursday. i must hav ...   Peter_s

10-14-08   Mine are black. they are scheduled to arrive today, but my o ...   Rebbi

10-14-08   Well, the speakers arrived today. i haven't had the chance t ...   Rebbi

10-14-08   This is a kind of like a three panel comic in the paper each ...   Tvad

10-14-08   Tvad: :-d   Rebbi

10-15-08   The suspense is killing me   Jaybo

10-15-08   Unboxed the smashed carton this morning and the speaker insi ...   Rebbi

10-15-08   " the suspense is killing me" me too! when my ...   Mapman

10-15-08   Mine arrived only in bubble wrap...   Zkzpb8

10-15-08   Got to listen to them for about 20 minutes today before havi ...   Rebbi

10-15-08   Generally...a couple feet(approx) out from the back, and thr ...   Jaybo

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