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  Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
I don't know if it's just my bad luck but since I've gotten back into high end audio in the past year I have purchased several components that have developed problems that I have never experienced while owning mass produced Japanese components of the 70's and 80's.
First was my Well Tempered turntable. Granted , it was old, but the design is so simple that it should be pretty bomb proof. That one got a lot better once I got everything dialed in, but what a pain in the butt just to get it there.
Second was my Lehmann Black Cube phono preamp, which developed a bad channel. Then it was the Parasound JC-3 phono preamp that was bad out of the box, but was replaced with a new one (no issues since). Next, my Cambridge Azur 840C CD player developed issues loading CDs (no other issues but this is annoying). Then I bought a Furutech GT-40 DAC that had noise when playing computer files through the USB (replaced with a new unit which works great). Next, I bought a CARY SLI-80 amp that was physically damaged out of the box but worked fine at first, but after a couple of weeks developed an issue with the remote relay and required me to send it back for repair. I got a new unit from Upscale that is working great.
I'm not a total hamfist who is hard on equipment, I swear. I'm super careful with my stuff, I run everything through power conditioners, and know how to set up equipment. I must be unlucky. Or have others had similar experiences as mine?
Snackeyp  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-25-12   Personally i've never experienced such things on hifi but it ...   Nickjn

02-25-12   The mechanical components seem more problematic. dont see mu ...   Mike60

02-25-12   Rok2id it's kind of nice to know i have more money than brai ...   Bizango1

02-25-12   Bizango1 i was not speaking of you. your system seems to ...   Rok2id

02-25-12   The only thing that kind of broke was purist audio cables th ...   Inna

02-26-12   Off hand i would suspect the higher end products too be more ...   Glenfihi

02-26-12   Maybe there`s some luck involved but i`m happy to say there ...   Charles1dad

02-26-12   The only units that ever gave me problems are cd players. re ...   St01

02-26-12   Not most some tukeys can always pop up.   Ebm

02-26-12   I've had enough problems over the last 30 years to make me t ...   Jmcgrogan2

02-26-12   Come to think of it a couple of cd players did die on me. i ...   Mechans

02-26-12   ' this is not my experience at all. cannot recall a compone ...   Hornguys

02-26-12   I have the same issue with the furutech gt-40 dac. i sent mi ...   Djvitamind

02-27-12   rok2id "today the high end business is aimed at a very ...   Bighead63

02-27-12   Bighead63: no insult was intended. i offer my apologies to ...   Rok2id

02-27-12   I'm happy to say that although i've had some issues with my ...   Montejay

02-27-12   From my experience - yes..and that hurts alot... after all, ...   Ether

02-28-12   If it works out of the box it must not be hi end. seriously ...   Rhljazz

02-28-12   The components are no more reliable than the people who buil ...   Douglas_schroeder

02-28-12   Yes. i've experienced defects or failures with art audio, ca ...   Jj2468

02-29-12   The idea that people should respect each other's money is an ...   Inna

03-02-12   Almost every piece of equipment i have bought has been defec ...   Cdc

03-02-12   Some items certainly seem to have a finite life, particularl ...   David12

03-03-12   Megabuck german table with junk switch and unreliable motor? ...   Inna

03-03-12   Been in this since 1995. still just a rookie. owned adcom, b ...   Gshepardbuster

03-03-12   What bothers me most about many of the replies here is the a ...   Ether

03-03-12   I agree. expectations should be high for high-priced compone ...   Sabai

03-03-12   Sabai, why not name names? this is the kind of info the res ...   Snackeyp

03-03-12   you are new here snackeyp, so i'll tell you why. naming nam ...   Jmcgrogan2

03-05-12   03-03-12: inna "megabuck german table with junk switch ...   David12

03-06-12   Nottingham turntable motor is designed to run all the time, ...   Inna

03-06-12   I don't know how anyone can go from one anecdotal account of ...   Larryi

03-06-12   I agree w larryi and also point out that if you are operatin ...   Swampwalker

03-06-12   Larryi, rush would need two life times to equal the mangled ...   Charles1dad

03-06-12   Charles1dad- you may have blown your chance to borrow my krs ...   Swampwalker

03-06-12   Swampwalker, not trying to start an arguement, but your ana ...   Kbarkamian

03-06-12   Swampwalker i sent you an email last week but did`nt get a r ...   Charles1dad

03-07-12   Perhaps some high end gear is more prone to failure because ...   Larryi

03-07-12   Charles1dad, rush wouldn't know any logic if it hit him in t ...   Jmcgrogan2

03-08-12   Hi jmegrogan2, we`re obviously at polar ends of the spectrum ...   Charles1dad

03-19-12   Update: in my original post i mentioned the cary sli-80 tha ...   Snackeyp

03-19-12   I do not agree. in the $20k pricepoint level, price my rega ...   Akg_ca

03-20-12   Snackeyp, so what problem is the sli 80 giving you? i have ...   Rhljazz

03-20-12   It's not likely to ever happen, but the study that would be ...   Mapman

03-20-12   I'm told it is the relay board that controls the remote that ...   Snackeyp

03-20-12   A better question is : is there a correlation between price ...   Mrtennis

03-22-12   I've generally had good luck with the reliability of high en ...   Bryoncunningham

03-31-12   Never had a problem with anything but french-made cd players ...   Alextychkin

05-11-12   Quick update. i bought a music hall a15.2 integrated amp ab ...   Snackeyp

05-12-12   Nothing is 100% stuff happens!!   Ebm

05-13-12   I agree with ebm. infant mortality is one thing, long term u ...   Essentialaudio

05-24-12   The concord sst had just two accidents over it's 27 year com ...   Tonywinsc

05-24-12   I meant one accident.   Tonywinsc

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