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  FYI Anyone can use your Pay Pal account

As of November 2011, (possibly sooner and definitely today) did you know anyone can access your PayPal account via PayPal’s other online payment option called “Bill Me Later”?

Yes… it is indeed a fact…. One I verified with an agent in the Security department of Pay PaL myself.

All they have to do is to have a valid email account (Hot Mail, etc., not your own or even the one you registered with PayPal), your name and your physical (billing/shipping) address?

This according to my own experience and the Pay Pal security/Fraud department agent I spoke with at length on the phone with yesterday afternoon. From that conversation I found out PayPal would rather deal with any possible fallout/fraud to their customers after the fact than before it, Merely for the sake of online shopping convenience..

Such was er, is my case currently.

Two purchases were made on different days for different items late last year and I received a late notice from Bill Me Later just recently indicating I owed them well over $100.

I must have tossed the first one figuring it was just more spam mail knowing full well I’ve not had dealings with “Bill Me Later”..

Why more measures aren’t instituted by PayPal up front like requiring at least your registered PP email account and registered PP password as a prerequisite for any Bill Me Later purchase is flat out ludicrous.

This is merely a heads up folks! Sort of thing and one I don’t believe many if anyone actually knows about… so I felt to pass along my experience and the how and why of it all for all those who use PayPal.

What you do with your own Pay Pal account is your business of course and I’m not advocating by this post people rush out and delete their accounts… it’s simply a note on how easy it is to become a victim if you have a PP acct in good standing..

My acct with Pay pal spanned almost seven years with perhaps only a bump or two in the road to date. I must say too, Bill Me Later and it’s parent company Pay Pal have been very good so far in assisting me with over coming this episode, though it is yet to be concluded. I even took PPs advice on initiating a Fraud Alert at Equifax online, and following up with my local police department and am awaiting the affidavits I need to supply Trans Union, Equifax and Experion so the 90 day Fraud alert will turn into a 7 Year alert to any creditor if someone (or myself) attempts to change, or open an account in my name

What a hassle!.

I closed my PayPal account this morning as the result of my own circumstances with this most recent personal ‘encounter of the worst kind with I. D. theft. . I don’t wish to be put in harm’s way so easily, nor do I wish to endure the subsequent fallout from so easy a path to financial catasthrophy,or jepordize my credit rating. Not to mention all the log in, password, phone number changing, at all of my critical online financial spots, and just plain worry that accompanies I. D. theft. All of which I’ve now been forced to do.

I’d at least want them to work for it, not to get in by simply knowing my name and address, have a Hot mail or Yahoo acct. and take a shot in the dark if I have a Pay Pal acct in good standing! Which is more or less, exactly what happened.

For the pessimiss, or those still in doubt, you can call PP and ask for yourself what is required to get an approval for a Bill Me Later transaction by calling 1 866 972 9725 and speaking with Pay Pal directly.

Thanks for your time.
Blindjim  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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