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 Listening Loft - System 2 (McIntosh)

System Spread

The Rack

Right side of loft

Room dimension

The Rack

Ceiling (room dimension)
  Listening Loft - System 2 (McIntosh)
  McIntosh MR-78  pic
  McIntosh XR-7  pic
  McIntosh C-27  pic
  McIntosh 2205  pic
  Bang & Olufsen RX-2  pic
  Bang & Olufsen MMC-2 Cartridge
  Sony CDP-CX355
  Pioneer PD-F1002
  Monster HTS-2000 AC filter
  Sony KA2ES Tape deck  pic

Listening Loft - System 2 (McIntosh)
I'd really like to work on the room this system is in before throwing money at components. Please recommend afford (and visually pleasing) room treatments (see my other virtual system for additional dimensions).
Gopher  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-07-11: Glenfihi
Love the rack of Mac. Wise to see how the gear plays in a room before sinking a lot of money into treatments. I always feel the best are the ones that don't look like treatments but blend into the room like art.
Glenfihi  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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