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 Delayed but not denied

My slice of heaven on earth

James S-63 center channle

Wharfedale SS speakers

Better than OZ
  Delayed but not denied
  McIntosh MA-6600  pic
  Von Schweikert Audio VR-4 mkII Speaker  pic
  Technics SL-1600  pic
  Acurus ACT-3 Surround Pre  pic
  Acurus A-200 x5 Multichamp  pic
  Grado Headphones 325is
  Emotiva XDA-1 DA converter
  Emotiva a-100 Amplifier

Delayed but not denied
For some thirty years I have wanted McIntosh gear. Finally biting the bullet with the MA-6600 HD tuner installed, it is awesome. It makes everything sound better.

The room smaller then I would have wished has dedicated 20 amp lines run for the equipment. A cozy 14 by 15 feet with 8 foot ceiling. I used sound proofing for the ceiling in my basement hide away as my wife puts it. Made the mistake of not making the room bigger for my purposes. In this basement conversion I should have been a little more selfish. School banners from my sonís colleges and some of my favorite artwork aid in treating the room.

Surround sound duties are picked up by the fine sounding Act 3 and 5 class A sound processor and 5 channel amp. Acurus was the first brand proving to me that there can indeed be a difference is the sound of solid state gear. Using separate speaker cables to switch the VSA speakers to combine in use with the James center channel and Wharfedale back speakers. A Velodyne VA 810 brings it low. Video by a 60 inch plasma and blue ray player by Vizio.

The heart of the system, set for stereo, the MA-6600 combines with the balanced output ShengYa CD-S10CSII, a tubed compact disc player and Technics turntable, with Nakamichi cassette deck, along with a Teac cd recorder. Apple TV acts as my music server accessing itunes in iCloud. Sounding great via the addition of the XDR-1 Emotiva DAC. Added the Emotiva a-100 amplifier to power the secondary output of the MA6600.

Perhaps over the years I have been way too much in love with this hobby, but it has been a true joy.
Glenfihi  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-02-11   Great system. is that a techincs sl-1300 next to the thorens ...   Vegasears

02-02-11   Kind compliment, vegasears. it is a technics turntable, but ...   Glenfihi

02-05-11   How do you like the quest for sound cdp? how did you come ac ...   Layman

02-07-11   Love that mac gear   Vernneal

02-27-11   Welcome to the mcintosh family.   Lapierre

04-08-11   Glad to see you finally fulfilled your wish for mcintosh gea ...   Avideo

04-09-11   Remember you never really own mcintosh gear. you are just ke ...   Vernneal

04-18-11   Would very much like to add the mcintosh music server, time ...   Glenfihi

04-25-11   For $300 get the logitech squeezebox touch...better than any ...   Vernneal

04-30-11   For my budget, items like the squeezebox bare looking into. ...   Glenfihi

07-21-11   System edited: xantech bluetooth wireless dock. combined wit ...   Glenfihi

07-22-11   Nice system. i love the ma-6600 and the sq-12 with woodgrain ...   Tune_man

07-22-11   Thank you tune_man for the comments. i find the ma6600 reall ...   Glenfihi

09-21-11   Great looking system. i bet it sounds even better. i too a ...   Dhoff01

09-24-11   Thank you dhoff for your kind words and taking a view of my ...   Glenfihi

01-03-12   System edited: treated myself to a quality set of headphones ...   Glenfihi

02-23-12   Thorens turntable taken out of the starting line up and the ...   Glenfihi

03-05-12   hi, this is a very nice system. very warm and accomodatin ...   Audioquest4life

03-06-12   The tube integrated amp is the sq-88 by quest for sound. it ...   Glenfihi

03-06-12   An era of incredible audio has ended for myself. i have give ...   Glenfihi

03-08-12   Added apple tv to the mix. hdmi output going directly into t ...   Glenfihi

03-24-12   Glen, thank you for the kind words about my system. if you ...   Nrostov

06-06-12   System edited: emotiva xdr-1 dac adding to the musical enjoy ...   Glenfihi

06-22-12   System edited: added the emotiva a-100 amplifier to fed from ...   Glenfihi

10-31-12   Looks great! with that much woofer area in a smaller room h ...   Rushbattle

11-04-12   You did a super job choosing all you equipment. i'm familiar ...   Mjcmt

11-04-12   Rushbattle..have not considered bass traps on the back wall ...   Glenfihi

11-04-12   Choice in the mcintosh brand truly began when i first heard ...   Glenfihi

11-05-12   Very nicely laid out room and system! good listening peter   Pbnaudio

11-23-12   Hi glenfihi, love that mcintosh look! regards bigpond   Bigpond

12-08-12   Have fun,nice setup.   Mmsarge

12-30-12   Glenfihi, where did you get the red tail poster?   Rok2id

12-30-12   Rok2id. that poster obtained via mobil oil. years ago a few ...   Glenfihi

12-30-12   I understand they shot down at least three me 262 german jet ...   Rok2id

12-31-12   Glen - thanks for posting your system. great stuff. would ...   Ghosthouse

01-02-13   Rok2id..three german jests shot down, which were also the fi ...   Glenfihi

01-02-13   Ghosthouse, thanks for viewing my system... the soundproofin ...   Glenfihi

01-02-13   Beautiful gear..i will one day get a ma6600 or 6900...that w ...   Jsujo

03-22-13   Moved james center channel speaker above the tv to make room ...   Glenfihi

04-23-13   Alas, my emotiva dac has developed a problem and had to be s ...   Glenfihi

05-04-13   Humble pie, found that my emotiva dac may not have had a pro ...   Glenfihi

05-27-13   Both my sons have now graduated from college!!! let the fina ...   Glenfihi

05-27-13   Congrats!!!!! i've got a loooong way to go before i reach y ...   Tboooe

05-28-13   Thanks for the look see tboooe, from your past system you we ...   Glenfihi

05-28-13   Thanks man. i just wish my kids were remotely close to bein ...   Tboooe

06-13-13   Sold the sq-12 cd player. hope to put the funds towards my t ...   Glenfihi

07-04-13   System edited: sold the great sounding sq-12 cd player with ...   Glenfihi

05-28-14   Some system changes. sold my shengya cd-s10csii tubed compac ...   Glenfihi

06-27-14   Very pleasantly pleased with the emotiva erc-3 cd player. go ...   Glenfihi

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