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 Sweet Sounds in the Country - New Pics!

Current system

Tubes overlooking the deck and my NH bac


A bit of remodeling and new speakers

Seating with some CD storage

One Zu Omen Definition & some CD storage
  Sweet Sounds in the Country - New Pics!
  Zu Audio Omen Definition  pic
  Odyssey Audio Extreme Monos  pic
  Odyssey Audio Tempest  pic
  Jolida JD-100  pic
  Rega Planar-25  pic
  Rega RB-600  pic
  Denon DL-103R  pic
  J A Michell Tecno Arm Stub & Counterweight  pic
  Pete Riggle VTAF - VTA on the fly  pic
  Fisher 800-B  pic
  Polk Audio SDA-1C  pic
  Kenwood 130CT  pic
  Grover Huffman 1.5M and 1M pairs  pic
  Groneberg 1m TS Premium ICs  pic
  Groneberg 1m Quattro ICs  pic
  Groneberg Quattro Speaker Cables  pic
  Chris VenHaus Cryoed Flavor 1, 2, and 4s  pic
  Tubes - 5751s and 12AX7s  pic
  Tubes - Sovtek 12AX7LPS & Jolida 12AX7s  pic
  Tubes - GE JAN 5751 blackplates Tweak  pic
  Tubes - GE JG 5751 triple mica blackplates  pic
  Tubes - Sylvania Gold Label JHS 5751WA  pic
  Salamander - Five shelf unit with spikes
  Onzow Zerodust Tweak  pic
  Audio Selection Gold Cones  pic
  German Physiks Isolation Cones Tweak
  A.R.T. Q-dampers
  Vibrapods various (1s, 2s, 3s, 4s)  pic
  Herbie's Halo Tube Dampers Model 9  pic
  Herbie's CD Grungebuster Mat  pic
  Cardas RFI/EMI Protection Caps Signature RCA SS C Tweak  pic
  Walker Super Silver Treatment (SST) Contact Enhancer  pic
  Ray Samuels Audio Protector Balanced Headphone Amp Amplifier  pic
  Sennheiser HD650 Headphones  pic
  Stefan AudioArt Equinox 9' HD650 Headphone Cable  pic
  AKG K701 Headphones Monitor  pic
  Grado 325i Headphones  pic
  Pass & Seymour / VH Audio 8300 MRI 20 amp duplexes  pic
  IsoTek System Enhancer CD
  diffractionbegone Tweeter Felt Surrounds Tweak

Sweet Sounds in the Country - New Pics!
I'm blessed to have this modest system that was chosen with performance and cost in mind. Clean sound with a huge soundstage (front-rear, and side-side). Recently treated most of gear with Walker SST. I've also added a Rega Planar 25 and given it a "rock-solid" dampened platform (read about the Rega to get the pun). So at the moment, I'm very comfortable with my system. For the future, I'd consider upgrading the cartridge and the speakers - suggestions for reasonably priced gear are desired. I'm lucky enough to have the family room dedicated solely to audio. (The living room has the TV, fireplace, and other amenities, so I can listen to tunes while my daughter vids out.) Recommendations for audio-related adjustments to the room are also desired.

The Stratos, Tempest, Jolida, and Rega all work well together and, to me, are affordable gear. Please note I feel the Jolida needs, to really shine, the upgraded PC and NOS 5751s. The Tempest, including its phono section, is outstanding. (I don't know how Odyssey makes any money on their products, and Klaus Bunge is a great human being.)

I've incorporated a mint Fisher Model 800-B AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1962) as my tuner. It has numerous pairs of Telefunken, Mullard, and Fisher-branded 12AX7s that got a spin in my JD-100. None of them could touch the Sylvania JHS Gold Label 5751WAs currently in the Jolida JD-100. However, as Albert Porter has commented, different tubes provide different results with different systems.

I note that the pictures need to be updated to reflect latest changes to the system.
Djbnh  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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04-04-04   Beautiful clean looking setup. i would love to come and list ...   Steelhead

04-04-04   Would love to listen with you if i ever travel that way. ...   Albertporter

05-01-04   System edited: finally added my dad's fisher 800-b receiver ...   Djbnh

05-13-04   System edited: added the fisher 800-b as my receiver. then, ...   Djbnh

05-13-04   Djbnh, joe s is a friend and customer of mine. i got him his ...   Albertporter

05-14-04   Albert, your point is well spoken and taken. i'm glad i pen ...   Djbnh

05-14-04   Thanks and keep the great posts coming about your system. it ...   Albertporter

06-02-04   System edited: just changed over the tt to a rega planar 25 ...   Djbnh

06-05-04   System edited: tried the walker sst product and am overwhelm ...   Djbnh

06-13-04   System edited: added a 35 lb. marble slab that measures 1.5& ...   Djbnh

06-14-04   System edited: added a new picture of my rack to include the ...   Djbnh

06-14-04   System edited: this is what can happen on a day off! i went ...   Djbnh

07-09-04   System edited: installed a michell tecno weight including ar ...   Djbnh

08-15-04   System edited: replaced the original marble under the jolida ...   Djbnh

08-24-04   System edited: recent isolation tweaks: 1) 1.5" thick, ...   Djbnh

09-12-04   System edited: added a denon dl-103r mc cartridge. used walk ...   Djbnh

03-28-05   System edited: received a pair of grado 325i headphones. lik ...   Djbnh

06-23-05   System edited: moved from a single odyssey stratos, to a pai ...   Djbnh

06-25-05   System edited: added two venhaus audio cryoed flavor 4 pcs t ...   Djbnh

08-27-05   System edited: replaced the stock tweeters with the rd1094-1 ...   Djbnh

11-04-05   System edited: moved the fisher 800-b out of my main system, ...   Djbnh

02-28-06   System edited: added a pete riggle vtaf - vta on-the-fly adj ...   Djbnh

05-18-06   System edited: added a pair of sennheiser hd650 headphones.   Djbnh

05-20-06   Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your system and reading about ...   Glenfihi

06-07-06   Glenfi, sorry for the late response. re: move to extreme mo ...   Djbnh

02-17-07   System edited: added a pair of akg k701 headphones to comple ...   Djbnh

04-08-07   Beautiful pictures. very nice and peaceful "garden" ...   Linkoping

04-09-07   Linkoping, thanks for your comments. however, i need to post ...   Djbnh

04-21-07   System edited: had an electrician run some dedicated 20a lin ...   Djbnh

03-03-10   System edited: sold my xin sm-iv headphone amp, but it will ...   Djbnh

04-09-10   System edited: added rsa protector headphone balanced headph ...   Djbnh

02-06-11   System edited: added a pair of zu omen definitions and did s ...   Djbnh

02-06-11   Great looking system and room. give us more details about ho ...   Shakeydeal

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