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 The Old "One-Two".


  The Old "One-Two".
  Oracle CD2000  pic
  Acoustic Revive DSIX  pic
  Acoustic Revive DPS-1  pic
  Empirical Audio Pace-Car  pic
  Revelation Audio Lab Passage Silver DB-25 Reference  pic
  P.S. Audio Perfect Wave  pic
  Black Diamond Racing Mini Pits.  pic
  Acoustic Revive RTP-6 Evolution  pic
  Acoustic Revive. RTP-2 Ultimate.  pic
  Acoustic Revive. RCA-1.0PA  pic
  Acoustic Revive XLR-1.0PA  pic
  Quantum Symphony Pro/Pro 2x  pic
  Audio Magic Tubed IC  pic
  Audio Magic Digital Mini Stealth  pic
  Audio Magic Mini Stealth  pic
  Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX  pic
  PS Audio PP500  pic
  P.S. Audio Power Plant 300 w/Multiwave II  pic
  P.S. Audio Soloist Premier.  pic
  P.S. Audio Power Port Premier  pic
  P.S. Audio Xtreme Statement  pic
  Oyaide R1  pic
  Oyaide SWO-XXX Ultima  pic
  Nordost Titanium Pulsar Points  pic
  Symposium Ultra  pic
  Electraglide Epiphany X  pic
  Electraglide Classic
  Blue Circle Audio Blue Circle BC86 Mk 2  pic
  Acoustic Revive. SIP-8F  pic
  Acoustic Revive. BSIP-2F  pic
  Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11  pic
  Grand Prix Audio F-1 Formula Shelf  pic
  Grand Prix Audio Monaco Amp  pic
  Grand Prix Audio Monaco  pic
  Grand Prix Audio Apex  pic
  ASC Shadowcaster 2
  Audio Replas CPC-35SZ  pic
  M.I.T. Z1 Stabilizer  pic
  Audioprism Ground Control Reference  pic
  Audioprism Ground Control standard  pic
  Audioprism Ground Control Reference  pic
  Audioprism Ground Control Standard.  pic
  Merlin Music Systems Merlin Master Monitor
  Ars-Sonum Gran  pic

The Old "One-Two".
I now have to finish the room and...VOILA!..
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02-13-12   . how does that oracle transport sound? i have been a fan o ...   Mitch4t

02-13-12   Alright...i will say it. your system is a knock out!. would ...   Glenfihi

02-15-12   Mitch, the '2000 is great. i'm between dacs as of now and n ...   Tabl10s

02-29-12   Do you know if the oracle cd2000 plays cdrs? thanks   Doug99

03-28-12   Doug, i think newer versions will.   Tabl10s

12-02-12   Hey tabl10s, i wanted to invite you to the sierra nevada aud ...   Keithmundy

12-03-12   Hi tab, are you still using the audio magic tubed ic? i hav ...   Isochronism

12-19-12   Iso, did you read this?: ...   Tabl10s

12-22-12   Thanks for that review. i had searched a couple of times but ...   Isochronism

02-27-13   There aren't too many conpanies that offer an upgrade to old ...   Tabl10s

06-27-13   Greetings-wondered if you put the audit/tactic in the system ...   1741

07-09-13   I haven't with this system yet, but did when i had two pro32 ...   Tabl10s

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